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was showing, I felt that people got the jokes. When the lights came back on they didn’t tell me I was a shitty actor so I’m just going to assume they were telling the truth.” “I think every(L-R) Writer/Director Shane McGoey, Producer Harrison Huffman, and Producer Eric Winder Sella one in our camp and at the festival would agree that we brought the real meaning of People and a little bit of New Orleans with us to Dallas,” says Huffman. “I’d go on record as stating that we were the life of the party.” Sella laughs saying, “I don’t think we’re allowed back at the Highland Hotel.” “The USA Film Festival has such a great history,” continues Sella. “This was their 46th iteration. They’ve screened and debuted amazing films, and they focus on films that are outside the studio-festival-distribution racket. I think they only screened 10 narrative features, including us, so it was a huge honor. Ann Alexander, the director of the festival, is a filmmaker’s dream. They bent over backwards to make sure we had an amazing time. And they definitely encouraged our behavior. We jaywalked the entire time, which they apparently get upset about in Dallas.” Sella adds, “I just told Shane and Harrison the other day, I want to live every day of my life like I am at a film festival... You meet so

Getting good audio on Actor Allen Frederic (Steve) in a scene from People

many people at these festivals, and everyone wants you to screen in theirs or come to their town and screen for local filmmakers. We made a lot of good friends at this (film festival) so People should spread like a virus.” The team is just beginning to explore distribution options and look for a sales agent. “We’ve got a lot in the works right now,” says Huffman. “There’s a definite game plan in place, and each of us are working diligently to keep the festival circuit going.” LFV



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