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Deb Sullivan was the only woman in the class, but definitely proved her mettle.

Attendees went through a variety of drills, from marksmanship fundamentals to grouping exercises to target discrimination.

• Grouping exercises with both pistol and rifle; • Target discrimination; • Proper use of barricades; • Close-quarters battle techniques; • Movement; and • Immediate action drills. McNamara started out by making some pretty sound impressions to the class, one of which was, “There are a lot of gun owners out there, but just because you have a gun does not mean you’re not armed.” He further pointed out to the largely civilian class that “civilians have an equal duty (as law enforcement) to protect and serve as well … to protect ourselves and our loved ones and serve our communities as responsible, trained gun handlers.” “We have to be our own first responders. We cannot rely on law enforcement, fire, EMS to be there at a moment’s notice,” McNamara said. “We need to be trained, and we need to be able to take care of our families, our loved ones and ourselves … in first aid, in basic survival and in protecting ourselves. Now, that can be via conflict resolution, going fisticuffs or by being lethal!” McNamara believes in performance-based training versus outcome-based training. The difference, he said, is that outcomebased training is “how many, how much and how fast.” It can be simply defined as execution with consideration of the consequence of “will I succeed, or will I fail?” “But performance-based training asks, ‘How well?’” explained McNamara. “Where is my home and how can I make incremental improvements to the structure of my home?” SINCE A LARGE focus of the class was on the rifle, I paid particular attention to what McNamara recommended as far as a good rifle system. While he hesitated to recommend one rifle manufacturer over another, it is very clear he likes Bravo Company Manufacturing (as do other former Delta operators Larry Vickers and Tom Spooner, which says volumes


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

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