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HUNTING truck and within an hour or so after I started cutting, I was loading four hams, two backstraps and the boar’s huge head into two coolers in the bed. I cleaned up, got back behind the wheel and headed for home.

THIS HUNT HAD CERTAINLY been exciting. When I’d set out earlier that day, I had hoped to find a pig. However, I absolutely didn’t expect to get that close to an aggressive, wounded animal. Large, solitary boars are usually alone for a reason. As males get older, they become too aggressive to stay around the family groups of pigs and are usually chased out. The scars and broken teeth of this boar clearly demonstrated he was a fighter. I thought about how he had tried to get to me in the canyon. He was indeed a fighter! On the way out of the property, I passed three trucks coming in

Hovey chose to hunt the ranch at a time that most others stayed away from it, a move that paid off well. (TIM E. HOVEY)

for an evening hunt. Each driver politely waved to me and I returned the wave with a slightly bloody hand. With the fading light, I knew at best they only had about 30 minutes to hunt. As I watched them drive into the hills, I silently wished them luck. CS


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