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As his employees make trimmers, owner Dale Hegstrom is free to follow his passion, building “hybrid hunting rifles.”

Hegstrom. “The name, WFT, was a play on words or letters to help people remember its name. Sales were slow in the beginning, as we worked on our production capabilities, but that


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

all changed as seemingly overnight, the country was in an ammunition shortage and people got back into handloading. We realized that we needed an e-commerce website so we

could do business 24/7 and because customers were reluctant to give their credit card out to a stranger on the phone. We also sold optics and barrels on the website and we started manufacturing other gunsmithing and reloading tools that I designed for my own use before the WFT.” Little Crow Gunworks manufactures three different WFTs – the Original, the WFT2, and the Big Boy WFT, as well as two dozen other products. “Most of the production is carried out by employees that take just as much pride in their work as me, so I am free to do what I am passionate about – building custom rifles,” says Hegstrom. “Our company mantra is, ‘We are in the recreational business. If our customer is not satisfied with their experience, they will probably never come back because they really don’t need us.’”  Editor’s note: For more information, visit

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American Shooting Journal July 2019  

American Shooting Journal July 2019  

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