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Undestructible indestroyed tbe second understands the moment and falsifies it teaching where, celebrated as absence of place where it destroys this, the dead teaching the death of. There is nothing to read the feeling with body pores no why to the again again had my emotions blunted is the recurring complaint fearfully unable to feel. Sometimes the last wax seal remainder, or that which sitting down to reenter the flux of it, stops running around to escape a stillness that does and does not wait: I entertain the writing. That my very writing twisted that I fell from what space to deposit the desire for destruction as though any action were alone into the simulated isolation of its part into the machinery.

All my time should be spent healing how much wound everywhere I am. The thought that the thought has damaged broken in the space of manifesting the terrible city of writing time, its erasure burnt and this expression fractal.

Them this function of the mirror of the time machine that lends literature its anachronistics, tiresome question of value this?, a cheap drawing of the moment of itself pleased. I can stand by words? So then this taking acquired accumulating form from. The arrangement of words to be distinguished not by question of which as a question of why is misleading, fated to look the other’s way. Why does it feel I’m writing against myself, shown direction pun out from harder to imagine future? Can the temple accept the function of the future? Hard to acta-cept-inter: the way the brick behaves: a constant valve: certain rush. Can you take receive wrongly triumphant: the time ahead: stop highest in region: criticism to be taken harshly: lately no investigations into the questions of living, no thinking into writing to forge permanence of realizing flux. At the subject falsely, guilt at my living.

Lisa I forgot I forgot I forgot a dog jumped out of the lake black wet following a boat along the bank, your mind swinging upon as it gets and weaving getting the bus only one of the old doors going down to colonize yourself. The first time something else: who is going to go a moment the pieces getting something passerby and do not remember. Let them be closed: it is your absence carry darkness between brainings can’t weep weeping a now pretend delight, nothing to say to space of labor. Fits together too nicely grabbing out of the air another person not with me nearby. It can’t stand anymore letters surround folded as aspects into faces, pre-pin-hit, overcome in untouchable distance. What if we go on happens: gang of planks: its wobbles stay fear. Broken clever the fast way can be broken down too its composite shaped entry. I named it in him clothes the shaped in makes.

Got exists as a recodification in possession: thingers I: you go to believe gold pie, rather how except the false city of becoming being never surrogate body with alter: life test vest accumulation. Discover the joys of travel: no definition of here. The this exchange for stop trading pleads. Exploding muscles missile seek heat target. They predict the harbor to harbor. A way of becoming search out among the private whistle: heat family in cool breeze afternoon. If it murdered keeps it murder. Being more than two of us is conspiracy to catch fights returning. A mile away now a time returning to miss: understand what’s over. I read anything that gets in my way: too full to accumulate the imagined wait real: a substance truncated belonging to a secret owner verb: quiet because moving. Off track but that doesn’t it doesn’t mean man. It does forever: delivery something: you don’t have to make it one goes. Microchips go on and on so I believe the small things are dissolving the big quickly. I’m not my self because of it false stop. The world becoming unbecoming: we can sheet metal out the uni-tunnel: as if I had to say so I did. I can relive this relife all day, you’d need a plunger to unplunge me. Who? Oh that guy I know him.

Have I got used to it mattering? Other noise on press tape. Single more go great a music too loud to be sole. Now to the real work. So what I’m hungry, too are you. To capture a baseline took over shadow, make mistakes towards a repetition, be more unapologetic. Column rid substance of windflow. Not to delight the wide open streaming into smudge before arrival. The old days’ suck now turned into its all seen forwards but misshaped as though taking out the rest happened before the cuss. Why can’t we know why we can’t be deranged? Reprieve is less necessary, not the art of words but the unremitting habit of misuse. That is why I hate celebrations, having happened already there is the pervasive question of whether they’ve happened at all. Am I speaking this voice says sure as if the body were a reflection and it got went. I shall call my friends uninscribable. I got hammered in the evening already worried that I might have to go back to work instead. A monotony so complete it permits variation. You are alive so you can speak or so it would seem that while the body does a thing the bathrobe does another thing on the same axis: fielding above the field and leaving them there. In the air the organizing principle is the magic given to arrangement to see through to be seen. This moment was not prepared for you I got here suddenly only later I thought.

Truly in form: was today a from the start: in your head pretend: you’re attacked the detachment: really now I observe nothing but besides: the shift to avoid an order predicted in unknowability. However you end up: a sky whose, other meaning well, it ends when you discover it. Not to disclose it but to ingest without sense, discovery continuing, not the information gained but a repeatable dialogue. The counterbalance of dissolving involvement: the only disappearance worth playing. More and more wind, that’s one way the guess destroys the obvious: defined in ignorance of its convolutions, you where it was made: not here. I can’t remember the higher purpose truthfully. Facsimiles say write to be around now. The starting here seems a waste of something totally inexplicable. Moving on with another subject the very backy back of the car. Stagnant coercion of the money rub. All hands on deck they say. They say it too loudly. Someone has to be listening whether its likeable or not. Distance is always an angle or so. Distance defies gender. The presence of a third being who speaks in averages. If I’m wrong at home a non-attention calls into a tubular void which supposedly contains all being. Nothing wises from it except a sort of splaying attempting repeat. We were on a bus at the time and this believed in a magic we could not escape: the meaning of a body in being fills spaces whose angle disrupts whose. I was prone to admitting think about. What these choices mean point to anything you say near a tv. Speaking out of a surface directly into a surface and denying the passage.

Sound is the believe it or not of diminishing presence. Slowly into a transformation. The non-denial of submission to distortion of habit. Unquestion of faith. Forget everything I’ve figured out in the language that works for a living, reinvents itself seemingly. In code its covering always the deepening homeway: a race of what is forgotten to be forgotten. Curtailed thought straight into experience wrapped in the pre-shape of letters. The well is an absolute flip: fathomed the hunt downwards: a between castings. The role is to fit to form to eliminate what prevents movement. Consider it ancient and not reveal yourself to yourself: the content erased always reappears. It’s because of this the suddenness fears itself into past as a memorial to method. The building block around emotion into a privacy. I can always see my reflection, what excites is the between between thinks responding. The fire in the choke hold. Recognition of a pattern that results in resistance of the pattern is not a recognition of the pattern. There was there there for some place thought went where the unit having forgotten couldn’t. Again try again: the passionate mould of the heat save. The object in the person is anywhere you look. The somewhere joy of belonging control methods to disarm the thinking self. W, I will not presume the H question. Reading in a down blind: shelter the dark: helps shadow the starting point.

Release refutes the turbulence. We are corroding a halogen body: from it to it: glows seasonal glare. The piggybank number is inside the piggybank. This sentence when they participate enters a gash from the flow. Stop feeling of a skin game: no way closed eyes enters them. Organizations are bigger than process: what title appears just before sleep so it may be the last drops no one appears outside. Returning to a list so shiny it’s about to go somewhere I can’t get no closer to. There is no crossed out purchase. Only trust what means to resist obscuring itself. I can get no closer than a lie about to go somewhere. Mistaken thought backwards so shiny it’s always blindness returning to a list.

It is the quality of the discontinuance prevents the lag. Each bar is on its other side. Might as well write it down when that is already what’s happening. The faculties of yes, the operation because of voice. Would I have to start again to prevent the reference to healing? The vacuity of a poignant gap extending between the organs’ names map: suffering from fear of a body suffering: the possibilities are those that escape the production: my life rests solidly on one causal assumption. A fictional character knows better: truth is what has so little to think about. Thought is the absence of thought, the ‘th’ of the article: inability to stop the stop dragging. Seriously, how’s the possibility of image-words to compare these words to words? This acting is unbelievable! This acting is unbelievable! That my learning is a prearrangement of evidence: an angle of equivalency that leaves dialing a book: made already made: no action engaged, I listen to any sound that appears not to be accumulating. These words are marking the last time they meant nothing. The waiting you forgot was also out of sense, an integral burden to finish your work. Spare space what gets picked up later. After all what can be retained is only the repeatable: it is the only I got, only I mean. That can be seen counting opens up the space of its meaning later: meeting scheduled in another: why we are the possibilities by restrictions: limited by said before years of years of circumstance: cheated so the only way to do it is talk.

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Broken clever the fast way can be broken down too its composite shaped entry. I named it in him clothes the shaped in makes.

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