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Indulge Simplicity

Thanksgiving: Indulge Simplicity This year we decided to help you celebrate Thanksgiving with simple yet indulgent dishes (the recipes aren’t so difficult to stomach either). Our meal consisted of a large, seasoned turkey breast, southern stuffing, balsamic green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes. The table was set with vintage plates, crystal wines glasses, and mason jars. The center piece was a simple clear vase filled with apples, gourds, pomegranates, and tea light candles. We took the precaution to use double sided tape to secure the lit tea lights, but we still advise caution when playing with fire. We of course had to finish our meal with a traditional pumpkin pie, but took some short cuts in making it. Try to save time to get ready and set the mood before you have to entertain family and friends.

Bag it up Turkey

Southern Style Stuffing

14lb Turkey Breast (slightly easier to cook than the whole bird) 1 1/2 Sticks of Natural Earth Balance 4 Tbls Sea Salt Pepper (fresh ground peppercorn preferred) optional Garlic Powder to taste Canola Oil 1 Turkey Bag

The best part of Thanksgiving is the stuffing! Here at MintMale, we’ve got a treat we like to call Southern Style Stuffing made with honey crisp apples. It tastes more like dessert than the pie!

Make sure to defrost the turkey for 24 hours in your refridgerator! Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Take the turkey and wash it in warm water and dispose of the bag that has been left in the cavity. Find a spot around the turkey where the skin seems loose. Carefully lift skin while placing your hand underneath to disconnect skin from actual turkey. Take slabs of butter and rub under skin and leave butter pockets (up to 5 slabs) under the skin. Butter the exterior and salt heavily (we would say 4 tablespoons all over exterior of the turkey). Place a stick of butter in the cavity. Place in turkey bag and wind up the end to hold in the juices. Cook 20 minutes for every pound of turkey. Let your turkey rest for 20 minutes before serving. We only basted the turkey once by taking our handy turkey baster and spreading the juices from the pan all over the turkey. Another turkey tip is prepare 1 lb. of turkey per person and 2 lbs. if you want to hand out left overs.

Pumpkin Pie 1 Arrowhead Mills “Pour n’ Bake” (Yes we cheated!) 1 Frozen pie crust (We cheated again!) Pour into crust and bake for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Gotta have some time to prep yourself for guests!

Part One: Cornbread Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Firstly, you must make cornbread to make our southern style stuffing. One Large Whisk’d Egg 1 1/4 cup of Whole Wheat Flour 3/4 cup of White Cornmeal 2 tsp of Baking Powder 1/2 tsp of Salt 1 cup of Milk 1/4 cup of Vegetable Oil Stir ingredients for the cornbread together. Put into the oven in a glass or dark pan and bake for 20 minutes. If using a dark pan, bake for 15 to 17 minutes. Allow to cool. Crumble into medium sized pieces when cool enough to handle. Part Two: Apple Dressing 1 Honey Crisp Apple 1 can of Cream of Celery Soup 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup 1/4 cup of Sliced Onions 2 Large Boiled Eggs Pre-heat over to 400 degrees For the Apple Dressing, dice 2 large eggs and your honey crisp apple. Boil eggs by simply putting them into a pot of water and set to boil. Once water is boiling, lower the burner and let eggs simmer for 12 minutes. Put a large slab of butter into a frying pan and add a 1/4 cup of sliced onions. Saute onions until brown. Put the cornbread into a large bowl and add diced boil eggs, diced apples, one cup of cream of celery soup, one can of cream of chicken, and the browned onions. Use clean hands to mix all these ingredients together and pour into a buttered 10x12 cooking pan. Cook for 45 minutes or until the top has a golden brown color.

Green Beans 2 lbs Fresh Green Beans 1/4 cup of Olive Oil 1/4 cup of Balsamic Vinegar Blanch beans in salted, boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes, drain and transfer to a skillet. Pour 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar. Saute the beans for about 5 to 6 minutes. Sweet Mashed Potatoes 5 Large Sweet Potatoes 1/2 cup of Buttermilk 1 cup of Milk 1/2 stick of Butter 2 Tbls of Brown Sugar 2 tsp of Salt 2 tsp of Ground Pepper Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Take a fork and poke some holes in the skin of the potatoes. Let bake for 45 minutes to an hour until soft. Remove them from oven and let cool. Lower oven to 350 degrees. Carefully peel and mash the potatoes along with the 1/2 cup of buttermilk, 1 cup milk, 1/2 stick of butter, 2 tablespoons of brown sage, 2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons ground pepper. Then pour into a buttered or oiled 10x12 cooking pan, and bake for an additional 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Table Decoration I didn’t want to clutter up the table with any more than it already was with the expanse of food and place settings. Therefore, I found a few pieces I had lying around the house and my creativity started flowing. I decided I wanted a tall dramatic center piece. I took one large vase and purchased some waxed gords, pomegranates, and honey crisp apples (all can be found a local grocer). I stacked them in a way that would display each piece nicely and allow small coves for tea lights. Please use CAUTION when using fire. I lit the tea lights and put double sided tape on the bottoms to tack them to the. I used the thicker white double sided tape instead of the clear. It made a very appealing center piece that felt more modern. I don’t recommend using anything paper, dried leaves, or straw unless you don’t use real tea lights. You can use the faux tea lights that can be used anywhere which is a safer alternative to using fire. Try your local drug store or department store for those faux lights.


20 Reasons Why

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there’s something about your body that you’d like to change. Maybe you want more muscle mass or you want to be leaner. Perhaps you would just like a more athletic look in general. I’ve been trying to remember if I have ever met a gay man that was completely satisfied with his body and I just can’t. Maybe it’s a little harder for me since I’m emersed in the gym culture, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us have an ideal body in mind and it’s not our own. I’d like to remind you that like hair and eye color, your basic body structure is a matter of genetics. This month’s article is about maximizing on the body type you’ve been given. Instead of working on building a body like that of your gym crush, I want you to build your best body. Body types are categorized into 3 main groups. This is called ‘Somatotyping’. The three groups are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. If I were to speak in sports terms, an Ectomorph would most likely be an endurance athlete. His body is long and lean and built for long distance swimming, cycling and running. A Mesomorph could be typified by a track athlete, with solid muscle built for explosive power. An Endomorph is a big, barrel-chested guy that could easily feel at home as a football linebacker. What I’m prescribing here are general guidelines for your body type. I would highly suggest building a strong foundation using these guidelines, but I want you to stay open to switching up your workouts in the future and trying some of the other body types’ workout as well since each group has its benefits. For each group I will suggest amount of sets, repetitions and rest periods. I have also included a chest exercise, a back exercise and a variation of a squat. Remember to seek out some arm exercises to add to your program and follow the same guidelines. As always, I highly suggest seeking out the help of a personal trainer, even if only for one or two sessions. They could help pull your routine together and personalize it for your needs.

-Kevin Purvispt BS, CSCS

Ectomorph Sets - 3 Repetitions - 15 to 20. A high number of reps help build the capillary density in your muscles which brings more blood to support muscle growth. Rest Periods - 30 seconds or less. Put two or more exercises together for ‘supersets’. Work your entire body 3 to 4 times per week. Mesomorph Sets - 3 Repetitions - 10 to 12. Rest Periods - 60 to 90 seconds. This would be a good program to use ‘supersets’ in as well. Try to make explosive movements. Divide your workouts into 2 to 3 body parts each session. For example: chest and biceps on Day 1, back and triceps on Day 2, legs and shoulders on Day 3, etc. Endomorph Sets - 4 Repetitions - 6 to 8 Rest Periods - 2 minutes. Scientists theorize that longer rest periods during your workouts promote testosterone production. Work one body part per day and work it hard.

ECTOMORPH CABLE FLY Preparation Set up the cable machine so that the handles are at chest height Stagger your stance with one foot slightly in front of the other Hold the handles just in front of your shoulder with your elbows slightly bent Movement With wide arms, bring your hands together in front of your chest Return to the start position and repeat Awareness Keep your head up and look forward

MESOMORPH SINGLE-ARM CHEST PRESS Preparation Setup the cable machine so that the cable handle is at chest height. Stand with left foot forward, front knee slightly bent. Grasp the handle with your right hand and pull the handle to your chest. Extend your left hand forward in front of you. Lift your chest and look forw ard over your left hand. Movement Push the weight forward with your right hand while pulling your left arm back toward the cable. Release the weight and slowly return to the start position. After performing the reps on the right side, switch your legs and hand positions and complete repetitions on the left side. Awareness This movement is about upper body rotation so concentrate on pulling back as much as you are focusing on pressing forward.

ENDOMORPH BENCH PRESS Preparation It’s best to have a spotter for this exercise. Don’t be shy about asking the guy next to you for a spot; this is a great way to meet people. Set up the weight plates on the barbell and put the collar locks on. Lie down on the bench and place your hands on the barbell with a grip that is wider than shoulder-width. Movement Press the weight up and forward to remove the barbell from the rack. Slowly lower the weight down toward your chest until your arms are just past a 90-degree angle. Forcefully press the weight all the way back up and repeat the movement. When your set is complete, press the weight all the way back up and look directly at the ceiling. Let your arms move back with the barbell until you hit the rack then lower the weight back into the cradle. Awareness Keep your head, shoulders and backside against the bench at all times. The bar should lower at the chest line, rather than at shoulder height.

ENDOMORPH T-BAR ROW Preparation Put the weight plate(s) on the T-Bar and stand on the platform. Squat down with a flat back and pick up the weight bar. Check the mirror to make sure that your back is flat and look down to lengthen your spine. Movement Pull the weight up toward your mid-torso and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Slowly lower the weight to the start position and repeat. Awareness The important part of this exercise is to keep the spine neutral. Make sure to keep your back flat and try not to tuck your tailbone under (lift your butt.)

ENDOMORPH BARBELL SQUAT Preparation Load the weight plates and place the collar locks on. Stagger your stance with one leg forward of the other and bend your knees as you get under the barbell and set it in place on your shoulders. Stand up and walk back from the rack a few steps. Movement Lift your toes up inside your shoes as you shift your hips back and sit into the squat position. Ideally you should be able to lower yourself down so that your upper leg is parallel with the floor. Keep the weight light enough so that you’re able to do this. Push yourself up by putting your body weight on your heels. When your set is complete, re-rack the weight by squatting rather than bending forward. Awareness Keeping your weight back on your heels should ensure that your knees remain behind your toe line, which helps keep the pressure on your knees to a minimal level. Keep your eyes forward rather than looking up as this will help keep your cervical spine neutral.

MESOMORPH CABLE ROW Preparation Put two handles on the cable machine and set the height to about waist level Take a frew steps back and go into a slightly squatted position with your arms extended. Movement Pull both arms back while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to the start position and repeat. Awareness Keep your chin up and your eyes forward. Pay attention to your shoulders and make sure you are not shrugging them. Watch your wrists so that they remain neutral and do not flex inward.

MESOMORPH DUMBBELL SQUAT-CURL-PRESS Preparation Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells by your side. Movement While keeping hands in the neutral position, curl the dumbbells up to shoulder height. Once there, press the dumbbells up and over the head. Slowly lower back to shoulder height, then back to the start position. Awareness Pay attention your lower back so that it is not hyper-extended (over-arched). Keep your knees soft and eyes forward.

ECTOMORPH STRAIGHT ARM-LAT PULLDOWN Preparation Stand tall and grasp the lat pulldown bar with a wide grip Stagger your stance with one foot forward of the other, knees slightly bent Movement With stiff arms, pull the bar down to waist height Slowly return the bar to the start position then repeat Awareness As you fatigue, be aware that you don’t tuck your tailbone under; keep your backside sticking out.

ECTOMORPH PRISONER SQUATS Preparation Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes forward. Place your hands behind your head and keep your elbows back (out of eyesight). Movement Shift your hips back as you sit into the move. Lift your toes inside your shoes to keep the weight on your heels. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to a standing position and repeat. Awareness Keep your chest lifted and your eyes forward.

UNBUTTON YOURVEST Photographed by Christina Burton

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BO DIXON Re/invented

Photographed by Troy Phillips + Akimitsu Sadoi

BO DIXON: REINVENTED Colt Model Releases 2010 Calendar By Mike Knox 247-pound muscleman Bo Dixon has graced the covers of several calendars but none like what he has in store this year. BO DIXON: Reinvented 2010 will be Bo’s first complete calendar with the thickbearded, hirsute powerhouse appearing in different characters for every month of the year. We spoke with Bo about the

calendar, his days with Colt, and his new career as a professional bodybuilder. Congratulations on winning the Mr. Georgia heavyweight bodybuilding competition! Thank you! It was a great achievement for my trainers, my fans and me. What did you have to do to win the title? I started training for the contest ten

months ago. I trained five days a week and did forty-five minutes of cardio every other day. I ate a very bland high protein diet for the last eight weeks before the contest. When it comes down to it, I worked my butt off! You compete as an openly gay man. Do you face discrimination from sports fans or athletes? I have had some uncomfortable moments in past contests, but I didn’t feel any type of discrimination at the Georgia contest. In fact, I was very surprised to find out that fans had made it to the contest. It was nice to see the sport drawing more gay people as fans. Is it easier to be a gay athlete today? I think we are living in an interesting time.

Gay men and woman are just trying to compete in their sports as an equal without second guessing if sexuality has anything to do with the end results. Are you the first gay Mr. Georgia? I don’t know of any other gay men that have won a Mr. Georgia title, but there may have been men that were not out of the closet. Remaining in the closet was not possible for me. Too many people know me from my Colt images. Does winning the crown mean you’ll give up your Colt modeling career? I didn’t get a crown. That’s funny. No crown? What did you win? I got a ring and two trophies. They couldn’t give you a bouquet of flowers? To answer your question about Colt, I appreciate the exposure that they gave me. Without them, I wouldn’t have the great fan base that I have now. I hope to continue creating high quality images for my fans, as long as they want me to keep it up. I’m not giving up my modeling career quite yet. You’re releasing your first allBo calendar this year! We are all in control of our own destiny and I felt that now was the time for me to take control of mine. Creating Bo Dixon Productions was something I did

for me. It was time to show fans and friends that I am more then a muscle model, I am a business man. If I am going to be a role model, I needed to produce something that I believe in on my own. The cover is bo-licious! Thanks! I had fun doing the cover shot because I felt very smooth in latex. Inside, you will find a Bo

fighter, Bo bodybuilder, Bo swimmer, Bo wrestler... There’s also a great shot that is reminiscent of the old Coppertone Baby tan line. That one is probably my favorite! It was the last shot of a long day of shooting and we were getting silly. What advice would you give to other fun-luvin Southern boys like yourself who want their shot at the national spotlight? Create your own light. We all have something special to offer the world. Find your passion and go with it. Have a plan of attack. Believe in yourself. Be proud and know that you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you have to please yourself first. Bo Hugs.

For more info about Bo Dixon and the Bo Dixon:Reinvented calendar, visit www.

ittle l e h t s it’


by Lisa

Mint Male is all about bettering our environment in every way we can. There are so many little things that all of us can do, if only around the house, that can make a huge difference. From the light bulbs we use to the food we eat, we can make a major difference without stretching our budgets! Energy efficient lighting is a great start. Your rooms will be brighter and the light bulbs last a REALLY long time. We’re going to recommend Energy Star. These CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) save you an estimated $30 over their lifetime and actually end up paying for themselves in a period of around six months. Energy Star qualified CFLs only use around 25% of the energy that regular light bulbs use and will last you somewhere in the ball park of 10 times longer. Silly question: Why aren’t you ALREADY using them? There is more that you can do to conserve energy and cut costs beyond changing your light bulbs. With the cold weather coming (or should I say already here), everyone knows the feeling of wanting to get home and be warm and cozy. Here’s an idea: throw on a sweatshirt and turn the heat down (just a little bit - it won’t kill you). In the winter, if you open your blinds during the day, you’ll let the sun heat up your home naturally. Just be sure to close them at night in order to prevent heat loss. You can switch this out in the summer by leaving the blinds closed during the day and open at night. Another way to save on heat costs (and conserve energy) is to use cold water in your washing machine. In fact, there are national brands


cou t a h t s ing y + Eric Kimme

of new laundry detergent specifically meant for washing in cold water. Washing in hot or warm water wastes a great deal of energy and is absolutely unnecessary. Let’s talk about water. Showers use up far less water than baths do. Another great conservation trick is to place something (a rock, a bottle of sand, a bottle of rocks, etc.) in your toilet tank to displace water. Even displacing one liter per flush can significantly reduce the amount of water you use over a long period of time (and don’t worry, you don’t lose any flushing power). Not to get graphic, but if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down (come DOES conserve!). When you’re brushing your teeth, shaving, or doing the dishes, don’t let the faucet run the entire time. As far as drinking water is concerned, fill up a pitcher and put it in the fridge. This is helpful in saving water by not having to let the faucet run until it gets cold. Get calm, get cozy, and RELAX. Enjoy more candlelit dinners or scary movie nights where you turn out the lights. You may surprise yourself at just how many interesting evenings can come out of the “saving energy” excuse. Just trust us on that one. And while you’re at it, unplug all electric devices when not in use. Did you know that even when not in use, they’re still draining a small amount of energy? Over time, those small amounts add up! This is a great way to save a decent chunk of change on your electric bill as well. All of your small electronic devices combined can “vampire” as much energy as it takes to run your refrigerator!



Although it can be costly, its best to buy organic, natural, and local foods whenever possible. They taste better, are better for you, and your body will thank you in the long run for the lack of toxins you’re feeding it. These products can get pricey, but if you do your research, you’ll find that you can find almost all of the food products you regularly use for almost the same amount of money. It may take going to more than one store to cross off every item on your shopping list, but overall, it’s worth it. You’ll feel better buying them and at the end of the day, it’s much more eco-friendly and is in your best interest. While you’re out picking up healthier food items, pick up some houseplants too! Houseplants not only brighten up your home, but also help to lower stress and clean up your air. A few decent sized (5-8 inch pots) houseplants per room can rid your home of over 80% of airborne toxins. This assists in the elimination of the need for energy-draining air filtering systems. Use towels as opposed to paper towels whenever possible. When you can’t, use recycled paper towel and toilet paper. There are certain brands that make 100% recycled products that are soft enough, absorbent

enough, and priced reasonably enough. We’re suggesting Marcal and Seventh Generation. Brownie points for paper products that have not been bleached with chlorine, as it creates a chemical build-up in our water-ways. And while we’re on the subject, RECYCLE!!! If your city of residence doesn’t provide a blue bin, ask to use a neighbor’s, as they’re rarely filled up. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would mind. After all, we’re all in this together. You should research companies that you purchase from and see just how “green” they really are. To start, here’s a ranking of America’s top 500 green corporations: http:www. Here’s another INCREDIBLE idea... Read more online magazines, like MintMALE (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!). An enormous amount of periodicals are printed each day and far too few of those make their way to a recycle bin. These are just some starter ideas to make your home a little more green and earth friendly. Just remember, you’re not just helping to better your environment, you’re saving your hard-earned dollars! Be a better friend to your planet and your wallet. Save some green by going green.

SOLDIERS EQUALITY OF Photographed by Christina Burton

Andi wears Hat + Outfit Original Penguin Boots Hunter

Leo wears Hat Original Penguin Shirt Victorinox Coat Cockpit Belt Vintage Scarf V. FRAAS Pants His Stuff Shoes Model’s Own

Justin wears Hat Coal Headwear Shirt Victorinox Undershirt Cockpit Coat 1 of a Kind Scarf Original Penguin Pants Report Collection Boots Model’s Own

Joe (far right) wears Hat Coal Headwear Shirt + Tie + Pants Original Pengiun Coat Energie Scarf Original Penguin Shoes Cole Haan

Leo (top) and Justin wear Necklaces Cheryl DuFault All Pride Jewelry Gay Mart Pride Flags from the NEM


olution OF Photographed by Damian Gerardo

The Evolution of Vogue by Eric William Green

Vogue Evolution is a dance crew that speaks not only through movement, but for a movement. A whirlwind of fierce dance moves and outspoken attitude, they appeared on the scene in New York City during the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and started a riot of their own. They are out and showing the world that voguing, a dance style inspired by the model poses in Vogue Magazine, was never just for Madonna. But that’s not all they have to say. Charging themselves with the responsibility of bringing Vogue and House/Ballroom culture to its rightfully respected place in main stream media, they also broadcasted a message of community, diversity, and self-value to American viewers when they became the first openly Gay and Transgendered crew to compete on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) in August of 2009. Many people may think voguing started when Madonna, adorned in Marie Antoinette garb and accompanied by a fabulous cast of dancers, showed her knickers on the 1990 MTV Music Awards. However, Vogue has its origins in the Harlem Renaissance and really started striking a pose in the 1930s. Originally called “Performance,” it has evolved into a style that has been incorporated into the performances of many of today’s top artists, from Beyoncé to Britney. For decades the style has flourished in the House/ Ballroom scene of New York’s underground and has silently influenced nearly every aspect of American pop culture. Tired of being the ghostwriters of the dance world, Vogue Evolution is making itself heard. The Vogue Evolution seen on ABDC is a hand-picked group of five of New York’s most creative and respected Voguers on the scene right now. However, for these flexible beauties, Leiomy Maldonado, Jorel Rios (aka Prince), Devon Webster (aka Pony), Dashaun Williams, and Malechi Williams, it is not about them; it is about who they represent. They proudly assert that Vogue Evolution is comprised of every Voguer that has ever stepped out onto the floor. They see it as more

of a community than a specific crew and proudly display themselves as individuals within it. Devon, having already choreographed dances for stars like Ashanti, Big Pun and Mariah Carey, was the decider in bringing Vogue to the next level. He presented the idea to Dashaun, the reported mastermind behind the “5000” dance move, and the two were off and running. Both masters of their crafts, they had worked together as dancers in a commercial for CocaCola and assisted with an HIV/AIDS awareness and outreach agency called POCC, People of Color in Crisis. They soon attracted the seasoned talent of Jorel, Malechi, and the transgendered Leiomy who brought with her a signature move aptly named, “The Leiomy Lolly.” Formed and ready, Vogue Evolution was making a break for the bigtime, and the ABDC auditions just happened to fall into that time frame. On the show, their out and proud attitude broke barriers and attracted a great deal of positive attention. They revealed themselves as a talent America could not deny. Increasingly encouraged by the support they were receiving, Vogue Evolution’s ideas of community and individuality came shining through their performances, and it was their fearlessness to be exactly themselves that set them apart from the other crews that season. Now, with new found fame and attention, Vogue Evolution has even more resolve to be leaders in the GLBTQ community and the momentum to do it. Broadening their focus to include that of HIV/ AIDS awareness, they have become not just a dance crew, but an emissary against ignorance. With every step, they intend on bringing their leadership to the world through a cooperative and spirited effort of dance and education.

NOVEMBER Champagne/Wine Cocktail (serves 4) Firstly, puree in a blender the following ingredients: 1 chopped honey crisp apple 1 cup grapefruit juice 2 shot Jameson Iirish Whiskey 1 tablespoon organic white or brown sugar In a highball glass, pour the following: 2oz blended mixture 4oz of sweet white wine, champagne or cava Top with seltzer and stir Garnish with lime twist, cherry or rim the glass with sugar.


MARCH Photographed by Christina Burton


P E N E S K O PU Keep on Pushin’

taken to move, even partially, on any of the promises being made. By Gerard McGuiggan Anyone would be hard-pressed to demonstrate otherwise. There As we keep up the good fight, never forget that the haters keep are 1,100 legal rights and benefits on pushin’ their hate and bigotry enjoyed by hetero couples that are but a fantasy to LGBT on us hoping to never see the families. Haven’t we waited day that the LGBT community long enough? Isn’t it our time to is truly looked upon as equal. finally get what we deserve? I We’ve made great strides with think so. some progress, but we must not become complacent and Our federal government has apathetic, for that would surely flat-out stated that it opposes mean defeat. As the cry for same-sex marriage and suggests equality resonates throughout that states, not the federal the land, this administration government, should decide such fights steadfastly to thwart matters. I find one fundamental our efforts to enjoy even the problem with this: our basic right most basic of human rights, to be treated as equals hails rights given automatically to from the 14th Amendment. It heterosexual couples. I hear more and more rhetoric from the does not come from a state administration but I see no steps constitution or statute. It does

not come from some city ordinance. It’s guaranteed to all citizens in the 14th Amendment. Is it really the state’s place to enforce a federal law? Why does the federal government not understand that we are citizens of the United States? Moreover, why do they not take action to ensure our equal treatment? Why is the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) only applicable to heterosexual couples? The 14th Amendment, Section 1, reads as follows: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the


United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” It’s clear and unambiguous. Why is it ignored? Soon, as in countless other states, the voters in Kalamazoo, Michigan, will be asked to decide an anti-discrimination law which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. Again, why is the fed not deciding this? Shouldn’t this be the norm throughout our great country? We are Americans through and through, and we are entitled to the same protections, equally under the law. Instead of inherently being afforded these protections, we must march, protest, cry, write letters, send emails….the list is endless. I urge all of you to contact your congressmen as many times as possible to demand equal treatment under the 14th Amendment. In that amendment, it says “ALL citizens”…not “all but the gay ones.” In 2007, Lisa Pond died at Jackson Memorial Hospital...

alone. Her partner of 18 years was denied access to her at any time. Lisa and her partner have four beautiful children and have spent a lifetime loving each other. When Lisa’s partner arrived at the emergency room, she was refused entry. A social worker approached her and stated: “You are in an anti-gay city and state. Without a healthcare proxy (also known as a power of attorney), you will not see Lisa nor know of her condition.” Is this really expected to be acceptable? Lisa’s partner along Lambda Legal filed a lawsuit to gain access. Her suit was dismissed by U.S. District judge Adalberto Jordan. The judge found that the hospital was within its rights to leave a dying woman alone while denying her present and immediate family to visit her. She was also not given updates on her condition. Is this really happening in America? I suggest that all of you immediately draw up a power of attorney to protect each other’s rights in such situations. It’s never too soon to have such a document. You can never be sure when or where illness may strike. A power of attorney allows the appointed person all rights to the patient and their treatment. You

will make the decisions for your loved one, not some homophobic judge. Please read more about this travesty of justice at: http:// Recently at the Washington Human Rights Campaign Dinner, the President again promised to be our advocate. He repeated his promise to end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy concerning military service by gays and lesbians. He sure can talk the talk, but he has yet to walk the walk. He’s not even taken baby steps. Again, Let’s make no mistake about it: it’s just more smoke and mirrors. I want actions in place of words. Speaking in a campaign-like mode at a function means nada, zip, zilch! We’re tired of hearing how he’s working on our behalf. It’s time for us to see results. I have much hope that I will experience equality in my lifetime. Keep on fighting. Be persistent. We’re not asking for special treatment. We’re demanding equal treatment.

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THE TIME IS By Lisa Kimmey May 20th, 2009, David Mixner, the highly influential civil rights activist, called for action. “My plea is for our LGBTQ leaders to call a March on Washington for Marriage Equality this November and if they won’t do it, I appeal to our young to come together and provide the leadership.” This call from Mixner’s blog incited Cleve Jones, the well known activist who once worked alongside Harvey Milk, to not only March for Marriage Equality, but to March for Universal Equality, the removal of the of the idea that separate but equal could ever be acceptable. Despite resistance from not only the supporters of DOMA, but also from within the gay community, the date was set. October 11th, 2009, was determined to be the National Equality March. U.S. Representative Barney Frank’s (D-Mass.) lack of support was disappointing beyond belief. He shunned the March, spouting, “I literally don’t understand how this will do anything.” Frank was also quoted declaring, “People are kidding themselves. I don’t want people patting themselves on the back for doing something that is useless,” and, “Barack Obama does not need pressure.” Frank publicly deemed the March unnecessary and stated, “The only thing they’re going to be putting pressure on is the grass.” Even the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) lacked an abundance of support for the March. The night prior to the March, the HRC discouraged the intention to assertively persuade Obama and his administration to act immediately for gay rights. HRC President Joe Solmonese asserted, “I’ve written that we have actually covered a good deal of ground so far. But I’m not going to trot out those advances right now because I have something more relevant to say:

It’s not January 19, 2017.” However, on October 11th, 2009, a couple hundred thousand people opted not to wait and came from all over the country to march proudly on Washington, D.C. and demand equality. Upon word of the March, we knew we needed to be there. So, Saturday afternoon, October 12th, our Mint Crew, which consisted of myself, Joey, and Josh (Mint Male Founders) along with Christina (our photographer) and her girlfriend (not to mention fellow Mint staffer) Jenn, piled into our Saturn Astra and hit the road. Our drive out there took us about 13 hours, which we managed to fill with colossal amounts of laughter and caffeine. We arrived in D.C. around 5 a.m., at which point we checked in to the Capitol Hilton and passed out. We arose just a few hours later buzzing with anticipation for the day’s events. After a few large coffees, we were off to the National Equality March Press Conference where we were surrounded by some of the most influential people in the LGBTQ community, all of whom had aweinspiring things to say. What we learned in the Press Conference was a more thorough understanding of what the full purpose of the March was and where we needed to go from here. Two directors of the March that led a great deal of the event’s organization were Robin McGehee and Kip Williams, both committed LGBTQ activists. The LGBTQ community needs to take a new direction in the fight for Equality by simplifying our cause. It really isn’t truly equal if it is equal sometimes. What we need is Equality in all fifty states. One set of laws for everyone. In order to do so, we need to unite the LGBTQ community and Straight Allies of all of our communities and neighborhoods until our structured fight is a force that cannot be reckoned with. We must utilize the energy of our youth, the wisdom of the generations prior, and the power of the grass roots to obtain true equality for all Americans. . As we left the Press Conference, we headed to the corner of M and 15 th Streets to find an insanely colossal crowd gathered for the March. After stocking up on flags, signs, and posters, we found ourselves right in the middle of the action. The intensity of the crowd was like nothing I’d ever seen. There was a constant flow of chanting coming from all around us. I found myself in the

midst of groups screaming (to name a few), “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous, don’t fuck with us,” “5,6,7,8, Separate Church and State,” and “What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Yesterday/Now!” Suddenly, we were marching. The optimism amongst the marchers was contagious to say the least. I’d never seen such acceptance, such diversity, such hope. I’d never encountered such a passion for change in one movement. I hadn’t realized that all of the things Obama had promised to fight for were things that would come to fruition not due to his efforts or the efforts of his administration, but instead due to the incredible and incessant efforts of those to whom these promises were made. The sea of bodies at the National Equality March went on further than my eyes could see. There was no hatred, no one passing judgment, no bigotry. In the place of these elements was a shared purpose, a common understanding, a positive balance of aggressive passion and abounding love. Looking around at the beautiful, proud and peaceful crowd, I couldn’t help but think to myself: how could this be the group of people denied basic civil rights and freedoms? Our March came to a halt as we arrived at Capitol Hill. Our Mint Crew was front and center. I turned to see the crowd behind me, and felt completely overwhelmed to realize that I was amongst some 200,000 (or more) people, and that we were all in this together. There were several speakers at the March, all of which were equipped with powerful words and were well received. David Mixner, after sharing personal stories of heartbreak that he’d endured in his battle for equality, apprised, “When people tell me, ‘Oh Lord, not now,’ all I can think about is, how many more tears should we shed so some politicians in a back room can figure out when it’s ‘convenient’ to join us and to fight for our freedom?” The array of cheers and support from the masses throughout and after Mixner’s words was unbelievably empowering. Much like his ability to put this March together, Cleve Jones was more than able to inspire the crowd with his truthful articulation on the issues at hand. “We have existed in every time, in every place, in every culture, in every land, and we are here today finally to say that we are equal. We are equal. WE ARE EQUAL IN EVERY RESPECT.” Robin McGehee, who was asked to resign as

the president of her children’s schools’ Parent Teacher Organization after her involvement with the “No on Prop 8” campaign as an LGBTQ parent, was left unsatisfied with Obama’s alleged efforts to involve the LGBTQ community in events at the White House. “I am not happy enough with an Easter egg roll on the lawn of the White House, because that is just like a ticket on the back of the bus.” Christine Quinn, the Speaker of the New York City Council, spoke of the family she and her partner have evolved into and their lack of equal treatment. She charged Congress, “Look me in the eye and tell me I am less of the person than you are.” Christine was named the third most powerful woman in New York in 2007 by the New York Post and was the first openly gay person elected to the position of Speaker by the near unanimous vote of her Council Colleagues. Another omnipotent declamation came from Bill Rosendahl, an openly gay Los Angeles City Councilman. Bill informed everyone of the abhorrent truth, “Thirtysix states are allowed to discriminate in housing. UNACCEPTABLE! 29 states can fire us just because we are who we are. UNACCEPTABLE!” Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role as “Miranda” on Sex in the City, gave an incredibly moving speech about the issues she finds the most importance in. She explained, “It is about demanding equal rights, equal responsibilities, equal opportunities, equal treatment, and equal protection under the law so that we can herald in a new day.” She demanded the immediate repeal of DOMA, and incorporated her personal grapple with the anti-equality act into her speech. Michelle Clune, recognized for her role as “Melanie” in Queer as Folk, also spoke on behalf of the LGBTQ community. Michelle emphasized the need for one set of laws for all Americans and insisted, “We gathered not because we are different, but because we are the same.” It is this excessively valid point that I feel is lacking in the mentality of those trying to place a barricade between the straight and LGBTQ communities. Television and film producer, director, and

American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, recognized from his work on Big Love and Milk, announced with tears in his eyes, “There is no longer any doubt in my heart that in our lifetimes, our dream will be reality and we will be free.” Lt. Dan Choi, a former American infantry officer from the United States Army who served as a combat veteran of the war in Iraq, received his discharge letter from the Army after coming out of the closet on the Rachel Maddow Show. Choi shared his story with us regarding his struggle against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” His compelling account of his trials and tribulations were strikingly poignant and his point was clear as he proclaimed, “I AM NOT ASKING ANYMORE! I AM TELLING! I AM TELLING! I AM TELLING! WILL YOU TELL WITH ME?” The enthusiastic screams from the marchers left the answer to that quite clear. Babs Siperstein, the first transgender member of the Democratic National Committee, spoke loudly and proudly reminding us, “We must unite!” Siperstein has been a considerably cogent post within the Democratic Party and will not be backing down anytime soon. Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard (murdered due to anti-gay hate) and creator of the Matthew Shepard Foundation (whose purpose, according to Judy’s memoir, The Meaning of Matthew, is to lead “social justice, diversity awareness and education, and equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people”) came out in high spirits to encourage everyone to take the proper steps in their involvement in order to achieve Equality. “Tell your stories. Vote. Participate. Be part of the system. The President can never do this alone. He has to have Congress behind him, and it’s up to you to vote for the proper people to do that.” Lady Gaga, who has become an astonishingly powerful icon for the LGBTQ community, came out to support LGBTQ equality, and referred to her speech at the march as “the single most important moment of my career.” I know that EVERYONE heard her as she powerfully commanded, “Obama, I

know you’re listening. ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!?!?” Needless to say, the crowd went absolutely wild. The 2009 National Equality March was an extraordinary step for LGBTQ rights and was the first of many major steps toward Equality that will undoubtedly follow during Obama’s term(s). As the crowd dwindled, the exhilaration of the day’s importance did not. Upon walking away from Capitol Hill, our Mint Crew could not have been more excited, exhausted, and ready to continue our fight. We were also ready for a meal and a nap. After enjoying a fantastic dinner together, the five of us went back to the hotel to catch a bit of much needed sleep before heading out to explore D.C.’s nightlife. We woke up Monday morning, packed up our things, and piled ourselves back into the car. As we drove away from our nation’s capitol, our drive inspired a new feeling in me. Remorse. Remorse for my lack of understanding prior to this March just how differently the treatment toward me from our government has been in comparison to the treatment of the four amazing people in the car with me, as well as the millions of people in the LGBTQ community in this country. It wasn’t as if I wasn’t aware, I had just unknowingly sympathized rather than empathized with their lack of human rights. But something about this movement, the looks on the hundreds of thousands of faces that surrounded me on Capitol Hill, the goose bumps I felt all over my body while listening to the speakers, kicked my awareness up about ten notches. It took this March, this movement, to fully activate my total realization of why this was so very important, why these changes cannot wait and need to be made NOW. The 2009 Equality March had an impact on all of us that cannot be touched by nor compared to anything else we’ve yet encountered. My best friends, my business partners (as well as millions of other equally important Americans), do not share my civil rights, my human rights, simply because they care for a member of the same sex and I do not. We’re talking about 1,100 rights that I am not deprived of and they are. In 2009, how is this possible? How is it even conceivable? This concept, this way of governing rights, is unacceptable. These changes cannot wait. We are not asking, we are demanding, and what we demand is EQUALITY. And we’re demanding it NOW.


In 1969, the United States passed the first legislation specifically prosecuting hate crimes, albeit with a very narrow definition of what constitutes a hate crime. The 1969 Act limited prosecution to crimes that were based upon race, religion, national origin or color. In addition, the crime must have occurred while the individual was attempting to exercise a “federally protected right,� such as voting. The bill that passed the senate on October 8, 2009, by a margin of 281 to 146, known as the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, will expand the 1969 definition of hate crimes to include crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, and will allow for hate crime prosecution regardless of what activity the individual is participating in at the time of the crime. The House attached the act to its Defense Authorization for Fiscal Year 2010. The bill was introduced to the U.S. Senate by the late Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) on April 28, 2009. The Matthew Shepard Act was discussed at length and then finally passed on the floor of the Senate by a vote of 68-29, sending the first civil rights legislation protecting GLBTQ and disabled persons to President Obama for his signature. The bill was attached to a Defense Department appropriations bill, and recently, was finally passed and written into law.

The public debate about gays in the military began as early as World War II. Homosexuality in those years was diagnosed as a mental illness, and gay draftees were rejected on a medical basis. In 1942, the military formalized this practice by listing procedures by which a homosexual draftee was to be rejected. A January, 1982 Department of Defense Directive, 1332.14, formally stated, “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service. The presence in the military environment of persons who engage in homosexual conduct or who, by their statements, demonstrate a propensity to engage in homosexual conduct, seriously impairs the accomplishment of the military mission.” In 1992, Bill Clinton ran for president with a platform that included a promise to end discriminatory practices in the military. Instead, in 1993, his administration passed US Code Title 10, Section 654, better known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “(DADT). DADT essentially continued the policies of the DOD Directive, reiterating that “there is no Constitutional right to serve in the military” and that “military life is fundamentally different from civilian life,” thus, “the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.” Soldiers would be removed from the military if it was believed that they had committed a homosexual act and were expected to do so again, have stated that he/she is homosexual, or marries, or attempts to marry, a person of the same sex. The “liberalising” aspect of the policy was that commanders were now supposed to avoid asking their soldiers about their sexual orientation. The Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2009, introduced to the House on March 3, 2009, appeals Section 654 of Title 10, and replaces it with a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. On October 10, 2009, President Obama announced at the Human Rights Campaign dinner: Uniting American Families Act Senate Bill 424 and House Bill 1024, known as the Uniting American Families Act, proposes to end discrimination in immigration by allowing individuals to sponsor their permanent partners for citizenship. Most notably, the bill will amend Section 101(a) (8 U.S.C. 1101(a)) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, adding the word permanent partner behind the word marriage. A permanent partner is defined as a person who: (A) is in a committed, intimate relationship with another individual 18 years of age or older in which both individuals intend a lifelong commitment; (B) is financially interdependent with that other individual; (C) is not married to, or in a permanent partnership with, any individual other than that other individual; (D) is unable to contract with that other individual a marriage recognizable under this Act; and (E) is not a first, second, or third degree blood relation of that other individual. Both bills have been referred to subcommittees.

Defense of Marriage Act Because marriage is never explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, issues related to the institution have largely been delegated to the state. In 1993, Hawaii’s Supreme Court became the first to raise the possibility of legalizing gay marriage. Other states reacted to Hawaii’s pending legislation by passing policies that specifically declared marriage as between a man and a woman. As more states, such as Alaska, Massachusetts, Vermont, and California considered legalizing same-sex marriage, the number of state level Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) continued to rise. Forty-three states now have laws prohibiting gay marriages 29 of those with constitutional amendments. By 1996, the anti-gay marriage factions were so powerful the federal government became involved and passed a Federal DOMA. The Federal DOMA defined marriage as between a man and a woman for all aspects of federal law. Also, it stated that no state is obligated to accept another state’s non-traditional marriages or civil unions. The Respect of Marriage Act, introduced to the House on September 15, 2009, repeals the Defense of Marriage Act and mandates recognition of all marriages in all states. The bill is currently in committee.


Risky Business

in gay communities in the last two or three years, and many men are unaware of their status. The risk of by Dr. Joseph R. Yates M.D., FACEP converting to HIV positive is about 4% when serving as the recipient I had a patient last night who was of anal intercourse with an HIVdepressed because he converted positive “top” in just one encounter, to HIV positive. What impressed according to the University of Illinois me most was his perception that Chicago’s leading HIV vaccine he’d NEVER engaged in anything researcher, Dr. Richard M. Novak, but “safe” sex. He was a man in a and young people especially are still “monogamous” relationship with putting themselves at risk. When one boyfriend. He admitted to having interviewed, many don’t seem to a few buddies with whom he did understand the risk. Part of this is various things we would probably due to the success of medicines we consider “having sex” in one form or use to treat HIV infected patients. another, but only with his boyfriend We can make them seem healthy for did he have actual anal intercourse. long periods of time and, thankfully, He was the receiver in that situation, help them have relatively normal but insisted his boyfriend didn’t have lives. any other partners in that particular “But they still have to take the activity. medicine,” says Novak. “It’s a task Upon further questioning, it every day, costs a lot of money, and became clear he did not realize that has unpleasant side effects.” even masturbation, if one gets the “HIV should not be a rite of other’s semen on his fingers, and passage for young gay and bisexual then touches himself, can potentially men,” says Dr. Jonathan Mermin transmit HIV and the things that move who is the Director of the Division along the same routes like syphilis of HIV/AIDS Prevention, the National and hepatitis. Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, So I decided to remind you that, STD, and TB Prevention Centers for while sex is FUN FUN FUN (this Disease Control and Prevention, is, of course, what I am told by my on the occasion of NATIONAL GAY patients), you can only practice MEN’S HIV/AIDS AWARENESS DAY SAFER sex. No sex is completely risk September 27, 2009. Although the free, unless you are in a monogamous community was hit hard during the relationship, or a closed group, and early years of the epidemic, men you know everyone is negative AND who have sex with men still account you can honestly trust they are not for nearly half of the more than 1 dipping outside the circle. million people living with HIV in the For those of you who are willing United States. to accept a small risk, I’m going to Here’s the scoop, according to the set out the relative risk of various latest I can find in http://www.gmfa. behaviors for the transmission of the HIV virus, as we know it to be as of this time. But regardless, please remember this: It’s considerably safer Kissing? No one has ever been shown to to use a condom during any contact catch HIV from kissing, no matter with a penis, and the patience to how hard they went for it, so use protection disappears quickly allow yourself to get passionate when you are in a hurry or under and smoochy. Although very the influence of alcohol or drugs. small quantities of HIV have been Guys should also be wary of the detected in saliva, your spit also temptation to compromise to try has properties that disable HIV so to keep the other guy interested in it would be impossible to swallow the relationship - if he loves you, he enough saliva to become infected wouldn’t want to cause you harm, with HIV. And anyway, when people okay? talk about the potential risk of The risk is there. The incidences catching HIV from saliva they say of HIV positivity have been rising

that you’d have to drink pints of it, which would be extremely hard to do (see how long it takes you to fill even a small glass if you don’t believe us). You can pick up herpes and oher STDs from kissing though, so it’s probably best to avoid snogging anyone with visible cold sores around their mouth.

Jacking Off

Having a wank by yourself is about as risk free as sex can get. Wanking with a friend (shag, lover, partner, whatever) isn’t much riskier. There are no records of anyone catching HIV from wanking. STDs can be transmitted if you rub someone elses cum on the head of your cock. In theory, HIV in cum can enter your bloodstream through your foreskin, the head of your cock or your urethra. If you have been wanking for a while and your cock is tender and a little bit sore, this could make it easier for HIV to enter your bloodstream. Another risk is if you or your friend get a little over-eager and pull too hard (or too often) which can damage your urethra and lead to NSU, non-specific urethritis to give it its full name, which is an infection of the urethra.

Anal Sex on the Bottom Without a Condom

Most gay men who have HIV caught it from receiving anal sex without a condom. As far as gay sex goes, being a “bottom” without a condom, and having your partner cum inside you, is the riskiest thing you can do. This is because the lining of the rectum can absorb liquids directly into your bloodstream. If there’s HIV in his cum, and his cum goes in your rectum, that will be absorbed too. Being penetrated without him cumming inside you is lower risk but, as there is HIV in precum too, there is still a risk of HIV transmission. In group sex it’s theoretically possible to catch HIV from having your rectum penetrated even if your partner is HIV negative, if he has penetrated someone who is HIV positive and then does you

afterwards. This is because there could be traces of HIV infected anal mucus or blood on his cock. Receiving anal sex is also high risk for most other STDs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, warts, hepatitis B and for HIV positive men it is thought that you can catch hepatitis C as well. Condoms provide an effective barrier against most STDs, including HIV, although some STDs, such as syphilis and warts can still be transmitted if the condom does not cover the entire infected area, such as the base of the cock. If you are infected with an STD in your rectum, it will increase the chances of you being infected with HIV if you are HIV negative. If you are HIV positive and have an STD, it is likely that there will be higher concentrations of HIV in all of your body fluids, including blood and anal mucus, and so you will be more infectious. While there are ways of reducing the risks if you get penetrateded without condoms, they will only make it less likely that HIV will be transmitted, they will not prevent HIV from being transmitted altogether. We do not recommend the use of these methods as a strategy for ensuring that you remain HIV negative.

the top to become infected. Other infections in or around his rectum, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, warts and hepatitis B can be passed to the top partner through his urethra (piss hole). Condoms can prevent most of the infections that you can get from anal sex as a top, although it’s worth remembering that some STDs can be transmitted even if you use condoms. While there are ways of reducing the risks if you bottom without condoms, they will only make it less likely that HIV will be transmitted, they will not prevent HIV from being transmitted. We do not recommend the use of these methods as a strategy for ensuring that you remain HIV negative.

low but also indicates that there is some risk. Oral sex is the most frequent kind of gay sex, so it says a lot that so few men have caught HIV from oral sex. We do know that well over 95% of HIV infections in gay men are due to anal sex. The reason that oral sex is so much safer than anal is that the throat is not as vulnerable to infection as the rectum is. Saliva has properties that can disable some infections, including HIV, and so there needs to be quite a lot of HIV present for infection to take place. Also, the mouth and throat are not as efficient at absorbing liquids into the bloodstream as the lining of the arse is. Even if you swallow cum, any HIV that may be there will usually be killed by the strong acids in your stomach. Although the HIV risk from sucking Anal Sex With Condoms cock is relatively low, there are ways While it is rare, condoms can break that you can reduce the risk further. during anal sex, and this could make It’s extremely unlikely that you could it possible for HIV or other STDs catch HIV from giving someone a to be transmitted. Condom breaks blowjob if they cum in your mouth. usually occur because condoms Although there is HIV in the pre-cum are used incorrectly or are used for of a man with HIV, there is less than long sessions without changing there is in his cum. This is because a them. If you use condoms correctly man will generally produce more cum with plenty of water based lube, it than he does pre-cum, and because will greatly reduce the chances of it cum has a higher concentration of breaking. HIV than pre-cum. The protective If you are having group sex, it’s properties in saliva would usually also important to change condoms be able to disable the amount of HIV for each partner. This is because it’s Anal Sex on Top Without a that there is in pre-cum. A condom, theoretically possible that traces of Condom used correctly, will prevent either HIV infected anal mucus or blood Anal sex without a condom is less could remain on a condom after a guy cum or pre-cum getting in the mouth, risky for the top than the bottom, although few gay men use condoms but it is still one of the riskiest sexual with HIV bottoms. If someone else for oral sex. practices that gay men take part in. If is then penetrated using the same You will be more vulnerable to you are HIV negative, doing someone condom, HIV could be transmitted. infections if you have bleeding, While condoms offer protection bareback is more likely to lead to scratched or damaged gums, mouth against HIV and most STDs, they infection than sucking cock. This is ulcers or a sore throat. People with cannot prevent them all. because the mucus that lines the gum disease or ulcers will be more rectum (we all have it) can contain likely to catch HIV or other infections a very high concentration of HIV. Giving Oral Sex from oral sex. It may be wise to avoid The mucous membrane just inside It is possible to get HIV from giving brushing your teeth just before giving the tip of the penis and the foreskin oral sex but the likelihood of this someone a blowjob, particularly can absorb liquids, like anal mucus, occurring is very low. No one knows if you want him to cum in your directly into the bloodstream. HIV exactly how risky giving oral sex is, mouth. Using a mouthwash before experts used to think that infection partly because most men who do or immediately after oral sex will from the receptive partner (bottom) this will also engage in anal sex as remove the protective properties that to the insertive partner (the top) was well and it is impossible to know saliva contains and so may increase as a result of bleeding in the anus or which sexual act is responsible for the risk of transmission. rectum. Although it’s possible that the transmission of HIV. Very few men Although the risk of HIV infection blood is responsible for transmission whose only reported risk is from oral is fairly low, some other STDs can in some cases, we now think that anal sex have caught HIV, which leads us be easily passed via oral sex, such mucus is the body fluid that enables to believe that the risk is relatively as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes or

syphilis. These risks can be avoided by using a condom for oral sex, although many men prefer to take the risk than taste the rubber. There is a small risk of picking up hepatitis B through oral sex, if you have not been vaccinated. If you have an existing STD in your throat you will be more vulnerable to infection and the chances of picking up HIV or Hep B are increased.

Receiving Oral Sex

No one has ever caught HIV from having their cock sucked. However, you may be vulnerable to other STDs this way, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes and syphilis. This is because all of these STDs are much more infectious than HIV. If you wanted to prevent the small risk of getting an STD you should wear a condom for oral sex. As many men choose not to do this, it’s advisable to have a regular sexual health check-up to ensure that any infections you may pick up can be detected and treated quickly.


Rimming is licking some one’s asshole. There is no data to suggest that anyone has caught HIV from rimming, although there are other risks to getting even a small bit of shit in your mouth. Hepatitis A is most often caught from rimming, and both gonorrhoea and Hepatitis B can also be passed on this way. There are also a number of gut infections you can get from rimming. Even a recently washed rectum may carry some extremely infectious, microscopic organisms, but there is an even greater risk if you rim someone who hasn’t washed beforehand, or who is suffering from diarrhea. These risks can be prevented by using a dental dam, although not many guys use them. You can get a vaccination against Hepatitis A and B.


There is a risk of HIV transmission from fisting if the fister (the guy doing the fisting) has cuts or sores on his hand or wrist. If the guy getting fisted is HIVpositive, HIV in his anal mucus (stuff

that lines the anus) or any blood inside his rectum could get into the bloodstream of the fister through the cuts or sores on his hand. If the fister has HIV, infected blood from the cuts could be absorbed into the bloodstream of the guy getting fisted through the lining of his rectum. However, the likelihood of this happening is very low. If more than one person is being fisted, HIV could be passed from one fistee (the guy getting fisted) to another, via anal mucus or blood carried on the fist. Hepatatis A, which is more infectious than HIV, can be transmitted to either the fister or the fistee, and fisting has been identified as a possible route of hepatitis C infection. It is also possible to acquire a variety of gut infections, if traces of feces get passed to the mouth. When fisting, sharing a pot of lube with a partner can also lead to the transmission of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) as the pot of lube can become contaminated with blood or anal mucus. Using gloves, such as Marigold extra thins or surgical gloves, can cut the risk of most infections if a new pair is used

with each sexual partner. It is easy to damage the lining of the rectum when fisting, so if fisting is followed by having anal sex without a condom, then transmission of HIV to either partner is more likely. Using oil based lube for fisting (such as Crisco) will create additional risks if you then choose to have anal sex afterwards, as the oil in the lube will damage most condoms. If you think it is likely that you will “fist and fuck”, use water-based lubricant to fist or use a nonlatex condom which will not be damaged by oil (like polyurethane condoms).


Frotting is when you rub yourself against each other to the point of orgasm. Like jacking off, it’s very low risk. If you’re unlucky, you could pick up crabs or scabies or, if you’re extremely unlucky, it’s possible to catch warts, herpes or syphilis from skin to skin contact.

Sex Toys

Dildos and buttplugs can be involved in the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis A, B & C, STDs, and a variety of gut infections. Anal mucus or blood from a person on sex toys could lead to infections if the same toys are then used on someone else. The easiest way to avoid the risk is not to share sex toys. You can also use a condom to cover the dildo, and change it between partners if using it on more than one person. Washing sex toys thoroughly after use, using warm soapy water or a sterilising fluid designed for baby bottles, should prevent any infection remaining on the toy. Using toys may cause damage to the lining of the arse. This damage can be microscopic, removing just the surface layer of the arse lining so it won’t necessarily be severe or cause bleeding. If your ass play is followed by unprotected fucking, this damage means there is a greater chance of HIV transmission. Cock toys like Fleshlites and sheaths should be cleaned between users to avoid passing on HIV or other STDs. If a guy with HIV cums inside a Fleshlite and a negative guy

uses it afterwards, he could catch HIV through his foreskin, the head of his cock or his urethra. The same is true of wanking sheaths. You could also catch other STDs in this way. Again washing sex toys thoroughly after use, using warm soapy water or a sterilising fluid designed for baby bottles, should prevent any infection remaining on the toy. If you’re going to improvise and create your own sex toys (and we seriously recommend that you don’t), avoid anything with sharp edges or anything that may break inside you. If your sex toy doesn’t have a base, be careful not to let it go too deep inside you, or there is a risk that it may get lost up there and you’ll have to make an embarrassing visit to the local ER department.

Water sports

Urinating on someone carries no risk of HIV transmission. Urine does not contain infectious HIV so you can’t catch it this way. There is no risk at all from urinating on healthy, unbroken skin but there is a risk of other infections, such as CMV (a virus in the herpes family) or salmonella if urine gets in the mouth or eyes. These infections may be more serious for HIV positive people.

The Answer

So the answer is, “There is no completely safe sex,” other than flying solo. But none of us is going to do that, so as my scientists and interview subjects all agree, we should “have fun” but “be careful.”

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I want my subject to be as true to their own nature as they can be without me putting my own crap off on them.

Do you see these people as more than the characters they represent? I have never thought of any living person as a character they represent. They are complicated intelligent artistic beings who cannot be described Olan Montgomery’s art shines the light on gay club as ‘a character.’ life – its drag personalities, go go boys, the sex, the drugs, and the pageantry. His portraits include Is Kevin Aviance more than a bald, black diva? Is there notable party gays like Boy George, Rupaul, Rufus something beneath the surface that you’re interested in Wainwright, and transsexual Amanda Lepore. exploring? I love Kevin’s “W is for work” skit on Youtube. The reality here is if we According to the artist, the gay community has a can come out of the closet, laugh at ourselves and make a difference we lot to learn to from its colorful nightclub denizens. are more than the ‘surface’. If the younger me had just found one skit to He asks that we not only respect the artistry of look at, humorous or not, in bad taste or irreverent, that spoke to me on these creative individuals, but appreciate them for an honest non-judgmental level, I might have understood more of what I their uniqueness. was going through as a gay teen. I might have had a stronger self worth. by Manuel Dawson

“In my mind, all creative individuals are walking Are you a fan of Jonny “The Gay Pimp” McGovern’s work? art installations,” explains Olan Montgomery. Not only does Jonny McGovern make his own important art that speaks “They inspire me and I am pleased to pay homage to a generation, he finds original, true-to-self talent and shines a light to them in my creations.” onto it. Take a look at Linda James doing “Bad Bump” and Adam Joseph and his “Faggoty Attention”. It’s a wonderful new generation of For a world that thrives underground, why homophiles cranking out the faggotry. bring it up into the daylight? Even before Stonewall, gays have gathered in Do you think these personalities have a chance of being dark corners drinking and dancing in and out of remembered through history? Will future generations look back drag and even in our underwear on table tops. on the early millennium and think of Amanda Lepore? The “underground” is hidden, not by choice – but I am pretty sure there was no reporter asked Vermeer or his muse, also because it was pushed there by bigotry. I believe known as the Dutch Mona Lisa, if there was a chance of her personality gays have a responsibility to ‘bring it up into the being remembered throughout history. daylight!”. Hell, it should have always been there Time is the true test of that. I can say that I try very hard to reflect the to begin with. The world that I portray in my art people and the time that surrounds me so if those Greek urns showing has always been as much a part of my nightlife as the migration of the Amazons from Russia to warmer climates is any my day life. indication of art not only presenting history but recording it, then I am pretty sure I have created a few original historical artifacts of my own. Who have been some of your favorite subjects? Is Amanda your muse? I recently took an acting class where I got put Photographer David Lachapelle has already laid claim to Amanda, with this woman who proceeded to tell me how however I find Amanda inspirational. Amanda as an art subject reflects I should be doing everything from reading the the birth of a time when people began the process of living their lives lines to where I should be standing. She was so by how they see themselves both physically and sexually. She is the controlling that if I was an inch off from where predecessor to a new generation and sex: born male on the outside but I was supposed to be standing she would lash female on the inside. Her own female self-creation, Amanda is the birth out in a rant of “why are you there? That’s not mother to a futuristic transgender population. where you are supposed to be!” She basically was policing me. So to answer your question, Do you remember your first club experience? my favorite subjects are the ones that allow It was the 80s but I remember those days like they were yesterday. I themselves to be caught in a moment of pure loved going to a party and knowing it was a party simply because Andy honesty and integrity without being policed. Warhol was there. I loved watching Farrah Faucett and Ryan O’Neil

nightlife personalities? They can learn to appreciate true diversity and be tolerant and accepting of one another. Respect the artistry of these creative individuals. Don’t shoot the queen in the head just because she is How does the 80’s gay dancefloor compare wearing spandex, talking with a lisp, doing a few snaps with her with today’s gay dancefloor? fingers and twirling. The minute we gay people begin to ‘judge’ one Going out back then meant hanging out with the another with the societal stereotypes, we’ve asked them to put the celebrities of the time. There may have been a gun to our heads and accept the beating or even worse, the death curtain separating the VIP section from the masses sentence. but walking into that area was not like going through airport security. The whole point of the How would you like to be remembered? atmosphere was to allow people to enjoy the I would like to be remembered as the artist that cared and hopefully music and place without posting it on Facebook, was able to use my art to bring people together or at least provided Twitter or Myspace. You went out to relax, hang the platform through art to begin a dialogue based in mutual respect and enjoy; not to network, be discovered or have without preconception and judgment. I would hope that the work be your five seconds of fame. In fact, those that were remembered as a moment in pop culture when the importance of the so obvious about their desire for fame were usually individual became relevant and no longer reduced and devalued like the ones to avoid. washing powders and news headlines. We are vibrant individuals and we all count. Do you look back on the 90’s club kid phenomenon with the same nostalgia? For more info on Olan Montgomery, In the 90’s, I got bit by the love bug and so most visit of my 90sn involved a man who stamped an expiration date on my forehead. Not only did I get to experience the love of my life but the dumping of my life. All of it was a good thing because that relationship inspired me to really look at everyone around me and paint what I saw. My art today is a reflection of my life experiences as well as a desire to understand the people and what they are experiencing around me. at Studio 54, and making love to Donna Summer records. Yes, I said records: the vinyl kind that had to be played on a turntable.

How does the next generation of downtown queer artists – Cazwell, Jonny McGovern, Kevin Aviance – compare with their predecessors? I think they should all become educated about what and who has come before them so that they are more able to give new and deeper perspectives in their art. Understanding what has come before is a start to being able to give more. We all need to appreciate the work of Keith Herring from the Subways. We need to learn about Tish and Snookie from Manic Panic, John Sex and the Screaming Mimis, Anita Sarko and Sally Kirkland. Understanding the evolution or the process is not only educational but can really give an artist a great sense of being a part of something bigger than themselves. What can the gay community learn from its


Strike a pose, Scorpio! The spotlight is on you, and you better work! Use the resistance of others as fuel for your determined fire. Your lover may seem to be standing in your way, but trust they have good intentions and keep on going. Show the world your style – it will eat it up.


Shake it off Aries! Now is the time to rid yourself of that clunky emotional baggage you’ve been towing around for weeks. Focus on toning up your body and mind - find a special spotting partner if you need a little extra motivation.


Flaunt it Taurus! Others are beginning to notice you, especially in the business realm. Although roadblocks are likely toward the end of the month, use your natural charm to smooth the way. Allow a new partnership to spice things up both at and after work.


Work it Gemini! Everything you’ve wanted is falling into place - although it feels like it’s falling on your head. Resist the urge to flee and roll up your ever-fashionable sleeves. Beware of distractions (like lovers or the lackthereof) that may stand in the way of your progress.


Live it up Cancer! This month is all about play (interpret however you like.) Romantic feelings are running high, but you’re also perfectly willing to fly fiercely solo. Keep your wits about you though. A friend will need a shoulder to cry on in a few weeks, andyou’re just vivacious enough to brighten their day.


Mix it up Leo! Although things aren’t wrong right now, they aren’t right enough either. Luckily, you’re feeling especially assertive. Now is the time to shake up old boring work habits and add a little sass to your love life. Others will thank you for it.


Reach out Virgo! You’re surrounded by warmth and general lovey-dovey-ness at home and now it’s the time to give it back. Get out there, and touch someone! Put all those ambitious goals on the back burner for now and focus on making new friends. Your new network may prove beneficial in the future.


Own up Libra! You’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it (with whomever and whatever you’ve chosen.) Although social time seems the most important, now is the time to take better care of yourself. Work tensions relax this month, giving you the opportunity to take a deep breath and re-assess.


Shhh Sagittarius. November is all about private time. Although your confidence is intact, now is the perfect time to step back and reflect. The absence of outside attention amps up passion with your partner. Single? You’ll emerge from this cocoon of secrecy magnetically mysterious.


Make it work Capricorn! External pressures are easing up this month leaving you free to make some major strides forward. Network, network, network! Project yourself as someone people simply must know and financial success will find you.


Bring it on Aquarius! This month is full of new opportunities in the business realm. Think it out, and if it feels good, say yes. Work partnerships will reap surprising social benefits. Everyone is watching you – just be sure not to get caught up in your own hype.


Thing big Pisces! Your confidence is building, which is perfectly timed. Your work life is busy to the max and shows no signs of slowing. Rise to the challenge and you’ll be rewarded with the increase in status you desire. Don’t forget to focus – if you think too big you’ll get lost in the shuffle.


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CREDITS Joey Grant - Creative Director + Writer

Christina Burton - Director of Photography + Graphic Design Robert Brady - Make-Up Artist + Model Lisa Kimmey - Director + Writer Jennifer Schnoes - Editor + Artist Kevin Purvispt - BS, CSCS Mint Male’s Personal Trainer Dr. Joseph Yates- MD, FACEP Publisher + Health Specialist Keegan Kennedy Greene - Writer Eric Green- Writer Josh Shores- Fashion + Director + Mixologist Manuel Dawson - Contributing Writer Neil Bagadiong - Editor Jake Giles - Editor Stephanie Crosby - Social Networking + Blog Troy Phillips + Akimitsu Sadoi - Contributing Photographers Damian Gerardo - Contributing Photographer Justin Brown - Model Joe Lewis - Model Leo Kovalik - Model Andi Cruzatti - Model Marc P. - Model Moses Ventura - Model

Mint Male Magazine November 2009 (Gay)  

National Equality March Issue

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