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Tips For Selling Your Home If you have a home to sell you can sell it yourself by following these simple tips: 1. De-clutter your home: First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all the excess items from the home. This helps in giving it a neat appearance. It also makes the home look bigger. 2. Carry out all the maintenance work: It is very important that the home is in a condition that it is free from all defects and damages. You should ensure that all the repair work has been carried out. It is a good idea to take the help of a professional pre-inspector as he can check faults which you might have missed out. After the repair work, you can paint your home if required. Neutral colours are preferred for painting as they impart a spacious look to the home. 3. Price your home: Accurately price your home by taking help of the internet. You could survey the properties of similar type in the vicinity. Professionals are also available for fixing the price of the property.

4. Photograph your home: You can take attractive pictures of your home from different angles. This will help the prospects get a better idea of your home. You can also create a virtual tour of the home. 5. List your home on a portal: There are numerous property portals available on the internet where you can list your home. Every site has its own listing process. Some sites are free while some are paid. You should select a portal that suffices your needs and list your home. You can upload pictures, videos, and information about your home. You can list your home on more than one site. You could also share your property listing on social media sites. All this will enhance the visibility of your home. This, in turn, will help in increasing the number of prospects for your home.

6. Communicate with prospective buyers: People who view the home will connect with you. You can communicate with them and get your home inspected.

7. Negotiate the price: On approval of the home, you can directly negotiate the price with the buyer. 8. Sign the contract: You can hire an attorney and sign your contract. By following these tips to sell your home, you can easily sell it on your own. For more info, visit:

Tips for Selling a Home  

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