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Concept book for L’OFFICIEL NL by Mirjam de Ruiter 11

PREFACE This concept book functions as the final end product and is, together with the appended research report and final presentation, part of the graduation project within the course of International Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). This concept book is an advisory report, important for the future of L’Officiel NL, developed by using the outcome of the the research report.

Implemented research for L’Offciel NL concluded that the magazine has a strong title. It has huge potential towards creating a unique formula by bringing high-end fashion to its audience. Nevertheless previous research has also proven that currently the magazine’s brand identity is perceived confusing and not strong enough to compete with the already established fashion magazines on the Dutch fashion magazine market. Therefore we are coping with the following problem definition: “How can L’Officiel NL establish its unique identity and core values within the Dutch market?” To solve this problem it is important for the magazine to implement 12

key trends, facts and inspiration drawn from conclusions found through the research. The objective for this concept book therefore is to present inspiring solutions and ideas which serve as advice for the revised communication of the brand identity. Presenting key elements that will appeal to the specific target group, emphasize its unique core values, incorporated in current time. This concept book will perform as a source of inspiration that must help the magazine to establish its position on the market.

Within the last step of this thesis, the presentation, one specific key element will be given specific attention: the L’Officiel NL experience. Meaning a translation of the revised identity, worked out in a potential version of an experience, through a 3D display expressing the magazine’s core concept. In this last step, a fictive experience is developed, to inspire the magazine’s editorial team and to emphasize the importance of direct communication of the unique selling points towards its target audience. Structure The concept book is divided in four sub chapters presenting key advisory drawn from the previously formulated recommendations, focusing on; Content, Exclusivity, Art-Direction and Communication. The key elements within this concept book are focused on the needs of todays consumers and target audience. Trends that are developed from theories such as The Experience Economy and

the current economic climate are of an influence, but should not be taken literally. L’Officiel NL should look at all the current movements and find its own unique way to position itself in this market. Besides this, the conceptbook shows a visual proposal in color use, an inspirational photo shoot in the mid-section and a revised lay-out that should be seen as inspiration for a new and stronger way of communication for L’Officiel NL. If L’Officiel NL follows up these recommendations, it will enjoy the benefits of a strong brand identity. One that is up-to-date, connects with its target group and expresses its unique core values, differentiating from other competing titles. When the magazine has made this transformation it will be able to claim a unique position in the Dutch fashion magazine market.

Mirjam de Ruiter May 2010, Amsterdam 13


EDITORIAL FORMULA Vision: de la couture et de la mode Mission: a magazine for women who pay attention to detail, look further then the average by appreciating art and design and are looking for a fashionable, trendy and international lifestyle. Core values: high-end fashion, art, design, exclusivity, luxury & international. L’Officiel NL is about the origin of haute couture. The art, joy, attention and design of craftsmanship is to be found in every detail of the magazine. It adopts unusual ways of thinking and acting and aims for exclusive content to keep its readers involved and surprised. The magazine is on top of the fashion and design industry and is therefore able to bring exclusive content and extensive collaborations unexpected. The magazine is always one step ahead of its competitors, dictating within its niche market. It is aware of national and international developments and offers a platform for highly established designers, but also for new coming qualitative fashion talents. With its serious tone of voice and indepth articles, L’Officiel NL introduces its readers to a different side of fashion. The return to quality, creativity and core construction of fashion and its his14

tory as the driving force of innovation, catches the attention of those who are interested in this niche market. L’Officiel NL offers her readers quality, details and exclusive content. Situated in the Dutch market, the L’Officiel NL readers appreciate the luxurious lifestyle, but also take action to realize their dreams. It is a group who loves to be inspired by art, design, different cultures and fashion statements. Not only looking at daily trends, but also implementing unique styles drawn from historical movements. L’Officiel NL stands for the simplicity of style, hand-crafted details and exclusive design. This can be seen within the lay-out and content about art, design, travel and fashion. Its different paper, full-page images and in-depth articles and interviews are found nowhere else and are exclusively published in L’Officiel NL. This makes you want to buy, carry and own the magazine. It goes deeper within the niche market of high-end fashion, instead of pursuing superficial trends, it explores hidden qualities. The title L’Officiel NL stands for the official fashion news brought to the Dutch market from an inspiring and trusted source.

Every issue contains memorable highquality visuals, communicating the latest trends; photo shoots and news in combination with exclusive content with an international allure. Core information L’Officiel NL Gender: Female Age: ‘Forever 35’ Income: working at a big company, or owns her own business. Education: higher educated Geographics: Living in a fashion capital and has a metropolis orientation. Category: Independent fashion magazine.

Appearance: 8 times a year Content: 250 pages Prices: €6,95 a single issue, €50,- a year subscription. Size: 277 by 190 millimeters Paper: Inside 80 grams matte paper in combination with 80 grams glossy tone paper. Outside 150 grams matte paper. Advertisers: High-segment;fashion, art, travel and beauty focused. Color palette: Basic pastels and brown tones in combination with strong colors like, ocean green, dark red and black type on a white background. Headers: DubielPlain (sarif bold) Introductions: Dubiel (italic sarif) Body text: Baskerville (small sarif)



should look at its content, which has to express the core values of high-end fashion, art, design, luxury, exclusivity and international allure. It has to emphasize its unique selling points by exploring different key elements.


Differentiate Constantly emphasize the fact that you are unique and express those things that differentiate you from your competitors. Enhance the high-end fashion and exclusive core values that the magazine consists of, dictate within the market; you are the only one who can build your status towards a higher level.



Personalize The target group wants to be your best friend. Express opinions, create discussions and give information and inspiration in your own way to involve your readers. They want to see the face behind the story or experience and by doing so they will become personally attached with the brand.


Focus Focus on high-end fashion within the Dutch market, retaining the international allure. It is important to publish content in reach of the Dutch readers group, holding on to the unique origin of Parisian attractiveness.


Understand Understand and have knowledge of Dutch design. Create a platform for this culture of interest within your magazine, inspiring your target audience. By supporting the Dutch fashion scene you show respect and national pride and therefore will become respected and interesting for your audience.



EXCLUSIVITY L’Officiel NL is about exclusivity and luxury within a high-end segment. The magazine should breathe this philosophy and the origin of this value, expressing this through content, lay-out and communication.


Niche Focus on a specific niche market within a special interest area: high-end fashion. This will involve a mentality group interested in this niche and draw attention from an audience outside of this group. 24

Theme Let every issue have a specific theme, concentrating on up-todate topics within your field of interest. By focusing every issue on another theme consistency and curiosity will be created.



Luxury Good Be perceived as a luxury good by your target audience. Creating the status and adapting the identity of a luxury good makes the audience eager to belong to your lifestyle, mood and brand.



The photoshoots within L’Officiel NL should breathe the atmosphere of haute couture, shown in an abstract and high-end manner. A specific cut, choice of models and silhouettes will emphasize the details of the extraordinary looks.

Black shirt with chains €25,95 (Zara) Black bikini shorts €48 (Seafolly), Belt with black bows €23,50 (River Island) Vintage belt with coins €20, Black wedges €79,95 (Zara).


Photography BOB VAN ROOIJEN styling MIRJAM DE RUITER Haar&Make-up STEF RALBOVSKY View Agency model ROOS A-Models

Long black ‘trashed’ dress €40, Shirt with shoulder fringes €20 (both River Island), Customized hat.



Lace pants, Skirt with fabric face, Checked shirt with zippers (all Bas Kosters), Shoes â‚Ź29,95 (H&M)


Bodysuit with vertical stripes €19,95 (H&M), Panty with back seam €22 (American Apparel), Black wedges €79,95 (Zara), Diamond earrings and Diamond panther ring (Jutka & Riska).


‘Shaped’ dress €450 (Roya Hesam), Blet with black bows €23,50 (River Island), Black platform heels €29,95 (Nieuwedijk).


Leather short €19,95 (H&M), Black shorts with leather belt €142,80, Jacket with beats €1.428 (both Felicia Adelina Mak), Silver elastic belt €24,95 (Zara), Platform heels €29,95 (Nieuwedijk), Necklace €6,95 (H&M).

Pink dress €600 (Maryam Kordbacheh)


Leather short €19,95 (H&M), Black shorts with leather belt €142,80, Jacket with beats €1.428 (both Felicia Adelina Mak), Silver elastic belt €24,95 (Zara), Platform heels €29,95 (Nieuwedijk), Necklace €6,95 (H&M).


Pink top with ruffles €19 (New Look), Skirt with pink and black ruffles €24,95 (H&M), Gold pearl necklace as bracelet €6,95 (H&M), Black latex mask (Albert Cuyp market).

Black suave pants €39,95 (Zara), Lace bodysuit €15 (New Look), Vintage gold necklace as bracelet, Black platform heels (Nieuwedijk).


Black suave pants €39,95 (Zara), Lace bodysuit €15 (New Look), Vintage gold necklace as bracelet, Black platform heels (Nieuwedijk).

Pink top with ruffles €19 (New Look), Skirt with pink and black ruffles €24,95 (H&M), Gold pearl necklace as bracelet €6,95 (H&M), Black latex mask (Albert Cuyp market).


ARTDIRECTION L’Officiel NL has created exclusive content, specifically focused on one niche market and which is in the interest of a specific maturity group, the magazine will have to pay attention to its look & feel. In order to be perceived as an exclusive luxury good, that is different to its competitors, it should also evoke this appearance. When


Look&Feel Typeface, size and paper use. Do not be ‘general’ ‘mainstream’ or anything like the competitors. Differentiate by expressing your unique selling points through every source and detail. Hold on to the feeling of exclusivity in color, spacing and headers.



Linear Revise the look and feel linear to the exclusive identity of high-end fashion. Intensify the core values of luxurious products and experiences and express them through the look and feel of the magazine. Explore the power of black and white, different paper usage and big headers that will give the magazine a cleaner and clearer look.


Front cover You do not need the latest top model on your cover. The cover will communicate the right message, when the model suits the content of the magazine and its values. There is no need for bright colored streamers. Exclusivity stands for simplicity, the luxury is to sell your magazine, even when the cover has no streamers at all.

Detail Concentrate on detail, “less is more”. A cleaner page gives the feeling of consistency, luxury and design. It also gives you the opportunity to show the specific beauty of one item. For example the feature ‘ICON’, which enlarges photos to a bigger scale, therefore expresses high-quality and emphasizes the detail of that item.


Creativity Illustrations and collages are a perfect outcome of photos put together, in a creative but organized way. This creativity will give a unique impression and is less ‘general’, ‘glossy’ or ‘common’ than the pages of photos put together, which the magazine currently has. It will boost the magazine with a more ‘expensive’, ‘designer’ and ‘artistic’ allure. 44

COMMUNICATION When L’Officiel NL looks like a special-interest magazine, and when its content is linear to its unique core values, it also becomes important to consider a new way of communicating with its readers. Communication is of key importance for achieving brand loyalty. Just a beautiful product does not provide enough added value for the consumer to bond with the brand and to remain loyal in the future. When L’Officiel NL starts focusing on making its unique brand identity more apparent, its audience will recognize this and be eager to belong to its lifestyle.




Target Group Decide on one specific target group, and keep this in mind, be very strict. Your message will become consistent and strong and the concept will be increasingly accepted by an enlarged target group. 49

Cross-Media The magazine is not the only possible medium to communicate with your target group. Make sure you are everywhere they are, but keep it exclusive, create a buzz and keep surprising.


Digital Network Incorporate the digital world into your brand identity. When you are available through different sources, the audience will come into contact with you and therefore possibilities for a two-way conversation will be created. Open a twitter account, create a blog with backstage input and be available through the internet and involved in this digital era. This is not a danger for the existence of the magazine, but an extension that will strengthen the brand. 51


Experience Be close to your target group. Be emotional, consistent, surprising and involve your target group with the brand. Make sure you’re on top of the market by offering a unique experience that stands for all of the core values of the magazine. An eight-yearly publication is not enough to bond with your target audience. Make sure there is a permanent place, which the target group can rely on and explore the lifestyle of L’Officiel NL.



Sense Involve different senses into your experience. The audience is now a fan of your concept and therefore wants to be involved in the magazine’s lifestyle. They want to see it, enjoy it, work it, love it, smell it, hear it and taste it.


Package Last but not least important is the packaging and presentation of the magazine. The magazine is exclusive, looks exclusive, so make sure it also is perceived to be exclusive by differentiating through its packaging. This is the first confrontation the readers have with your publication.




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Conceptbook L'Officiel NL _ Test  

author: Mirjam de Ruiter this is a test for the conceptbook issuu

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