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the lady vĂŠlo session


inx and Lady Vélo bonded in the `Twitteverse over a love of Swedish Hasbeen shoes and Kirsten Dunst’s cycling style. Her incredibly gorgeous blog, velo-city-girl details travels on her beloved Pashley along with lush food photography and glimpses of an eclectic jewelry collection. Just dipping into its pages for even a few minutes is enough to make a country mouse desperate to move to town and spend her days zipping around a more urban landscape. It reminds you that riding a bike isn’t always about eating dirt or grinding out the tarmac miles, it’s part of your life because it’s fun. Lady V’s incredible attention to detail is the key to why she always looks so damn good on her bike, and inspired by some of the utterly gorgeous cycle kit that’s around right now we got to wondering what would happen if instead of styling street clothes for the bike, she were to turn that on its head by taking some serious performance pieces and incorporating their standout looks into her individual everday style. Which is how we came to be sitting in a very small rigged-up studio space one weekend in November, surrounded by piles of clothes and boxes of accessories. There wasn’t long to play, but we loved the result too much not to share. Think of it as a sneak preview of a more comprehensive collaboration early next year. As it’s the season, there’s a slight party vibe - so get inspired and break out your favourite jersey. There’s no need to frock up ever again.

the lady velo session  

What happens when two self-confessed bike fashionistas collide?

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