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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

July 18 - 29

EVANGELIST JACK WILLIS BORN: February 18, 1945 in Plains, Pennsylvania. BORN AGAIN: October 31, 1965, Halloween night, as a result of street ministry in Long Beach, CA. Through the years, Jack has developed a deep love for and devotion to Almighty God. He also has a wonderful family who he loves dearly. Ordained into Ministry October 6, 1972 in Long Beach, Ca. Served 8 years at Long Beach Community Chapel , 4 years as a Deacon and 4 years as their Minister of Youth. He also served as a worship leader and soloist in the Echos Of Israel choir.

Traveled around the United States,Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Africa (Cameroons and Nigeria), and Trinidad as an Evangelist. Served as an Associate Pastor in San Diego, California; Norwalk, California; Richland, Washington; Findlay, Ohio; and Cranston, RI. Served in capacities of : Family Camps, Singles Camps, Teen Camps, Men's Retreat Speaker, Convention Speaker, Presbytery, and Seminars. Associate Instructor with Christian Equippers International (Glad Tidings School Of Evangelism) for 4 years. Senior Pastor at Fountain of Life Church in Richland, WA, for 10 years. Served as a Police Chaplain for the city of Richland Police Department and a Diversionary Court Counselor for the Juvenile Justice System in the State of Washington for 11 years. Ministered in prisons and juvenile correctional facilities. Former member of the Christian Crusaders Motorcycle Ministry for over 13 years. Traveled as an Evangelist to the Body of Christ out of Christ-Life Church in Fort Worth, Texas, for 3 years. Jack rides a 1986 Harley Davidson Lowrider, sometimes down the aisle of a church, by request of course. Ministers at motorcycle rallies in various parts of the country. Home Base Church is The Rock Of Roseville in Roseville, CA, pastored by Francis and Suzy Anfuso. Jack serves as Pastor/Evangelist at The Rock. Jack's unique preaching style of using humor, life circumstances, and present day truth has an impact on the young and not so young alike. His passion for the living Word of God comes across in his preaching in a very real and living way. Presently living in Orangevale, CA with wife Maureen, and daughter Caitlin. Daughter Sherri, and husband Louie Hunter and children Ty William and Rylee LaRae are living in Burbank, WA.and son David and his wife Nicki and children Sierra, and Spencer are living in Prosser, WA.


tioning God about my motives and whether the ideas were from him. Both times he said no but did so after many months into the courses in each case. However when I got Gods direction right I did an academic course and succeeded in getting an MA. Last year I completed an ironman. When I follow God I have peace and His help and succeed.

by Michael Hume When Jesus went into the wilderness he was tempted by the devil. The devil tries to tempt every believer in Christ in one way or the other. For nearly a year I have questioned God quite a few times if a certain goal was from him. It was to do a double ironman triathlon. On the surface it looked right since in 2010 I completed an ironman and a double the next year seemed almost a natural step So, I made plans, and trained. But there was an unease quite a few times and this came and went. Some signs were thrown in the mix suggesting perhaps God was not with me in this. I had a cough and about three bouts of flu in the winter lasting about 5 months. That reduced my training but didn’t kill it. Still, I did bring myself roughly up to the required level of preparation, but in the week of the event, God showed me that He was not behind the idea. I found it a struggle biking up hills in training and decided that all this could not be from God since it was destroying me physically. I reasoned that God my Friend would not want to destroy me but would want to challenge me but not ruin my health in the process. It made me think

of Jesus when the devil showed him all the kingdoms of the world and offered it to him, he refused and said he would serve and follow God only. So, like Him I have released the temptation to worldly honour since it came across as that and have followed God. It was a real struggle to discern Gods voice in this since it had the appearance of good, often. But the aches and injuries during training in the end were signs enough. I even sometimes remember praying that I would glorifly God and that would be my motive. But if the idea was not of God from the start, a twist in a prayer will not bend God to suddenly straighten a crooked path. God sees through everything. I should have not trod that path but it was very hard to discern Gods will on this at the start. I’ll be honest about that. Perhaps I was experiencing too much worldliness. But in the end God will show me the right way. Most times I sanctify myself through Bible reading and other faith disciplines and even then over the years have got a few things wrong. Two were courses in biology and sports science which I did not properly complete. In both cases I remember often ques-

I do always ask God to give me goals, challenges and direction, and most of the time I get it right. But in important decisions it is essential to test things out. What I am saying here is that even though I take pride or have a sense of self respect in my walk with Jesus I do sometimes get it wrong. But God always nudges me during that wrong and will at some point close that particular route and give some insight. In my case it is always less than a year so far that he allows me to make a mistake before terminating it. I am thankful to God for that. In summary the hope is that God will get you out of every temptation in His time. Why did He allow any of the above three instances to happen? I don’t know but I keep asking for insight. All three had the appearance at first of something useful and not harmful to anyone else, but in all cases I questioned my own motives. But even those can be clouded temporarily. God did not allow me to see any of the above examples I gave to a successful conclusion. So in a way my conscience is clear since if I did complete any God may have seen it as a really worldly action of my flesh overriding His Spirit. And that is the last thing I want to do. I hate that in the worldly so God would hate that in me. I hope this has been of help to you. The only advice I can offer is to walk closely to God, and test all things. Bless you. Michael Hume. Christian since 1987. Believe the Bible in original form is true, and in a daily personal relationship with Jesus.

1. I declare I am blessed with creativity, courage, and ability. 2. I declare I am blessed with God's wisdom and I have clear ...direction for my life. 3. I declare I am blessed with a great family, good friends, good, and with faith, favor, fulfillment. 4. I declare I am blessed with organs that function the way God ..had intended them too, my immune system is strong and fights .. all sickness, flu and disease. 5. I declare that any curse that has ever been spoken over me or family is broken right now. 6. I declare that I am blessed in the city, in the country, blessed ...when I go in and when I leave. 7. I declare I lack for nothing, my Heavenly Father own's all the ...resources in the world, and finances are not a problem in my life. ... 8. I declare I am blessed with success, with promotion, and all ...that I put my hands to do will prosper and succeed. 9. I declare that something good is going to happen to me today!

Proverbs 18:21 - “the tongue has power of life and death� USE YOUR WORDS TO CHANGE YOUR SITUATION NOT DESCRIBE IT!

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