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DANGEROUS LIAISONS FITXA TÈCNICA Durada: 119 min. Nacionalitat: Regne Unit i EEUU Any: 1988 (Color)

Guió: Christopher Hampton (Basat en l’obra de Choderlos de Laclos) Fotografia: P. Rousselot Muntatge: Mick Audsley Música: George Fenton

Director: Stephen Frears

Dir. Artística: Stuart Craig i Gérard James

Productora: Warner bros.

Vestuari: James Achesoj

Productor: Norma Heymani Hank Moonjean

Sinopsi/Plot summary: France, XVIIIth Century. Fascinating and perverse Marchioness of Merteuil is planning revenge against her latest lover with the help of an old friend, the Viscount of Valmont, who is an immoral and deprived seducer like she is. A virtuous married woman, Madame de Tourvel, who Valmont wants to conquer, will become involved in the dangerous machinations of the Marchioness.

Activities / Activitats: 1. You’ve got the technical details of the film in Valencià. Translate it into English, so you can learn/revise the basic vocabulary related to audiovisual productions. Durada: lasted

Nacionalitat: nacionality

Any: year

Direcció: management

Productora: producer

Guió: script

Fotografía: photography

Montatje: editing

Música: music

Dir. Artística: management artistic

Vestuari: clothe

2. Write about 3 of the main characters (Madame de Merteuil, Viscount of Valmont, Madame de Tourvel, and Cecile de Volanges). Include their physical and personality description.

Madame de Tourvel: She is middle age woman too. She’s tall, slim and with big and blue eyes. He wears big and beautiful dresses. She is a person with a lot of faith in god and naïve. Viscount of Valmont: He is a middle age men. He’s tall, slim and with small and brown eyes. His skin is pallid. He wears a wig and elegant clothes. He feigns be a cold and insensitive but in the really he isn’t as show.

Cecile de Volanges: She is a young woman. She’s short, slim, She wears beautiful dresses. She hasn’t experience.

3. Write a descriptionof the most representative locations of the age, like the lounges (living rooms), the bedrooms or the gardens.

The most luxosous room in the house was the living room. It was decorated with a lot of gold, wood and gold furniture, and very elegant abd light colors like pink, blue and green. This room was very big and spacilious with many circurs, sofas and plants. This room always was lit, because there are many windows decorated with big and elegant curtines. 4. Do you think that they are genuine people? What do Mme de Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont use to dress up in front of the people? Which physical or material elements do they use to build their social identity?

I don’t think the people are genuine, the people in the film is very lier and false. People use lies to hide their personalities. People in this century are very elegant and polite in their public life, but in their private life they have a carefree sexual life. People in this film use to hide their social identity money, very elegant and luxurious clothes, make-up, wigs (buys more) and treating well other people.

5. In the film you can find people who aren’t what they are supposed to be. The society of that age was based on rules, conventions and traditions which stopped people from being what they really were. What are the objectives that each character wants to meet? What means do they use to get those objectives? Are they really happy? The marchioness Merteuil : She want turn in a tutor (she want direct the life of the others people) she use the lie to get her objectives, she wasn’t a happy person. Cécile de Volanges: Her objective is be happy with the person that she love (Danceny), she has tutors and she isn’t use her liberty to be happy. The viscount Valmont: His objective is practice sex with all the girls than he want without take into account their feelings, he use the lie to get her objectives too, he wasn’t happy.

6. Quina dona de les que hi apareixen a la pel·lícula et sembla més moderna, més atrevida, més d’acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums reflectit a l’expressió Sapere aude? Mme de Merteuil, Mme de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges, sa mare…? Justifica la teua resposta.

Pensem que la més atrevida, la que més s’apropia a l’esperit i l’expressió Sapere aude és Madame de Merteuil, perquè sap actuar sense deixar-se portar per les convencions de l’època, és a dir, les normes estipulades per la societat.

7. Diríeu que Mme de Tourvel és una persona “major d’edat” d’acord a l’ètica de Kant? Hi ha algun canvi en aquesta situació al llarg de la pel·lícula? Justifica detingudament la teua resposta utilitzant els teus coneixements. Segons l’ètica de Kant Mme de Tourvel no és una persona “ major d’edat “ ja que l’esglesia regeixen la seua vida, al llarg de la pel·licula Mme de Tourvel intenta desfer-se d’aquestos tutors però al estar tan integrada en la seua vida, al fallar en el camí de la seua llibertat torna a d’ells.

8. La pel•lícula és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle XVIII. Elabora tú aquesta crítica. Un element molt important és l’escena final de Mme de Merteuil, el desenllaç de Valmont, etc.

La pel·lícula és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle. XVIII. Elabora tú aquesta crítica. Un element molt important és l’escena final de Mme de Merteuil, el desenllaç de Valmont.

Mario Peris Miquel Garcia 4º B

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