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Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants

Right Defender s Lawyer s & Cons ultants

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Inside Story


Inside Story


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Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants

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R i g h t Def en de rs L a w ye rs & Co n su lt an t s

About US!

“RDLC� A Law Firm with Social Conscious. The firm is committed to providing practical solutions to difficult issues faced by our clients in Pakistan through quality legal assistance. Our highly qualified and experienced pool of lawyers consists of expert Law practitioners of Pakistan. Together with our transactional and advisory work the firm tries to provide our clients a rapid solution to all issues related to Civil, Criminal and Corporate work. RDLC is not only a firm but its team has experienced professionals who have dedication to serve free of cost for the children and women in difficult situation, keeping in mind Corporate Social Responsibility our Social Sector services are non for profit basis and in process to gain the status of NPO to extend its services for the marginalize segments of society

Mr. Ahmar Majeed. Advocate High Court Director. Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants

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R i g h t Def en de rs L a w ye rs & Co n su lt an t s

by its own resourceful team and through partner organizations in the region. The Legal and technical team at RDLC

Syed Miqdad Mehdi. Advocate High Court

has a deep understanding of Law and Practical experience in the field and maintains personal care when dealing with clients. We have a definite edge over our competitors as we along with providing excellent legal and corporate advice, in and out of court, we regularly update our respected clients about potential opportunities and threats that might result from their corporate/individual decisions in the legal world and always maintain their confidentiality. If you are looking to engage a consultant, lawyer or other professional for your organization, corporate, legal and/or individual needs then RDLC is the right choice for you. “RDLC� is registered with Registrar of Firms for Consultancies & legal Concerns.

Director. Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants

Vision Statement.

“To be a globally recognized firm for a system where clients are not exploited and legal rights are ensured” Mission Statement.

“A Law Firm with Social Conscious” Our Values

“Honesty” We Deliver Quality Services with Professional Honesty “Client Focused” Although our mission statement explicitly declares us a law firm with social conscious but we facilitate our clients to maximum extent to attain best possible result. “Team Work” Our team works on every assignment we take, utilizing the individual creativity and initiatives. “Ethics & Respect "We deal courteously and respectfully with every one we interact with high level professional ethics.

R i g h t Def en de rs L a w ye rs & Co n su lt an t s

Services Regarding Legal Appearance in the court for claiming and defending their constitutional and legal rights and to peruse or precede the court matters from Lower/District courts to High Courts in Pakistan, including Special Courts, Banking Court etc. We act as Lawyers, Solicitors, Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Consultants on behalf of our clients in High Courts of Pakistan, District Courts, Family Court, Rent Controller and Civil and Appellant Courts.

Corporate Law Matters AOP/Firm registration (Partnership Business) National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate General Sales Tax (GST) / Import Export License Income Tax Consultancy services, Income Tax Returns Annual/Monthly withholding statements Tax Exemptions Sales Tax Returns Audit Report & Financial Statements NGO/NPO registration Chamber of Commerce Registration / Legal Services Internal Audit and Bookkeeping Trade Mark and Logo Registration Copyright registration Deeds And Legal Documentation & Registration

Banking Banking Company Registration & Regulation Law Bank Recovery Law Bankruptcy & Insolvency Banking Malpractice Leasing & Finance Law Issues Related to Micro Finances

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Civil Matters 

Rent Law

Wills & Inheritance

Revenue Law

Sales of Goods Law

Contract Enforcement

Consumer Protection Law

Civil Marriage, Divorce & Khula, Dowry, Maintenance issues

Christian Marriage & Divorce

Civil Service Law

Gratuity / Provident Fund Law & Practice

Land Acquisition Law

Law of Injunction

Customs Law

Guardians & Wards and Child Adoption

Transfer of Property Law

Succession Certificate, Declaration & Possession

Criminal Law 

Bail Law & Practice

Domicile & Police Clearance Certificate

Bribe & Anti-Corruption Law

National Accountability Bureau (NAB)

Federal Courts Matter

Special Areas of Concerns 

Fundamental Rights

Human Rights Law

Child Related Laws/ Juvenile Protection & Justice

Women & Protection of Women Rights

Environmental Protection Law

Cyber Law

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R i g h t Def en de rs L a w ye rs & Co n su lt an t s

Consultancy Services RDLC Training Program Offers range of Training as a pool of professionals at RDLC are equipped with excellent capacities and expertise in their respective fields. The resourceful trainers are highly qualified having international exposures with a blend of academic, professional and research experience.

Capacity Building & Trainings                    

Para-Legal Training Juvenile Justice & Child Related Laws Child Rights, Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation & Neglect Human Rights Based Approaches IEC Material Development Use of Social Media for Advocacy Purposes Behavior Change Communication Strategies Strategic Planning for Organizational Strengthening Building Championship Teams Stress Management Skill Accounting & Financial Management for Small Businesses & NGOs Gender Based Violence (Law & Practice) Writing Effective Reports Conducting Effective Meetings Development Effectiveness & Enabling Environment Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects Community Mobilization Skills Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Skills Advocacy & Lobbying Skill LSBE/NFE

Other Quality Services            

Review of Existing and Vetting & Drafting of Purposed Legislations Baseline Surveys Evaluation and Impact Research Environmental Impact Assessment Background and Strategy Papers Research, Data Collection & Analysis Proposal Writing & Development Project Designing & Management skills Lobbying & Communication Strategies Legal Translations Legal Interpretations Publication of Legal Manuals, Legal Writings, Books etc.

“Professionals at RDLC are equipped with excellent capacities and expertise in their respective fields”

R ig ht D e fend e rs Law ye rs & Con sul t an t s

Team of Lawyers:-


Ahmar Majeed Advocate High Court Syed Miqdad Mehdi Advocate High Court Zahida Sadiq Advocate High Court

Head Office:

Syed Abbas Haider Advocate High Court Syed Imran Raza Advocate High Court Waqas Abid Advocate High Court Hafiz Muhammad Asif Advocate High Court

RDLC, 4-Nabha Road, Lahore. Phone:

+92 37116966 Cell:


Arbab Gulzareen Khan Advocate High Court, Quetta Syed Mukhtar Hussain Sherazi Advocate High court, Karachi Trainers at RDLC:Syed Farhan (Educationist)

Muhammad Irfan (Lead Trainer)

Nadia Amin (Sociologist)

Fatima Jaffa

Fariha Naqvi (Psychologist)

Mehreen Zahra (Psychologist)

Support staff:Hamza Shahzad

Waseem Abbas

0321-4240433 E-mail:







(Mental Health Specialist)



rightd efend m

Rdlc profile  

Right Defenders Lawyers & Consultants. Pakistan

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