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TAPS attendees included shooters from a variety of skilled backgrounds.

Applications Group, formerly known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, or Delta Force! Delta Force operators are considered the best combat marksmen in the world. In head-to-head shooting competitions, Delta has outshot every counterterrorism force worldwide. Surgical shooting is their stock in

McNamara’s words to live by are emblazoned on his T-shirt.


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

trade, and Delta Force operators train long, hard hours, shooting in every conceivable position. Here is a brief overview of what a Delta Force operator goes through. After a stringent physical fitness test and grueling land navigation course that weeds out a large percentage of the class (and the selection is all people at the top of their professions), the operator candidate then goes to Operator Training Course (OTC). There, the operator is retrained in a variety of weapons for weeks, eight to 10 hours a day, systematically teaching the operator target identification techniques for target acquisition cycle. Operators shoot thousands of rounds a day in a variety of drills, from transition drills to malfunction drills to reload drills, ad nauseum. They are then introduced to a “shooting house,” where range work and teamwork come together. Operators spend eight hours a day here, sitting as hostages while their fellow mates blow doors and make entries, shooting precision groups on targets that are mere inches from their teammates. This is the raison

d’être of why Delta Force members are so great at what they do. WHAT MAKES A Delta Force operator larger than life? They are predominately conservative, religious men who put God, country and family first. This is the same measure of a man that describes Pat McNamara, a leader in every aspect of life. A 22year veteran of the Army, McNamara spent each one of those years in Special Operations, the last 13 years of which were with Delta Force. He retired as a troop squadron sergeant major, the highest enlisted rank a noncommissioned officer can attain. Recently I had the honor and privilege of attending one of McNamara’s intense two-day Tactical Application of Practical Shooting classes held at Nail Ranch in Palm Beach, Florida. As expected from a professional of McNamara’s caliber, his class included the following: • Lecture on proper weapons handling and safety; • Refresher on marksmanship fundamentals and shot placement grouping exercises; • A diagnostic course of fire;

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American Shooting Journal July 2019  

American Shooting Journal July 2019  

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