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Author Mike Nesbitt grins while holding the carbine and the target with the five-shot group.


American Shooting Journal // July 2019

chronographing included a little bit of a surprise. The loads with the 35 grains of 3F Olde Eynsford were fired first and they averaged 1,282 feet per second out of the carbine’s 20-inch barrel. The small sample of velocities had an extreme spread of only 20 feet per second. Then some loads with the 2F grade of Olde Eynsford were tried and they had an average velocity higher than the loads with the 3F. Not much higher, only 8 feet per second for the averages, but even so, it was higher, with an average of 1,290 fps. And the highest velocity recorded was fired with the 2F powder, as was the lowest velocity. The few shots fired with the 2F powder had an extreme spread of 33 feet per second from the slowest to the fastest speed recorded. Only five rounds were fired with each powder and that is far too few to be used for making any definite conclusions.

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American Shooting Journal July 2019  

American Shooting Journal July 2019  

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