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We specialize in repairing your iPhone This insurance does not cover: • Water Damage • Scratches on the screen • More than 1 cracked screen repair within the coverage period • LCD or any part other than the glass/digitizer panel If you break your phone anytime withen the 12 month coverage period, bring the phone back to our location and we will fix it for free. Repairs must be made at the location where you purchased the coverage. Afer a claim is made, the remainder of your coverage period is terminated. You can repurchase the coverage for the independent insurance price. Repurchaseing coverage establishes a new 12 month coverage period and any time remaing from the previous coverage peridod does not carry over to the new 12 month coverage term.

MiPhone Doctor Repair Ser vices If you have a cracked iPhone and need screen replacement services come see us. We are a trusted phone repair Dallas. We can diagnose and fix many different problems with iphones. iPhone Dallas repair service offers real help to the Apple users. Whether it is a scratched glass, non-responsive home button, clogged ear piece or charging port that doesn’t respond when the phone is plugged in for charging, everything is fixed and every model of Apple can be repaired here. We can even fix a water damaged phone! Most repairs can be in under an hour, while you wait, and much cheaper than buying a new phone. Average repairs cost anywhere from $50-$100.

iPod 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen

New Screen & Home Button $49.99 LCD $54.99 4th Gen. Screen/LCD $79.99

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We specialize in repairing your iPhone