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Chiappa RAK-9

legendary assault rifle right. Those guns had a toy-like quality and failed to capture any of the original gun’s feel and historic ambiance. However, AK enthusiasts need lament no more. The RAK-22 is the .22 LR semiauto fun-rifle you’ve been waiting for. Before they made boldly modern guns, Chiappa Firearms earned their great reputation making historic replica firearms and this Kalashnikov clone lives up to expectations, with the minor exception of its shorter, 10-round magazine body. The RAK-22 succeeds where others fail because Chiappa stayed true to the gun’s dimensional aesthetic, materials, sights and controls. It’s built like a real, stamped sheet metal and riveted AKM. It fieldstrips like one too. Operationally, it’s actually a simple blowback. The gas system is just for looks. The rifle has a 17.25-inch barrel, is 34.25 inches long and weighs 6.6 pounds. It ships with two 10-round magazines and comes in the traditional, military-type wood stock with a synthetic pistol grip, sling swivels and cleaning rod. (MSRP $655)


Charles Daly Coach Gun


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

This new 9mm rifle uses the same platform as the RAK-22 but with a heavier blowback action to handle 9mm. It ships with two 10-round proprietary magazines of the same style used on the RAK-22LR. However, it was designed to accept Beretta 92 or Glock-style magazines using a Magazine Interface Plate ($15) that fills the standard AK magazine-sized hole in the bottom of the receiver and accepts either a Beretta 92 or Glock Magazine Adapter ($27 each). Rather than traditional wood, it

Berretta or Glock magazine adapter

comes stocked in a modern, tactical, thumbhole-style, black polymer, ATI Fiberforce AK-47 stock. (MSRP $719)


The coach-gun model of Charles Daly’s Classic side-by-side 500-series shotgun is attracting the attention of cowboy action shooters, first with its appearance and then with its features. Like the other 500-series guns, wood and metal fit and finish is excellent and it has a singleselective trigger. The 20-inch barreledcoach model has versatility built into it. It comes in 12- or 20-gauge with 3-inch chambers to handle heavier shot loads and is threaded for flush-mounting Rem Choke screw-in chokes. The oil-finished walnut stock is checkered on the grips and equipped with a thick, soft, rubber buttpad to tame recoil. The barrels are blued and the receiver is nitride-coated left in the white. Sling-swivel studs are mounted on the buttstock and the front is mounted with two screws. The sight is a traditional brass bead. At 37.5 inches overall length and 5.5 pounds for the 12-gauge (5.3 pounds for the 20-gauge), these are quick handling and light guns. They are equipped with a sliding thumb safety on the top of the wrist, behind the release lever, that resets to safe whenever the action is opened. Opening the action also resets the triggers. (MSRP $917)  Editor’s note: For more info on these products, visit and

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American Shooting Journal July 2019  

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