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Ivelina Valeva (Bulgary)

A Twin Story It was a windy and rainy autumn.Almost winter actually.I can still remember the fight they had, my parents.They were yelling at each other,with such an anger , that they were nearly unrecognizable! In my memories,I went with my twin brother to see if the fight had come to an end, but all I got was a door slapped at my face and then nothing , literally nothing.Just dark and creepy silence!We both stood there for hours , for days and we finally decided to do something.We called our uncle, Trent.He opened the door to my father's working cabinet and the view inside was extremely scary and suprisingly strange.My uncle and I were shocked,we could not believe our eyes.My mom was sitting on the creamy and soft sofa,she was like and ancient statue .. that has never lived before!So was my daddy,the only difference was that he was

standing in front of the fireplace with a glass of whisky in his hand.How come two human beings are turned into a cold,breathless sculptures ?! I talked to them,I yelled at them , I cryied my eyes out in front of them and there was no response ! I tried not to let my brother see that horrible picture , but eventually he went inside the room and saw his loved ones for a last time . In their eyes you could see nothing , not even a blink of life , just emptiness .. ! - Cassie , who did this ? - my brother asked and waited for my answer - I have no clue , who did this and how it was done , my dear Louis. So there it was , the lonely life began.My uncle,had the necessary finances to raise us , but he did not had the strenght ! He was used to take care only of himself , he didn't get mental stability.And without it , he would not be able to watch over two fourteen years old teenagers. - You are my nephews and I will always love you like my own children.But you could see that I am not able to take care of both of you . I am just twenty-four years old and I am not ready to give up my life. - Trent said. How selfish , don't you think ? But if you look from a different prospective he has every right to give us away,we are not his children,we are just relatives,nothing more than this.Trent will never forget our amazingly scared,drowned in tears faces. - I really don't want new parents . - Louis said. - They are not our parents , Louis.They're people who are our guardians,who will make sure that we will have a good,well-educated life.Be thankful we have been given this chance in life! - I said and looked at his bright , full with sadness eyes. I can still smell the orange parfume of the lady who took us to our new home.Strange isn't it ? I mean , orange parfume .. I have never smelled something like that,delicious it was.While we were driving on the not so smooth road with a little bit of bumps , my brother took my hand and gave me something , a bracelet. - Wear it , no matter what! Do not take it off! It means a lot to me ! You are the only person I have left,you are the only person who is able to understand me,the twins connection is not just a silly myth and you know it ! I will never let you go , I will always be by your side,making you smile,making you laugh,wiping your tears off ,annoying you and even listening to your not so good singing , which I personally prefer not to hear all the time . Louis said with a laugh and a big smile. I gave him a funny smile and gently punch him.I put on the bracelt,it was with the initials of his and my name , and our family name.It was C&LCALTG.Which said Cassie and Louis Callaway Always Together.

We were watching through the car's windows how the raindrops were falling on the ground,the sky was dark and the sun was gone.After a three-hour driver by car , we arrived in front of big black gates wtih a strange ancient sign on them , I think it was Egyptian.We went into the estate.It was huge and the building looked like an old castle! Louis was amazed. - I think I'm going to like it here - he said. - Don't be so sure about it , we must meet our guardians and see what kind of people they are! - I answered with a gruff voice. - Alright , don't be rude , I just said it because it really is a beautiful estate . - he replied. - I understand that you like it , so do I. But first we should see who will take care of us,and see what we are going to be dealing with. - I said and calmed my voice. In front of the big building there were a man and a woman.They were both with pale faces.I found it strange.The woman was not so tall,skinny with a long dark-red hair.She was smiling at us with her big and rosy lips.Her blue eyes were staring at us.She was talking something to her husband, who Louis found really strange but a nice guy. - He looks a little bit scared but confident also. - Louis said to me. - Really ? I think he will be kind to us , so will the lady with him. We stepped out of the car and I looked straight into the man's eyes.They were overwhelming,brown eyes.He was tall,not so skinny,with a short black hair.He smiled at me , I returned the smile back to him. - Well , hello there children ! - the woman said. - Hello ! - we kindly answered. - My name is Katherina , and this is my husband Alexei. - Russian names .. ? - Louis astonished look at them. - Please come in Louis and Cassie and we will tell you more about ourselves. - the man said. - You know our names , we haven't even mention them to you , how come you know them ? - I asked, surprised . - Oh , dear . In the adopting papers are written your full names and birth dates and all other information. - our social worker said. - Oh , I didn't know that .. - I replied - My work here is done , I'm going to visit you on ce a month,so I could be sure you are doing fine,do you understand it, kids ? - the social lady asked. - Sure, crystal clear . - we answered , smiled and waved goodbye to her and walked into the huge house.

- Please , follow me to our living room for a nice cup of hot chocolate with muffins and a sweet talk. - Katherina said to us. - Our pleasure .. - we said with scared voices. - Don't be scared,we don't bite,it depends on the situation,right honey ? - said Alexei with a laugh. - Oh , don't listen to him , he is just joking. - his wife nerveously said. We went into a big room,full with old and beautiful furniture , my eyes were admiring this astonishing room.Louis and I sat on the big brown leather sofa and didn't say a thing. - So you were interested in our names , weren’t you Louis? - said Alexei and looked at my brother. - Yes , I find them unusually interestingly harmonious, but cool.But the thing is that you are not from Russia,because you clearly have a perfect English accent. - Louis smartly answered. - That's right my boy ! - the man smiled at him .. My father and her mother were Russians and they decided to give us this names as more interesting. - I suppose your names mean something, right ? - I asked them. - You suppose right, my dear Cassie ! - Katherina said and put her cold hand on my cheeks. - I think I know what your names mean. - I said and turned to Alexei. - Well , let me hear your suggestions Cassie .. - he said and gave me an interesting look. - Katherina means pure and Alexei , I think it's protector , am I right ? - Well done , you win another cup of chocolate . Are you interested in ancient histories dear ? - The protector asked me. - In a matter of fact I am , I hale noticed an antique symbol on your big house’s gates , it was Egyptian i think .. or am I wrong ? - I looked at my guardians and I waited for them to answer me. - You notice everything , don't you .. ? Well yes, you are right once again . This symbol is called The Eye of Horus and it symbolizes royal power , good health and protection ! I hope you would keep your interest in a lot of old cultures , because I am a historical maniac and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to other old stories of history . - Alexei enthusiasticly said. - Don't worry my interest In this won't fade away soon . - I said and laughed .

- Do you know that I read somewhere a few weeks ago a story where a couple which had the same names as yours were vampires , they even lived in England. What a coincidence , right .. ? - Lois laughed and drank from his cup of chocolate. The man and woman looked at each other , a very strange look they gave themselves and started laughing.But their laugh was not so real , kind of artificial. - Really ? What a laugh , we've been told this like a hundred of times .. - Katherina said . - Honey , will you escort me to the kitchen for more muffins ? - Alexei asked his beautiful wife. - Oh , yes my lovely ! - she replied. - Muffins , more .. ? - I turned to Louis and I gave him a suprising look. - This is strange , no one has touched the muffins , why did they go for more ? - Louis thoughtfully asked me. - I don't know , it's really , really strange.Where did you read that story , I want you to show it to me. - I said and drank my chocolate. The couple returned with a plate full with muffins and said : - Amm .. we just thought that this are not going to be enough for four of us. - Katherina said and winked with her big eyes. - We are pretty tired , can we be shown our rooms , please ? - I nicely asked. - Sure ,with pleasure.Our maid will take you to them. - Alexei said with a nice voice. - Follow me , please. - the maid said. We went to our rooms,but after a minute or two I rushed in Loius’s room and made him show me this story. - Let me see it , now . - I gave a command to him. - Ok , don't be so ordering. - he said. - Sorry , I just got interested . - I replied and gave him a hug. - Look , there it is , it even has a small picture.Let me download it and we will see what it is. - Alright ! - I impatiently said. The picture donwloaded and when we opened it , it was black and white like from a century or two ago,a very old picture I must say. - You can not be serious , right ? - Louis stared at the laptop and asked himself. - What , what is it ? - I asked my brother. - Look , look closely at the house , don't you find something familiar ? - he asked me .

- Oh my God , this is this house. Katherina and Alexei's house.But who are those people?On the picture there are like ten people .. - I said - Look on the left side , those two look a little bit like them , or am I just imagining things . - Loius said. - Oh , believe me .. I think that our imagination is not playing games with us. - I said quietly. The door opened and Alexei came in. - What are you doing here Cassie ? - he asked me. - I just , ahh .. I wanted to say goodnight to my brother . - I replied scared. - Ohh , really .. why didn't you say so .. I got scared when I didn't s ee you in your room.Now go on , go into your bedroom.See you in the morning. - Alexei said and rushed me to go out of Louis's room. - Won't you go to bed , Alexei ? - I asked him - Not right now , I must talk to Louis. - he said and gave me a bad look ‌ I went into my room and started looking around , because believe me I really didn't care about the room when I first got in .. all I thought about was the story.It looked pretty nice actually,it got the old English look.I adore it , and for your information I am a book lover , which means that I absolutely love any kind of books, except science fiction , those things creep me out.But if you think about it I might have believed in them a minute or two ago.The thought of living with real vampires sounds kinda interesting in a strange way . So let’s get back to my private historical place , my room.You should definitely know something about me , seeing books all over the place I am in , makes me feel home , it doesn't matter where I am . Actually the simple truth is that my passion was given to me by my father.An incredible person , who showed me how to escape from the real world , when I felt that reality was not very good for my emotions , for me ! I still do that , escape . ! He showed me that , I could learn valuable things from the old pages , from the little black letters written in the yellow sheets of paper.I just have the ability to find something little which matters only to me , in every single book that I open and read . The thing that keeps my interest in finding all this fascnating stories is that everytime I unfold the pages I get flashes of memory of my dad explaining to me how careful I should be with the books I have , how I should take care of them , keep them safe , so that one day my kids could have the opportunity to read them.This is not the only thing I love about the room ! I think I am going to spend most of my time here, because from the moment I opened the wooden door made from oaked tree , I smelled it .. cinnamon.Only one particular smell could bring back one of the precious memories of my

privious life , the smell of cinnamon ! The weekends back then , when I had a real family ! We used to spend them home , making breakfast every morning , making lunch every afternoon and making dinner every night, all four of us , together ! This was some kind of our family tradition . Mom cooked her delicious and sweet desserts and always , I mean always , put cinnamon on top of them , because we all loved it ! Dad was joking around with the things he was trying to cook , but didn't actually turn out good . He was at least trying , could not blame him for not having the ability to cook something . God he was so funny when he was making pancakes . I still rememeber his expression , it was laughable . The whole kitchen smelled incredibly fresh and yummy.. Louis and I miss those days . I accepted the room like a mystery which I will solve in time. I like it , not only because it was full with one of my favourite stuff , and my partiality to cinnamon , but because it was a loft room . A room which was likely to be detached from the rest of the house . It was my own place for privacy.The only problem was that I had the feeling that someone was watching me .. I am physically alright , so there is no possibility of me being insane , even giving the things I got through ! And then I saw it .. I just stepped towards the window , pulled the cream-coloured curtain with indescribably beautiful potassiums organza and I saw it . It was a human being , male gender , with particoloured eyes , it was a guy ! Kinda handsome actually , he smiled at me and then put on a big white sheet of paper on the window and on it , it was written to wait for him at the end of the house’s backyard in an hour ! When I read this I thought “Seriously ! Come on , I don’t even know the guy and it doesn’t matter that he is in some way attractive ! It is tottaly crazy to meet with a person who you don’t know in the middle of the night ! “ So I took a deep breath and wrote on a big paper “ No way , I don’t know you and I don’t want to end up dead in the backyard .. Peace . Night , night neighbour ! “ So I wrote it and showed it to him . In a few minutes he responded to me with a few written pages, which he showed to me one after another, which all together were saying : “ Look , pretty .. I do not have any intentions to kill you , I haven’t thought of making that kind of a plan. But I need to talk to you , and you have to agree with me here .. you don’t know anyone but the maid , so you kinda need a buddy who will show you around the school tomorrow.Oh yeah and I know that you have a twin-brother but he doesn’t count as a buddy , he is a puppy who you have trained to do what he is been told to do. So meet me in an hour if you don’t want to be stuck in your room for the rest of your life and if you want to know more about your new mama and papa. .Alright , did I make myself clear ? “ Wow that guy has temper , but I got interested in finding out something spicy about my so called “new mama and papa” . I answered : “ Count me in.I will take the risk, you lunatic “. Got a response “ See you there freaky neighbour. “

While I was considering the situation that happened minutes ago, Louis rushed into my room like some kind of a ninja .. - Hey brother , what’s up ? - What’s up ?! Really ?! I’m being tottaly frightened by the guy .. - What guy ? You saw him too ? - Saw who ? You know what,it doesn’t matter .. the one who startled me was Alexei ! - What .. but how .. did he see the story , the picture ?! - No,I don’t think so . I hope not,I just .. - Speak Louis ! Come on , now you freak me out ! - He said that the room suited me , because I was really into science fiction , all that things connected with vampires , witches , werewolves ,in a few words the supernatural things , you know. - And he scared you with this ? - No just stop interrupting me and you will find out what freaked me - Ok ! - He wrote something on my laptop , on my notes .. - So .. I’m clearly waiting for you to say what it said that mysterious note . – I told Louis while he was staring in one imaginary point on the wall , I could tell that he was emotionally not alright. - Ok , ok .. It said “ If you feel like someone is watching you , don’t freak out , they won’t hurt you , trust me .. ! “ and that’s it . - What is that supposed to mean ? Who are THEY ?! - Well dear sister if I knew I would have told you by now , right ?! So giving this circumstances I obviously do not know ! God stop asking questions that right now I am not able to answer ! – Loius said to me with a mixed-up voice , a voice full of fear and anger . He went out of my room and slapped the door behind him . He was definitely frustrated , so was I . I really didn’t mean to upset him , it’s just that I kinda do this sometimes .. think outloud.It’s not so good , believe me .. it annoys people a lot ! I was emotionally confused , by the thing that my brother just told me and that I was going to meet with a person whom I didn’t know !So I had to hurry up because the guy , my so called strange neighbor will wait for me in like 15 minutes in the backyard , which I might start calling graveyard! I took a deep breath , put a lipstick on , I really don't know why I did that but you know what it doesn't matter.I opened the door and got out of my room.Walked through the big hall and

went down the wooden stairs and that is when I thought I saw a boy next to the door of the basement.I really start to imagine lots of sinister things , right ? - Hey , hey wait ! That was Katherina , she saw me when I really didn't want anyone to see me. -Hi,I was just going out .. - I turned around and told my Russian gardian. -You think that you could just go out like that , with out telling me or telling Alexei.Come on I don't need trouble,I really want to protect you , but if you don't let me , I am powerless and that is not in your favour! Right ! - she looked at me , I could tell that her eyes were shimmering. -Protect me , what ! No one will eat me , right .. I can take care of myself , Katherina ! -Ohh , no you can't ! Not like that . Only if you are in the house we can keep you safe.But if you are outside , you are on your own girl. -You are talking like someone who wants me dead. Come on its 21st century here , kids my age always go out on Saturdays , it's not a big deal and may I ask you for something ? -Yeah , sure .. anything! - she answered. -Nothing , I am going to ask you later , if that's ok with you ? -Alright , no problem .. but why don't you consider the idea of staying in your room with your books , read something.There are plenty of interesting things you might learn. -Look , I am meeting someone.I really want to start my life over and if I want to do that , the start should be fresh , right .. so the books can wait ! -Are you meeting a guy my dear Cassie ? - Katherina showed me her interest by asking me that. -I might do , why is this a problem for you? -Well you are only fourteen , I didn't let my daughter do this when she was fourteen ! - Alexei involved himself in our already irritable conversation. -Wait , wait .. what did you say ?! A daughter .. I thought you could not have kids , that's what you told the adopting agency . Are you hiding something , because I think you DO ! - I said with a very threatening voice and made an unexpected eye contact .. -Ohh my apologise , I sometimes mess the tenses in the English launguage . What I was thinking,what I was saying to you, was that I would not let my young daughter go out at this time ! - Alexei touched my right shoulder and faked a smile. This neighbour of mine better have a good information because this two are really hiding something , and I mean it ! They are keeping lots of things from us !

- Hmm.. if you say so .I don't have time to chat with you , don't wait for me with dinner ! - I said and got out of the big house. It was pretty dark outside,creepy silence and all I got was not that big a flashlight , it was really small .. but that was all I found in my room. -You , pissed me off , Alexei ! You know smart she is , and you said that on purpose. -She is just a child , and what we are doing is wrong. Alexei and Katherina were having a noiseless conversation , rethinking what they should do if Cassie starts gathering the pieces of the puzzle of the truth ! They , both were curious with whom was their adopted child meeting. -What did I get myself into ? Cassie you are so dumn , you think this is fun , well it is not .. why I am talking to myself , going crazy right now! While she was walking through the backyard trying to reach the end of it, someone grabbed her on the waist and pulled her out. -What , stop .. let me go , let me go ! - the scared girl was yelling. -Shut up ! - a pretty male voice said . -Excuse me ! Who do you think you are to be telling me to shut up ! Who are you ?! -Your neighbour , stupid girl ! - the voice said . Cassie pointed the flashlight into the person's face. -What the hell . Put it a way , now ! -Ohh mister "I know everything" do not give me orders and for your information it is not polite to tell people "Shut up" you must say "Keep it quite" ! He told her that he didn't give a crap about the right phrase he should use and grabbed her hand and started tugging her.Cassie trained marshall arts for a few years and decided to show this boy that he must not mess with her. -You are hurting me , stop or you will get yourself what you deserve right now! - she threatened him . -ohh .. the pretty girl gets bad. - he laughed at her. He really should not have said that, Cassie thought.She twisted his hand , kicked his knee and with a strong fist striked him in his stomach.The guy was brought down and defeated by her! -I told you! -Damn , girl! You got moves , that really hurt! -Sorry but I warned you , big boy! -I'am amazed! - Cassie's neighbour said.

I wasn't sure what I was doing in the middle of nowhere with a person whom I didn't know and who was kinda creepy , but I had a feeling that I was on the right side.Yeah,he was to me a human being , with a nice look which had an information of importance! -So giving the situation that we are into at the moment , I might say that you don't scare me or you do in some way.But it dosn't matter 'cause I really need to find out who are those people and .. -First of all , stop talking to me like that ! -What .. How do I talk to you! -Well , I am smart .. I understand you,but you don't have to use that long , sophisticated words in one sentence . -It's my decision how to speak .. and I don't care how you take it ! -My grandparents will definitely like you .. -Your grandparents ?? Am I missing something .. Please , I can not be involved in some ritual of gathering male and female creatures into one by old people.Take a deep breath and act like you are detached of everything. -So we have to walk almost 15 min to get to my house , will you give me your hand ? -Why , do I need to ? - Cassie asked -Yes , if you don't want to trip up every second of the way ! - he said to her -Ok! Cassie reached out to him.He took her tender hand and they started walking together through the gloomy forest. -Can I ask you something?-the boy whisperd -If it's about my name , Cassie! He smiled , but Cassie could not see but she heard the laugh. -Amm,yeah .. I did not need your name , but since you already told me yours , I am Edwin. -I have never heard name like yours , it's nicely put. - Cassie said and put a big smile on her beautiful face. -We are here , my grandparents know that I am going to bring you home so that we could show you something.- he said fearfully -I am ready to know the truth ! What Cassie did not know was that she was going to find something about her loving parents that with certainty will not affect her well.The young adult was up against difficulties.Even that she was strong , emotionally this was going to ruin her.The house looked so hospitable ,

warm .. filled with laughs and sense of smell of just cooked dinner.The black metal door opened and a short , plump lady came out, she called both of them to come in. -Come on , Edwin , get that lovely girl inside so we could meet her. - Edwin's grandmother told him. -Yes , grams .. right a way.Walk with me , Cassie . - he turned around to look into her eyes , but she was gone .. Edwin got so nervous , like he lost one of his most precious things , he went quickly into his house to tell his granparents that the young woman vanished.He could barely speak .. -Grams , grandpa .. sh-sh-she , I turned around and Cassie was gone , her hand was not in mine , someone took her , we have to find her. -Come down , honey!She might got scared and left..We have never seen you like this before , have you met this Cassie while you were travelling with your parents along England?-the small lady asked her grandchild. -This is not important now , grams.I need to find her.What if they took her away ?? - Edwin said sadly , when he sat on the big leather sofa in the living room. -I think I know where the belle is ! - his grandpa got in front of him , hiding the splendid view of the burning fireplace and told him to turn around. And there was Cassie , smiling and holding a little girls' hand. -Surprise ! - the little girl yelled with her sweet voice. Edwin was so relieved , looked straight into Cassie's eyes and thought how gorgeous she was.But then he tried to act like he was not worried at all. -Ohh , you are here after all , I thought you ran away! - Edwin laughed and said. -Really , big brother .. this thing with the toughness does not work for you.Cassie is smart enough to know that you have a crush on her. - the girl smiled. -You little brad , this is obviously one of her funny jokes .. Listen to me , kid go up stairs and stay there until I tell you that you can come down , ok ? - Edwin said with anger. -Don't yell at her , she was being sweet , Edwin. - Cassie defended the child . The kind old lady took the child in her room , while the old man started talking to Cassie. -So , Belle .. you are here to see the truth? -Yes , Mr. .. - Cassie got thoughtful -Mr.Waver. - Edwin said -Right , Mr. Waver , do you think you can help me reveal everything ? - the belle asked

-Well , not everything .. some of it ! Now , now you look hungry and thirsty , we are going to get something into the little stomach of yours , don't want you to think that we are unpleasant ! - the old man said and looked at Cassie with his bright eyes. -Very kind of you , it will be my pleasure to join you. Cassie felt like she was connected in some way to this people,she felt it right after she met Edwin. -So,since Edwin could barely get his thoughts right , I am sure you are suspicious of what our pretty little girl is,do you want me to tell you or you have already figured it out?-Mr.Waver asked her. -I really don't know if what I suspect is possible.I have thought about this a hundred times , but really I have no clue if this is real! -Believe me , it is real! - Edwin got up from the sofa and went into the kitchen , Cassie followed him. -Is she a vam.. - she could not pronounce .. -She is indeed , my little sister is a vampire! Surprise! - Edwin sadly said to the girl what got into his mind. -Does that mean that you are too ? -Aren't you afraid,it seems that you are ok with it. - the boy told her. -Well , it is not like she is dangerous or something , she is so sweet and nice. -Really , not dangerous .. this is beacause she likes you , feel lucky that she does.If she thought that you have no right to be here , she would have torn you in pieces in a minute. -Well , good to know that she likes me , right Edwin!-Cassie laughed. -This is not funny,Cassie .. you don't have a clue of anything but you will find out eventually, every step of the way you will find so much stuff that you have never thought about. While they were talking, Mrs.Waver walked into the kitchen.She was such a kind lady. -Am I interrupting something , kids? - Mrs.Waver asked both of them. -No , grams.I was just explaining to the girl, who thinks she knows everything, that my sister is a vampire! - Edwin yelled and walked out of the room. -I don't know what to say , sweety . Don't get him wrong, he is just angry , he knows he is helpless over this situation.So will you help me lay the table? - the grandma said to the lovely girl. -Of course , I will be very happy to help you .. how should I call you? - the normal girl asked Mrs.Waver -How to call me .. ohh , sweety, Grams of course.Feel like home , here.

-It's very nice to know that you accept me , giving the circumstances that you know me for like an hour or two. -Ohh , you are wrong , I personally know you since you were born , it's just that nobody knows that , except you now . Come on, lets put the plates on the dining table.-Grams smiled and walked into the dining room. What was happening , Cassie was so confused.She had never met this woman before.She felt so insecure at that moment.If those people hurt her‌ , she thought this for a second , but did not actually believe it .. She went into the dining room , where Edwin and Mr.Waver were along with Mrs.Waver and she said : -How is this possible , for you to know me since I was born.I don'r remember you. Who are you?? - Cassie was crying and talking. When Edwin saw her in tears , he could not resist , it was like something in him was breaking. He got up of the chair, walked to her and huged her even though she pushed him the first time he tried , she just felt so calm when he put his arms around her.He was holding her so tight , whispering into her ear: -It's ok.Everything is going to be ok.I am here,calm down.. When she stopped crying , Cassie sat on the ancient looking chair , sighed and said: -Excuse me, but there is so much stuff going on right now in my life , everything is messed up. I don't know what to do ,where to go , who to talk to . -You are always welcomed here , my dear.We will always listen to you , no matter what. Grams told the young woman. -Thank you , I just need to know some thing , please explain what you are aware of? - tears started pouring all over her face again. -Stop , belle .. this tears don't suit you!-Mr.Waver told her -Why do you keep calling me Belle , what does that mean ? - Cassie asked the old man in a mixed-up voice. -He used to call your mother like that , you look a lot like her , so that's why he wants to call you only Belle , you remind him of her. - Edwin's grandmother took Cassie's hand and told her. -My mother , so now you have known my mother too.This is getting very complicated.I am going back to my brother. -Stop!Don't go .. They will explain everything , please stay.. I really like you.Don't leave!Edwin's sister begged Cassie. -Letty , go up stairs , this is a grown up conversation!-her big brother told her.

-Your name is pretty , it means happiness , did you know that?-Cassie asked Letty. -No , how did you know? -Well , come here, sit beside me and I will tell you? Letty , wearing sweet blue jeans , a green T-shirt nad a blue vest with green leaves sat on the left side of Cassie. -I love knowing what people’s names mean , so last year I bought myself a book filled with hundreds of names from all over the world and I don't know all of them , but obviosuly I have remembered yours , because it's very beautiful!-Cassie gave a big hug to Letty. -Thank you , you are my big sister now.I have always wanted a big sister.-Letty giggled. -I am happy to be your sister , now it's time for you to go to bed , I will see you tomorrow , Happiness. -Ok.Good night everybody! - and Letty turned around and in a second she was up stairs. -It's time to let you know the truth Belle, you have reached the age when you will be able to understand some things?-Mr.Waver said. -Well , alright then .. I am listening to all of you.-Cassie looked at everyone ; Edwin , Grams and Mr.Waver and was waiting fo someone to start giving up the truth. -When you were born - Grams started - I was there beside your mother , I used to be her ‌ (to be continued)

Ivanina Valeva (Bulgary)

The Devil Chapter 1 I slowly opened my eyes. The sun was shining brightly and my face was lit by the light. " Cool. The first day of school. ", I murmured dreamily. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and fixed my bed. Still sleepy, I started searching for clothes. Half an hour later, I chose a white blouse, sewn with gold thread around the edges and short jeans. I put on my knitted socks and I pulled on my fluffy Uggs. I opened the

jewelry box and thought for a second. Then I pulled out some matching bracelets. I reached to the bedside cabinet for my amber necklace, but all my fingers touched, was the smooth surface. "Where have I put it, for God sakes?" I searched in the bag, where I have left old clothes for charity. I looked up in the laundry basket, too. And then- why not? I mean, it`s an emergency. I imagined my necklace, whispered "Findicus" and in a second, it was in my arm. It seems it was under the bed. Oh, and yes, I am a wizard. Well, not completely- I have to be eighteen years old to be more powerful but the simple spell for finding missing objects was exactly my strength. By the end of the year I will be full-fledged witch- like my mother and grandmother. My dad is mortal, we are royal. Our blood line is similar to that of the royal family. When my parents got married, my mother was supposed to lose her powers. But grandma used one spell for confusing and so, my mother saved her last name- Devin. So, I guess our genes were saved and my father as a witch husband gets some privileges. He can make simple magic, just as me now. " Mel? ", Cecilia Devin knocked on my door. " Grandma? " " How are you? Did you find your necklace? ", I felt my cheeks flush . " Darling, you could have asked me first. There wasn`t any need of magic. " Oh, and she is a seer. The wizards with this gift are very rare, so my mum always wanted me to have this. Only I don`t have anything special. Grandma is a seer, my mother is the most powerful wizard I have ever met. And me? Nothing. " Don`t compare yourself to me and your mother. Andy is that powerful because she has a lot of experience. And you will be, soon. Also, it isn`t so good to be able to see everything. Imagine you can see your presents before anyone gives them to you. It`s not cool. I almost forgot, I prefer the bracelet to be with sapphires. I am not a fan of rubies. " Yup, I forgot, she is a mind- reader, too. Someone knocked on the door. " Katherine. And some boy. I think his name is Paul. " Paul, my new boyfriend. So cute. " I agree with that. He is super cute. But why haven`t you told me you two are dating? " " Grandma! Stop messing in my head! Could you please get out of my room? I have to go. " I grabbed my purse from the hanger and decided to try again. Grandma, can you feed

the dog? " Yeah, of course. Why not? " " Grandma! " " Okay, fine. I`m done. Your keys are under the washing mashine. Hey, Mel, would you pick your brother up for me? " " Sure. Bye! " I stopped my car in the alley and waited for my friends to come. I was really looking forward to see what Kath was wearing. Her mother is a designer. Kath`s grey dress was absolutely adorable. Her high-heels sandals made her legs even longer than they were. I saw that her long red hair was short now. " Oh, no you didn`t! " " Oh, yes I did! You like it? " " I ... It`s nice, but... why so short? I am confused, I thought you loved your long hair. " " Time for change. And what did you do to yours? You lightened them or dyed? " " Absolutely nothing. It became so blond because of the sun. " The truth is that my mum used magic. I was dying my hair blond, but unfortunately I have bought red. I was totally looking like a clown. " I like it that way. ", Kath opened the front door. " I think you are pretty, too. Will I get a reward for this? " " I will think about it. Paul, I`ve missed you so much. Want to come over this Saturday? My mum already knows we`re dating. And then... " " Okay, first - EW! Second - that makes me sick, so can you please stop talking about that? " " You will give me your pink sweater. " " Sold! " " How are your parents? ", I asked gently. Kath parents were about to divorce. Her dad was the HIGHNet director and obviously had slept with his secretary. " They`re fine. Still sleeping in different rooms, but at least they are speaking to each other. " " I am sorry, Kath. I can not imagine how... " " There is nothing to be sorry about. I guess this was the last drop. My mother wasn`t very happy through the last couple of months. Can we go now? " " Yeah. I just ... I forgot my iPhone. Let me take it and we`ll go. " I didn`t forget my phone. I went into my grandma`s room. She was lying on the bed.

Maybe she was sleeping. Maybe I should not wake her up. But Katherine seems very unhappy. And there should be something I can do about that. " Grandma? Are you sleeping?", I pushed her lightly, "You know, you should wear more clothes. You are freezing. Grandma? Can you hear me? Catherine, Paul! ", I screamed, " PLEASE COME UPSTAIRS!!! " I closed my eyes. After a few moments I heard my friends running up the stairs. " Please, dial 911. There is something wrong with her. She is so cold, and she didn`t hear me calling... " " I have already called them. They are on they way. Mel, please calm down. She is going to be okay. Don`t worry. " " She is not going to be okay, Katherine. She is dead! But she couldn`t be. She was supposed to see it. " " What do you mean? Paul, she is in shock. We need to take her out of here! " " I am not going anywhere. Not without her. And I mean she is ... she was... " " What? She was what, Mel? " " She was a witch. So am I. And my mother. "

My name is Petya Hristova and I’m 16 years old. I'm happy that I am а part of this project. During my free time, I like writing essays and fairy tales. This is one of my new essays . I wrote it for a competition, where I participated and won a scholarship. Also, I like reading different kinds of books.

Petya Hristova (Bulgary)

By the time machine I would ... (Essay) I am staying and looking out of the window. The view outside is stunning, it doesn’t create pleasurable sensations. People, moving, immersed in their problems, thoughtful, frowning











Separating the view from the people, I am looking around at everything - urban landscape and the surviving nature. It looks like we are witnesses of uncontrolled movement - wildly

racing cars, mephitis, obscuring clear day, fast flying birds, frightened of smog, a few despondent trees with drooping leaves. Gray, dusty, chaotic ... I dream of a picture quite different from this. What happened? Who is responsible for all these damages causing constituting despondent view? At one point I am tired of watching it and I’d like to have a magic wand to change it. Then I think what would be the conditions and circumstances under which we live, if there was a time machine. In this case it would be completely different ... The first thing I would do with the time machine is to go back thousands of years. By the time the world was created by God. And then everything would start over, with a new and happy development, different from what we have today. I would like life to start from Adam and Eve again. But before their sin. Maybe if they had not made it, all the people after them would have peaceful and joyful life. One that is filled not only with errors on their part and nature of penalties, giving rise to suffering. This is my biggest dream. Using a time machine to take the world back to a time when feelings like malice, envy, greed, hypocrisy were foreign to us. Back in time and to start again. Since then, when people were not just creatures ,but Men. This helped them to feel very confident and relaxed because they knew that in difficult times they can rely on somebody. And it really happened then - once in the past. Push a button on the time machine and ... Done. New world, new people, new understandings and relationships. The nature ... We leave it undamaged. What would happen to it in the new world, thanks to the time machine. Then, many years ago, it didn’t look hurt, agonizing, half-dead. There were no concepts such as global warming, ozone hole, air pollution, water, earth, genetically modified organisms, indiscriminate exploitation of natural wealth and resources. If I had a time machine, I would like to change many other things related to people. Once nature has returned to its original, natural state, as thousands of years ago, people were calm and understanding, without conflicts, diseases and painful effort for daily bread, I would not like the Phoenician signs to be invented. Maybe a lot of trouble now that we have in life is because of them - money. Their removal would also help a lot for a quiet life. Once, when they didn’t exist, people have coped with everything and even lived better. I would like things in life to be balanced. Concepts like rich and poor not to exist, to have no social conflicts. In our lives, a man is often judged by his financial situation. Exactly that would be good to change. Then the meaning will be different. You will not see people who live only for money and forget there are- somewhere in space- other, important things. People who do not value human system. And when this happens, I want time to stop there. Life can be good for

both the human and the natural world. All of these things: natural beauty and clean environment, sustainable use and cultivation, smiling and cheerful people in the streets, those who do not worry about financial problems, they would build a new world opposite to that we live in now, more beautiful. World in which we are sure that the man we called "a friend" will not crash "a knife in the back." Here, in this dream world. Simple but complete. Equilibria. No pain, but with concern for people. Without money but with a smile on your face. Without hate, but with love for everyone. Without envy, but with support. Without hypocrisy, but with goodwill and sincerity. How simple are the things that are missing in our lives and how much extra are others that attend. I hope that someday science will advance so that a real time machine will exist. If scientists create it, I hope that it will not be in the hands of commercial personalities. Now we are left with only one – not to forget the possible realization of the words "I would" and "desire", but actually wake up in another harsh reality, which again leads us to thoughts of intractable problems. Behold, I stand still and look out, the picture is still desperate. People do not have a smile on their faces. How to change this while waiting for the time machine to be invented? I have no idea. Maybe a miracle will happen. Are my friends, classmates and I able to change everything? If we could ... Maybe ... We have a lot of time, science develops more rapidly, intense and dynamic, we are charged with energy, good will, optimism, self-confidence, determination










Come to rearrange everything, to restore the balance between man and nature, to heal wounds, to live in harmony and love. Then you will fall asleep and wake up with a smile, nothing grieves us, nor hurts us. Tension and worry about tomorrow will vanish. A nature ... It will be a new version of the old biblical Garden of Eden. "Time Machine" can be ours.

Ivaila Todorova (Bulgary) My name is Ivaila Todorova and I'm sixteen years old.My hobby is writting poems and at this moment I am preparing my first poetry book which will be named "With scent of my thoughts".I am not a person who loves talking about herself ,so that is why I leave my creative

work to do it instead of me . I hope that you will successfully feel the magic of my words! Enjoy !

The butterflies You can not easily forget the words, which you have been yearning to hear. In your mind madly repeating further more, desiring them ! You can not easily forget the words, which you have been hearing in your sleep, shuddering not to dream, lest by chance to be wrong ! You can not easily forget the words, for which you have tenderly flown, yet they are actually butterflies, who give you a pair of wings ! Пеперудите Не се забравят лесно думите, които ти да чуеш си копнял. На ум повтарял като лудите и още толкова ги би желал! Не се забравят лесно думите, които чувал си докато спиш, потръпвал си да не сънуваш, да не би случайно да грешиш!

Не се забравят лесно думите, заради които нежно си летял, а те са всъщност пеперудите, които дават ти по чифт крила!


Little Red Riding Hood (modern version) Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived at the edge of a great prairie. Because she always wore a jacket with a red hood when she rode her bike, everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. One morning, as Little Red Riding Hood sat eating her favorite wheat berry muffins, she had an idea. “Mom”, she said, “it’s going to be a real scorcher today. Grandma sure would love it if I brought her some muffins and lemonade. You know how crabby she gets in the heat.” Little Red Riding Hood loved visiting her grandmother. “Great idea,” her mother said. So Little Red Riding Hood’s mother packed the still-warm wheat berry muffins and cold lemonade into a basket. After airing up the tires on her bike and testing the brakes, Little Red Riding Hood set out on her way. “Now don’t forget,” called her mother. “Go straight to Grandma’s and whatever you do, don’t talk to strangers.” “Sure , Mom,” Little Red Riding Hood promised.

Little Red Riding Hood pedaled down the road, past the gas station, the grocery store, and the old Wilson place. She waved at everyone she saw, and everyone waved back. As the edge of town disappeared, and the prairie began, Little Red Riding Hood zigzagged between the crops, taking the shortcut to Grandma’s house. Blackbirds startled and sunflowers swayed as she whizzed by. “What a nice visit it will be,” Little Red Riding Hood said. “Grandma simply adores muffins and lemonade.” But who should be cutting trough that same field – but a very hungry wolf. When the smell of those wheat berry muffins came wafting his way, the wolf’s nose quivered. “What is that scrumptious smell?” he whispered. The wolf rushed toward the heavenly odor. “Whatever it is, I must have it” he growled. With one giant leap, the wolf landed right in front of Little Red Riding Hood’s bicycle. “Aha!” he roared. Little Red Riding Hood slammed on her brakes. “Hey! Be careful!” she shouted. “You could get hurt surprising someone like that!” The wolf chuckled at the warning. “What’s in the basket, dearie?” he asked with a widetoothed grin. “Muffins and lemonade,” Little Red Riding Hood said slowly, “for my grandmother.” “But such a tantalizing smell,” the wolf drooled. “They must be very special muffins!” “Oh, they are!” Little Red Riding Hood said proudly. “ They’ re my grandma’s secret recipe, and they always take first prize at the fair.” The wolf licked his lips. “She must be a dear sweet woman, ” he crooned. “Do you have very far to travel?” “Oh no, ” Little Red Riding Hood answered, “just over that bridge”. “Mmm-hmm,” the wolf smirked, his mouth curling up at the corners. “How fortunate.” “I have to go,” Little Red Riding Hood said quickly. “Grandma’s waiting.” The wolf slyly turned in the opposite direction and pointed. “Ooooh! What beautiful flowers! Such a dear, sweet grandmother

surely deserves some of those!”

Little Red Riding Hood nodded. “Yes, you’re right,” she said, jumping off her bike, “Grandma loves flowers. Do you think she’d like these white ones, too?” But the whistle of the prairie wind was the only response. The wolf was gone. Of course the wicked wolf had a dastardly plan. “Hardy – har-har!” he laughed wildly, as he raced through the wheat.

“First I will surprise that feeble old granny and steal her recipe. Then I will wait for the kid in the red jacket to show up with the treats. Soon I’ll hold the secret to those delectable muffins, and those two country bumpkins won’t know what hit them!” His evil chuckles drifted through the fields. When the wolf arrived at Grandma’s house, he found a note on the door. “Little Red Riding Hood – out in the field…. Love, Grandma” “This will be easier than I thought!” the wolf snarled. “Grandma’s obviously off her rocker, wandering around in the heat. Muddled brains are so easy to persuade!” The wolf cackled, feeling enormously pleased with his good fortune. But when the wolf searched the fields for Little Red Riding Hood’s tottering granny, all he could see was a farmer riding a tractor. Impatient, he shouted. “Hey! Old man! Where’s the ancient granny who lives in the house?” The farmer, though, seemed to hear nothing. “Very well, the wolf said with a snicker.” “I love surprising these dimwitted hicks.” And he began to silently sneak up behind the tractor. Then- before the wolf knew what was happening – the farmer whirled around and grabbed him by his fancy suspenders. “Hold it right there, scoundrel!” the farmer shouted. “What do you think you’re doing?” The wolf gasped and stammered, “I-I-I’m looking for the frail muffin-baking granny who lives in the house.” “Well, Sherlock!” boomed the farmer, whose grip tightened on the wolf. “You ‘re talking to her!” The wolf’s mouth dropped open, and he began to shake, “M-m-my,” he finally whispered, “what big eyes you have, Grandma.” “All the better to see you, skulking around my fields!” Grandma answered. “My, what big ears you have, Grandma,” the wolf croaked. “All the better to hear you coming,” Grandma answered. “My, what big hands you have, Grandma,” the wolf groaned. “All the better to crush you like a bug, if need be,” said Grandma. And, lucky for the wolf , Little Red Riding Hood rolled up just at that moment. “Grandma, are you OK?” called Little Red Riding Hood. “Sure , sweetie,” Grandma said.

Together, they marched to Grandma’s kitchen. “Might as well have a bite to eat while we decide what to do next,” Grandma said. The wolf was silent, his mouth full of the delicious muffins. “Of course,” Grandma said at last. Soon after, Grandma opened her own muffin shop in town, just west of the post office. The wolf? He was her chief baker, sales clerk, and dishwasher, being kept much too busy to cause trouble for anyone. Naturally, the wolf got to eat all the muffins he wanted, which improved his disposition enormously. But just in case he got any ideas about stealing Grandma’s recipe again, Grandma always put in the last secret ingredient herself. Little Red Riding Hood, too, went to work for her grandmother, delivering muffins on her bike. Every day, rain or shine, the wolf carefully packed Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. Hey, kid!” he called after her as she whizzed down the road. “Don’t talk to strangers!” And Little Red Riding Hood never did again.

Małgorzata Gibek, Magdalena Kordas (Poland, XI LO)

The Stepfather In the northern California, lived a young couple Katherine and Paul Davis. The couple really wanted children. Finally after a few months, twins Dan and Tom were born. When the twins were two years old, their parents split up and got a divorce. It was a very hard time for the twins and for Katherine, who was depressed for a long time. The court decided to split up the twins, so that Dan would stay with Katherinewho decided to stay in California - and Tom who moved with his dad to Europe.

. It took Katherine a long time to get over this, until she met Harry - a rich, handsome man who looked after her in her depression times. After a while of knowing each other, they decided to get married as they were really happy together. Although Katherine had no idea how much trouble she could be getting herself and her son into. Dan didn't know about his twin brother, as he was Iittle when they split up, therefore didn't remember anything. After Katherine and Dan moved in with Harry, Katherine started to notice really weird things about Harry - he never came down to din ner, he didn't let anyone take down the curtains in the day, at night he usually went out to the forest or walked around the garden. Suddenly, he started to notice that Katherine was questioning a lot, and he knew this wouldn't last forever if he kept this quiet. So one night he decided that he needs to confess. The young wife was in shock; "VAMPIRE? How is this even possible?" she was so shocked, that she didn't know if this was even true - although from everything that has been going on with him, it's not that hard to believe. Finally, Harry explained how it started; "One night, on a cold December night, I went for a

walk in the woods. Suddenly the sky b~came really dark - almost black - I could hardly see anything, when all of the sudden big black birds attacked me, they were really aggressive. I heard them crash something, and then they injured my necko After that I don't remember anything, except from waking up in the morning feeling really weird, and very iiI. I've never felt like that before, sick but hard, weak but strong ... it was like I was feeling everything at once. Also, I was very thirsty, but not normai thirsty ... blood thirsty. It was the worst at night, to control my needs I had to attack the animals in the forest. I have never harmed a person before though!" This was really hard for both Katherine and Harry, Dan also heard this as he was standing outside the door listening. When Katherine and Harry sorted everything out, Dan was already a Iittle bit older, so they decided to tell him about everything and his twin brother. Dan wasn't too surprised about his stepfather being a vampire also he was interested in vampires, but he was shocked and upset that his mother never mentioned Tom before. He decided he wants to use Harry's powers as a vampire to find Tom. After a while, they managed to find him, as he was almost an adult now, he could decide for himself therefore he moved with Dan and Katherine and his stepfather to California. Katherine actually liked Harry's living style, and so did the boys, so they decided to become a fuli vampire family. They were good vampires, who never atlacked people, but instead they helped them. They used their vampire strengths and powers to help people who need it.

Tomasz Tataruch (Poland, XI LO)

Thomas and Magdalena The vampire called Thomas, fell in love with Magdalena. She was a human and she thouhgt that Thomas was evil. She didnt want to talk to him. She was interested in Arek, but Arek wasnt worth her.

Thomas was deppressed and jealous. Arek and Magdalena were dating. Arek was playing in a school football team and he had a lot of girlfriends in the past. One day, in the evening, Magdalena and Arek were kissing. Unfortunately Thomas saw that. He decided that he must show her, that he is better than Arek. Suddenly, he saw that Areks eyes are changing into red. He caught Magdas arm and was trying to bite her. He was a vampire ! Magda was screaming. Thomas jumped into the action and hit him. They started fighting. Finally, Thomas won the battle, and saved Magdalena. She fell in love with him. They came back home and Thomas was talking to her about his family. He showed her the photos of his relatives. She understood that he is different than the rest of the vampires. She came back to her home and talked with parents about Thomas, they were suprised and accepted their relationship. She












The end

Arkadiusz Siry (Poland, XI LO)

A good vampire from the vampire nest Once upon a time in a small town called the Vampire nest lived a good Vampire. He was only the one vampire in this city and people were afraid of him. But no one saw his vampire aggression and people were gossiping about this creature. Sudenly, when the sun set behing the mountains, in the drinking Geer and rising there mugs for a toast , the weird man came into bar. Everyone was quiet. On the vampire face people saw a long double cenne tooth

instead of normal human teeth. They realised what that creature was. He walked to the bar and he sat down on a chair. The bartender made the first step and said "What do you want, sir?" The Vampire said: - Can I have a glas of milk, please? The Bartender was embarassed. He didnt know what to do. Then he gave him that glass of milk and said "Who are you?? Why are you drinking milk?" Then the vampire said: "I’m a good Vampire, I don’t drink blood.” After that he drank his milk and left the bar. Everyone was surprised. The end

Vampire James Once upon a time, far, far away lived a vampire. He lived out in the outskirts. He ran the restaurant and employed a young, nice woman as a waitress. He used to like bloody beefsteaks and he tried to serve them, but people weren’t interested on it. One day a beautiful, long-legged lady wearing scant apron came to his restaurant looking for a job. Immediately he was very charmed and he lost his mind. He employed her and sacked the other waitress.

After some time he fell in love with her and he told her that he’s a vampire. She was scared and she went to her mother in another country. She thought much about that and she decided to come back. When she saw the whole restaurant she realized that something bad happened to James. She ran upstairs, shouting: "James where are you?". James was eating ice-cream and Chinese food and he was crying and listening to "I will always love you". After a long conversation James promised her that he would go to specialist and psychologist... Two years later they got married, had two beautiful children and they had breeding of ponies. Their restaurant started to be very popular and they changed its name to "New James".

Zuzia Gawryluk, Gosia Mętel, Ada Rynczak, Agnieszka Luda (Poland, XI LO)


The man named Alan moved to Poznań to study art. He found a flat in the city centre. His neighbour was a beautiful, mysterious woman with long, blond hair. It was the love from the first sight. One year later, they were married. Twenty years later, Alan realized that his didn’t changed at all. She looked the same as the first time they saw each other. She said that she had

a good anti-wrinkle cream. Alan believed her, but when he saw that his wife was sucking filling from doughnut, he knew everything. " You’re a vampire!", he said. She said " Bravo, genius. It took you 20 years to find out". He decided to be a vampire, too. That’s the power of love :).

Aleksandra Fryz, Justyna Podsiadło (Poland, XI LO)

Vampire from Manhattan Once upon a time there were good vampires who lived on Manhattan. They saved people from troubles and criminals. Because of it they were famous, but not rich. In their team there were two girls and two boys. They liked each other and they enjoyed spending time together. They were very helpful to people, because they had unnatural powers. One day a disaster happened. One of their friend called Bobo was kidnapped by the cruel monsters from another world. Of course, the good vampires wanted to save him. One of the vampires called Mina had telepathic skills and she quickly found the place where he was. It turned at that these monsters were Bobos family. Bobo was shamed that in his veins there is the blood of monsters and he ran to meet them. The good vampires realized that they shouldn’t judge people by his backgrounds, but by what kind of person he is. When they went to meet Bobo and the monsters to talk about everything, everybody bursted out laughing. It turned out that Bobos family were only disguised vampires to deceive the others.

Alexander Wyderka (Poland, Zawiercie, Gimnazjum nr 2)

Harry Potter Harry Potter is no ordinary boy, and his most peculiar feature is the scar on his forehead. He left it to him wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed his parents and wanted to do the same thing with Harry, who was then still a baby. However, he failed it, and the murderous spell reflected hitting the baby and the one who threw them. It's for many years deprived him of his power. Harry is now a boy of thirteen, third grade student Hogwarts-School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He lives there in one of the houses-Gryffindor throughout the school year. Holiday goes to his one, but hated the family-Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley. At the beginning we learn that from Azkaban, the wizarding prison for running a very dangerous criminal Sirius Black "Paw". Let me just say that Azkaban is the best-guarded place in a magical world. Everything indicates that he wants to hunt down our little wizard. The Ministry of Magic is amended so that all possible safety measures .. One of them were dementors, who surrounded the Hogwarts over the entire width and length, which opposed the Dumbledore (headmaster). Meanwhile, Harry gets from Fred and George Wesley (brother of his friend Ron) Marauder's Map. It becomes one of his favorite magic items, but at some point by his carelessness, it shall be confiscated. If you want to know whether and why Black wants to kill Haryy'ego, which connects it with him that the secret lies prof. Lupin, whether that Potter Marauder's Map he gave resulted in a final conclusion, and what the job is Hardodzi贸b Hagrid have to read this book. I liked it and recommend it to all who want to read, compelling and fascinating read.

Etwinning 2012

Good vampires book and other stories  

for eTwinning project "Library and school education"

Good vampires book and other stories  

for eTwinning project "Library and school education"