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Michigan Interscholastic Press Association June 2008 Vol. 35, No. 3

Inside Attend Constitution Day celebration

3 Conference wrap-up

5–8 Spartan yearbook contest form


FIRST PLACE, SPORTS: Brittany Sullivan, Waterford Mott HS, 2008 On-Site Photo Carry-In Contest

Stet The President’s Column

Departing president shares thoughts


Rod Satterthwaite Dexter HS

he sat nervously as the schools were announced. Holly. Holt. Howell. Huron. And when she realized, alphabetically, we hadn’t won a Spartan, the tears began to flow. “I put my heart and soul in to this year’s newspaper,” she cried. “How could we not win a Spartan?” As a third-year adviser in Hudsonville, all I could do is put my arm around her and tell her it wasn’t the end of the world. But she and the rest of the staff, including me, were devastated. We were convinced our paper was Spartanworthy, and we were mad. Mad at MIPA. Mad at the judge who critiqued our paper. Probably mad at Cheryl too. (Although, in reality, who could be mad at Cheryl?) But my staff didn’t really know much then. And I didn’t really know much then. And I certainly didn’t realize then how joining MIPA and being part of the MIPA board would be the best thing to happen to me as a teacher and an adviser. In the years since, at both Hudsonville and Dexter, we’ve won some awards when I didn’t think we deserved to. And we didn’t win some awards when I thought we deserved to. But what’s really stuck

with me more than any award is how much this organization does to help advisers and student journalists in the state. Consider this my call to get involved in MIPA and here’s why: n You get to work with scholastic journalism legends. From Lynn Strause’s font lessons to Gloria Olman’s First Amendment scars to Betsy Rau’s creativity and wellstocked bar, MIPA is jam-packed with folks who are recognized nationally for their knowledge of and influence in scholastic journalism. Being on the board and teaching with these people at workshops, seminars and symposiums has given me more material to enhance my classroom teaching than my bachelor’s and master’s degree combined. n You get to make lasting friendships. An adviser once said to me that she thought the MIPA board seems like an exclusive group. And before I got elected to a position, I thought so too. But I think it may seem this way because we become so close as a board that we develop genuine fondness for the people we work with. It’s not exclusivity, it’s a bond of friendship we share. Sure

MIPA Officers 2007-2008

About Stet

President, Jeremy Van Hof, DeWitt HS 1st Vice President, Lynn Strause, East Lansing HS 2nd Vice President, C.E. Sikkenga, Grand Haven HS Secretary, Kim Kozian, L’Anse Creuse HS North Treasurer, Brian Wilson, Waterford Kettering HS Trustee, Tim Morley, Inland Lakes HS Trustee, Sue Spalding, Quincy HS Trustee, Pam Bunka, Fenton HS Newspaper Chair, Julie Price, Haslett HS Yearbook Chair, Lynn Strause, East Lansing HS Broadcast Chair, Diane Herder, Laingsburg HS Legislative Chair, Gloria Olman, retired, Utica HS Workshop Chair, Betsy Pollard Rau, H.H. Dow HS Middle School Chair, Jenny Birmelin, Orchard Lake MS Hall of Fame Chair, Jeff Nardone, Grosse Pointe South HS Immediate Past President, Rod Satterthwaite, Dexter HS Executive Director, Cheryl Pell, Michigan State University MIPA Office, Amy Brandt & Jon Vereecke, MSU students

Stet is the official newsletter of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, an agency of the School of Journalism at Michigan State University. Stet is published four times a year by the MIPA executive director and MSU students.

2 ■ June 2008

Send letters to the editor and advertising inquiries to The MIPA Web site is maintained by Cheryl Pell. Web site: E-mail: MIPA 305 Communication Arts Building Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1212 Phone: (517) 353-6761 Fax: (517) 355-7710

we have our differences. And, sure, we disagree and argue. But more than any other organization I’ve been involved in, the people in MIPA at all levels are some of the kindest, smartest, hardest-working, most generous people I’ve met. Heck, I even chose to hang out with some of them outside of MIPA time. Some of them even invite me to social events after they’ve seen me eat. Brian Wilson, I’m looking in your direction. n You get to discuss your work with other people who are passionate about it. One of the things that distresses me the most about teaching and advising publications is the isolation in my school. Yes, this year we have a separate newspaper and yearbook adviser, but for the 14 years I advised before that, it was just me. No one else in my building really understood why I was at school later than the custodians or why I had to miss a TGIF to get proofs done or why I flipped out when I saw a teacher use comic sans in a handout. But my MIPA friends understand me. They get why I choose to spend so much time on what JEA President Jack

See President, page 4

MIPA Calendar July 15, 2008 Deadline for yearbooks and literary magazines for Spartan Contest July 21–Aug. 1, 2008 School of Journalism adviser courses in East Lansing Aug. 3–7, 2008 MIPA/MSU Summer Journalism Workshop in East Lansing Sept. 17, 2008 Celebrating Student Voices State Capitol, 4–6 p.m. Oct. 23, 2008 MIPA Fall Conference Nov. 6, 2008 Middle School Conference


The First Amendment

The First Amendment

The First Amendment

The First Amendment The First Amendment

The First Amendment

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The First Amend Ment

The First The First Amendment Amendment

The First Amendment

The First Amendment

The First Amendment

Student VoiceS:

Celebrating The First Amendment Register now to attend this free event. Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008 4 to 6 p.m. The Capitol Steps, Lansing, Michigan

Headline speakers SO FAR: Mary Beth Tinker, plaintiff in the Tinker vs. Des Moines landmark student rights case Warren Watson, executive director of J-Ideas Katie Dean, plaintiff in the Dean vs. Utica case Sen. Michael Switalski, introduced SB 352 Winners of the essay contest This event is open to all students, teachers and administrators. Let’s celebrate student voices together on Constitution Day. We want our voices to be heard!

School Teacher E-mail for confirmation Number of people attending Fax to (517) 355-7710 by Sept. 10. Register early. Space is limited.

Sponsored by the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, the Michigan State University School of JournalisM and The Society of Professional Journalists Metro Detroit Chapter. June 2008 â– 3


Van Hof new MIPA president Jeremy Van Hof is rounding out his second year as the newspaper adviser at DeWitt High School. Prior to moving to DeWitt, he worked for five years as both the newspaper and yearbook adviser at Grand Ledge High School. He graduated from MSU with a degree in English in 2000 and later returned to State to get his Master’s in Curriculum and Teaching in 2004. Van Hof lives in East Lansing with his wife, Jill, his son, Theo, and his daughter, Lucy. Van Hof is excited to begin his term as MIPA Van Hof president. He hopes to continue to strengthen MIPA’s relationships with other scholastic press associations in the region and to maintain MIPA’s status as one of the best statewide press associations in the nation.

President, cont. from page 2 Kennedy calls “the lost cause” of scholastic journalism. And not only do they get it, they encourage, support and help me do it. n You get to be part of an educational organization where students

really are the focus. Whenever I hear a school administrator say, “We need to think about what’s best for kids,” I know what he/she really means is, “Let’s do what’s easiest and most politically expedient for me.” But in MIPA, when someone talks about what’s best for kids, they really mean it. From fall and spring conferences to summer and one-day workshops, the focus of this organization is always how can we help students become better journalists and better human beings.

n You get to work with and learn from Cheryl Pell. If there’s a kinder, friendlier woman in the world, I’d love to date her (provided, of course, she’s somewhere between 24 and 45). MIPA could not have a better ambassador than this tireless dynamo of a fire stick. She knows her design, yes. And she knows her fonts, yes. But more importantly she knows what it takes to build kind, respectful relationships with everyone she meets. She is a hero and role model of mine.

But if, after all of this convincing, you’re still not sure you should get more involved in MIPA, there’s one more reason to consider. Someday, if you work hard, eat all your vegetables and are nice to your mother, you, too, could see your words of wisdom published in STET.

Jump (into journalism) MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop Michigan State University Aug. 3–7, 2008 4 ■ June 2008




Board adopts changes At its last MIPA board meeting of the school year on May 17, the board took action on the following items. 1. MIPA will no longer have a literary magazine contest or membership for literary magazines. Very few entries come in, and membership has been dwindling in this area for several years. 2. The All-MIPA Student Award and Scholarship and the Student Journalist competition will be combined. Each member staff (newspaper, yearbook and video) may send in two student portfolios, and students will be able to check if they want to be in the running for the All-MIPA Newspaper, Yearbook or Video Award. As it is now, these two contests are completely separate, and students have to send in a portfolio to each contest. This makes it easier for advisers and students.Watch for more information in early January. 3. Sometimes publications/video programs entering the Spartan Contest wish to be re-evaluted/re-judged. Starting with the 2008 yearbooks, those wishing to be re-evaluted/re-judged will pay the same price for this service that they paid with the original evaluation, regardless of the outcome of the second evaluation. 4. At the fall conference, a session will be held for yearbook and newspaper advisers and editors about the judging/evaluation process and explain all the contests MIPA offers. Presenters will place special emphasis on plagiarism and copyright issues. Advisers are welcome to give feedback and offer suggestions.

Two online courses offered for publication advisers The MSU School of Journalism has announced two online courses for the 2008-2009 school year. Bobby Hawthorne will teach News Writing and Editing for Student Media Advisers this fall. The three-credit course is JRN 809, Section 730, and will begin the week of Aug. 25. Registration is taking place now. Beginning in January, Betsy Pollard Rau will be teaching The Business of Scholastic Hawthorne Journalism online. These are both new courses and will count toward the new Master of Arts in Journalism Education. For more information on how to register, please contact Cheryl Pell at pell@msu.

Join one of two MIPA Google Groups To help MIPA advisers confer with each other on scholastic journalism issues, the MIPA board is hosting a listserv group through Google. This is for members only. Please e-mail and ask to join the listserv MIPA@MSU if you have not already done so. In addition, video teachers are invited to join a Google Group just for them. E-mail Roger Smith at


CONFERENCE WRAP UP Lots of people were acknowledged at the MIPA Spring Conference on April 21. See on-site contest winners, new board members and more on this page and pages 6–8.




Mike Horan, editor of The Arrow at Utica HS, won the All-MIPA Newspaper Student and Scholarship Award. His adviser, Stacy Smale, was nearby to congratulate him. Julie Price of Haslett HS talks to the crowd after she received the Golden Pen, the highest award given to an adviser. Price advises The Longboat and is the photography coordinator of the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop.

Longtime adviser Kenny Zelnis received the Matrix Award, an award given to advisers who have advised publications throughout their teaching careers and molded students journalists. Zelnis is retiring from Plainwell HS this year.




Betsy Rau, adviser of The Update at H. H. Dow HS, receives the first ever MIPA Director’s Award from MIPA director Cheryl Pell. Pell gave Rau the award for her years of service to MIPA as the workshop director and her leadership in scholastic journalism. Although Rau is retiring this year from teaching, she still plans to direct the MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop and teach advisers through the MSU summer courses.

t the Spring Conference luncheon, MIPA members voted in new officers. Pam Bunka, newspaper and yearbook adviser from Fenton HS, was elected to the board as trustee. Lynn Strause, recently retired from East LanBunka sing HS, was elected to the first vice president position. Tim Morley, yearbook adviser at Inland Lakes HS, was re-elected trustee. Jeremy Van Hof, newspaper adviser at DeWitt HS, moved into the president’s spot as Rod Satterthwaite’s term ended. Each will serve a two-year term.

Nicole Sullenger was named the recipient of the All-MIPA Yearbook Student and Scholarship Award. She is the editor of The Echo at Grand Blanc HS. Rod Satterthwaite, MIPA president, presented the award.

Zachary Hall of Davison HS was the 2008 All-MIPA Video Student and Scholarship Award winner. June 2008 ■ 5



Carry In Photo (The judge broke photo into two categories) Student Life First Place Sarah Allan, Fenton HS Second Place Rachel Howarth, Breckenridge HS Third Place Spencer Walker, Troy HS Honorable Mention Abigail Boone, Covert HS Samantha Zimmerman, Breckenridge HS Katie Dykhouse, Wayland HS Sports First Place Brittany Sullivan, Waterford Mott HS Second Place Sharon Paravastu, Troy HS Third Place Cole Myhre, Mona Shores MS Honorable Mention Lindsey Fausett, Laingsburg HS Courtney Gabbard, Laingsburg HS Lauren Decker, Northwest HS

Feature Writing First Place Sean Stoto, Loy Norrix HS Second Place Jordan Hubbard, Rochester HS Third Place Alyson Halpert, Community HS Honorable Mention Julia Mogerman, Community HS Saloni Godbole, Andover HS

News Writing First Place Michael Williams, Jackson HS Second Place Abigail Boone, Covert HS Third Place Drew Stapleton, Community HS Honorable Mention Paul Princeton, Community HS Danielle Bamm, Northwest HS Nichole Sequin, Stevenson HS

Editorial Writing First Place Erin Roberts & Adam Gasperoni Riddle, Stevenson HS Second Place Galaan Data & Dylan Cinti, Community HS Third Place Sona Jani & Jill Allen, Jackson HS

6 ■ June 2008

First Place, Student life: Sarah Allan, Fenton HS

Honorable Mention • Chelsea Noble & Anna Yancich, Berrien Springs HS • Katie Snell & Todd Avery, Northwest HS • Lindsay Hedgecock & Katie Dykhouse, Wayland Union HS

Special Projects First Place Northern Star Staff, North Farmington HS Second Place Knight Life Staff, Loy Norrix HS Third Place David Clarke & Stephen Gunter, Covert HS

Honorable Mention Ryan Isakow, Andover HS

Yearbook Student Life Layout First Place Trpko Blazevskit & Angie Soyad, Stevenson HS Second Place Molly Daniels & Eric Dresden, Breckenridge HS Third Place Courtney Zimmer & Trevor Strzyzykowski, Berrien Springs HS (On-site, continued on page 7)


CONFERENCE WRAP UP On-sites, cont. from page 6


Yearbook Copy/Caption

Rachel Howarth, Breckenridge HS

First Place Sherry Amore & Grace Baskaran, Stevenson HS Second Place Erica Avesian & Becky Lipinski, Eisenhower HS Third Place Emily Havelka, Breckenridge HS Honorable Mention Jamie Robart, Waterford Mott HS

Broadcast News First Place Novi HS Second Place Lake Orion HS Third Place Woodhaven HS

Broadcast Feature


First Place Davison HS Second Place Novi HS Third Place Lake Orion HS Honorable Mention Lainsgburg HS

Sharon Paravastu, Troy HS

First Place, special projects:

The staff of the Northern Star newspaper at North Farmington HS won first place in the special projects category for a 68-page special edition of their newspaper: Recognizing Genocide: Humanity in Crisis. The project was the result of a year-long interdisciplinary study.

THIRD Place, Sports:


Cole Myhre, Mona Shores MS

Spencer Walker, Troy HS June 2008 â– 7



These students from Stevenson HS keep things lively at the conference with their huge MIPA sign and cheering.

Two students work together on writing their editorial in the on-site contest. More than 100 students participated in the contests.

Agnes Soriano, left, and Diane Hofsess enjoy lunch. Soriano finished up her intern year at Southfield HS with Hofsess as her mentor teacher. 8 ■ June 2008

A Davison HS student picks up the Spartan Award for DTV, the school’s television station.

The Student Journalist staff and All-MIPA finalists join advisers Jeff Nardone, Grosse Pointe South HS, and Julie Price, Haslett HS, for dinner at Clara’s in Lansing the night before the conference. After dinner they had a chance to share publications and portfolios with each other.

Jenny Birmelin, right, adviser at Orchard Lake MS, gets some quality time with her principal, Sonja James, at the luncheon. James even donned a staff t-shirt for the event.

Students celebrate during the awards at the conference. Their staff shirts read “MIPA: Talkin’ bout our generation” and were among the most colorful of all the shirts that day.

2008-2009 MIPA Membership Form Today’s date School List school as you want it referred to on membership certificate and other documents.

Address City Phone (




Fax Number (


Deadline: Schools must join MIPA by Jan. 31, 2009, to participate in contests for that calendar year. Get the early-bird rate! Join MIPA bY Oct. 23!


Please check the publications that are joining and include all information.

Newspaper­: Name

Newspaper Adviser:

E-mail (Write very clearly, please!) Yearbook: Name

Yearbook Adviser:

E-mail (Write very clearly, please!) Video Journalism: Name

Video Journalism Adviser:

E-mail (Write very clearly, please!) Web/Online: Name

Web/Online Adviser:

E-mail (Write very clearly, please!)

Membership Fees

Send this form and check made out to MIPA to:

Please note the price for membership. $37.50 for one publication $47.50 for two publications $57.50 for three publications $67.50 for four publications

MIPA, School of Journalism 305 Communication Arts Bldg Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

Advisers, want to join the Journalism Education Association? Add an extra $50 per person, and we’ll send it in for you! List advisers here: 1.


1 (one) publication or production


Other publications or productions ($10 for each beyond the first one)


$50 per adviser for JEA membership


Add $5 if this is being mailed after Oct. 23. 2008

2. 3. 4.

For office use only please:


ck # amt po invoice date

Total enclosed


Share a piece of your expertise Speak at the fall conference on Thursday, Oct. 23 Yes, you can do this. You talk to students all day long, and you teach them good stuff. You know you have a dynamite lesson on writing headlines or how to get a good interview or how to motivate students. Consider sharing a piece of your expertise at the fall conference with other students. Benefits to you? 1. You just feel good about it.

Speaker name Position/Title



Phone (




Fax (



Name of your session Short description for program

2. You don’t have to pay for your registration. 3. Your students will be proud of you. 4. Your principal will think it’s cool. Fill out this form and fax it in ASAP before you leave school for the year.

Session is for (circle one): yearbook

Fax number: (517) 355-7710

AV equipment needed

MIPA traveled up to Traverse City for its first up north conference ever. More than 100 students and teachers gathered at Northwestern Michigan College for the event. Speakers included board members Tim Morley, Betsy Pollard Rau, Rod Satterthwaite, Lynn Strause and Cheryl Pell. Roxanne Zell, Missi Yeomans and Jody Mackey, MIPA members, also presented sessions. Mackey was the local chair for the event and helped with organizing facilities and the luncheon. Local attorney Grant Parsons and Record-Eagle staff members Mike Tyree and Lindsay VanHulle spoke as well. At the luncheon advisers expressed an interest in having another conference, possibly in the fall.

10 ■ June 2008





Students practice writing captions during one of the sessions.

Grant Parsons, of Parsons Ringmuth in Traverse City, tells students about their rights and responsibilities as student journalists. See more photos of the day at the MIPA Web site:

Jason Kwiatkowski, a teacher from Grand Traverse Academy, works on some writing.

A student asks a question during the opening session. Betsy Rau was the keynote speaker.

2008 MIPA Spartan Yearbook Contest Form This contest is for MIPA members schools, and is for the 2008 yearbook. Awards will be presented at the MIPA Spring Awards and On-Site Contest Conference in April 2009. After your yearbook is evaluated, we will send you the evaluation booklet. To see a copy of the booklet, go to the MIPA Web site.

If you cannot attend the Spring Conference in April 2009, you may ask to have your awards sent to you for a nominal fee.

1. Please fill out this part completely. School

School phone (



Adviser’s name

Editor’s name

Adviser’s summer e-mail

Name of yearbook


Printing company

2. Advisers, please estimate the percent of work done.

) State

Number of yearbooks sold



4. Advisers, please sign.



Please read & sign the following: I have read this form. I understand only student work is to be judged for awards by MIPA. All materials submitted represent student work or is designated as not being student work, unless otherwise indicated. To my knowledge, no copyright violations occur and there is no plagiarism. I have read the “MIPA Policy on Copyright Violations and Plagiarism in Scholastic Media,” which is available at the MIPA Web site.:



Adviser’s signature:



5. Please check one.





Graphic Effects


Total Production



vis Ad

ts en

d Stu




3. Important stuff! Please read! 1. Since only student photographs are considered for awards, include in the front of the book or on a separate sheet the system for which student photos are marked. For example, “Student photos are highlighted with *.” 2. Write a memo to the judge. In it list any special school situations, concerns or problems with this yearbook’s production on a separate sheet. Judges need this information. 3. Keep a copy of this form for your files. You might include a selfaddressed stamped postcard that we will return to you when we get your book so that you know it arrived safely in the MIPA office. 4. If you want your yearbook annotated, the price includes sending the book back to you. If you do NOT want your book annotated, but want your yearbook returned, please send a postage-paid (NO STAMPS ALLOWED), self-addressed mailer with your yearbook. Your yearbook will be returned by the judge. If you do not want your yearbook back, the judge will have the option to keep it or discard it. 5. Please mail your yearbook along with your check payable to MIPA. Send to:

Spring delivery YB— Mail to MIPA office postmarked on or before July 15, 2008...................................................................................................$45.00 Late Spring delivery YB—Mail to MIPA office postmarked on or before Aug. 15, 2008.................................................................................................$85.00 Fall delivery YB— Mail to MIPA office postmarked on or before Nov. 15, 2008..................................................................................................$45.00 Late Fall delivery YB—Mail to MIPA office postmarked on or before Dec. 15, 2008..................................................................................................$85.00

6. Would you like your book annotated? Annotation means that the judge will write comments in the yearbook itself as well as in the evaluation booklet. Price includes having your yearbook sent back to you.

Check here to have your yearbook annotated..................................$40.00

7. Final Check. Please mark. Yes No 1. Did you mark student photos? 2. Did you include a check for the correct amount? 3. Are you meeting the official postmark deadline? 4. Are you meeting the late postmark deadline?

8. Payment Postmark..........................................................................................................$45.00 Late deadline.................................................................................................$85.00 Annotation......................................................................................................$40.00

MIPA, School of Journalism, 305 Communication Arts Bldg. Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

Credit card payment*................................................................................... $5.00 Total payment enclosed.................................................................... $________ *Circle one: VISA MC DISC AMEX

For office use only: judge


Credit card number

official postmark deadline:

amt pd

Exp: month

amt pd

Address of card

late postmark deadline:

ck. # ck. #


Name on card



For a healthy journalist.

Michigan State University Publication Advisers Workshop

July 21–25 July 28–Aug. 1


(into journalism) MIPA Summer Journalism Workshop Aug. 3–7, 2008

You know you want to be there! Download the brochure at Join the Facebook group. Read the blog. Jump in. Sign up early because space is limited!


MIPA/School of Journalism 305 Communication Arts Building Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1212

Need credit? We got it. We’ve got a whole lot more too. Come spend a week or two at the MSU Publication Advisers Workshop and get refreshed. Learn what you need to learn to survive in your classroom. You’ll have fun along the way. Go to to find all the information you need to register. July 21–25 Photoshop Power Advising July 28–Aug. 1 Yearbook Advising Newspaper Advising Designing with InDesign Writers Roundtable Photojournalism Critical Issues in Scholastic Journalism

June 2008 Stet  
June 2008 Stet  

A newsletter for members and friends of Michigan Interscholastic Press Association. Vol. 35, No. 3