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Baton Rouge

HOLLYWOOD IN THE RED STICK CELTIC MEDIA CENTRE LURES MAJOR FEATURE FILMS TO BATON ROUGE eltic Media Centre has raised the bar in Louisiana film, hosting the largest production this state has seen to date, 20th Century Fox’s The Fantastic Four. “The film has taken up every square inch of the lot and will be there until the end of the summer,” says Patrick Mulhearn, executive director at Celtic Studios. “No other film has done that, including Twilight and Oblivion.”


Stage 2 located in the O'Connor Building.

Executive director Patrick Mulhearn and operations manager Aaron Bayham.

He continues, “It’s rare that someone comes in and books every single stage. We are the largest studio in this part of the U.S. Even with Oblivion, we still had two open stages, and we also had Breakout Kings, The Host, Beautiful Creatures… though not all at the same time.” Celtic Studios, after a recent breakaway from Raleigh Studios, is now completely locally owned and operated. Mulhearn comments, “The relationship had run its course. When you’re calling for stage space, you don’t call Hollywood to book stage space in Baton Rouge. You call Baton Rouge. We are all about streamlining and cutting out red tape, making it easier on everyone.” For Mulhearn and the Celtic team, Southern hospitality is essential to their success. “You can rent a warehouse in Boston, but are they going to take you to a football game? We do that all the time. (Filmmakers) often meet

The back-lot at Celtic Media Centre. Inside stage 2.




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