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RUSSIA’s AA Studio is showcasing two projects in Cannes. The Princess And The Dragon is about a princess who finds a magic book that transports her to a wonderland where she finds adventures and new friends. Squad Go Wild features three teenagers sent to the scout camp in a wild forest. They learn new skills, though it looks like they need to be saved themselves. The Princess And The Dragon (AA Studio)

CHINA’s Youku brings a line-up of varied programming to MIPTV. The Great Shokunin is a mini-documentary series about crafts people across the world. Three seasons are available, with a fourth in production. Dunk Of China is a basketball talent competition with NBA players and Chinese celebrity players acting as coaches. Sweet Dance Of China is a dancing competition show in which four celebrity dancers build their own team from over 400 candidates. All For One is a talent show featuring 100 male contestants who are judged on their singing, rapping, dancing, songwriting and image. The winning contestants form a boy band.

ZEPTOLAB GAMING specialist Zeptolab brings a number of shows to Cannes based on its brands. The company is working on 40 new episodes of its pre-school animated series, Om Nom Stories: Super-Noms. In 2018 the company also launched Learn English With Om Nom on YouTube, and there are plans to scale the production in 2019. Two new projects in pre-production are: Om Nom & Friends, a series for the youngest children, where the main characters learn the importance of friendship, kindness and compassion; and Om Nom & Jackie Jam, for the over-fives about a creative duo working for a big media corporation.

The Great Shokunin (Youku)

MIDWINTER FILMS AUSTRALIA’s Midwinter Films brings a 5 x 5 mins comedy series to Cannes, created by Adele Vuko and Chistiaan Van Vuuren. Over And Out is about two young parents fervently trying to raise their children right, while they are stuck in the middle of the two most stressful things to do ever — raising toddlers and surviving the end of the world — which includes metal-clad gangs, ravenous zombies, disfigured mutants, cannibals, dehydration, disease and starvation. Om Nom Stories: Super-Noms (Zeptolab)

AVALON COMEDIANS Watching Football With Friends is a new comedy format produced for Sky One in the UK. In the show comedians watch two of the big, televised weekend matches with their friends. Each game is recorded in two sitting-room style studios simultaneously, with a live audience of partisan fans adding to the atmosphere. Two comedians and one celebrity super-fan offer their thoughts on the game — or anything else — as the action unfolds.

CYBER GROUP STUDIOS FRANCE’s Cyber Group Studios returns to MIPTV with James The Littlest Giant (52 x 11 mins), a pre-school animated CGI series, a co-production with Canada’s CCI. James is smart, brave with a big booming voice. He’s small for a giant and he lives in Bridgeville where giants are big huge grumps. James, with his friends — Lily, half-pixie halfelf, Boo the monster that wouldn’t hurt a fly and Hector the troll who doesn’t stink — try to do everything they can to help people live happily ever after. The company also brings pre-school animation Orange Moo Cow (78 x 7 James The Littlest Giant mins). (Cyber Group Studios)

Over And Out (Midwinter Films)

MIPTV News 2 • 47 • 9 April 2019

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MIPTV 2019 NEWS 2  

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MIPTV 2019 NEWS 2  

MIPTV 2019 NEWS 2; International multiplatform content for sale in Cannes; Medailles d’Honneur; France Country Of Honour; Game Changers Keyn...