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sling adopted by the United States Marine Corps and designed by fellow operator Vickers. As far as pistols go, McNamara said they “should be ergonomically correct for your size and weight and should feel like an extension of your body. It should also be comfortable to conceal.” The class he was teaching had a variety of different handguns made up mostly of Glocks, Sigs and 1911s.

McNamara looks on as a class participant shoots at a target.


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

ANOTHER MAJOR EMPHASIS of the class was on marksmanship fundamentals. McNamara stated that sight alignment and trigger control are the most important two. He covered in thorough detail the proper stance, grip, presentation, trigger control and follow-through. McNamara stated that there can never be enough of the basics, and to this day, he continues to learn new things each time he practices. “Everything starts with a single shot,” he said. “Marksmanship should be practiced one round at a time. (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) forces us to concentrate on the fundamentals. These fundamentals should be engraved into our hard drives and we must be able to perform these specific skills intuitively. There are facets that must be felt and performed at a subconscious level – loading, precombat check, safety manipulation, building a position, achieving a natural point of aim, sight alignment, trigger control, feeling the metal-onmetal imperfections in the trigger group, calling your shot, seeing how far the sights rises, seeing where the sight settles, follow-through, realigning the sights, and resetting the trigger. Marksmanship should be practiced in near slow motion.” One cannot move on to tactical shooting until marksmanship fundamentals are sound, because tactical shooting is about target discrimination and proper bullet placement. McNamara put his class through a variety of demanding shooting drills with a tempo hard to describe, other than that is his norm and his bailiwick in which he does his business.

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American Shooting Journal July 2019  

American Shooting Journal July 2019  

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