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Midland’s solutions... Eliminate Obsolete Materials & Costly Inventory By moving to a truly on-demand environment, materials are only produced when you need them. This instantly allows you to: Eliminate inventory of printed materials Save money on warehouse expenses Eliminate scrap and obsolescence Streamline your distribution process

Expand Flexibility Through the use of digital libraries your business is able to be more agile, adaptable, and aggressive within your marketplace. Placing your media in a digital library allows you to: Instantly change literature without shelf stock losses Adjust taglines on sales material quickly Test messages inexpensively Never run out of materials while waiting on revisions

Allow for Full Customization of Literature Digital print-on-demand gives you the ability to be direct, detailed, and focused by customizing each piece of literature. This instantly allows you to: Remove the need for descriptive stickers for your affiliates, dealers, or distributors Utilize one piece for multiple distributors Quickly add new products to existing materials

Produce and Distribute Materials Globally With access to over 180 global production facilities your materials are produced as close to the final destination as possible and then distributed. This has the added benefits of: Significant reduction of shipping costs Elimination of delays due to customs and international shipping Elimination of most customs fees, processes, and paperwork Reduction of total delivery times

Improve Regulatory Compliance Our extensive automated solution improves regulatory compliance of outgoing materials by: Automatically checking shipments against embargoed countries, restricted parties, denied parties, and parties of concern Providing legal departments with owners manuals by date Holding historical files for as long, or as little, as you require

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Midland Information Resource - Simplified Media Management  
Midland Information Resource - Simplified Media Management  

Overview of how a media management solution from Midland can simplify the way you do business.