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IMPRINTING PASSION By Andrea Louise Thomas Artist Emma Cleine founded Lumiere Art and Co. in 2011 to have the freedom to create original and interesting works of art that also had functional value. Her prints and textiles have proven so popular that her work has been commissioned by film, art and writing festivals and featured in newspapers, catalogues and magazines, as well as, finding a dedicated following with both boutique shops and national retailers. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Monash University) and Graduate Diploma of

Education (Melbourne University), Cleine is well placed to pass on her knowledge and passion through new workshops at her studio overlooking Westernport Bay in Hastings. She teaches wood block printing and press printmaking. In these all day workshops, participants will learn cutting edge techniques and create an original print to take home. To sign up for the Mandala Print Workshop on Saturday, August 15 from 9:30 am to 4 pm, visit her website au or email: hello@lumiereartandco.

STORM IN A TEACUP AT MPRG By Andrea Louise Thomas Who would have thought a beverage could be a cultural icon? Just as coffee is now a ubiquitous part of modern society, the traditional British cuppa tea has predominated for hundreds of years. Storm in a Teacup at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery looks at tea drinking in Australia. From the British colonials with their civilised afternoon imbibe to the immortalised boiling billy of the pioneers; this exhibition explores the social, cultural and environmental impacts of tea. Depicting the elegance and civilized grace of afternoon tea are works by E. Phillips Fox and Arthur Streeton while the polish comes off in Adam Hill’s politically charged, yet humourous, Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea or Michael Cook’s Object (Table). Thirty-four artists represented in paintings, works on paper, photographs, ceramics, sculpture and installation comprise this thought provoking exhibition that looks into and beyond the humble cup of tea. Running concurrently is Ways to Draw: A Selection from the Permanent Collection by Betty Churcher (edited) which examines the methods and motivations of artists in drawing featuring the works of a wide cross-section of Australian artists. Both exhibitions open Friday 24 July and run until Sunday 27 September at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Civic Reserve, Mornington. Call 5975 4395 or see


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Mint (issue 5) July 2015  

Mint (issue 5) July 2015

Mint (issue 5) July 2015  

Mint (issue 5) July 2015

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