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THE CALL OF COYOTE HUNTING By helping keep the rising predator’s numbers in check, you’ll also be protecting game and farm animals, plus pets from their depredations.

Penelope Norton, wife of Ron Norton, owner of Inland Mfg., which makes the Mil-Spec M1911A1 and M1 carbine, with a coyote she shot at 125 yards. She used a .223 Savage with a Leatherwood Hilux scope and Barnaul ammunition. (PENELOPE NORTON)



he coyote is actually a small wolf. Its larger relative, the timber wolf, was what kept its numbers in check in the old days. The Louisiana red wolf is considered by some authorities to be a coyote and timber wolf cross. The coydog is a cross between a dog and a coyote, while the coywolf is a cross between the coyote and the wolf. These are bigger, stronger, and potentially more dangerous. The elimination of its number one enemy, the timber wolf, and the network of roads and bridges man built enabled the coyote to quickly expand its range dramatically. Wolves will not tolerate the competition from coyotes and will quickly kill them. No wolves means more coyotes. Cougars will also kill coyotes and are a lot better neighbors than wolves. Encouraging the return of mountain lions would help matters at a far lower price than reintroducing wolves. I’ve lived around both, and while I enjoy having a mountain lion around, I will kill a wolf on sight. Coyote attacks on humans are relatively rare, with only two known fatalities: 3-year-old Kelly Keen in Glendale, California in 1981 and 19-year-old Taylor Mitchell in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2009.

They do pose a major threat to pets and livestock wherever they are found, and no prey-sized small children should be left alone outside in areas they inhabit, as they have been known to attack small children. As a result of these depredations, the coyote is often

hunted, many times out of necessity instead of choice. IT IS IMPORTANT to know how to tell a coyote from a dog when hunting. The coyote has sharp, pointed ears that never droop or fold over like 111

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