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SHOOT IN SPOKANE BY TIM ROBINSON Director of Communications & PR, Visit Spokane

he artist addresses the canvas. The artist grasps the brush. The palette is nearby, but, alas, there are only three available colors. This would never happen in Spokane! When you talk about diversity, variety and a full palette of filming possibilities, Spokane is the answer. This is not a location that imposes limits on a filmmaker’s requirements. This is a city and a region that can cater to every filmmaker’s needs. Whether it’s city-core or country-beautiful, Spokane offers virtually every imaginable setting for shooting. The state’s second-largest city, Spokane is located on the eastern edge of Washington, where filmmakers (and everyone else!) enjoy 260 days of sunshine a year. In fact, the name “Spokane” is from the Native American Salish tribal language, meaning “Children of the Sun.”The area is simply a rich mix of rural and urban settings, including historic neighborhoods, quaint western towns, downtown highrises, and a beautiful river and waterfalls running right through the heart of town.

Historic Monroe Street Bridge. JEFF SCHINDLER/VISIT SPOKANE



Filmmakers who have benefitted from Spokane’s talented crew base, diverse locations, great weather and affordable conditions know that Spokane provides the perfect backdrop for shoots of every and any type. “Wherever you turn, there’s something great to shoot,” commented one location manager. Spokane offers some 7,200 guest rooms throughout the

Looking up the Spokane River, toward the falls, near Riverfront Park. JEFF SCHINDLER/VISIT SPOKANE 16


county, including full-service downtown hotels—historic to modern—as well as boutique hotels and imminently practical properties. In addition, the area offers many historic bed and breakfasts in distinctive neighborhoods, all with their own funky flair. There are also abundant lakefront resorts (the region is home to some 76 lakes), guest houses, vacation rentals, and corporate and long-term stay hotels and apartments. For ease-of-entry, it doesn’t get any simpler. Spokane’s international airport is just 10 minutes from baggage claim to downtown. Served by seven major carriers, more than 100 flights a day connect Spokane to cities across the United States, with direct fly access to 13 major hubs nationwide. Spokane also offers convenient on-site rental cars at the terminal. An experienced production workforce makes your project easy and affordable, with talented location managers, producers, directors and trade professionals who call our region home. This small army of uber-experienced film pros is here because they know the truth: the region is a great place to live and work. If you need more, additional crews

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