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or almost two decades, Northwest Film Forum has supported working filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest. As Seattle’s only comprehensive film arts center— offering year-round film screenings, filmmaking classes and direct grants and services for local artists—the Film Forum champions opportunities for filmmakers to view, learn and make, discovering their own voice along the way. Located in the rapidly growing Pike/Pine corridor on Capitol Hill, the Film Forum’s venue includes not only newly renovated screening rooms, but post-production facilities and classroom space as well. In a digital editing suite, filmmakers can work independently on their own projects using current filmmaking software (recent additions include an upgrade to FCP X 10.1 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6). Also on site: a 16mm Steenbeck, an optical printer and a custom FAX animation stand. The Film Forum provides easy and affordable access to a dizzying array of filmmaking gear to rent, including digital, 16mm and Super 8 cameras, lighting kits and sound gear, and extras like projectors, screens, tripods—you name it, the Film Forum probably stocks it. Filmmaking classes are ongoing throughout every month




Northwest Film Forum provides access to filmmaking equipment at an affordable price. MARGARET SCHULER

of the year, ranging from beginners classes on filmmaking software and orientation on new cameras and equipment, to advanced seminars on topics like documentary making, creating your own DCP/digital prints, world cinema history and much more. There are also direct sources of filmmaker support available, including the Documentary Film Fund, a competitive grant program that provides cash and free production services to local non-fiction filmmakers. Every year the Film Forum grants over $10,000 directly to local documentary projects, as well as thousands of dollars of in-kind services. Other sources of direct support to filmmakers include a Fiscal Sponsorship

program, which extends Northwest Film Forum’s non-profit umbrella to local productions, opening up new grant and taxdeductible contribution opportunities. As a non-profit with a mission to serve filmmakers, most fees associated with using the Film Forum’s resources are kept intentionally low. A Film Forum membership is a great investment for filmmakers looking to use services on a regular basis—a $45 annual fee buys 50 percent off rental rates, class tuition and film tickets. Northwest Film Forum serves artists, but also acts as a social hub for the independent film community in Seattle. Don’t miss out on happy hours at the Film Forum lobby bar, industry meetings like the annual Seattle Film Summit (September 2014), and virtual communities like the Callboard, where local filmmakers advertise production jobs. Sometimes the right help at the right time can transform a career, and make all the difference to independent artists working without big bases of support. Our goal is that by visiting Northwest Film Forum, filmmakers of all ages and experiences can find resources, friendly faces and useful connections for that next big project. WF For more information, visit page/filmmaking.

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