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Davey’s comes out swingin’ on Sunday April 19 when Australia’s high priests of roots rock ‘n roll The Detonators hit the stage at one of their biggest and favourite gigs for Sunday Soultrain.

They have been to all corners of Australia,

done gigs in Europe and performed as support act to Cold Chisel for their sold out Rod Laver shows. On top of that they have five CD releases to their name and with bespectacled Rockbottom James on vocals and electric harmonica, Paulie Bignell on hollow body guitar, Doghouse Dave on double bass and Craig Hadlow on sticks and

skins duty this talented quartet will surely add to their arsenal. If you’re ready to jump, rock and swing, get your dancin’ shoes on for The Detonators at Sunday Soultrain, Davey’s Hotel, 510 Nepean Hwy, Frankston on Sunday 19 April from 3pm. They’re back.




It promises to be huge. The action-packed afternoon that is Davey’s Sunday Soultrain is welcomed back in style as The Detonators

explode onto the stage with their lethal combination of bar room blues and early rock ‘n’ roll. These guys are not short of experience with a finely honed array of original songs and a stage show that comes from years of gigging pubs, clubs and festivals.



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BABY ET LULU – OAKLEIGH CHIC By Lachlan Bryan Abby Dobson, the unmistakable voice of Leonardo’s Bride, has teamed up with the equally spellbinding Lara Goodridge to form Baby et Lulu – the finest Australian French language act you’re ever likely to see. Performing songs made famous by iconic French chanteuses such as Edith Piaf, as well as their own original songs, Baby et Lulu have now been wowing audiences at festivals and sold-out club shows for over two years. On Saturday 2 May, Oakleigh’s Caravan Music Club will play host to the pair – who are joined by a stellar band of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. Their stage show is described as both sexy and tongue-in-cheek, with the obvious chemistry between the two complimenting the outstanding musicianship. Dobson and Goodridge were brought together by a shared love of the “romance and seduction” of all things French and, whilst they play distinct characters during the show, it seems obvious that the sass and sensuality comes naturally to both performers. Baby and Lulu at The Caravan might just be one of the cultural highlights of the year, even for those whose foreign language skills end at “voulez vouse coucher avec moi, ce soir?” Tickets for Baby et Lulu are available online at www. Bon appetit!

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360 talks about rap, racism and his love of music


MINT Magazine ď ¸ April


bayside & mornington peninsula

By Cameron McCullough 360 is fast making a name for himself in the Australian music scene. The acclaimed Australian rapper has hit the road for his national Retopia tour and Mint Magazine recently caught up with him for a chat. The first thing that strikes you about 360 is his laid-back approach to life. He doesn’t seem too stressed about the media interviews, but admits to nursing a sore throat. “Yeah, I’ve been taking it easy for the last couple of days. Trying to rest it up.” It is hard to start a conversation about music with 360 without delving into his roots and trying to find out how this guy who hails originally from Ringwood got into hip-hop. “My main influences growing up were Eminem, and Wu Tang Clan, but I definitely schooled myself in old-school hip-hop and rap like NWA and Public Enemy as well,” said 360. “Once heading down the hip-hop path, I knew I had to discover as much as possible about those who had come before me.” Of all the artists, there has always been one that stood out head and shoulder above the rest for 360. “Eminem took this all to another level. Eminem took words and made them into a sport. A science almost.” said 360. “When some rappers rap, they don’t just rhyme words, they rhyme syllables. Eminem is a master of this.”

power and reach that entails. “It is absolutely insane, man. I still can’t believe it!”

It brought down on him a torrent of criticism from media outlets and commentators, not to mention his own fans.

“Twelve years ago, if you told the old me where I was now, I wouldn’t believe you. In fact, I’d probably dislike myself!”

“I think it was a good thing as it forced people to face the issue. I think I could have been clearer in explaining my point though!”

One other facet of Eminem is his use of controversy and “shock value” to win fans and criticism alike. Does that factor into 360’s thinking when writing songs?

Quizzed on why the “12 year ago 360” wouldn’t like what he sees now, he replied:

“I didn’t mean that the Australian flag is racist, but rather that it is s shame to see people using the Australian flag as a symbol of racism and hiding behind it.”

“It is almost to the point of satire. It is best not to take too much of it literally. If you are a rap fan, you kind of understand that, whereas non-rap fans just get offended.”

“I had the ‘attitude’ and rapped about stabbing people and stuff like that, but that is not who I was at all. I don’t have a tough and rough background. I am not a fighter whatsoever.”

360 toured with Eminem last year, but didn’t get the chance to meet the artist who’d inspired his early endeavors. “I think he has some pretty crazy fans. He was definitely very reclusive during the tour.”

360’s approach is a little different. “I like making people laugh, and I like being a smart-arse, so there is always going to be that side to my music, but I think my best songs are where I have written something that is incredibly personal.” What does the future hold for 360? And what direction does he want to head? “I am working on stuff now and trying to be less personal. I want to take myself out of my comfort zone and come up with some cool topics.” When you talk of his popularity, 360 reacts with amazement. It is hard to fathom that he has 727,000 followers on Facebook, and the music  arts  events  entertainment

“I always believed that underground hip hop has to be non–commercial, and dark.”

The change in approach and attitude came after looking inside himself and discovering who he really was. Now he is following his dream to make great music, and expresses gratitude at the chance that has been presented to him. “It’s great to have a career in something I am passionate about as it doesn’t feel like work,” said 360. The journey hasn’t been without its ups and downs. Last October, 360 hit national headlines after appearing on the ABC’s “Q&A” program and making a controversial statement about the Australian flag representing racism.

The race issue is something that 360 is passionate about. “I’ve noticed when I come out and speak out about things, fans say ‘we don’t follow you for your opinions on politics. We follow you for your music’.” “One thing I really believe is that I’m in a position where I have a lot of young fans and my words hold a lot of power to some people, so I feel like I have almost a duty of care to speak up and try and inspire people to be good and change things in a positive way.”

vocal about it.” Heading to our neck of the woods in early May, 360 is excited to be back on the road again. “It is exciting, but it is hard work too!” said 360. “On the road, you have to take care of yourself. Otherwise you can get really sick. You get off stage at 1am, and have adrenalin pumping through your veins. Trying to get to sleep is hard, and then to be back in a car driving for six hours at 8am the next morning can really take its toll.” As for what he has in store for fans, he promises they won’t be disappointed. “I’ve been working really hard on some new material. I have got a few surprises!” 360 is the kind of guy that wear his heart on his sleeve. His music might not appeal to everyone, but his sincerity certainly does. It is hard not to chat to him and want him to succeed!

“I think more people with a voice should stand up and speak. I think people are afraid to do it, as they don’t want to lose fans.”

Don’t miss the chance to see 360 when he comes to town! Tickets on sale now for 360 The Retopia Tour at

360 has been quick to stand up against recent anti-Islamic rallies around Australia.

Friday 8 May – Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea Heights VIC - with Coin Banks and LEVA

“I strongly believe that you can’t judge an entire faith on the actions of a few. I’ve been

Friday 15 May – Hallam Hotel, Hallam VIC with LEVA

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NEW DIRECTION FOR 1D? By Stuart McCullough Sure, the group could choose to limp through their current world tour and disappoint millions of fans who paid good money to see five people, not four, prancing around on stage. Or they could thumb their remaining nose at fate and replace Zayn quicker than you can say “underperforming solo album”.

ALL good things and the World Cup Cricket Tournament must, eventually, come to an end. In much the same way, it is inevitable that a pre-fabricated boy band must ultimately start to unravel with the speed of a homemade jumper. So it was that Craig bailed out on Bros, Robbie forsook Take That and now Zayn has decided to part company with One Direction.

How the band responds at this point is crucial to their long-term success. Some bands – AC/DC, the Wiggles – carry on after losing a member without missing a beat. Others, such as Van Halen, never really recover.

These things are never easy and almost always messy. And while news of Zayn’s departure apparently caused Twitter to pretty much soil itself, I can only say for myself that I greeted it with not so much a gnashing of teeth as a gentle shrug of the shoulders and a careless, “Meh”. Until, of course, I realised how it might impact my life for the better. That is, if I was quick enough. I am not a fan of One Direction especially. My lack of devotion is possibly fuelled by the fact that for about six months I confused the British popsters with ‘Direct Action’ and couldn’t understand what it was about their music that required such extensive negotiations in the Australian Senate. Having overcome that particular hurdle, I subsequently had the misfortune of hearing their music, most of which seemed based on the sole objective of convincing the listener that the band loved them.

Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis: your time is now. To assist, I am prepared to offer my services at what I believe is a highly competitive rate. To help you fellas out, I would be willing to step into Zayn’s place at short notice. player and the undisputed heart-throb of the ensemble, Snorky, was leaving the band, it was accompanied by the standard press release declaring that he needed time off to recuperate and wished the other members all the success in the world. Next thing you know, there are pictures of the world’s most famous musical elephant, his trunk submerged in a giant brandy alexander, getting thrown out of The Troubadour Club with John Lennon and Harry Nilsson, splashed across the front pages of tabloid papers.

Much like Spinal Tap, such an approach almost guaranteed that their appeal would be ‘selective’ in nature. Not that I don’t feel for them in their hour of need.

It’s all so predictable. Cue remorse. Cue rehab. Cue solo album that attempts to grow up all at once but succeeds only in alienating a once-loyal fan base before winding up in the bargain bin in less time than it takes to sing the second verse of the Tra La La song.

I can recall when the greatest boy-band of my era – The Banana Splits – lived up to the promise of their name and blew apart in an orgy of antipathy and recrimination.

The rest of the group, of course, vowed to carry on without their errant ivory-tickler. (Come to think of it, is it cruel to make an elephant play the piano? Just saying.)

When news originally broke that keyboard

But much as when Ginger Spice said


MINT Magazine  April


“sayonara” to the rest of the Spice Girls in order to pursue a career in anonymity, it was inevitable that the band’s career should go the way of a fruit basket and get all pear-shaped. Nothing, not even the sight of a newly minted leather-jacket look by the remaining members – Fleegle, Bingo and Drooper – or their decision to recruit synthesizer wizard and part-time cheese maker, Dennis, formerly of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, could halt their inexorable slide. From chart-busting musical behemoths to retail-shelf squatters in one fell swoop. Their former band mate fared even worse. Eventually, Snorky was hounded out of the music business altogether and forced to scrape by as an extra in David Attenborough nature documentaries. I can only hope that a similar fate does not now await poor Zayn. But where millions of teenage girls see tragedy, I see opportunity. Fact is, now that Zayn has cleared out his locker, a casual vacancy has opened up as a result.

And in case you’re drawn to returning to reality television to find a new singer, let me say one just one thing about that as an idea: INXS. Besides, by making me a member of your group, it will inevitably broaden your appeal. Surely there are people who, at hearing that a heavily bearded middle-aged man who is a lousy singer and an even worse dancer has been recruited to join the band, will take in interest in One Direction even if that interest might best be described as macabre. I’ve been rehearsing my dance moves for the last two days. Granted, there are some teething problems but, any time now, I expect to be able to spin around without falling over. I’ve also sewn sequins on nearly all my clothes including the suits I wear to work. I am ready. So, to my new band mates Harry, Niall, Snorky and Posh, I can only say this: brace yourselves – things are about to get interesting.

bayside & mornington peninsula


MONTAGE OF HECK The First Fully Authorised Documentary About Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain, legendary lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Nirvana, “the flagship band of Generation X”, remains an object of reverence and fascination for music fans around the world – and for the first time his story will be told in Cobain: Montage of Heck, a fully authorised feature documentary in cinemas nationally from 7 May. Oscar nominated filmmaker Brett Morgen is writer, director and producer of Cobain: Montage of Heck, and was given unprecedented access to Cobain’s personal and family archives by the late rocker’s estate. Morgen weaves together moving first– person testimony from Cobain’s mother and sister, his widow, Courtney Love, former girlfriend Tracy Marander, ex–bandmate Krist Novoselic and others with Cobain’s own words in an unflinching tribute to a contentious and contradictory talent. Co–produced by Universal Pictures International Entertainment Content Group and HBO Documentary Films, visual artist

music  arts  events  entertainment

Frances Bean Cobain, Cobain’s daughter, is executive producer. “I’m extremely grateful to Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain for granting me unfettered access to Kurt’s possessions,” said Morgen. “There were over 200 hours of unreleased music and audio, a vast array of art projects, countless hours of home movies and over 4,000 pages of writings, which together provided a new perspective on an influential and prolific artist who rarely revealed himself to the media.” Using Cobain’s artwork, photography, journals and family photographs as inspiration, the filmmakers have produced original animation to illustrate important moments in his life. Eight years in the making, Cobain: Montage of Heck chronicles the life of the legendary musician through a lifetime’s worth of work. Idealised by his mother and belittled by his father, Cobain discovered punk rock as a

troubled teen. “A friend of mine made me a couple of compilation tapes,” he remembers in an audiotaped interview. “I was completely blown away. They expressed the way I felt socially and politically. It was the anger that I felt, the alienation. And I realised that this is what I’ve always wanted to do.” By 1991, Seattle–based rockers Nirvana released their breakout hit Smells Like Teen Spirit, taking the music world by storm with a sound that came to represent the youth of the decade. Fans and those of the Nirvana generation will learn things about Cobain they never knew while those who have recently discovered the man and his music will know what makes him the lasting icon that he still is today.

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HAT FITZ & CARA ROBINSON UP CLOSE & UNPLUGGED By Terri Lee Fatouros At first you hear the lyrical sound of a tin whistle trailed by the thrum of a washboard, next comes a flute, drums, zippy guitar riffs and finally the combined vocals of the dynamic duo creating these amazing and original compilations; the eccentric and highly talented husband and wife team – Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson. I was fortunate to meet and befriend them at the Byron Bay Bluesfest a few years back. We have kept in touch since. Naturally, when I found out they were headlining the Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival recently, I was keen to catch up and see how they were doing. Robinson is a blue eyed, blonde Irish born beauty who has a lilting accent and harmonic yet powerful voice, singing in contrast, albeit complimentary to Fitz’s equally lyrical yet gravelly vocals. She has toured with Jamiroquai and the hugely popular Corinne Bailey-Rae. Robinson and Fitz are all about contrast. She wears colourful red netted fascinators, pretty shirts and blouses, while he wears bushman/ scrub shorts, shirt, boots, wide brimmed hat and wild bushy beard, hence his nickname, The Wild Man of Australian Blues. Their original sound is best described as being seeped in authentic folk with a transcontinental Delta, Irish folk twist imbuing old hill country blues, gospel, and soul with a touch of Motown going on. Or as Fitz so aptly says “more of a turbo blade ceramic blues tone, cause I’m a tiler by trade”. Robinson drums with fire in her belly, sings like an exquisite Angel on speed, thrums her wash board with rhythmic agility as only an authentic Irish born could and plays the tin whistle elegantly; juxtaposing Fitz’s passionate organic guitar and banjo riffs and melodically gritty vocals, thus bringing to the stage a vibrant, lively and entertaining blend of their cultures in a visually electric and magical performance. Contrast, contrast, contrast! After their gig I sat back stage chatting and filming them. Fitz being the cheeky Aries kept pulling funny faces, kissing and touching up his lovely wife throughout filming. It only made him play up more when I told him I’m uploading this enjoyable interview onto my You Tube channel. So in between kisses, hugs and other shenanigans, Robinson filled me in on


MINT Magazine  April


the goss. “Well we have just come back from being semi finalists at the 2015’s International Memphis Blues challenge USA as the representatives for the South East Queensland Blues Association. It was an amazing experience meeting and jamming with some incredibly talented musicians. In fact we have an invite back so I guess they liked us. We met many interesting people and were shown decent hospitality by all. It was a blast seeing famous places and just being amongst the awesome vibe of it all. However, its always great to get back home for much needed rest and to unwind.” The couple resides on an amazing country property with an equally amazing lake nestled within the northern NSW Mountains and it’s where they go to recuperate, recharge, and create more of their brilliant music.

“We share with kangaroos, wallabies, possums, Bilbys, wombats and heaps of birds. Often we’ll jump in our tinny and go costing up the lake and disappear for a couple of days. Our lake winds us down and we just chill out,” laughs Robinson. Fitz chips in winking mischievously “Sometimes we simply lose ourselves and get high...on life.” Laughter ensues. Robinson and Fitz are riding the high wave of success right now and with their UK manager booking tours all around the world, their work load sees them sleeping in foreign beds most of the year. Recently, more acknowledgement and success came their way with them receiving a high commandment from the Queensland Music Awards 2015 for their original material, plus Robinson won best female vocal in the 2015 Chain Awards. With their world fan

base growing bigger each year and sales of their CDs sky rocketing, it won’t be long until HatsFitz and Cara Robinson will be a name on many people’s lips. In fact their latest album Do Tell sat at No. 1 in the Australian Blues & Roots charts for three months as well as entering the Amazon charts at No. 17 in Europe. Do Tell is a superb and expertly mastered album. The emotional maturity of Fitz’s vocals especially on the song Long Dark Cloud takes you on a tender journey of despair, sadness, and loss. In fact, the whole damn album is so good you discover new sounds and nuances with each repeat playing. This one is definitely worth having in your collection. You can visit this dynamic duo’s website at

bayside & mornington peninsula

ANDY JANS-BROWN By Terri Lee Fatouros Compassionate, sensitive, and soulful lyrics imbued with life’s experiences are probably the best words to describe music sensation, Andy Jans-brown’s tunes. Creating a rich tapestry of diversity within his song writing and collaborating with experienced musicians, Jans-Brown is certainly forging an exceptional musical path with superstar stamped all over it. Hailing from Byron Bay, Jans-brown embodies that arty, hip and ever so cool vibe in his dress sense, manner and outlook on life. He knows what he’s about and goes about doing it. Recently he finished the last leg of his successful East Coast tour with a few gigs in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula. All of his shows were well received due to his huge and still growing fan base. And I can see why. With song lyrics laced with soul and deep insights of life, and as one who has seen death and experienced life’s punches, his words shoot at the heart and touches a cord within His latest double album Sunshine Avenue reflects all of this, says Andy. “I’m rapt you picked up on the cleanness of the CD and sound. Although it is mostly a rock n roll album I still wanted the human touch. I tried to keep it honest in it’s production. As you said about watching RAGE and seeing so much gore and let’s face it, when it’s not gore and zombies it’s the objectification of women, there is very little heart being expressed in mainstream music for me music is the heart beat. “All of my favourite artists share a common humanity, whether it be the poetics of Leonard Cohen or the wit of Tom Waits or the soul in the voice of Stevie Nicks, you can hear that human quality. “Mark Knopler’s guitar tone or Bob Dylan’s thin little voice, blues music it’s always there. “As with high-end rock it seems to have lost it’s human touch, and I’m all about connecting with humans, not alienating them. “There’s so much fear in our culture. In fact a great book to read is Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine in terms of how fear is being used to control us on a daily basis. “I teach music and I’ve used music therapeutically in outback Australia with the kids who survived the bush fires. I believe in music’s ability to heal. “My first double album Letting Go was dedicated to my brother who passed away


MINT Magazine  April


Picture: Melanie Escombe when I was only 21. Sunshine Avenue is dedicated to my mum who passed away last year. I wanted to honour them both with music, as music is life and I believe deeply in striving toward beauty.

“After losing my brother and my mother I see clearly that the only gift we have in life is ourselves - all the struggles, everything, the whole deal - it’s what makes us who we are, and that is our gift.

“With songs like Into the sun from my Letting Go album which was written about my life affirming trip around Australia and that whole ‘Carpe Diem’ spirit, and to the message in Sunshine Avenue of reminding us to be awake, to live life true to our heart and to turn away from the manipulation of the main stream media propaganda machine, and connect more deeply and honestly with those around us.

Every burden is a gift and every gift a burden. This is what my 44 years on planet earth has taught me.”

“This is my message, my truth and I believe the best thing I can do for this world is simply be me and encourage others to find the meaning of their lives too.

Dressed in a woman’s clothes from his first double album, Letting Go starring seven times award winning Logie actress Paula Duncan, came first on Triple J unearthed Indie chart and sat at number one for over a month.

Jans-brown imbues vivacity and positive vibes into his performances, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction at the completion of his gig. I guess the end result speaks for itself, cause his positive life attitude certainly reflects in his songs and lifestyle. Make a point to go see him next time he’s down our way. Both of the double albums, Letting Go and Sunshine Avenue can be purchased by contacting Jans-Brown at:

It’s a delicate story about a woman growing older reflecting on loss of youth, health and other stuff to the eventual coming to terms with it and discovering her own personal power. bayside & mornington peninsula













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LIZ STRINGER AND VAN WALKER By Lachlan Bryan There’s something about music that brings people together. I mean it really brings people together. Are you getting the hint? Do I need to spell it out? Perhaps it’s the late nights, the alcohol, the cheap hotel rooms and the lonely hours on the highway but, whatever it is, musicians seem to be attracted to each other – and they often ‘hook up’. Some artists/lovers successfully work together (think Beyonce and Jay Z) while others save it for the red carpet (think John Mayer and Taylor Swift, John Mayer and Katy Perry or John Mayer and Jessica Simpson). Either way, these musical pairings have a way of capturing our imaginations, often making both parties into bigger stars, regardless of how long the relationship lasts (think John Mayer and…well, you get the picture).

the radar – possibly because this pair has always focused on being good rather than famous. And when I say good, it’s a major understatement, for Liz Stringer and Van Walker are two of the best singers and songwriters that Australia has produced. If you like Paul Kelly, or Bob Dylan, or Joni Mitchell – in fact, if you even just like music or storytelling – you should check out these two when they’re next in the neighbourhood. Lucky for us, they’ll be at The Red Hill Pavilion on Friday 1 May, with special guest Heidi Luckhurst. Grab your tickets from www. and help make Stringer and Walker the headline-grabbing couple they deserve to be!

Here in Melbourne, we have our own great musical love match, but it flies well under




WWW.TTHEFAC.CCOM.AAU / 03 9784 1060


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bayside & mornington peninsula

E.X.P By Terri Lee Fatouros Look out peeps, there’s a British Rock invasion going down. Flashing laser lights, high jumps, energetic and flamboyant showmanship, and loud to the eyes are probably the best adjectives to describe E.X.P Hendrix & British Rock Band who are currently banging our senses with seriously needed rock & roll. Consisting of family trio, Andrew Kerr –rhythm/lead guitar and vocals, Reita Kerr – fuzz bass/backing vocals and son, John Kerr on drums. These energetic musos have been making heads turn and tongues wag during their high octane and extremely entertaining performances.

his stool completely on his way down again. In fact, a really good gig is judged by how injured John gets. He once drummed so hard that the blisters on his hands burst and bled all over his kit.” “Hang on, hang on,” says Reita. “Andy is extremely mischievous too and needs to be kept an eye on, especially when he is using his wireless kit. I have often lost him off stage and found him playing his guitar at the bar or at the back of the room!” E.X.P. is lively and fun to watch. You may need the occasional earplug, especially while John is undertaking one of his flamboyant drum solos; or when Andy is doing his rock star thing and playing his guitar with his teeth or behind his head. It’s even more exciting when Andy jumps off the stage and breaks into a trendy guitar riff, but hey, that’s a signature style of a good rock & roll band anyway.

With an extensive gigging repertoire at numerous known bars, pubs and festivals throughout the UK under their belt, E.X.P migrated from England to Canberra in December 2011. They left behind many famous friends, the likes of Les Carter, drummer for Johnny Kid & The Pirates of Shaking All Over fame, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath (OMG so love Black Sabbath) and Phil Brittle to name a few. Ironically, their good friend Steve Sylvester of the Steve and Irwin Sylvester notoriety, (70s disco fame) was a huge lover of British Rock, as was Andy, and he suggested, before they left England, to do tunes with a Hendrix, Who, Cream, Led Zepplin, Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple twist. This they did and have been gigging with these themes in place ever since. In Australia, E.X.P have been wooing punters at respectful venues for some time now, including gigging on the main stage for

Keep a look out for E.X.P. They are playing regularly at the Frankston Footy Club and locally around the ‘burbs. two days at The Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2011. “Many times people come up to us after a gig and say, ‘you have restored my faith in Rock and Roll’, which in itself is gratifying to hear. Or they say that it must be great being a family band; it is, but with families come arguments. However, the tension that this creates, especially before a gig always makes for a better show.

TIDBITS & TALES What a great turn out for local muso Fiona Romundt’s birthday bash held at the Green Table in Dandenong recently. The Hadron Kaleidoscopes turned up along with a few additional musically inclined peeps and jammed the night away. It was a great night for all including the lovely Ms Fee Fee, who had a ball. Went to Mornington Muso Mondays held at Gods Kitchen the other night and was delighted with the ambiance and the energy there. Alex Burton who runs it says it’s a platform for musicians to cut their teeth playing originals in front of an appreciative audience. Maria Cassar performed one of her


MINT Magazine  April


You may even hear the odd swear word flung across the room if someone gets part of a song wrong. Recently Andy started our version of Pinball Wizard at an open mike at Musicland and it was completely wrong. All you could hear from me was ‘It’s f***ing B!’” laughs Reita. Andy quips in, “Sometimes we find john crashed out on the floor cause he’s jumped up high during his drum solo only to miss

Their Promotion Company, Black Thorn Music Promotions is putting on regular events around the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside area to promote local bands and to engage the community to support live music and have a great night out. Therefore punters, musos and everyone in between, if you have inquiries, want to chat or discuss gigs with E.X.P, feel welcome to contact them on the following via expband1@ or Facebook: expband1.

By Terri Lee Fatouros

originals titled Heidi Lisa, a beautiful composition with thought provoking lyrics about her Goddaughter, Heidi Lisa. Peter Thorp accompanied her on harp. With an upbeat pop style song, Mick Foster further enhanced the mood with acoustic guitar in hand performing an original called Johnny the Dog, from his children’s album. Any musos wanting to perform can contact Alex on 0431 634 154 or check out his Mornington Muso Mondays Facebook page. On a similar note, James Harrison runs the Baxter Bluegrass Mountain Music Muster on the first Sunday of every month. It’s held at 211 Baxter Tooradin Rd, Baxter.

Melways Ref 107 D5. Usually starts 1.30pm and wraps up around 4.30pm. It is for any musician wanting to have fun and get a little extra help with their playing. Musos will be shown chord character, formulas to strengthen their chord progression and transposition, along with developing enhanced commitment to memory via their music plus more. Beginners are encouraged and very welcome, and all one need do is bring a music stand if possible. Acoustic Guitar Lessons will be available soon so check out their Facebook page - The People Place Music Club.

You can contact Jamez’ Guitar Method on 0437 665 328 or email mahoguitar@ Finally, Marty Reyes of Club De Diddy Entertainment put on an awesome event at the annual Red Hill Show with a line up of first-class performers. Included were The Jackson Four, a band with sax, congo, electric organ and drums, (really good experienced musos sounding like an eight-piece ensemble) and Baron Franco & the Travelin Roads. In fact, Baron Franco’s band is featured in next month’s Mint so be sure to keep a look out for that. Hugs and kisses. bayside & mornington peninsula

THE ULTIMATE ABBA Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of ABBA (the album)… Live In Concert In 2014, GOLD The Ultimate ABBA Show landed in Australia for their New Arrival Tour performing to sold-out houses and playing to over 10,000 people across the country. Now Happy Days Records are thrilled to present them once again in 2015 for their new show celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the release of the 1975 album ABBA – featuring all the hits, the anthems and more including Mamma Mia, SOS, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and many more. Four decades on since the release of the band’s third self-titled album. The opening track, Mamma Mia, was released as a standalone single due to Australia’s adoration of the Swedish pop group that forced pressure on the groups record label and management to eventually lift the track as a single in September 1975 – a single that rocketed to the top of the Australian singles charts where it remained for ten straight weeks. The album sold eleven times platinum.

giving audiences a true ABBA experience and this will prove no different once again featuring internationally recognised ABBA performers who have taken to the stage globally with both Kathleen Maloney (Agnetha) and Kirsten Elliott (Anna-Frid) commanding attention and respect in their performances on the most recent 2014 New Arrival Tour. Don’t miss your chance to unleash your inner dancing queen to all of ABBA’s hits in this special two-hour concert production… it’s time to bring out the flares and platform shoes and prepare yourselves for GOLD The Ultimate ABBA Show 40th Anniversary of ABBA Tour! GOLD The Ultimate ABBA Show is heading to Frankston Arts Centre for one show only on Saturday 2 May. Tickets via website or call 03 9784 1060.

GOLD The Ultimate ABBA Show is all about

Singing, Guitar & Piano lessons BOOK NOW for our Songwriting Workshop !!


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360 ALLSTARS 360 ALLSTARS is a phenomenal theatrical performance exploring all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar cast, including world champion athletes, world class dancers and world renowned musicians, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus! A performance like no other, 360 ALLSTARS reinvents the traditional circus by presenting contemporary performance styles instead of conventional circus art forms. Replace acrobats with break dancers, substitute a basketball freestyler in place of a juggler, swap the unicyclist for a BMX flatlander, and let a Roue Cyr artist put new meaning to the term “ring master” and you get an exhilarating circus performance like nothing you have seen before! And with live music from master musicians, Gene Peterson and Sam Perry, 360 ALLSTARS is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding. Featuring artists from UK, Europe, America,

Australia & NZ, the performance is a spectacular, colourful and audibly exciting expression of a generation that has reinvented public performance. Fusing amazing physical skills with the extraordinary artistry that emerges from urban culture, 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement! ‘360 ALLSTARS’ is the latest work from renowned Australian production house Onyx Productions. The show which has just delivered over 450 performances and workshops around Australia and Europe this year, is set to premier in the US in 2014, with a 6 week tour featuring a 3 week season on Broadway. Additionally, a four month return tour to Australia and a four month return tour to Europe is already scheduled for 2015. 360 ALLSTARS will be at Frankston Arts Centre on Tuesday 5 May @ 8pm. Details at or on 03 9784 1060.

Heritage Tavern & Restaurant

Set on 2 acres of garden space in a 1930’s house, the Heritage Tavern embodies the ambience of a gentler era.

Family friendly with space for the kids to play.

Reasonably priced meals with plenty of slow cooked options.

Featuring local produce, beers & wine.

LIVE MUSIC Sundays 3-6pm NO COVER CHARGE 3059 Frankston Flinders Rd, Phone: 5983 2597 (Balnarring 3918 opposite the Balnarring Shopping Centre)

Email: follow us facebookĂŶĚƚǁŝƩĞƌ music  arts  events  entertainment

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SONS OF SUN By Lachlan Bryan

Roy Dore Reserve, Carrum 11AM - 10PM

Featuring AU S - R O C K ROYALTY

Boom Crash Opera plus

GII G G G Gu uid u iid de 11AM 1A 1AM AM


122P 112PM 2PM P


Ha H arv rves rves est st Kitch Kittch Ki chen en



La Lac ac ch hlla hla lan B Brya rya rya yan and nd the he W Wiilde ilde des de

6.45 .45 .4 445PM PM

Off O Of fffic ici ciial al Wel Welcom lcom ome om me from om m th he May ayo a y yor

9P M 9PM

Bo Boo B Boom oo oom Cras ra ra as sh Op pe per er er a



LOCAL LO LOC AL AL And nd Dr Food An Driinks


Set times correct at time of printing. Check website for updates.


K I N G S T O N .V I C . G OV. A U / Patterson Lakes


In the world of rock and roll, there have been few more influential people than Sam Phillips. Never heard of him? Well, that might be because he ain’t no rockstar – instead, he’s the producer that discovered and recorded the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis and made those guys into the icons we know and love. Sons of Sun is a play (with music of course!) that tells Sam’s story as it’s never been told before – through his own eyes and the eyes of the great artists around him. It’s a three-person show, with Matt Charleston, Victoria Beck and Ben Maclaine taking on multiple roles,

bringing the musicians and characters of this golden era of rockabilly to life. The play was first developed by Sydney musician John Kennedy in 2011. Soon after, award-winning Melbourne playwright Kieran Carroll and acclaimed director Neil Gooding got on board, and Sons of Sun soon became the touring show that it is today, with dates booked along the East Coast right up until November this year. Locals can catch Sons of Sun at Elsternwick’s Flying Saucer Club on Saturday 24 May, with tickets and further information available at

PICTURE: Matt Charleston plays Sam Phillips in Sons of Sun.


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BURLESQUE SHOW A GRAND AFFAIR By Stephen Taylor BURLESQUE show at the Grand Hotel is a dream come true for Mornington woman Jess Young.

Channel 7’s Sunrise, and Petra Dish, who is Miss Burlesque WA 2013 and Sugar Blue Burlesque.

“It did start with a dream early last year ... literally,” she said. “I woke up one morning after having a dream about the show, and said to myself....I have to put on a show here and showcase burlesque in all it is glory to the peninsula.”

“My plan is to keep a stellar record of high quality sell-out shows this year, and apply for arts funding next year to tour the show regionally,” Young said. “I am a creative person who is driven by a passion for empowering women. Last year I completed my social work and youth work qualifications all while working 60-hour weeks and producing the shows and performing. I am currently working on a young women’s program to release next year.

That show at the Harba restaurant sold out in two days, so Young scheduled a re-run, which sold out in less than a week. Next month’s This Is Burlesque plays in a new, bigger venue at The Grand Hotel, Mornington. Young, who performs under the name Jessabella, will be on stage with Lila Luxx, who headlined at this year’s Australian Burlesque Festival tour, BB le Buff, director of the longest running burlesque school in Brisbane, Elena Gabrielle, who has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, and on

“Along with the body positive and empowering message the art form of burlesque provides, I wish to produce work in both the social work and arts fields that positively impacts on women and how they see themselves.” This Is Burlesque, Friday 17 April, The Grand Hotel, Mornington. Book online at trybooking. com/124801

The Continental • Gary Sissons

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The Chelsea Heights hotel explodes with an Oz Rock Trifecta bringing together the music of three of Australian Rock music’s biggest bands, INXS, Cold Chisel and the mighty Midnight Oil. Australia’s most renowned tribute bands INXSIVE, Gold Chisel and The Midnight Oil Show come together in one super concert at one of Melbourne’s most iconic live music venues… INXS helped shape the Australian musical landscape in the 80s and 90s. Their infectious blend of dance/rock saw them conquer the music charts not only in Australia, but worldwide. They built a reputation for staging electric and engaging live shows, fronted by their wildly charismatic and unpredictable front man, Michael Hutchence. music  arts  events  entertainment

Formed in 1997, INXSIVE reproduce not only the sound of INXS, but also the live show that made them as memorable as they are today. INXSIVE give every audience the opportunity to re-experience the inspiring, and proudly Australian, music that INXS created during their career. An absolute “must see” for all INXS fans! Cold Chisel we’re unquestionably one of the finest and most respected rock groups in Australian history. The songs of Cold Chisel helped to form part of what we like to call “The Great Australian Soundtrack”, with many of them being best described as Australian Rock Anthems. It is with great pride that as Australian musicians, Gold Chisel can take these songs across Australia and allow many

Aussies to relive the memories, and at the same time introduce these timeless classics to a whole new generation. Midnight Oil were more than just a rock and roll band. From the northern beaches of Sydney to the streets of Manhattan, they stopped traffic, inflamed passions, inspired fans, challenged concepts and broke new ground. To see Midnight Oil in full flight was to experience the full visceral, transcendent, kinetic power of live rock & roll. To experience Midnight Oil was to be inspired by ideas, to be encouraged to live life more passionately, to get involved in the world around you. Bringing Back The Oils - The Midnight Oil Show celebrate the music, the influences, and the artistry of the mighty Midnight Oil…They’re

bringing back The Oils…with or without them! *It’s a night of non-stop Aussie classics with three big bands at one of Melbourne’s greatest live music venues. Join INXSIVE, Gold Chisel and The Oils for “Australian Made, The Oz Rock Tribute Supershow” at The Chelsea Heights Hotel on Friday 24 April (Anzac Day eve) *Tickets are $30 and you can secure yours by contacting the venue directly on 97734453 and purchase via credit card over the phone. Tickets will also be available at the venue unless sold out. Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 8.30pm. Don’t miss out. Book now! Corner of Springvale and Wells rds. Chelsea Heights.

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GRETTA ZILLER By Lachlan Bryan Oakleigh resident Gretta Ziller has made a name for herself of late as one of the most exciting new singersongwriters on the Melbourne scene. Her EP Hell’s Half Acre was recorded with renowned producer Matt Fell (Josh Pyke) and features the fantastic first cut Hunt for Love, as well equally compelling new single Some Kind of Habit (both songs have been accompanied by tasty music videos). Gretta’s voice and guitar playing are impressive – there’s a slight smokiness to her vocals and she treads a very neutral line between an Australian accent and the twang that is usually necessary to get noticed in the Americana genre.

or mischievous – and her melodies are quite lovely. Ziller spends plenty of time on the road, playing shows in Victoria and NSW and even turning up on the occasional festival bill (in fact I suspect there’ll be a lot more of those to come). And as if the singing and songwriting wasn’t enough, Gretta is a more than handy cellist, violininist and upright-bass player! Look out for Gretta Ziller on the Mornington peninsula later this year! YOUTUBE LINK: GRETTA ZILLER – SOME KIND OF HABIT

But it’s really the quality of her songs that really sets Ziller apart. Her lyrics are never obvious - always erring on the side of clever, thought-provoking

Davey’s Hotel Over 28’s

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CLASSICAL WITH A WIZARDLY TWIST By Terri Lee Fatouros Can anyone remember the last time they went to a gig and were impressed not only with the performance, but delighted with the eccentricity of the performers as well? Well, if you go see Andrew Farrell a.k.a. The Wizard and his sidekick Dorothy, a.k.a. the lovely Donna McConville, that’s exactly how you’ll feel during and after their gig. Farrell is the sort of guy you do a double take on. Dressed in colourful if not psychedelic garb with matching bandana, blue pointed wizard shoes, and sporting an extraordinary white, long beard with a bushy moustache. He radiates charismatic charm tinged with overtones of magic that literally flows through his hands into his piano playing. At an early age, in fact so young he could barely reach it; Farrell tinkled with his parents Pianola. It was one of those pedal types you put the roll in to make the notes play. Over the years he taught himself to play the tunes on the rollers, and luckily his parents recognized his remarkable ability and gave him piano lessons. Farrell plays from the heart and imbues classics like Gershwin’s-Rhapsody in Blue, excerpts from Grieg’s Concerto, Billy Joel, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker to Cohen’s Hallelujah with emotion, sentiment, and passion. Then when you least expect it, while lulled into a state of classical euphoria, he’ll change the pace, nudging you back to reality with one of his original and beautiful compositions, like The Brumbies. This outstanding original is about the time he was travelling through Lake Jindabyne in NSW and saw a sign saying ‘Stop for Brumbies’, and, as if on cue a bunch of beautiful, proud Brumbies crossed in front of him. The Brumbies song captures the emotion

of horses galloping freely, represented by fast rhythmic lower note riffs intermingled with softer slower riffs that invokes images of the horses pausing to graze for awhile only to suddenly gallop away as the beat revs up once more. It’s a really beautiful arrangement. Donna McConville has known and sang with Farrell for over 25 years. She has played many concerts around Australia for most of her life and has just come back from playing to sell out concerts in NZ with Farrell. She’s got a Spanish Senorita vibe going on. She wears her long black hair in a sultry side plait that flows below her waistline and with red flowers arranged graciously atop her hair; it highlights her attractive and vibrant features. Dressed stylishly in a colourful dress compared to Farrell’s wizardly look going on, their ease of 25 years performing together shines through as a tight, yet free flowing show. I guess the best way to describe Farrell’s musical blend is classically based, with a touch of jazz, waltz rock imbued with a wizardry twist. So far he has released 14 CDs including one with McConville titled, Swing Swing Swing Away, plus The Other Side Of The Rainbow & The Wizard Flies Solo to name a few. Beach 162 was the perfect place for their gig as the resort like atmosphere and the duo’s polished and friendly semi cabaret deliverance enthralled all there. Farrell and McConville will be gigging at Beach 162 situated at 162 Beach Street Frankston later in the year. For bookings and cd purchases contact Farrell at or 0407 537 501 or via Facebook. 28

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bayside & mornington peninsula

508 Nepean Hwy, Frankston Ph. 9783 9800



in the Pelly Bar


It started as a rumble in the suburbs. Glen Waverly to Hallam, Ferntree Gully to Frankston in every beer soaked band room in between, each weekend brought the best live talent Australia had to offer to the churning masses. Midnight Oil, Radio Birdman, AC/DC - they all cut their teeth playing to the assembled tribes that merged together at the end of the working week to dance, and drink, and party. Chrissie Amphlett raged, The Models pouted, and INXS strutted week in, week out in darkened rooms nestled far away from the looming city. As the years went on, the scene changed. Weekend warriors found their new battleground in the form of the electric Melbourne skyline, leaving behind empty band rooms and music  arts  events  entertainment

slowing the suburban heartbeat. Until now. Like any good movement, the voice may be muffled but the heartbeat remains. The growing demand for a local alternative night out with the same coveted artists, DJs, and late night vibes without the astronomic costs involved with a night in the city led to the inception of Urban Spread. Each month Urban Spread will bring the biggest names in Australian rock, indie, hardcore, punk, blues and roots, hip hop and just about anything else you can think of to the Chelsea Heights Hotel kicking off with DZ Deathrays on Friday 17 April and then Northlane with Hellions on Friday 1 May . DZ Deathrays have come a long way from the

first house party gig that they formed for. In the past few years, the ARIA Award winning, indie/thrash two-piece has toured overseas relentlessly, winning loyal fans the world over with their roof-lifting live show, debut album Bloodstreams and their 2014 release Black Rat. Here at home in Australia, they’ve done stadium shows with The Foo Fighters, as well as multiple other support tours, sold-out headline shows and festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Groovin’ The Moo and Falls Festival. The professional face-melters from Brisbane have toured the US, UK, Europe, Asia and even Iceland. After coming so far and achieving so much, Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley are still two regular dudes that you might meet at a

party. A party where the music playing is a blend of driving monster beats firing over an avalanche of guitar, similar to the sound of a squadron of attacking Panzer tanks. With solid line-ups each month, and a strict no dickheads policy, Urban Spread brings live music back where it should - at the local. Catch DZ Deathrays at the Chelsea Heights Hotel on Friday 17 April, as the Brisbane postpunk partiers stir up a haze of blood, sweat and beers. Along for the ride are Melbourne connoisseurs of chaos The Bennies. Rounding out our April line-up are fellow Melbournians and purveyors of garage pop-noise, Lunatics on Pogosticks. Tickets from Moshtix or Chelsea Heights Hotel.

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Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula, singer/guitarist Dylan Boyd, along with powerhouse drummer Noel Tenny and bassist Damien Boyd, is bringing a fresh new energy into the Melbourne Blues scene. After clocking up the miles in various original bands, cover bands, wedding bands, tribute bands and rubber bands, the Dylan Boyd Trio’s repertoire spans a huge demographic not only in terms of chronology, but also, style. Not too often would you hear Peter Gabriel in the style of blues/rock, in a trio format. Speaking of their style and influence, obviously they have your usual shuffles and blues standards in their sets ranging from Clapton to Hendrix, however DBT incorporate some of the more modern players including as John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa. The one thing they love is turning the amp up to 11 and punch each song that little extra, so don’t be surprised to hear a bit of ZZ Top, Bad Company, Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure. Dylan and the lads were welcomed with open arms at their first round of gigs at Davey’s Sunday Soultrain and are looking forward to their return on Sunday 17 May and also making their rocking debut in the Seaford Hotel’s Friday Night Blues Club concept Friday 8 May. Be sure to make it down for a bevy and say ‘hi’ to the boys at their next show. You’re gonna hear a lot more from these boys!


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Last year I was at The Green Table in Dandenong listening to a number of local bands showcasing their talent when a young teenager, Zac Halpin caught my attention with his cool guitar riffs. His style and serious playing was refreshing for someone so young.

Pics by Simon Mills lls

hot shots

Halpin loves heavy metal and his band, Agathis comprising Calvin Adams on drums and Halpin on lead guitar, and because they just lost their bass player, that spot is open now, will soon be ripping out heavy metal jams around the Mornington Peninsula. However, in the meantime they will still continue to gig at The Green Table. What I like about these boys is they are still in school, Year 10 to be precise, and seriously want to pursue a career in music.

hot shots

They are in the process of writing originals and perfecting covers like Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Pantera to modern bands like Avenged Sevenfold. Halpin says even though they are all local Rosebud boys and will stick to their roots, they will enjoy adding their own small piece of finesse on various parts and shades of their music.

Pics by Gary Sissons ons

Uriah Heep @ Chelsea Heights Hotel

Mick Pealing @ Daveys Sunday Soultrain

By Terri Lee Fatouros

Says Halpin, “We are currently looking for a second guitarist and a vocalist to complete our line up. We are doing awesome covers, and some hard MINT Magazine  April


hitting, in-your-face original songs to be released within the next 6-12 months. “We are all young, around the age of 16, and all talented musicians. We got our name while we were joking around at rehearsals and I said ‘Why don’t we name ourselves Agathis?’ “It was an Indonesian wood used in my very first guitar, so it has a tad of sentimentality behind it.” The other band Halpin plays in is Omega, a newer styled band fusing all kinds of metal, doom, thrash with elements of hardcore metal too. It’s a five-piece band consisting of his dad, Bo Remey aged 45 on bass, Pete Davies, 23 on guitar, Ivi Duzel, 44 vocals, and Boz 30+ on drums. Recently the guys gigged at the Bendigo Hotel to a packed crowd of 250 plus. It is so refreshing to see passionate teens valuing and taking their music seriously, yet appreciating to the max in what they do. Both Agathis and Omega are growing a big fan base and are getting heaps of hits on their Facebook pages. For inquiries and bookings contact Agathis at Omega contact details are www. bayside & mornington peninsula

beach162 f o h t 0 1 e On th r u o y r e p m a p y a M a o t m u m s u o i c e r p h t i w t a e r special t c i s u m e iv l h t o o m s t a s l a e m g n i v o l d n a 2 6 1 h c a be

opens 7 days for breakfast lunch dinner 162 beach street frankston ph: (03) 9783 7109 w: e:

HIP TO BE COUNTRY By Lachlan Bryan

The Kingston Harvest Festival is one of the most exciting new country and roots music festivals on the Australian calendar. In fact, if there’s a festival out there that best represents style of music covered in this column, then Kingston Harvest is probably it! This year the event is taking place on Saturday 9 May and the line-up, as usual, is a great mix of slightly left of centre artists including Liz Stringer, All Our Exes Live in Texas, The Stetson Family, Raised by Eagles, Boom Crash Opera, The Wilson Pickers and your humble Mint columnist. It all happens at The Roy Dore Reserve in Carrum and, amazingly, entry costs only $2 per person! Whilst the festival represents great value, and is a fantastic chance to see a whole variety of acts on the one day, it’s far from the only upcoming chance to see good


MINT Magazine  April


country and folk music. As usual, The Caravan Music Club in Oakleigh has a stellar program through the April/May period. For those readers still stuck in the 70s, the appearance of Canyon on Sunday 12 April is not to be missed. Canyon play the songs of ‘West Coast sound’ acts like The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, America, Crosby Stills and Nash and more, so any selfrespecting, grey-ponytailed easy-riders will be there. If you’re more into new music, the incomparable Charlie Parr is the alt-country/ folk highlight, appearing on Saturday 16 May. If you’re a regular at The Caravan, you’ll most likely also be interested in the goings-on at Elsternwick’s Flying Saucer Club (located at the Caulfield RSL). The venue has been around for a while, but recent developments looks set to ensure a plethora of good folk,

country and Americana sounds on the program. Russell Morris and band will hit the club on May 2nd, most likely playing a few old hits as well as songs from his remarkably successful ‘comeback albums’ Sharkmouth and its successor van Diemen’s Land. Hardcore country and rock n roll fans might also be up for a night of the Man in Black on 14 May when Daniel Thompson brings his Johnny Cash in Solitary show to the very same venue, paying tribute to Cash’s iconic prison performances. Finally, those of you who caught Australian country singer Harmony James on her recent visit to our area may be interested to learn that she will be back in town on Thursday 25 June as opening act for two legends of country and Americana music: Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. The prized

opening spot is a huge coup for James, who has been quietly impressing audiences (and her fellow songwriters) with intelligent, thoughtful country and folk music for nearly seven years. Tickets for Harris and Crowell (with James) will sell fast. They’re available now from Ticketmaster. Lachlan Bryan is primarily a singersongwriter. His third album Black Coffee is out now. He also moonlights as a gifted observer and music journalist, writing monthly for Mint Magazine on all things folk/country/bluegrass. If you’ve got a new release, upcoming show or you’d like to get in touch with Lachlan, drop him a line at

bayside & mornington peninsula


RUSSELL MORRIS VAN DIEMEN’S LAND There is no doubt that Russell Morris (pictured) is still at the top of his game. His recent Chain Award for Van Diemen’s Land is again testament to the fact the Russell Morris is a great singer, songwriter and Bluesman. An ARIA hall of fame inductee, Russell Morris captured the hearts and imagination of Australians in 2012 when he unveiled Sharkmouth, the first of a trilogy of albums retelling some amazing stories in Australia’s distant past; some famous, some not so famous, creating a historical document using blues and rock to celebrate the yarns on which modern Australia was built. Van Diemen’s Land picks up where Sharkmouth left off, this time covering some great Australian characters and stories including Breaker Morant, Sandakan, the Eureka Stockade and many more. After five Australian Top 10 singles during the late 1960s and early 1970s, Russell has completely reinvented himself and has audiences wanting more. On stage, Russell is a great show man and has a polished act with great support from fellow band members, Peter Robinson (guitar and backup vocals), Mitch Cairns (Producer - bass and backup vocals), and John Creech (drums). Russell’s live shows do not disappoint. They consist of Sharkmouth and Van Diemen’s Land songs which tell stories about Australia’s more colourful past and the show concludes with some of Russell’s classic hits Sweet Sweet Love, Hush and the ever popular crowd favourite The Real Thing. Please check out this YouTube clip of his recent live performance of The Real Thing at the recent Mordialloc Food and Wine Festival.

music  arts  events  entertainment

Multi award winning Melbourne Blues - Funk band, Blue Eyes Cry have a new album Pull Me In. The album launch tour kicks off 16 April in an east coast tour of Australia. Their early preview tracks indicate that it certainly has all the ingredients of being another great album. Their debut album Sleepin’ Alone released on the Black Market Music label went to No. 1 on the Australian Blues and Roots Radio Airplay Charts for both June and July in 2013. In the same year Iseula Hingano (vocalist) also took home the award for Female Artist of the Year at the MBAS VIC/TAS Blues Music Awards and the band was awarded a Chain award for best song of the year with Sleepin’ Alone from their debut album.

Finnen is best guitar player that he has ever seen”. This is quite an accolade indeed from someone who himself is regarded as one of the best. Chris Finnen has performed for the Dalai Lama and has shared the stage with some of the world’s best including Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Witherspoon, Roy Buchanan, Eric Burdon, Keb Mo, Bob Brozman, Johnny Copeland, The Holmes Brothers, John Mayall and Mavis Staples. In Australia he has worked with Matt Taylor, Phil Manning, Dutch Tilders, Margaret Roadknight, Jeff Lang and Kevin Borich to name but a few; and he was inducted the Blues Hall of fame in New York, USA in August 2013. Chris has now joined forces with some of his mates to form Chris Finnen and the Melbourne Blues Disciples. The band’s return tour around Melbourne is expected in August later this year.




Chris Finnen may not be known to all of you, but according to Phil Manning (Chain) “Chris

With his innovative song writing, blistering guitar playing mixed with intense vocals

Mike Elrington is an exciting performer in our blues music scene today. Mike started his career in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne in 2000. His first album Too Good To Be True played a big part in establishing his name in the Aussie independent blues scene. Since then Mike has released another four albums independently and is showing no signs of slowing down. Mike Elrington has now teamed up with Supersonic Media in London who are releasing his latest album, another fine 14-track album of original music. Check out this YouTube clip of Mike Elrington performing the title track of the new album Build You Up (To Cut You Down) live at Highway 9 studios

PENINSULA BLUES CLUB The Peninsula Blues Club presents live music on the second Sunday of each month at the Frankston Bowling Club, 64 Yuille Steet (Cnr Yuille & William St) Frankston South. Sunday 12 April will feature the return of two magnificent guitar players Geoff Achison and Shannon Bourne as the feature artists. Doors open at 6pm.

BLUES QUICK QUIZ Which African American Chicago blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player, from Mississippi was better known as known as Howlin’ Wolf? Know about something happening in the Blues world? Drop Greg a line at: bluesillustrated@ or GregFisherBluesIllustrated

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CROWDS FLOCK TO PICNIC The Peninsula Picnic The day after more than 10,000 people clicked through the turnstiles for the first Saturday running of the Mornington Cup, another 4500 people were back at the racecourse for the Peninsula Picnic, arranged by Melbourne Racing Club. Picnickers were entertained by the The Waifs and Paul Dempsey. “We can’t believe the event sold out in its first year but we have room to welcome more people next year as there’s space for us to expand around the racecourse,” CEO Brodie Arnhold said. The picnic’s creative director Dave Strong said he was pleased with the “look and feel of the first edition”. “It was exciting to see all the best things about the peninsula come together in one place. The music provided the perfect backdrop to a sensational day.

The Peninsula Picnic

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CLASSIC CUTS In 1969 Dutch band Shocking Blue, along with their newly acquired vocalist Mariska Veres, released their second album At Home.

great vocals from Veres along with some hooky riffs and subtle wah wah. The album also features the band’s massive worldwide hit Venus which remains a radio classic to this day. It has been covered by many artists over the years and influenced a great deal of others.

Guitarist and songwriter Robbie Van Leeuwen had more than a passing interest in establishing a front woman for the band similar to the USA’s Jefferson Airplane, and although there are similarities to Grace Slicks’ vocals, Mariska had a much nicer voice … and stunning good looks!!

A truly inspiring song with a mesmerising video clip featuring Veres with her nonplussed attitude adding mystery and intrigue to the performance.

Drummer Cor Van Der Beek and bassist Klaasje Van Der Wal make up the remainder of the psychedelic pop rock quartet. Van Leeuwen would have to be one of the most underrated and prolific songwriters of our time, having written every track on the album, as he did with most of their following albums. Shocking Blue were more creative than many of the bands of their time who were getting more attention than they were. Dutch bands weren’t getting a great deal of attention overseas at the time, much like the Australian artists of that era. At Home is a brilliant sixties rock album full of exciting and inventive songs, many of

which feature the exotic sound of the sitar. The album is complimented with superb guitar fills, hooks and solos highlighting Van Leeuwen’s brilliance. Some of the more up tempo tracks include Boll Weevil which is slightly reminiscent of The Easybeats’ Good Times, California Here I Come, The Butterfly & I, which is the only track to include a brass section, and Long and Lonesome Road, which features some

MISSED THE MARK Nothing speaks more of an opportunity squandered than the cautionary tale of Terence Trent D’arby. Things started so well. Terry’s debut album – Introducing the Hard Line According to Terence Trent D’arby went absolute gangbusters in 1987. It had hit singles in the form of Wishing Well and Sign Your Name and even won the guy a Grammy. Tezza modestly suggested that it was the most important album since Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Obviously, no one had slung him a copy of Philosophy of the World by The Shaggs. Oversights aside, Terry had the world at his feet. Pity, then, that he should respond by stomping all over it. He could sing, dance and, when pressed, do the splits. Crowds cheered. Women swooned. Other men attempted to do the splits to imitate him and only succeeded in injuring themselves. He was famous enough to have his own lunchbox. Having achieved so much so quickly, there was little else to do other than muck it up. The sophomore slump can hit anyone. But album number two from Tezza represents not so much a fall from grace as it does a headlong dive into disaster. Let’s start with


MINT Magazine  April


By Ray McGrotty (Record City)

the title. Having a hopeless name for your album is not necessarily a kiss of death. But more than simply snogging mortality, Neither Fish Nor Flesh is just flat-out confusing. To be fair, that’s not quite its full title. It also included some additional mumbo jumbo in brackets within which lies the record’s true mission statement. ‘A Soundtrack of Love, Faith, Hope and Destruction’ it claimed. Frankly, if you need to explain these things expressly, the music is failing to do the talking.

Venus became a huge hit selling over 8 million copies reaching No.1 in many countries including Australia and America and was top ten in many other countries including the UK and has been used in over a dozen movies. Other tracks on the album include I’ll Write Your Name Through The Fire, Love Machine, Poor Boy which is an instrumental featuring some very busy bass playing (Jack Bruce would be proud) and I’m A Woman, again with some nice sitar work. Another track to feature the sitar in a big, big way is the magnificent Acka Raga which really shows the versatility of Van

Leeuwen’s musicianship, and finally another sitar laden gem Love Buzz which became very significant for the Seattle grunge band Nirvana in 1989. Nirvana had been playing Love Buzz at their performances before they had a record deal and the audiences went wild for it. When Nirvana eventually got signed the band wanted to drop Love Buzz in favour of putting out an album full of original songs but apparently their management remained adamant that it was this song that their fans go mad for and insisted that it be recorded and included on their debut album Bleach. After listening to At Home I can guarantee you will want to hear more. All in all Shocking Blue were a very influential and under-rated band. God only knows why they weren’t a more universally recognised band, or why Robbie Van Leeuwen isn’t listed as one of the greatest songwriters of all time, or why I didn’t marry Mariska???

By Stuart McCullough Perhaps the key word here is ‘destruction’. Coming only two years after his earlier success, it was hugely anticipated before being almost universally panned. Album number two by Tezza is not so much a follow up as it is a follow through. The artist himself describes it as the record that “literally killed” TTD. It had a everything a fully blown trip on the musical Titanic requires – pretentious song titles such as I Have Faith in These Desolate Times and I Don’t Want To Bring Your Gods Down and a list of personnel that resembles not so much a cast of musicians as it does a small phone book.

bothered ditching the name. The album’s poor performance pretty much rendered it unnecessary.

Upon its release, it beat a hasty path to the discount bins of record stores everywhere. For a time, when rifling through piles of cheap CDs it was impossible not to stumble across multiple copies of Neither Fish Nor Flesh. They were in plague proportions. For some artists, this would send them scurrying back to safety of commercial appeal. For TTD, it seemed to drive him ever deeper into the heart of darkness, accepting the poison chalice of post-Hutchence INXS singer before throwing his hand in and changing his name from Terence Trent D’arby to Sananda Maitreya. Sad thing is, he needn’t have

It could have all been so very different. If only Terence Trent D’arby had produced something that had delivered on the promise of his highly successful debut. If only he didn’t mistake testing people’s patience with artistry. If only he hadn’t resented people for not accepting the follow up without question. If only. Perhaps he needed to push the selfdestruct button on his career. Maybe, by doing so, he preserved his sanity if not his artistic integrity. You can only hope that it worked out for the best. But as for Neither Fish Nor Flesh... it is neither of those things. Nor, truth be told, is it a very listenable album.

Years ago, I heard a rumour. Legend has it that authorities eventually intervened and took crate loads of Terence Trent D’arby’s Neither Fish Nor Flesh and released them back into the wild. Over time, colonies of the album have grown and to this day, it’s possible to see herds of the album roaming the Gippsland hills. If you’re lucky, you might glimpse one around dusk, but sightings are rare. Long may they run.

bayside & mornington peninsula

Mint Magazine, PO Box 588, Hastings, 3915 Email:

Dear Mint Magazine, Thank you for your letter dated 19th March 2015. As previously stated, we accept cash, cheque or legitimate credit cards as payment for overdue electricity bills. We do not, and never have, accepted payment in Miley Cyrus concert tickets. Especially used ones. Forward payment immediately in acceptable form or your electricity will be disconnected without further notice. We must also point out that, due to the installation of Smart Meters, we do not have to attend your premises to disconnect your electricity”. We simply do it with alpha blasts from the street from our custom made rayguns. Kind regards,

For many years I have been consumed with discovering a more equitable way for females to pee, and have finally found it; the sherinal.


Please send someone with a ladder. Regards, Theophilus Kneebone Dear Mint Magazine, Imagine how surprised and excited I was when I found a spare copy of your esteemed organ at Jonny’s Grog Shop on my weekly visit for my medicinal crate of sherry! My eyes flitted from article to article and then on to your letters page. What a lot is going on! As I advance in years I find that I cannot do two things at the same time as I did in my youth (happy days!), so had to pause Rod Stewart on repeating-tape-loop to fully comprehend the wonderful plethora of activities.

HUMAN BEATBOX - DUB STEP The most amazing Dub Step Beatbox I have ever seen... this guy really have some stunning skills!!

Dear Mint Magazine, I am writing to you to express my anger that the guy who wrote “I was only 19” was mad that we played it at the recent “Reclaim Australia” rally.

Saying it doesn’t represent our movement is totally wrong, as my mates and I are all 19.

The problem is, now the show has been over for a couple of weeks, I still haven’t managed to find a way to climb down.

Armed with just a microphone, Thum pushes the limits of the human voice to create incredible soundtracks of impossible beats and phenomenal sounds.

Lady Letitia Crapper

Dear Mint Magazine,

It was great and I spent quite a bit of time reflecting on how ingenious I am.


Well done with Mint, and do not any of the whingers on the letters page get you down.

I mean, what right does he have? It’s not like he owns the song!

Not content with just sitting on a rug or camping chair like everybody else, I climbed to the top of a tall tree so as to get the best seat in the house.


I would relish the opportunity to write an article on this most wonderful invention for a very modest fee. It will allow me to enlighten your readers while earning myself a little extra money for my daily medicinal liquid lunches, cruelly not funded by Medicare.

Combined Energy.

Just writing to let you know what a great day I had at Peninsula Picnic.


DAVE CROWE ON THE STREETS OF LONDON This guy blows them away with a deep sound!

What this guy doesn’t understand is the whole world is being overtaken by foreigners, and something has to be done about it. Even in Bali, there are foreigners everywhere! They are all coming from some place called Indonesia apparently. It is not just these foreigners that are a threat to the way we live. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t have a southern cross tattooed on their back and own a ute doesn’t really love this country and should take the next plane out.

DOING IT FOR THE KIDS Proving that age is no barrier to human beatboxing, this kids drops a cool beat.

I’m also tired of hearing about people who earn more money than me. Obviously they are just stealing from everyday Australians, and should be sent packing. As for people who earn less than me, obviously they are bludgers, and there is no room for them sapping off real Aussies. Once we’ve got rid of all these people, then we will have finally won Australia back for real Australians; in other words, me and my mates. Good riddance everybody. Shut the door on your way out. Now we’ll have Australia all to ourselves... except when we’re in Bali.... then it will be empty.

FOUR MINUTE HIP HOP HISTORY French beat box phenomenon EKLIPS performs a 4 minute history of HIP HOP for Trace Urban... In one single take!

Regards, Phillipe “Angry Phil” Kozlowski

If I may, I would like to add a suggestion? I was deeply upset that there wasn’t an article on toilets. music  arts  events  entertainment

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FROM HARD HAT TO CHEF’S HAT By Melissa Walsh MasterChef 2014 winner, Brent Owens, talks to MINT Magazine about life as a MasterChef, book writing, travel, and a gig he’s doing at Daveys Hotel in Frankston.

friendships became very strong. I still stay in contact with most of the contestants and whenever one of us is in the others state or suburb, we try our best to catch up.

1.HOW WAS THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING ON MASTERCHEF FOR YOU? Being on MasterChef was amazing. It was intense and extremely stressful but equally rewarding. It’s not something you ever think you’ll be a part of let alone winning so I can’t take that for granted.

7. DO YOU MISS WORKING AS A BOBCAT DRIVER OR IS THIS THE PATH YOU WERE MEANT TO BE ON? Occasionally I think about it. It was a big part of my life and I’ll never forget how good Ancrum Excavations were to me, but I don’t think that I’ll be getting back into one anytime soon.

2. WHAT WAS THE HARDEST AND BEST PART OF BEING ON THE SHOW? It was hard, I’m not going to lie. Being away from your family and loved ones is never easy, but adding in the stress and constant anxiety, it becomes incredibly difficult. So many highlights that cripple the negatives. Meeting an amazing group of people, learning so much in such a short space of time, hanging out with some of the best chefs in the world and of course, winning, were my ‘best moments’ of the season. 3. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO COME DOWN FROM A HIGH AFTER WINNING THE 2014 MASTERCHEF? Not long. I had to begin writing my book, Dig In. I pretty much went straight from filming, to spend time with my family for a few days to starting my first ever cookbook. I have been extremely busy since the finale, so I am looking forward to a long extended break at the end of this year. 4. HOW DID YOUR COOKING CHANGE OVER THAT TIME ON THE SHOW AND HOW HAS IT EVOLVED NOW? When I entered the show, I had very basic knowledge of cooking and the techniques required. Like everybody else, we studied, practiced and learnt a lot in a short amount of time. My food became cohesive, interesting and a little more refined. I like to experiment a lot these days and I really enjoy re-creating old classics. 5. DO YOU STILL DO ALL THE COOKING AT HOME FOR YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND, MADISON? Always have, always will. I enjoy cooking for her and she enjoys eating my food. Win win. 6. HAVE YOU REMAINED FRIENDS WITH ANY OF THE CONTESTANTS ON THE SHOW? We all made such close bonds on the show. People don’t realise that we spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, so the


MINT Magazine  April


8. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR 2015? ARE YOU STILL PURSUING A CAREER IN READYMADE FOOD RATHER THAN FINE DINING? I’ve been really busy with the book, live events and now a few international tours, so I’m yet to launch anything in the ready-made food world but ‘fingers crossed’ I’ll have an announcement by the years end. 9. HOW HAS WINNING MASTERCHEF CHANGED YOUR LIFE? It has changed my life immensely. I used to wake up at 4am to go to work and drive a bobcat. Now I am travelling the world and Australia to live my dream of being a cook. Food is what I love and being able to do what you love makes work a breeze. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 10. HOW DID YOU PUT A COOKBOOK TOGETHER FOR TRADIES IN JUST TWO WEEKS? The book was incredibly challenging. I wrote out a list of my favourite things to eat, what I eat for each meal and some old classics. I then tried to put a little twist on each one to make it a little different, a little updated with a touch of Brent. Thankfully, I had 4 weeks to complete the cookbook though. 11. HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN THIS DRIVEN AND, IF SO, WHAT’S NEXT ON YOUR AGENDA? I am a driven person. I’ve always thought outside the box and I don’t like settling for average. That’s just who I am. I still have hopes to get into the fresh prepared meals business. So many of us struggle to find the time in our busy schedules and I feel the market place is lacking a good tasting, healthy and nutritious option. 12. DO YOU SEE COOKING AND YOUR POSITION AS MASTERCHEF WINNER AS A FORUM FOR MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES IN PEOPLE’S LIVES, EG, TRADIES EATING

BETTER AND TEACHING CHILDREN ABOUT GOOD NUTRITION? Absolutely. Being able to make a positive impact on people’s lives is a great feeling and if I can do it, then I will. Food isn’t just for fuel; it’s a celebration and can be a lot of fun with huge health benefits. 13. WHAT FOOD DO YOU THINK YOU WILL COOK ON APRIL 29TH AT DAVEYS HOTEL IN FRANKSTON, FOR THE DINNER WITH BRENT OWENS EVENING? Luckily I’m not leaving that one to chance. I have composed a menu, tested it and made a few tweaks so the food is already set in stone. I have no excuses. It will be great and I look forward to seeing you all there. On April 29, Daveys is hosting an exclusive

evening with MasterChef Australia 2014 Winner Brent Owens. Enjoy a 4 course dinner with matched Chapel Hill wines for $75 while Brent demonstrates the art of cooking the delightful dishes from his newly released cookbook. Along with preparing the delicious menu, Brent will be answering questions and signing copies of his book “Dig In” available for purchase on the night. Book now for a night of amazing food, great wine and an up close and personal experience with your favourite MasterChef winner. Daveys Hotel is at 510 Nepean Highway, Frankston. Phone 9783 7255. bayside & mornington peninsula

RED HILL BREWERY TURNS 10 NEW BEER RANGE AND SPECIAL EVENTS THE RED PROJECT features 10 red beers brewed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Red Hill Brewery in 2015. The Red Hill Brewery is officially 10 years old on 21 April this year, and there is a lot of beer planned to celebrate the milestone. Including a special red range, our Batch One Thousand and many special celebratory events. This commemorative series of beers has just been release with the creation of Number One. Each brew features specially commissioned artwork by local artist Nick Kallincos for each red release, a different one to feature on each label over the year. The Red Hill Brewery are partying all weekend on 25 and 26 April by taking over their own taps with specialty beers. They will have one keg of our red celebratory Batch One Thousand to give away to everyone there between 11am1pm both days.

The brewery will feature The Bloody Plums (whose label is pictured right) and Batch One Thousand on tap, plus Imperial Stout aged in whisky barrels, and new release Hop Harvest Ale with their fresh picked hops and more specialty brews. Also available is a rare selection of cellar stock of aged specialty beers in a one-off celebratory 6pack available only on this weekend. Beers from 2005-2014… a once in a decade opportunity to try! Red Gum BBQ are the resident food guests for April. With their low ‘n’ slow smoky goodness of pork and beef gourmet BBQ cooked on their smoker which is also in residence at the Brewery. Red Hill Brewery, 88 Shoreham Rd, Red Hill South. 03 5989 2959 or e: info@ Open every Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays 11am-6pm (7pm in daylight savings).

Heritage Tavern & Restaurant

At the back of the Tavern, behind a hedge and a tall white gate, there is a quiet garden. In the garden are large shady trees. An oak holds centre stage but near it is an old palm tree arbours of roses and scatterings of seasonal flowers. A brick pathway leads our brides to the centre of the garden. There , amongst family and friends

couples are married. This garden is a beautiful place to hold your wedding ceremony.

Call Laura our Functions Manager on 5983 2597 and organise a visit.

3059 Frankston Flinders Rd, Phone: 5983 2597 (Balnarring 3918 opposite the Balnarring Shopping Centre)

Email: music  arts  events  entertainment

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SPANISH INFLUENCE IN SORRENTO By Melissa Walsh Looking out over the bay, Sorrento’s landmark Continental Hotel offers a dining experience like no other, with executive chef Roberto Capogreco serving up a European inspired menu with a few classic favorites. A decade ago, Roberto made the sea change to the historic town and hasn’t looked back, brining his passion for food to the peninsula. “I had been a Melbourne boy, born and bred, lived in London and New Zealand, but decided to make the peninsula my home after spending wonderful holidays down here,” says Roberto, savoring the relaxed pace of the seaside town. “I started at the Continental virtually straight away and haven’t looked back.” Guests and diners enjoy a delicious Spanish inspired menu created by Roberto, who had previously owned Barcelona and his own catering company, Indulge. “My signature dish would be the Zarzuela, a Spanish seafood hot pot. We make lobster bisque then a paste out of bread and garlic and red peppers and add it to thicken the soup. This is served in a paella pan with crusty bread. We also do a very popular paella, served for one or two to share. It is a Spanish rice dish served in a pan with chorizo sausage, mussels, clams, prawns, calamari, and chicken, cooked with rice, saffron and paprika.” Roberto is also inspired by European flavors, creating a wonderful marinara cartoccio, a linguine marinara with mixed seafood, wrapped in a paper bag and cooked in the oven, which is opened at the table to serve. “We try to use mainly fresh local ingredients, which is one of the best parts of living here,” says Roberto. “We change the menu three or four times a year but always keep the popular dishes, and we have about four or five specials that change daily.” Continental Hotel is at 1-21 Ocean Beach Rd Sorrento. Phone 5984 2201.


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bayside & mornington peninsula

Find out why the locals are coming to...

• Open 7 days for lunch and Fri and Sat nights for dinner • Catering for all types of functions • Weekday 2 course $45 and 3 course $55 menu for those people looking for value lunch • Book Now For Easter Phone

online bookings and vouchers

03 5989 7081

269 Myers Rd, Balnarring VIC 3926 Melway: 163 A7



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Frankston Library’s recent makeover perfectly illustrates the transformative power of art. Dynamic duo, Brigitte Dawson and Melissa Turner of Melbourne’s Murals, have created art so realistic it looks as if you could walk right into the gardens or half expect someone extraordinary to step out. Drab grey walls have metamorphosed into scenes from the weird and wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland. Originally Dawson created a mural on board for one wall of the Frankston Library, but it

music  arts  events  entertainment

was so well loved someone stole it! Years later two Frankston councillors came in to dine at her then restaurant, Beach Street Garden Gallery Cafe (now Beach 162), and saw her creating a mural. They thought mural art might reduce Frankston’s graffiti problem. The seed of an idea was planted.

ries within stories invite imagination. Council also wanted a lot of greenery so people would feel they were actually in a garden. Now the concrete courtyards and library walls are covered in colourful murals and lush gardens expertly painted in the Trompe l’oeil style.

After some time and consideration, Dawson and Turner approached Frankston Council with a mural plan. All parties agreed on the Alice in Wonderland theme because it’s timeless, classic and familiar to all. Its sto-

From a public perspective, mural art is a winwin Turner observed, “There is so much a mural can bring to the community. When we are working we watch people’s faces. They love it. Also, I noticed all the buildings along

Playne Street got graffitied, but when they got to our section, they stopped and started up again at the bike shop. Taggers have an unspoken respect for street art.” Those councillors were on to something. Hopefully Frankston will be seeing more mural art. See their other projects at: www. or in their upcoming exhibition opening 29 May at Dawson’s new restaurant, La Casa Sawtellis, 129 South Gippsland Highway, Tooradin. Look out for Bottecelli’s Venus holding a cuppa.

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MORE FEMALE PARTS By Andrea Louise Thomas Actor Evelyn Krape has had audiences laughing out loud while thinking about the human condition since her earliest days in experimental theatre at Melbourne’s Pram Factory bringing insight, glee and boundless energy to the stage. Her latest project, More Female Parts, written by Sara Hardy references the original Female Parts, written by Dario Fo and Franca Rame in 1977. This new play is a one-woman tour de force examining life through the lens of an older woman, but touching on issues that affect all people.

on youth. Our culture should embrace the elderly because they have a lot to offer.



KRAPE: The first monologue looks at a woman in her 60s whose husband has left her for his secretary. She has to go to Centrelink to try to get enough money to support herself. It addresses all of the indignities related to that. The second is set in 2044. It’s about a woman who meets her husband on the Internet. He travels overseas a lot. She lives in a penthouse, says she loves him, but realizes her husband is monitoring her. Can she get away? Does she want to? It’s about current issues - women dealing with violence - physical or mental or controlling behaviour by men. The third one is a magical surreal fairy tale about a young woman who grows up wanting to be an economist. As she starts to climb the ladder of success she realizes there is a glass ceiling. It addresses younger women and the situation that’s been in the papers recently about the paucity of women at the top. MINT: SINCE YOU FIRST PERFORMED FEMALE PARTS, HAVE THE CHALLENGES CHANGED MUCH FOR WOMEN? HAVE THINGS GOTTEN BETTER? IF SO, HOW SO? KRAPE: Not much. Women are often so economically dependent on husbands that when a marriage changes, when they get divorced – it’s hard. In the first monologue, she’s got grandchildren, a daughter she’s trying to help out and a mother she’s trying to care for so those types of issues that confront older women are as relevant today as they were yesterday. The difference is that it’s quite rare to see this situation played out on stage. It’s really exciting material – funny, moving and it’s got a lot of meat in it, which is what I like. I like do stuff that is saying something – that resonates.

MINT: DOES BRINGING THESE SORTS OF ISSUES TO THE THEATRE IMPROVE THE SITUATION? KRAPE: I think in and of itself it doesn’t, but any attempt at alerting people is good. When a community starts to talk, things start to change. Making people aware that it’s not good enough for us to remain silent becomes a broader social conversation and that’s a really good thing.

KRAPE: I think it can be done by telling tales – working with older citizens and sharing their stories in schools introducing students to their skills. Then the young people can teach the oldies about technology. Young people are having some of the same experiences about relationships, identity, culture, place, home, love and life as older people have experienced. I think that’s how you do it in a nutshell. MINT: WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST SATISFYING PROJECT FOR YOU? KRAPE: There have been lots. I started my life at The Pram Factory. It was the dawning of my awareness that theatre could do more than entertain. It was my defining place. Everything I have done has had a concern for women, for the human condition, for the inequity of existence, for what life actually means. In the end I will always go for the things that are hard, that challenge an audience to experience what a situation is so I would put More Female Parts and Telling Tales in that category. See Evelyn Krape in More Female Parts at Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre on Friday 17 April or Saturday 18 April at 8 pm. Bookings: 9784 1060 or

MINT: WHY DO YOU THINK OLDER PEOPLE START TO DISAPPEAR INTO THE BACKGROUND? KRAPE: We live in a culture that focuses on the new and the young. I think it’s a real shame. It’s a tragedy that we are so focused


MINT Magazine  April


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FAMILY TIES FOUND IN OZ By Andrea Louise Thomas Mothers and fathers and children, oh my! Panorama Theatre Company’s current production of The Wizard of Oz, features an incredible number of Mornington Peninsula family members sharing the stage in a fabulous cast of sixty players. Bill Faulkner (Scarecrow) performs along side his daughters, Jessica (Dorothy) and Lizzy, while Geoffrey Bonwick (Wizard of Oz) also has two daughters, Miranda and Melanie in the production. Rachel Lomulder (Glinda) plays alongside her daughter Claire. Liz Catford (Wicked Witch) acts with daughter, Zoe. The play is co-directed by mother and son team, Ros and Jeff Williams. Even Toto is a cast member’s family pet! Panorama Theatre Company was founded in 1979 as a youth theatre group aiming to give young people a chance to perform and advance under the mentorship of more mature actors emphasizing crossgenerational friendships, personal development and self-confidence – all qualities that are integral to The Wizard of Oz tale. Their latest production showcases their wealth of talent. See The Wizard of Oz at Frankston Arts Centre Friday 17 April at 7.30pm, Saturday 18 April at 7.30pm or Sunday 19 April at 2pm. Bookings: 9784 1060 or

On the 115th anniversary of L. Frank Baum’s classic novel and the 75th anniversary of the iconic film, it’s heartening to see that the quest for courage, knowledge and home still resonate so strongly. Better yet, seeing that played out by families for families locally.

NOMAD UNVEILED AT THE ARTRIUM EXHIBITION SPACE By Cameron McCullough From 22 April until 22 May 2015, Bayside City Council’s ARTrium Exhibition Space will be transformed with NOMAD, a colourful woollen membrane created by artists Ara Dolatian and Michele Donegan. Known for installing coloured woollen webs in galleries and public spaces, Dolatian and Donegan respond to the architecture and purpose of individual sites. Their work has been displayed in notable spaces such as Federation Square, Fitzroy Gardens, Victoria Park, the Docklands and c3 Galllery in Abbotsford. A NOMAD music  arts  events  entertainment

installation was also featured as part of the 2013 Mid Summa Festival. A NOMAD web reinvents a site by creating a sense of other-worldliness that transforms the nature of the space. The web forms a ‘shelter’ reminiscent of nomads stopping to establish a safe place for a temporary period of time. The web becomes accessible to the public to explore, enjoy and be immersed in.

more closely with the Bayside community, Dolatian and Donegan will be conducting an artist talk on Wednesday 22 May at the Bayside Corporate Centre. NOMAD can be seen at the ARTrium Exhibition Space, Bayside City Council Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham. Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

As part of the new ARTrium Exhibition Space & Roaming Studios Program, which encourages exhibiting artists to interact

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BEAUTIFUL ONE DAY By Andrea Louise Thomas It would be hard to imagine a more idyllic location than an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Beautiful One Day is set there, but Palm Island, an Aboriginal community within Great Palm Island, has been beset for decades. ILLBIJERRI Theatre Company and Belvoir join forces to bring to the stage a play that recreates the past putting its audience front and centre as present day witnesses to the events centered around November 2004 when Aboriginal man Mulrunji Doomadgee died in police custody. Addressing issues of racial discrimination, disadvantage and injustice, this powerful multi-voiced theatrical documentary utilises interviews, community voices, reportage and transcripts to re-enact Doomadgee’s final day, the subsequent riot and burning down of the police station, courthouse and police barracks, but does so with heart, humour and pathos. Innovative, honest and inspiring contemporary theatre making, Beautiful One Day, gives audiences food for thought and motivation to seek change – the power of theatre at its very best.

Warning: Coarse language, adult themes, suggestions of violence.


MINT Magazine  April


ILBIJERRI Theatre Company | Belvoir

An Onyx Production



Wednesday 29 April, 8pm

Tuesday 5 May, 6pm

A theatrical documentary about the irrepressible life and times of Palm Island. An Aboriginal man dies in police custody. Years later, the people of Palm Island continue to demand real justice.

360 Allstars is a visually astounding and aurally exciting reinvention of the traditional circus – with break dancers, BMX flatlander and Roue Cyr artists, a basketball freestyler, and musicians Sam Perry and Gene Peterson!

Tickets: Member $40, Full $51, Conc $47, U30 $30, Group 10+ $42 Duration: 75 minutes, no interval

Tickets: Member $30, Full $38, Conc $34, U30 $30, U16 $20, Family (4) $94 Duration: 75 minutes, no interval


See this exceptionally powerful production at Frankston Arts Centre, Wednesday 29 April at 8 pm. Bookings on 9784 1060 or

Directed by Gene Peterson

Warning: Fog / smoke effects, loud noise, strobe lighting. Recommended 6+ years.

03 9784 1060


Principal Theatre Partner Frankston Arts Centre is a Business Unit of Frankston City Council

bayside & mornington peninsula

ART ROCKS RED HILL By Andrea Louise Thomas

Every autumn, Red Hill Consolidated School welcomes artists from the Mornington Peninsula and greater Victoria to exhibit their very best paintings, sculpture, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, photography and hand blown glass. This year ARH changed their invitation only policy to a submissions based entry attracting 60 new artists across all mediums. Opening night is the place to be to get first

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choice of what’s on offer. Not only can patrons snap up a great buy, but it’s also an exciting night of meeting and greeting while eating savoury canapés and enjoying quality drinks. Live music adds to the ambiance as artists chat with art lovers and locals catch up with old friends. All purchases go to support the school. Celebrating the introduction of Japanese as a second language, students have created colorful origami cranes that will hang in a breathtaking art installation. A new mentoring

program has just been established giving up and coming artists aged 15-21 an opportunity to work with a professional artist for six months exhibiting first at ARH and then in November at Red Hill Country Fair. So begins the next wave of new artists. The Principal’s Lounge welcomes Susan and Emily McCulloch again to share their expertise and to talk about the exceptional Aboriginal art for sale and display. ARH’s beautiful boutique gift shop always offers unique items

for purchase while the jewellery displays are second to none offering the best and brightest from local artisans. Don’t miss the chance to see over 100 exhibits from more than 200 artists at Art Red Hill. Opening night is Friday 1 May from 7.30– 10.30pm. Show continues over the weekend from 10am–5pm at Red Hill Consolidated School, 341 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill. Enquiries: 5989 2321

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Mint (issue 3) April 2015  

Mint (issue 3) April 2015

Mint (issue 3) April 2015  

Mint (issue 3) April 2015

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