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Minster Matters

Parish Council - Budget Cuts and Precept Residents will be aware that every council within the country, including counties, district and parishes, will be facing substantial cuts to its budgets following the announcement of the Coalition Government to cut back on public spending. Minster is no different to the other councils and of course reductions to the Council’s income will mean a reduction to the level of services that are provided. Initially Thanet District Council were proposing that the agency monies, that is the funding that they provide to the Parish Council to undertake grass cutting, road sweeping, the cleansing of the toilets and the maintenance of the recreation Ground and Cemetery, would be reduced by £30,000 (that is a 42% cut). However Parish Chairman, Cllr Mrs. Ann Thomson and senior members of the Parish Council together with the Clerk entered into negotiations with the District Council and were able to soften the impact of these reductions as follows: Year 1 - £10,000 a reduction of 14% of the current agency payment Year 2 - £20,000 a reduction of 28%; and in Year 3 - £30,000 a reduction of 42% Minster is fortunate and unusual in that it runs a variety

Your Friendly Village Newsletter Issue Number 122 : February 2011 ISSN 1755-9502 (Print) : ISSN 1755-9510 (Online) : ISSN 1758-4175 (CD-ROM)

of services that the other parishes within Thanet do not. Had the Parish Council not agreed to accept the reductions to the agency it may have resulted in TDC taking back the services operated within the Village and in our view this would have meant that the services were undertaken to a reduced level and one which would have been unacceptable to Villagers. Thus the following services will continue to be undertaken although it may be to a slightly lower standard to that which the Village has enjoyed: Grass Cutting - every two weeks. Road Sweeping - in accordance with the current cleansing schedule. Recreation Ground - existing standards will be maintained. Hanging Baskets - will be continued for local businesses to attract shoppers to our village. The Cemetery - existing standards will be maintained. The Civic Christmas Tree at the Lych Gate - will continue to be provided. The Parish Council has always prided itself on the level of service it provides and would not want to see the District Council take back these services and not be able to undertake them to the standard that the Village expects. We believe that Minster is special and therefore deserves the best that we can afford within the financial constraints imposed upon us by the District Council. The annual precept that we have set is equivalent to an increase of 2p per week for a ‘Band D’ property which equates to an increase of 99p per annum but this may be less for other banded properties. To increase the income of the Parish Council, Members have agreed to increase slightly charges for the hire of the Pavilion (3%), some of the sporting facilities and fees at the Cemetery, although it needs to be said that Cemetery fees are still lower than those charged for the burial services operated by TDC and of course Minster residents are eligible for concessionary rates. Finally we hope that the people of Minster will understand that we have done the best that we can in these difficult times.

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Minster Matters

February 2011

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Tuesday 1st February in the Neighbourhood Centre Members of the public are welcome to attend and can arrange to speak to the Council through the Clerk or by requesting the Chairman before the start of the meeting. Copies of the Agenda are available from the Clerk and are posted in the Library. Clerk to the Council is Mrs Kyla Lamb and the Council Office is normally open from:9.30 am - 12 noon weekdays; tel: 821 339 fax: 825 269 Email: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk

March Meeting - Tuesday 1st

Pavilion Hire Recreation Ground Suitable for parties, small weddings, children’s parties, etc. Seating for 60-70, kitchen facilities.

Ideal for all family occasions ! Bookings via Parish Council Office

Minster Matters

February 2011


The ‘E’ Team

Harry Butcher Ray



We are sure most residents will know ‘Harry Butcher’ the bearded gentleman who lives in the bungalow at the junction of Augustine and Freemans Road. Harry is so inoffensive, keeps himself very much to himself and can regularly be seen walking through the village carrying his assortment of bags. Well Harry was assaulted just recently in the vicinity of the Bell Inn and sustained injuries that required hospital treatment and stitches, not something we as a village should be proud of and hopefully the perpetrator(s) will eventually be caught and dealt with. Let’s hope they prove not to be village residents !! In the mean time we feel sure you would all wish to join with us in wishing him a speedy recovery and hope that such a mean and underhand thing doesn’t befall him again in Minster. Best wishes Harry from Minster Matters and all those who know you and have asked us to pass on their regards.

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Call on EDITORIAL Eve Where did that month go that we had off ? It certainly doesn’t seem like we’ve had much of a break. Still it’s all over again for another 11 months, although this year we have further excitement in at least one if not two Royal A.J.Cliffe & Sons Weddings, one of which is giving us an extra holiday, so even if (Butchers) Ltd Diane you don’t have any interest in the marriage you do stand to benefit from it. Next year it’s the Queens Golden Jubilee and the NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS Olympic Games both of which will be newsworthy events. This shop will be closed on However that’s enough of the national news, oh except, did you Saturday 19th March hear we thrashed the Aussies in the Ashes Tests !!!!!! Maybe we Nora and shouldn’t gloat, it’s not in our nature is it, but so what. Monday 21st March Nik’s back from his round the world trip, which you can for a read a short synopsis of elsewhere in this issue and if you’d like Family Celebration to look at more of his pictures then visit his Facebook page. Our Co-Editor, Amy has moved, but only to Birchington, so Sue Canterbury House, she is remaining on the team, you don’t know how relieved I am to have her still assisting, I know I’d really struggle without her help. Monkton Road, Minster Now, to bore you for a short while, I’d like to relate an incident that Tel: 01843 821288 happened to me - I was tucked up in bed a couple of weeks ago when my mobile went off downstairs, just a few minutes before 11pm. First for 2011 Poor Parking !! So rushing down to answer it, in case it was a family crisis, what do I A BMW find, just some very ‘kind’ villager, and I still don’t know who it was, had completely sent me a text message, to ask what was being built at the top of the hill blocking the opposite the Co-op, to say I really wasn’t amused at that time of the night path to the is an understatement, although they did apologise. I obviously don’t mind Doctors !!! receiving calls but please keep them to a sensible hour. The best of it is, there are huge boards up there telling the world and his wife what is going on. In case further work starts up there, on the piece of ground to the rear of the Co-op, then to save anyone else ringing, it is likely to be a McDonalds DriveThru, as there is a planning application with TDC at present, seeking permission to build one on that vacant plot. Following on from that, people ask me numerous questions when I’m out and about and expect me to know all www.minstersalon.com the answers, ‘because I’m the editor’, but as I’m always 61, High St saying, if no-one tells me then I how will I know. So if you off your first Minster hear anything that might be of interest to others, eg births, deaths, burials, hospitalisations etc then please let me know, visit to The Salon Tel: but preferably between the hours of 8am and 9pm and I can 824000 with this voucher then pass the word around or get it in print for you. Gripes over, more next month (probably!!) Where’s Zac ?

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Minster Matters

February 2011

ROGER GALE MP Roger holds regular advice surgeries. For appointments and advice on urgent problems:

Ring: 01843 848588 (a.m. from l0.00) Fax: 01843 844856 (24-hour) Page: 07623 978479 (24-hour) Web: www.rogergale.co.uk Email: galerj@parliament.uk Write: HOUSE OF COMMONS, London, SW1A 0AA

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PATIENT LIAISON GROUP NEWSLETTER - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 We would like to start by wishing all our Patients and Friends a ****** VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR ****** Seasonal Flu Once again we have entered that "dreaded time of the year". Thankfully, the surgery has completed the vaccination programme for those patients who are most at risk. The usual advice remains the same: Help prevent the spread of germs and stay at home if you feel unwell Practice good hygiene. - A simple way to remember this is: CATCH IT! BIN IT! KILL IT! Surgery Training Day Please note that the surgery will be closed from mid-day onwards on Tuesday 22nd February for staff training purposes. Should you need to see a Doctor during this time then please call "Doctors on Call" via the normal surgery number - 821333. Grand Spring Fayre Following the success of our fundraising ventures last year, which allowed us to purchase much sought after equipment for the surgery, we aim to continue that this year! We will be holding "A GRAND SPRING FAYRE" on Saturday 2nd April at the "Old Schools". Please see our advert on page 22 of this issue for full details. Patient Liaison Group Meeting Our next meeting will be held at the surgery on Tuesday 15th February at 6.00 pm. If anyone has any issues or suggestions they would like to raise, then please contact either of the numbers below: KEN SELF on 821200 or JEAN TAYLOR on 845072

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February 2011

Minster Matters

Community Warden I trust you all had a good Christmas and have kept well over this part of winter which has been difficult for some of us what with all the snow and the dreaded Flu bug that seems to have hit a lot of people. With this in mind and remembering that we could still get some more bad weather please consider anyone who you think might need a helping hand or a visit. There’s not a lot to report as yet but that doesn’t mean to say we can take our eye off the ball. We still get the occasional visits from unwanted callers and in these difficult times please be on your guard. We do not suffer from too many of these characters here in Minster and that’s the way we want to keep it. So the message stays the same, if in doubt say NO to casual door to door callers and give me a call if one does appear at your door. Not a lot more to tell you about so I’ll leave it here and will update you in future publications of our fantastic MM. Steve Taylor

A Plea from the Parish Council You may not be aware, but we have a stalwart group of volunteers which form our Flood Committee. These intrepid villagers constantly check the dykes, gullies and drains in and around the village for blockages which could cause flooding. Wherever possible they clear and maintain these themselves, they spend a lot of time contacting owners of problem sites, such as farmers, landowners and even British Rail (that was) and Kent Highways. The gully-sucking that was carried out was due to their efforts. It is therefore vital that rubbish does not collect in the street drains. As more and more people are laying gravel drives could we ask you to please sweep your gravel back onto your drive. The cars pull the gravel out onto the pavement as you drive in and out; this not only causes a hazard for the elderly, wheelchair users and pushchairs using the pavements, but the gravel then ends up on the road where it is swept by rain and car tyres and the road sweeper into the drains, causing a build up and eventually a blockage. Please get out your brooms and spend a couple of minutes now and then keeping your gravel where it belongs! Many thanks for your help.

‘H.A.T.’ Report - Speed Checks in Minster


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Following our request in `Minster Matters' for help in monitoring the speed of 7b High Street, Minster vehicles in and around Minster we are pleased to be able say that we now have enough volunteers to make a start. Contact Mick Our thanks PC Darren Reed and Tony Luckham, who, just prior to Christmas, on: 01843 823 641 demonstrated to some of us how the equipment worked; there were a few startled faces in Monkton Road! or: 07761 109 171 Training sessions will be set up for the volunteers and you will be contacted in the near future with dates etc. The aim of these checks is to make motorists aware of the speed they are doing, and to note those that persist in ignoring the speed limit. All the checks are being carried by the Minster Parish Rosemary Ball MICHT, IIHHT Councils `Highways Action Team' (H.A.T) in conjunction Reflexologist with the police, initially they will be carried out in Tothill Street, High Street and Monkton Road. Full reflexology. For your information: Kent County Council Highways are temporarily extending the 30 MPH speed limit in various Hand or foot massage roads around Minster for a period of 18 months or until work is completed, included are: The 20 metres at the top Relax the body and mind of Tothill Street to the Minster (Prospect) roundabout, the Suitable for all ages Canterbury Road (A299) from 125 metres West of the Minster (Prospect) roundabout and East to Jentex at Tel: 01843 821565 Cliffsend, and from the Minster (Prospect) roundabout for 25 metres North towards Acol. Please see village notice Mob: 07900 030669 boards for full details.


Minster Matters


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It is official Minster WI has got talent! On a dark winters night in December the village hall was awash with Christmas festivities. It was Minster in Thanet WI’s Christmas Party. A great night was had by members and guests alike who were treated to wonderful food, the odd glass of wine and even a rendition of Swan Lake performed in full costume by the ‘corpse’ de ballet (including wigs - Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!). Singing and poetry were topped off by a shadow play which was nothing short of hilarious. January’s meeting included a talk from Peter Warr about his charity fund raising trips to Tanzania. Members were moved by Peter’s story and raised £285 towards his next trip there.

MINSTER ARMBOUTS CAPPEL TWINNING ASSOCIATION This month is notes for your diary month. Armbouts Cappel have a Handicraft Exhibition on 27th March and Lindsay Thacker is looking for local craft items to exhibit and/or sell – prices in euros please! She will need items by 15th March and you can contact her on 821759. Please support the village and impress the French with our expertise. We have not managed to re-schedule a race night – but would love to – is there anyone who would like to help organize this? The way to support village events is to become involved. 5th June is to be Fun Day on “the Rec” – much more detail to follow. Local musicians please get in touch with a committee member if you would like to have “a spot”. Reward is not financial but does stop you being hungry. Anniversary Celebrations will take place in Armbouts Cappel on 26th June. The coach and ferry are soon to be booked so start saving – but only about £20 to include a midday meal. More details to follow as we have them. Thanks for reading this – our next meeting is at The Royal British Legion Club at 7.30 on 17th February if you would like to come along.


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February 2011

Minster Matters


CHRISTMAS TREES Once again the trees have been and gone. NO, the magic fairy didn’t wave her wand ! It was the wonderful group of “Tree Volunteers” (Editor’s note – actually I think that 3 is more like a dozen!!) Thank you to everyone in the ‘gang’ who twiddled and untwiddled hundreds of lights, and also to those who put the trees up and then took them down again, a very reliable and happy group of people who brighten up the village over the festive season – well done. Thank you to Audrey and Shirley for their fantastic fund raising dance, £228.50 in the pot towards next year’s illuminations, also thanks to Leanne in Envy and everyone who contributed via the collecting tins at Attwells and Archies. The trees cost £10 each of which £6 is paid by the property owners where they are displayed, and we will need further electrical work done next year, plus replacement bulbs run into hundreds of pounds every year. We are aiming to buy new lights when we can find ones to meet all our expectations. So if you see a tin in aid of the lights please pop your loose change into it and help “light up the village” next year. A huge thank you to Roger Thompson who checks every set of lights and has them strung up around his house to mend them (thank you Jackie!) Thanks also to Roy and Carol who took the trees to Howletts for the Gorillas to play with and eat, so they didn’t go to waste.

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING Late Night was a bit quieter this time around, but it was really nice to see some new faces. Thank you to the businesses that opened for us, also thanks to Minster Mayhems, Miss Minster and the Salvation Army Band who all turned out on such a cold (but dry!) evening. Also we say thank you to the Minster School Choir for their beautiful Carol singing. The evening is made complete by our wonderful ‘Santa’ who greets everyone in his Grotto, which is beautifully decorated by Jack and Margaret. Thank you also to Margaret Palmer for the loan of her market stall to house the Scouts who were busy fundraising, and to Steve, Guy and Ray for erecting and lighting it for them. (It just needs Ray to return it to its rightful owner now!!) All these people give up their spare time and spend their money to make this happen, so please consider coming out and supporting us in November, if you want this to remain an annual event. Some people have enquired about having Stalls in the Street that evening, however this event costs the businesses that open a lot of money and they provide you with their services all year, so we do not feel it’s fair for other traders to “jump on the bandwagon”, when village shops need the public’s support . So for that reason we are sorry but it is a NO for this event, but you can run your stalls at the Minster Show on 23rd July. Thank you – Village Lights Committee

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Minster Matters Thank You’s from ......

Councillor Mike Roberts your

Conservative Councillor for the Thanet Villages Ward

Tel: 01843 851726 e-mail: marlec@onetel.com

Stephen and Paul Williams-Jones would like to thank... everyone who sent us condolence cards or spoke to us offering their sympathy following the death of my wife, and Paul’s mother, Karin, in November. Thanks also to Jonathan Cole for his professional care, and to the Vicar Bob Coles for giving us the funeral service that we wanted for Karin. Also, to anyone who attended the funeral who we were unable to speak to, thank you for turning out on such a cold and snowy day. Fred Hards and Jim Quinney wish to thank... all who gave them cards and presents on their recent 70th birthdays.

Lil and Esther wish to send many thanks... for the continued support

Durlock Lodge

towards the Pilgrims Hospice. Several Stalls and Donations, a very enjoyable and successful Band Concert plus raffles at Mortons Fork and Envy have amounted to £2119.81 which has been given to the Hospice. Thank you all.

Karen and Jenny would like to thank... everyone for their cards and gifts this Christmas and they wish all their customers a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Durlock, Minster, Thanet, Kent CT12 4HD Phone 01843 821219

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February 2011

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Fred, Peter and Audrey wish to express... to all their friends and everybody in the village, their appreciation for all the prayers, kindness, support and belief they have received over the past 2 years. Marven Atwell would like to thank... all the people who have helped him over the last year whilst down the village. He would especially like to thank the shopkeepers who take time to help him across the road whilst they are busy. Thanks. Kay would like to thank... all in Minster who advertised my event and also all those who attended. We had a super day and I was able to send lots of money to various Animal Charities in need. Cats in Crisis and the local Hospice also did well with their stalls. Thank you all! Best wishes - Kay. The Scouts would like to give thanks for... the opportunity to take part in the late night shopping for the first time this year. We were given a huge amount of support by the villagers ranging from the pitch, tables and lighting to prizes and cakes. All the funds raised will go towards an exciting outdoor activity week in Wales that half the Troop will be attending in the summer. We would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, with special thanks to Karen Brazil for her unwavering enthusiasm and 'can do' attitude.

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Minster Matters

February 2011 Miss Minster Court 2010-2011 By Paige Allen, Miss Minster In February 2010 we, Paige Allen, Feya Campbell and Anjelica Sefton, all became known as the carnival court of Minster. At the beginning of the year Feya and I didn’t really know each other, we just went to the same school, but in a couple of months we were like sisters, Anjelica and I had been friends since we were tiny and now I see her as often as if she were my sister! We have all gotten so much more confident, (which may not be a good thing for Feya since she is already overly confident), which means that we can all talk to anyone without getting nervous. Roy and Carol got me my first job and I'm doing really well, thank you Roy and Carol! When we all went to France in July it was so amazing! (Apart from having to get up really early). We all laughed so much when I forgot to kiss both the cheeks of a French resident while presenting him with a gift, in front of everyone, I got so embarrassed but the day was so amazing. We always love dressing up in our carnival dresses and posh day outfits, all provided by Roy and Carol, thank you so much for everything! Every time we have gone out as a court into the village we have always met new people and really enjoyed ourselves. Roy and Carol are always there to help us when we need them and we love carnival so much that we are all re-entering for Miss Minster 2011! We were all so proud to represent Minster for this year and have had so much fun and we’ve all grown as people, thank you to Roy and Carol for the opportunities! Love from Paige, Anjelica and Feya.

Are you interested in helping the community form their own Beaver Colony for 6-8year olds? If so please contact Alison, Cub Scout Leader on tel: 01843 823803 It would really help those children (and parents!) who have to go out of the village to join a colony elsewhere.

We specialise in custom made

Staircases - Doors Windows Kitchens & Conservatories


The White Stag

Monkton 01843 823760 Village Pub and Restaurant

PROBABLY THE BEST CARVERY IN THANET £7.99 Main Course Starting February

Competitive Chess Tournaments Wednesdays 7pm Saturdays 2pm ooOO FUNCTION ROOM OOoo Garden and Field to rear of pub available for hire

Then Call Your Local Handyman! No job too small, local to Minster Services include: - Home and garden maintenance

- Hedge trimming

- Painting/decorating

- Gutter cleaning

- Driveway/patio cleaning

- Collection and delivery service

- General labour/commercial cleaning - Wheelie bin cleaning - Complete Landscape gardening services available (Driveways, fencing and patio’s etc).

Just phone for every reasonable quote, references are available on request.

Call Paul Cornwall on Minster 07794 230 566

Help needed to Form a Beaver Colony



Free estimates

The Birchington Builder 33 Quex View Road New roofs or repairs

Garages & extensions

Brick walls


Morton’s Fork Restaurant and Hotel Station Road, Minster: 01843 823 000 www.mortonsfork.co.uk

A Happy New Year to One and All

VALENTINES 3 DAY MENU £47.50 per couple (gift for the lady)

Fri 11th, Sat 12th & Mon 14th from 7pm Booking Recommended Choice of 3 Starters, Sorbet, 5 Mains, 3 Sweets, Coffee & Mints

Sunday 13th and Every Sunday Carvery £9.95 pp


Simon Greenstreet (01843) 823035

Driveways in brick, slabs or concrete


All Alterations

New Evening A La Carte Menus Now Available


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QUALIFIED FOOT HEALTH PROFESSIONAL David Oakley MCFHP, MAFHP All forms of Services and Treatments available for Foot and Nail care Corns, Calluses, Bunions, Hammer-toe, Ingrown nails, Nail deformities, Infection control for Athletes foot and Fungal Nail infections, Verrucas, Hard skin removal and Diabetic footcare We provide personal and reliable treatment in the comfort of your own home, nursing or residential care home or hospital Day, evening, weekend appointments available by arrangement Tel: 01843 866 601 Mob: 07749 999584

February 2011 MINSTER SHOW The Committee met on Friday 14th January and discussed an ‘Opener’ for this year’s 125th Anniversary – it was agreed that we would ask Pat Marsh, Radio Kent Presenter to do the honours for us. Since the meeting Pat has agreed to come and be part of the event for the whole afternoon, so we will now see what else we can talk him into doing – maybe introducing Acts on the Music Showcase or perhaps even a bit of judging in the tent, I’m sure we’ll keep him busy. We were enlightened to the fact that it appears Dover Marquee Co. have folded and this means we have to look elsewhere for a marquee for the day, so we may have to rethink what we want in the ‘tent’, as available sizes may not be the same as we have been used to. The theme for this year’s show is to be ‘Royal Celebrations’ to fit around the 2 Weddings that are due to happen, however entries do not have to be wedding orientated, and a provisional date of May 7th was set for the Schedule Launch. It is hoped to get more feedback and suggestions from residents and visitors alike via our recently setup Facebook page, which looks a little bare at present, but we feel sure at least the younger generations amongst us, will find it a better means of communicating with the Committee and giving their views, they are after all those who will ultimately take our places. To find us just go to Facebook and search for Minster Show. It was also agreed that admission prices would remain as last year. Our next committee meeting is on the evening of Friday 18th February so if you have anything you’d like us to consider or discuss then please see a committee member, pop into Attwells and leave us a note, or contact this magazines editor. Finally we are always looking for pictures of past shows , colour or black and white, so if you have some of these lurking in a cupboard or in a tin box under the bed we’d be extremely grateful if we could just borrow them to copy to put on the website. We promise we would be very careful with them and return them as soon as we could. Can you help? Then please contact the Minster Matters editor, thank you.

TIGER’S TIP Real crystal glass should be rinsed in a weak solution of vinegar to make it sparkle.

LOOKING FOR AN EXTRA INCOME? Lifestyle changing opportunity for self-motivated individuals/couples Part time/full time no investment required. To find out more about this opportunity please contact Lynn Matthews 01843 823 413 / 07762 419 144 Independent Distributor Of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Health & Skincare Products FLP, Longbridge Manor, Warwick CV34 6RB

Minster Matters




(A Family Business) All types of seasoned logs 4 sale

At Minster Village Hall

Specific species of tree available upon request

February 2011

Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th May

NO FRILLS KINDLING - £2.00 per bag SEASONED LOGS - £3.00 per sack

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st May

1 Ton of Logs P.O.A.

Tickets £7.00

Please contact

So what is it all about?

Emma Tyler mourns the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, Joe. But all is not as it seems and deep in the bowels of a nearby hospital something stirs. Enter Detective Inspector Monroe - a man who knows a thing or two about the unexpected. The grumpy, beleaguered detective soon finds himself right in the middle of this mystery which threatens to unhinge his sanity. How did Joe manage to walk out of his own post-mortem? Where is the mysterious Doctor Branovic? How did the toaster get dented on both sides? Why has Monroe got a hole in his right hand? And, most crucially of all, does Emma Tyler really own a cat? Throughout this highly unusual romp, the audience often know far more than the characters. But can they possibly see what’s coming. Minster Playhouse has a reputation for presenting plays by David Tristram having successfully presented “Sex, Drugs, Rick & Noel”2 years ago and “Ghost Writer” last year. The author of this play has a reputation for giving the audience a laugh a minute experience.

Tickets are available from Terry on 01843 220208 for performances 18th to 21st May.

MARK on 822 623 or 07544 365 444

Computer Installation & Repair Web Design & Hosting Tuition available on most popular packages 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE 01843 821243/07739 486707

07739 486 707 www.minster.net A big Thank You from the Minster Post Office Team for all your best wishes/greetings during 821291 Christmas. We wish you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR Please visit us for all the new Spring & Summer Gift Collections Remember, apart from the usual, we are also able to supply: Fishing Licences; Mobile Top ups; Car Tax; Free Cash Withdrawal and Commission Free Buying and Selling of Travel Money

ALLWEATHER Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Susan Osborne Personal Travel Counsellor Tel: 01843 834481 Mobile: 07940 714683 Email: susan.osborne@travelcounsellors.com Web site: www.travelcounsellors.com/susan.osborne Travel Counsellors Trust Guarantees Financial Protection on Every Booking

Quick Drying andoftotally safe–cleaning Various safe methods cleaning water based at dry affordable prices or completely to suit your requirements. Locally based and fully insured. Call to arrange for your FREE quotation with no hidden extras. Tel: 01843 844542 Mob: 07962 108276

Member 1846


Minster Matters

February 2011

MIDWIVES TO ETHIOPIA A Wine and Wisdom evening was held recently at the Old School and raised the magnificent sum of £425. All the money will go to support the work of local midwives who travel to the rural areas of Ethiopia to train and equip the local health workers and birth attendants. These midwives carry out this work in their own time and often at their own expense, following a United Nations initiative to reduce death in childbirth in the third world. Organiser Sue Greenstreet is very grateful for all the help she received in putting on the event, especially Annette Paul, Liz Shervington, Suzanne Page and Sarah Eaton-Brown. Midwives Linda Harris, Claire Reed and Kate Humphreys were on hand to show photos and Ethiopian handcraft, having returned from there only days earlier! Following a previous fundraising event in Minster, a generator (pictured left) has been presented to a rural Health Clinic in Ethiopia. One effect of this will be that childbirth by candlelight is a thing of the past at that location. Richard Mills

East Kent Animal Centre “A Happy New Year to you all”. - Our first delightful offering for 2011.


Thumper came into the centre because the family cat took exception to him and kept attacking him. Harriet, Hazel, Heather and Holly were all dumped on our doorstep and again are looking for loving homes. All are friendly and have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Harriet & Hazel


They are young adults and just want someone to love!


Minster Matters

February 2011


Big Fundraising for Bell Inn Quiz Nights The staff and management of the Bell Inn Minster would like to thank Minster Matters for highlighting our fund raising efforts for the Kent Air Ambulance in the last Edition of MM. We are pleased to say that the two Quiz nights were very well attended and our Boxing Day draw saw a lot of happy faces as there were in excess of 50 prizes. Our total raised now stands at £2,000. We would like to thank all those who donated prizes and of course all those who took part in the quiz nights and gave so generously to the Draw. We will be continuing our fund raising for the Air Ambulance on the 4th February with another fun filled Quiz hosted by quizmaster Chris. Pictured are some of the Bell Staff and regulars at the presentation of the Cheque to the Kent Air Ambulance trust at their headquarters. MINSTER CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION SELECTION DANCE Will you be a minimum of 14, or under 20, by the end of June 2011? Then why not come along to the Selection Dance for a chance to enjoy a really exciting year representing the village across Kent and into France as a part of the Village Carnival Court. You can be assured of some great days out and some really interesting experiences that will see you as ambassadors for Minster. To be in with this chance of a lifetime just turn up on the evening, entry is free to anyone taking part. Saturday 12th February 7.30pm, at the Village Hall Admission for no-entrants is £3.50 Tea and Coffee available otherwise please bring your own drink.

- Entry Forms now available from Attwells -

February Offers Hollywood - Brazilian Bikini Wax £15.00 Mini Facial £20.00 60min Sunbed Course £17.00

Clinic Laser Hair Removal, Dermal Filler, Botox, Laser Teeth Whitening Semi-Permanent Make-Up Clinic

Local Villages & Surrounding Area Airports - Long Distance Wheelchair Facilities

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Pawfection Dog Grooming Service All Breeds Welcome Kind Professional Service Fully Insured Professionally Trained

Gemma & Sandie 69 High Street, Minster, CT12 4AB

01843 825 841

N.P. Plastering Dry Lining ~ Screeding ~ Plastering Coving ~ New Walls & Ceilings ~ Repairs References & Portfolio available on request

Free Estimates & Advice

01843 825 949 or

07969 825 085 www.npplastering.com


Minster Matters Nik Mitchell – RTW Trip Part 1 of 3

Many people have been asking how we enjoyed our round the world adventure last year. Minster Matters have been kind enough to let me share a snap shot of our travels. After lots of planning and help from Susan Osborne our travel planner (see her advert in MM), 2010 would be the year I paused trading as Minster’s local Electrician (Mitchell’s Electrical) and set off with my girlfriend Louise to head west exploring as much of the world as money and time would allow us. Our first stop was sunny, hot Washington D.C we stood at the airport with our big back packs thinking right this is it... the adventure begins. Travelling by bus and foot we explored the sights, Monuments and Museums of Washington and Philadelphia then we moved onto the bustling metropolitan city of New York. To take a break from the big cities we headed for the picturesque roaring Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls Moving on we made our way to the state of South Dakota via Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis. The USA is a vast place and with bus journeys of up to 14hrs we had to include some stopovers, travelling by bus was hard work but the sights along the way were amazing. In South Dakota we hired a car and saw the patriotic sights of Mount Rushmore, the 563ft high Crazy Horse monument of a Native American war leader on horseback, under construction since 1948 and planned completion in 2050! Americans are very patriotic and love their monuments which were very impressive. We now felt far away from home, everything was very

Zac’s Musings

Looking at the Girls World advert this month, I don’t think I’ll pop in for a chat I could come out looking like THIS !!!

February 2011

Yellowstone Falls

American, lots of wooden buildings, mile long trains, American Flags, 4x4s, cowboys and everything is so much bigger. We made our way to Yellowstone National Park, the first national park in the world, known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially the Old Faithful Geyser. We travelled in a hired big red Ford pickup truck; we saw lots of wildlife such as bison, deer and grizzly bears. As Independence Day approached and people started to sell fireworks on the street we decided to head for Las Vegas for the event, (if you’re going here speak to Karen Brazil for some great advice). We flew down the main strip at night by helicopter, we joined the locals firing guns in a shooting range, visited the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Bellagio Fountains. Oh.... and we did a little gambling when the heat was too much outside, all of this pushed us a tad over our £25 daily budget which we had allowed ourselves for accommodation, food and transport. By bus we headed to beautiful Yosemite National Park with lots of hiking in the mountains and waterfalls to enjoy. We then spent time in vibrant and hilly San Francisco, then the beaches of Santa Barbara and finally Santa Monica in LA where we discovered Hollywood, which was very ‘Hollywood’. We then spent a well deserved week relaxing after the hard work of travelling in the USA, island hopping in Fiji, enjoying the beaches, snorkelling and sunbathing ..... See next months edition for Pt2

Bus Shelter Improvements Minster Parish Council has recently received a grant which covers half of the cost of refurbishments to bus shelters in the village . We have been able to fully refurbish the shelter at the entrance to Hillminster and install a new oak seat at the shelter outside the church. The before and after Before After photos show what a difference this has made to the entrance to the village and many residents have already commented favourably on the improvements.

February 2011 Whilst enjoying the 'Winter wonderland scene' at The Old Oak Cottage during the recent cold snap, local villager Vivien Walford was somewhat surprised to discover a new Minster resident lurking outside her front door. With a suggestive smirk, this colourful character introduced himself as 'Bert the Snowman' ,saying he "intends to hang around for a while". Vivien told us over her shoulder with a knowing wink that she "fully intended to melt his heart away over the next few days!" Along with the rest of the snow we hope!

OUR VILLAGE Taken by our very own ‘Snappy’

Minster Matters Fun in the Snow! Enough snow fell back in December to make an igloo in one of our very keen resident’s garden.



Minster Matters

February 2011

ALAN JOHNSON Carpenter Joiner Specialising in purpose made Staircases and all aspects of Carpentry and Joinery

01843 821 096 07716 999 337 Flowers by Vanessa Bouquets, Baskets, Table decorations Weddings or Funerals Created with the “Personal Touch� For designs with a difference

Vanessa Fairbrass (C&G qualified florist) Rose Cottage Manor Road St. Nicholas at Wade CT7 0NY

01843 847 012 07934 420 837 I can deliver within Thanet & Canterbury

February 2011

Minster Matters


Minster A well planned and presented semi detached house. Open plan living/dining room with open fire, fitted kitchen with integral appliances, four bedrooms, gas central heating, double glazing, utility room, integral garage, parking space, front and rear gardens £240,000

Minster A rare development opportunity, a church suitable for conversion to residential or community use, together with detached presbytery also for refurbishment or replacement subject to consent. Approx 0.5 acre in a secluded location close to heart of the village £300,000

Minster A centrally situated detached bungalow set close to village centre and train station. Kitchen, sitting room, conservatory, two bedrooms, family bathroom, gas central heating, double glazing, garage and parking. Stream goes through rear garden with frequently visiting water fowl £200,000

Acol A most attractive double fronted detached former farm house dating back to 1710 with a later georgian addition to front. A lovely family home with some delightful original features. Four bedrooms, detached garage/barn, victorian styled conservatory and landscaped gardens £525,000

Minster A fine double fronted detached house of character, situated in a pleasant country lane. Large sitting room with bar and Inglenook, separate dining room, five bedrooms, family bathroom, split level kitchen, dining room, g/c/h, d/glazing, enclosed private gardens, parking and garage £420,000

Cliffsend An attractively presented end of terrace house in the corner of a pleasant cul-de-sac. Three bedrooms, large reception room opening onto attractive enclosed garden, drive and garage to side of property, gas fired heating and double glazing.

Minster Office 71 High St, Minster t: 01843 823200

e: C2minster@colebrooksturrock.co.uk

Welcome to


• Daily Menu

• Unlimited Indoor & Outdoor Activities

y at St pla

• Qualified Staff • Caring & Dedicated • Safe & Structured Environment • Summer Holiday Club

twise ree

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Be wise

• Ofsted Registered

07950 448 595 - Anita Our ‘Out of School Club’ setting supports EYFS themes and commitments and compliments your child’s learning and development whilst still offering a fantastic play environment with team building and risky play challenges to encourage social skills and confidence. We are an off site setting with an outdoor area and indoor spacing for all ages offering a very wide range of activities daily providing a great club atmosphere. We look forward to caring for your children. Spaces available from September 2010.



Minster Matters

February 2011

Monday 21- Friday 25 February 11am – 12.30pm Peking & Cantonese Cuisine

The wolf’s at the door

Chinese Restaurant

Is there something sinister afoot this half term?

& Take Away 2 Monkton Road, Minster

01843 822371 A La Carte & Buffet Menu Available Delivery Service

We hear of strange happenings at Quex.. Characters from stories across the world have been gathering and hiding amongst the real animals and objects of the Powell-Cotton Museum at Birchington. Are they simply here on holiday?

£1.00 Delivery Charge on Every Order Minimum Order £10.00 within 3 mile radius

OPENING HOURS Sunday 12noon - 2.00pm 5.30pm - 11.00pm Monday - Wednesday 5.00pm - 11.00pm Thursday - Saturday 12noon - 2.00pm 5.00pm - 11.30pm

Where is Red Riding Hood? Join Scandalmongers as they seek to expose these fantasy characters. Through stories, games and crafts Scandalmongers will draw you into the adventure of Red Riding Hood and other fairytales for families, every day this February half term. Adults


Children £7

Family ticket £30 Friends of Quex half price Includes admission to the Museum and gardens For all the jobs you don’t have time to do !

Enquiries: 01843 842168

Interior & Exterior Home Improvements and Repairs Also Hedge Cutting , Gardening , Fencing , Patios Free estimates. No job too small. Local, Reliable and Friendly. Fully Insured.

Ring Trevor on: 01843 822 541 07765 907480

Love Your Lawn

UK’s Largest Lawn Care Company No Contract : Simply pay-as-you-go Weed Kill * Fertilisation * Aeration Moss Control * Scarification Costs less than DIY www.greenthumb.co.uk For a free no obligation lawn analysis & quote call

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PAINTING & DECORATING By NIGEL MATHER Your Local Professional Decorator Bringing High Quality Decorating to your home (or business) Interior & Exterior Clean Reliable Service No Job too Small Free Advice & Problem Solving Free estimates without obligation

Tel: 822 946 Mob: 07811 780 492 24 High St., Minster CT12 4BU


Hand done from start to finish Call



07772 562 275 stuart.bance@fsmail.net

February 2011

Minster Matters

100 YEARS OF FOOTBALL 1911 – 2011 www.minsterfootballclub.co.uk November's results:Saturday 9th Kent County Cup Minster 2 Saga Sports and Social 2 (Minster lost on Penalties) Saturday 13th Premier Division Minster 2 Ash 1 Saturday 20th Canterbury Senior Cup Blean 5 Minster 4 (after extra time) December's results:Saturday 11th Premier Division Ash 1 Minster 3


KENS BIKES Want your bike repaired or serviced? We collect and return - FREE in your area 24hr Turn-round A Professional Service

26/28 Eaton Road, Margate 01843 221 422 inc Eve’s and Sundays (Same Owner for 30 years)

January's results Saturday 8th Premier Division Red Arrow 1 Minster 3. The bad weather hampered efforts to complete December’s fixtures. . Minster (at the time of writing) now find themselves joint top of the Premier Division after beating Red Arrow who were in third. Saturday 15th saw us entertain Monument Eagles at the recreational ground. Monument drew first blood with a goal on 8 minutes but Minster replied with 3 goals in the space of 10 minutes. 2 goals from James Hall and 1 for Terry Newman secured all 3 points for Minster. Final Score Minster FC 3 Monument Eagles 1 Fixtures: 22-01-11 Post Office v Minster at Thanington Recreational Ground result not available as we went to print 29-02-11 University of Kent v Minster. 2pm Kick off. Please visit our website www.minsterfootballclub.co.uk for further updates, match reports, fixtures and complete league table.

Skin Care and Associated Therapies * Unisex Salon * Late Evenings ‘til 9pm * Semi Permanent Make-up * Gift Vouchers * Dermal Fillers * Slimming Treatments * Nail Treatments * Holistic Treatments * Bio Sculpture Gel Nails * Oxygen Therapy * Dermalogica Treatments * Micro Dermabrasion * Waxing/Tinting/Make-up * Pregnancy Massage * Non-Surgical Face Lift * LED Light Therapy * Colonic Irrigation * Chiropractor * Skin Tag/Red Vein/Milia Removal *Spa Days & Exclusive Parties Open: Mon 9am - 3pm • Tues/Wed 9am - 5pm Thurs/Fri 9am - 9pm • Sat 9am - 5pm

10/12 Cuthbert Road, Westgate-on-Sea

01843 831 882 Email: completelyou@aol.com



Minster Matters

February 2011

The Saddler


01843 821 331

He was 94 and died peacefully. He loved the village and had lived there since the early 80’s. He was well known in the village and took an active interest in village life. We’ve let the Legion know that he has died. The funeral service was on Monday 13th December 2010 at St. Mary’s Church, Minster. W.S.Cole and Son dealt with the funeral. Very best wishes Shanti Ramakuri (Gaston Panvert’s Grand-Daughter).

7 Monkton Road, Minster

Where a warm and friendly welcome awaits you from

Kim & Keith Food Served Tuesday to Saturday 12.00pm to 2.00pm & 6.00pm to 9.00pm Set Lunch Menu £8.00 for Two Courses Sunday Lunch 12.00pm to 3.00pm Two Courses £10.00 - Under 12’s EAT FREE Live Music Sunday 13th February - Bob Drury playing “RAT PACK” @ 5pm

SDS ROOFING PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Tiled/Slate/Kent Peg/Lead-work Velux Installation/Loft Conversions General Building Work Specialist in Int & Ext Restoration Fully Insured All Work Guaranteed

Gaston Panvert

YVONNE’S AIM Live each day as if it’s your last. Live for the future, not the past. Make every moment worthwhile, hold fast. Try to make this a pleasure, not a hard task. Don’t allow melancholia to envelope your soul. Let contentment be your goal. Make sure you face each day with a grin. Accepting the good things as well as knocks on the chin. Try not to let troubles mean a thing. Just listen to the Robin sing. Don’t worry if the skies are grey, one day soon they’ll drift away. (Yvonne)

01843 825 599 / 07748 409 806


63 High Street, Minster CT12 4AB

Have a vacancy for the following position

For Rental - Paphos Cyprus 2 bed house with swimming pool set on a nice small complex. 25mins from Paphos Airport and well situated within walking distance to main road. 10mins by bus/car to harbour/nearest sandy beach. Sleeps 4, Air Con, nicely furnished. £100 deposit secures dates - Feb £200pw; Mar/Apr £225pw; May/Jun ££275pw; Jul/Aug/Sep £300-£325pw; Oct £275pw; Nov/Dec £225pw - longer term lets to be negotiated. This property is also on the market for sale @ £134,000 with Title Deeds, and lawyer available. Ruth Gradus 07966 252 118

*************************************************************** TANNING - NAILS - TANNING - NAILS - TANNING Mobile Service to your door - Special February Offers....... Acrylic Nails - White/Pink or Funky Tips/Plain polish ***Only £20 per Set*** Children’s Nail Painting Parties ***Sparkly Fingers and Toes*** £5 per child (min 6) Spray Tanning - Beautiful Natural Shades for that Special Party Night/Wedding/Nite Out/Holiday or just to feel Fabulous throughout these dull Winter days ***£17.50 per tan*** ***Spray Tanning Parties*** Host a party with a minimum of 6 guests and receive a Free Tan. Guests receive discounted rates too !! Tel: Ruth 07966 252 118

CLEANER/OPENER and CLOSER (early morning/sunset) for the village public conveniences. Approximately 1 hour per day 7 days per week. All Enquiries to:- Kyla Lamb - Clerk to Minster Parish Council Parish Office, Minster Library & Neighbourhood Centre, 4a Monkton Road, Minster, Ramsgate, Kent. CT12 4EA. Telephone: Thanet (01843) 821339 Fax: (01843) 825869 E-mail: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk

Person Centred Therapy and Self Development Based on Carl Rogers' 'Person Centred Approach' Now available in Minster For many of us there can be times when life is particularly challenging and it seems hard to find a balance between competing priorities such as work, relationships or our own need to find meaning or spiritual growth. From a Person Centred perspective, whenever there is resistance or 'stuckness', there is also potential, new awareness to be explored and integrated and the opportunity for personal development, healing and growth.

Fully qualified, insured and confidential. Fees negotiable.

Minster Matters

February 2011

Church News and Service Times St. Mary’s the Virgin, Minster Rev. Bob Coles, 821250 Sunday Services In

FEBRUARY 2011 6th February 9am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10am: Family Praise 6.30pm: no service this month 13th February 9am: Family Communion (BCP) 10am: Family Communion (CW) 20th February 9am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10am: Morning Worship 27th February 9am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10am: Holy Communion (CW) Mid week services at St Mary’s Wednesdays 10.30am

St Mary Magdalene, Monkton Sunday Services In FEBRUARY 2011 6th February 10.15am: Holy Communion (CW) 13th February 10.15am: Holy Communion (BCP) 20th February 10.15am: Holy Communion at the Methodists 27th February 10.15am: Family Service

Ss. Ethelbert & Gertrude Catholic Parish Ramsgate and Minster Rev Marcus Holden 592071 ramsgateandminster@gmail.com www.rc.net/southwark/ramsgate --------Parish Office: Ss Ethelbert & Gertrude Church 72 Hereson Road, Ramsgate, CT11 7DS ----------------Catholic Mass each Wednesday and Holyday of Obligation at 12.00noon in the Church of St Mary the Virgin and each Sunday at 10.00am in Minster Abbey For other services in Minster please see Minster Abbey entry.

Minster Abbey www.minsterabbeynuns.org The Abbey Chapel is open for prayer throughout the day Lauds: 8.30am Mass 9.00am, Sunday 10.00am Mid day prayer 12.10pm Vespers 6.00pm Compline 7.50pm (followed by Silent Prayer)

26th November: Gladys Seagar (82) at Minster Church and Cemetery 30th November: Karin Williams-Jones (69) at Minster Church and Thanet Crematorium 13th December: Gaston Panvert (94) at Minster Church and Thanet Crematorium 16th December: Maureen White (69) at Thanet Crematorium

The Salvation Army 11 Tothill Street, Minster Mjrs Richard and Val Hope

823830 (currently in charge until new officers appointed, possibly end of July)

Weekly Programme Sunday Jigsaw (Sunday School) 11.00am – 12.00pm Morning Family Service, 11am – 12pm Evening Service, 6pm – 7pm Monday Baby Group (Parents & Babies up to 12 months), 9.30am to 12.30pm Friendship Club (Over 50’s), 2.15pm – 3.30pm Tuesday Parents and Tots, 9.30am - 11.30am 7 Up Club - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED -

All our visitors, not only Christians but people of all faiths and spiritual tradition, all who ‘truly seek God’ (rule of St. Benedict) are warmly welcomed to join us in prayer, in our beautiful monastic chapel.

Wednesday Keep Fit, 10.15am – 11.15am Home League, 2.00pm – 3.45pm Pilates, 6.30pm-7.30pm & 7.30pm - 8.30pm (for details ring Andy on 07505399512)

Open Gardens 2011

Thursday Prayer Meeting and Quiet Time 9am - All are Welcome Please contact for details - not held at Hall

18th - 19th June

Funerals: 25th November: Susan Hulks (41) at Minster Church and Cemetery


This year marks the 13th anniversary of Open Gardens We already have many gardens but are always looking for more! If you are considering entering your garden then please contact Rev’d Bob Coles Thanet 821250

Friday Due to circumstances, the Youth Club for 11-16 year olds is unable to commence at this time. Please look out for notification when this may happen. Saturday There are events happening on most Saturdays please see other pages of Minster Matters for details. Salvation Army telephone number for the new building is 01843 825178


Minster Matters

February 2011


February 9th St Mary’s Church, 2.00pm

Minster & Monkton Wednesday Afternoon Club Royal British Legion Club Augustine Road

SATURDAY MARKET 12th February, 10.00am - 12.00noon in The Old Schools (weather permitting)

Come and join us for a “Cuppa” and Chat. Bingo - Raffles

DEANERY QUIET MORNING February 14th, 10.30am at St. Mary’s, Minster; This will be led by Bishop Trevor the Bishop of Dover. Soup and Rolls will be served afterwards. All welcome.

All Welcome Joan Cordwell - 823782

SOUP ON WEDNESDAY 12.00noon to 1.00pm, in the Old Schools - All Welcome OPEN GARDENS ST. NICHOLAS-AT-WADE Saturday 4th June, 11.00am TRASH & TREASURE SALE ST NICHOLAS-AT-WADE CHURCH Saturday 12th February 9.30am - 12.00noon China, glass, books, jewellery, antiques, small furniture etc Tea and coffee available All proceeds to the maintenance of the Church Please help us to preserve our beautiful village Church CLIFTONVILLE FARMERS MKT Last Sunday of each Month (30/1 - 27/2 - 27/3) Oval Lawns, Eastern Esplanade for further info contact June Chadband 226033 k.chadband@btinternet.com


CLOSED UNTIL MARCH 2011 Guildhall, Cattle Market Further information from Melanie Clarkson 01304 617197 info@sandwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

EVERY WED 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Minster-in-Thanet WI. NEXT MEETING Tuesday 8th February, 7.30pm Village hall Speaker Prue Anderton “My Pilgrimage to Ariana” Visitors and new members welcome COFFEE AND CHAT Thursday 17th February 10.00am - 12.00noon Village Hall Committee Room All Welcome Minster & Monkton Royal British Legion Women’s Section NEXT MEETING

Monday 14th February, 7.30pm Decorate Digestive Biscuit For Valentine’s Day Speaker - Air Ambulance

Patient Liaison Group presents a GRAND SPRING CRAFT FAIR & BAZAAR Saturday 2nd April 9.00am – 1.00pm in the Old Schools £5 per Stall/Table Arts & Crafts, Bring & Buy, Bic a Brac, Local Antiques, Cakes & Cards, Face Painting, Tombola and Refreshments To book/information contact Ken Self on Thanet 821200 All proceeds to local fundraising projects

MINSTER LIBRARY RURAL EAST KENT OVER 50’S DROP-IN ADVICE SERVICE 10.00am to 3.00pm 4th February 18th February 4th March 18th March TALK TIME Come and join our new weekly group at Minster library where you can make friends and share activities. First meeting Thursday 10th February 10.30am - 11.30am For more details please contact Minster library on 01843 821442

Speaker or Quiz Raffle prizes needed for all meetings For further information Miriam Smith 822589 Minster & Monkton Horticultural Society Wednesday 16th February Village Hall, 7.30pm A talk by a representative of Thanet Earth Points Comp. “A Foliage Arrangement” All visitors are welcome 50p

For Carers, those with ill health or disabilities Want to know more? Call us on 01843 821442 www.kent.gov.uk/libs Click Services for everyone then homebound

February 2011

Minster Matters



Fundraising Challenge

India Bike Ride 3rd -12th November 2011 · · ·

Join us on a trip of a lifetime Cycle through Rajasthan See the Taj Mahal

The Grass Master * Landscaping * Lawn Treatment Service * Turfing * * Driveways * Fencing * Patios * Decking * * Artificial Grass * Grass Cutting * Turf Suppliers and Installers

Call 01303 862 996

info@lifecyclepromotions.co.uk www.kentmstc.co.uk RCN 801382

or e-mail

Call for a FREE QUOTE or visit www.thegrassmaster.co.uk

01843 823 320 or 07973 817 540 India Bike Ride 3-12 November 2011 Join us on a trip of a lifetime and cycle for 5 days through rural Rajasthan along with other like minded people and raise funds for the Kent Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Canterbury (KM Charity of the Year 2010). This will be the 2nd major fundraising event for the Centre which provides therapies, advice and support for people with MS in Kent. We are looking for over 30 people to take part in the event which finishes with a visit to the Taj Mahal. For more information and a registration pack call 01303 862 996 or e-mail info@lifecyclepromotions.co.uk or visit www.kentmstc.co.uk

(Est 1935)

MOT Preparation and Presentation Servicing all makes of vehicle Tyres, Batteries, Exhausts Air Con - servicing and repairs Free local delivery and collection

SIMON STAIT Complete Property Maintenance 01843 595 979

07727 687 538

From a leaky tap to a leaky roof - I’ve got it covered!! No job too big - no job too small For all your building or plumbing jobs, inside or out. Professional workmanship with quality materials and competitive prices. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laminate floors, Flatpacks assembled, Ceilings & Walls, Painting & Decorating, Custom radiator covers, Staircases, Doors, Roofs, Locks, Sheds erected, Decking, Outside taps, Fascias and Soffits, Guttering, Fencing, Windows, Washing machines installed & Pipes boxed in. Fully Insured, Reliable Craftsman. Free Estimates and Consultations


Minster Matters Councillor Bob Grove

MONTHLY SURGERIES Bob is now holding regular surgeries every 1st Wednesday of the month in the Neighbourhood Centre at 1.15pm All residents are welcome to attend

Come and be pampered in beautiful Minster country house surroundings at very competitive prices!!

February 2011

RC PESCUD Est 1976 Interior/Exterior Painting • Drive & Patio Cleaning Flat Pack Assembly • Loft Ladders Fitted Fencing/Gates • Lawns Cut Sheds & Greenhouse Erected or Repaired General Repairs & Maintenance

All Work Guaranteed - Fully Insured

01843 224 803 / 07980 439 558

Acrylic Nails Full Set £26 Infills £19 Nail Art/Gems from £3 Eyelash Tint £8 Brow tint £6 Luxury Facial £19 Aromatherapy Massage from £16 Indian Head Massage £17 Manicure/Pedicure from £16 Body Massage from £13 Full body massage £25 Waxing from £3


Property Maintenance Ltd

01843 822 082 07505 531 585/07505 532 726 72 MONKTON ROAD, MINSTER


VEG IN A BOX Fresh Organic Vegetables and Eggs delivered to your door

Minster & Monkton - Thursday Evenings 2 sizes available £7.00 & £8.50 Your box will contain a selection of seasonable vegetables all organically grown, the majority from our own Soil Association Certified Farm at Ash

Tel: 01227 722 252 *Free Advice Pack Available *Dedicated Letting Agent *Properties Needed in Your Area *Flexible Services Available *Strict Tenant Criteria *Est 1991

Please leave your name and number and we will ring you back

GARDEN SERVICES 4 YOU 1 Church Street, Minster, Ramsgate

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Ÿ Gutter Cleaning and Repairing Ÿ Hedge Cutting and Trimming Ÿ Pruning • Grass Cutting • Weed Killing Ÿ Fencing • General DIY

Offices Located at: 73A High St, Minster CT12 4AB 26 The Square, Birchington, CT7 9AB

Call Andrei on 07725 819407 or 01843 825776

“Great website, local offices and friendly staff”



February 2011

Minster Matters

Minster Day Nursery and Out Of School Club



CALLING ALL PARENTS/CARERS LOOKING FOR CHILDCARE Warm and Friendly Environment Fully Qualified Staff Before and After School Care Quality Care and Safety Provided Breakfast, Lunch and Tea Provided

OFSTED Registered Open 8.00am - 6.00pm Ages 12 months - 11 years Age Appropriate Rooms

To Find Out More And Book Your Place

01843 821 482 Molineux Road, Minster, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4PS www.minsterdaynursery.co.uk enquiries@minsterdaynursery.co.uk


Over 30 years experience * New roofs * Roof Repairs * * Restoration Work * * Free Estimates* All work guaranteed *

Freephone: 0800 7 31 31 52 Mobile: 07957 42 42 47

Registered Charity 1110919

Est 1980


Free Quotations Tel 01843 821147 including Answerphone

C H A U F FE U R T A X IS W e o ffe r a c o m p le te 2 4 h r S e r v ic e to

M IN S T E R & a ll s u r r o u n d i n g v il la g e s .

01843 -

8 44 84 4

N.P. ELECTRICALS BS7671 QUALIFIED ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Part ‘P’ Registered Electrical installer All electrical work undertaken from a replacement socket to a full house rewire Inspection and testing service available. Free Quotations, Competitive Prices. Quality workmanship guaranteed Tel: Nic

Morling 01843 825 094

ENVY Unisex Hairdressers

Modern Salon * Friendly Welcome Affordable Prices Mon/Wed/Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm Tues 9.00am - 4.00pm Thurs/Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm

O r C a ll

T h a n e t ’s C a b C a l l C e n t r e

27 High Street, Minster

292929 o r 595959

01843 821 526


Minster Matters Editors this month are: Olivia Brewer & Rinah Hauptfleisch

February 2011 The Meaning of Life Some people think that the meaning of life can be solved by some brainy machine. But I think that the meaning of life can be solved by eating a mountain of chocolate ice cream! by Olivia

Wild animals come in all shapes and sizes, some are small and some are large some are fat some are thin personally I Club Penguin don’t have a favourite except for if they’re in different Club penguin is the best website ever and miniclip. You groups of species like sharks my favourite shark is a lemon can buy clothes, pets, and surfboards you can also play shark. What is your favourite animal? games. Pets are called Puffles. You can be a member and By Rinah upgrade your igloo. You can buy Red and Blue when you’re not a member. You play games to get coins they give you 500 coins to start. Stardoll is a really cool website where you have your own MeDoll. I recommend you go on it. You can dress it up and play games, earning loads of money!!! You Harry Spain.

Maisie Maisie is my ultra sweet dog and she is 1 year old. She chases her tail all the time and the other day she left her teddy outside so it got frozen! Poor Rupert... Anyway, once, she tried to get through the cat-flap and got her head stuck in the frame of it! She has her own high-vis jacket for when she goes walkies at night time! Love you Maisie, lots of love Olivia xxx

rate people’s scenery, albums, designs and much more. If you are a SUPERSTAR then you get 200 Stardollars a month and you can also buy any clothes that you want. If you have any worries than you can go to Callie.Stardoll! Go to Stardoll.com if you want your own MeDoll! By Penny & Olivia x

Nature Olivia Brewer is very strange. But she is really funny. She is I would just like to tell you about nature and what threats really fond of her dogs, Maisie, Harry and Holly. She is a we oppose to it. My first example is the Shark, Sharks are really great friend and she is kind and caring overly misunderstood because when I was 5, I went on by Penny holiday to the Maldives and while I was in the sea, Black Tip Reef Shark swam straight past me without even taking an interest in me. My second example is the Lion; Lions are very territorial so Blue nose friends are the cutest toys like ever! if they sense any threat to their cubs they will defend them with their life. Hunters are attacked by them and if a hunter I have 2 at home Snowdrop the cutest toy bunny EVER! survives to tell the tale, the Lion is the enemy. And Kossie I think he is a Llama but I’m not sure. I hope now some people are beginning to understand we You should really get some from Clintons soon. are the most dangerous things on the earth.

Silver Class Silver class is the best class that ever lived! They also have the best teacher ever, (Mrs Kirk-Laird) she is strict but great. This year she is in charge of Hindleep the year six school trip. I am hoping I will be in her group. Silver class are never noisy, (well, maybe they are some times!) but we are still the greatest class that ever lived and we always will be! By Emily Spain Pantomime – Aladdin We went to the pantomime about Aladdin on the 14th December. In the intervals we got a choc ice! By Rinah and Penny Our New Deputy Head I would just like to say a big warm welcome to our new Deputy Head, Mr McCarthy! That’s All!

They come in lots of shapes and sizes. Lots of love Georgia McGuirk

Emily Spain Emily Spain is one of the nicest people we know. She’s funny, she’s friendly and she is really mad (in a good way!) She’s always telling jokes and she makes everyone laugh! By Penny Curry & Rinah Hauptfleisch

Rinah is a great friend and a huge animal lover! She has 2 cats one called Sweetie and one called Diesel. Her dad is a vet at the local Minster vets so she still gets to see a lot of the animals she doesn’t keep! She is very kind and helpful and she is very clever! I’m very glad that she is my friend. By Olivia Brewer

Minster Matters

February 2011


THE SPORTSMAN Sandwich Road, Cliffsend 01843 852547 where a warm welcome awaits you from


01304 626364

Richborough Hall , Ramsgate Rd., Sandwich CT13 9NW

SATURDAY 12th FEBRUARY VALENTINES MEAL Bookings now being taken Cash bingo every other Wednesday Quiz night last Monday of each Month Poker every Monday Around the World food theme nights every other Friday Sunday Roasts 1 course 6.95 2 course 7.95 : 3 course 9.95 Inviting real log fire and warm atmosphere Children and dogs welcome Function Hall available * Resident DJ available All Food Catered for at Reasonable Prices **Live Football Shown** Beer Price Freeze after VAT increase !! MINSTER VILLAGE HALL BOWLS GROUP

Short Mat Bowls Sessions for February Come along to one of our sessions on a Tuesday or Sunday evening. We are an extremely friendly group and will lend you bowls to get you started. It’s well worth trying !!




6pm to 9pm


7pm to 10pm


6pm to 9pm


No Bowls


6pm to 9pm


7pm to 10pm


6pm to 9pm 22nd

7pm to 10pm

Sunday 20th Phoenix Cup - 6pm Sharp Pay as you play - no membership fees

The Friendly Bowls Club Contact: 821447

Reliable qualified Electricians All aspects of wiring undertaken BURGLAR ALARMS TELEPHONE EXTENSIONS TV AERIAL’S-SKY SATELLITE *Reasonable rates* Free estimates* Discount for OAP’S* Julie Beaney, Minster 01843 823 466 Gary Hake, Canterbury 01227 472 612

MINSTER A.W. SPORTS PITCH Now taking bookings - Office hours 9am-12noon Mon-Fri Hire times and prices Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs (Off-Peak) 09:00hrs to 21:00hrs 15:00hrs to 21:00hrs Price Structure * Full Pitch : £27/hour Off-Peak Full Pitch : £17/hour Half Pitch : £17/hour (1 five a side pitch) Price rise from 1st Apr : £31 & £20 respectively * A 10% discount will be given to Minster clubs and residents booking the ‘Full Pitch’ option only. To book this facility please contact Kyla Lamb, at the Parish Office, 4A Monkton Rd, Minster CT12 4EA t: 821339 f: 825869 e: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk

BIRCHINGTON AUTO REPAIRS LTD ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE MECHANICAL WORKSHOP Ÿ Insurance work Ÿ Servicing and Ÿ Resprays and all vehicle Ÿ maintenance finishing Ÿ MOT repairs Ÿ Low bake oven and Jig Ÿ Exhausts Ÿ Courtesy cars Ÿ Brakes Ÿ Valeting Ÿ Free collection and delivery Ÿ Paintless dent removal Free estimates

52 2002 Rover 75 Connoisseur, 1.8;Man; e/w and mirrors; a/c; pas; multi-stack CD; cream leather int; outstanding cond; 44k mls .. £2,995

04 2004 Peugeot 307cc, 2.0ltr pet, 2dr Coupe, Hardtop Conv, met silver, a/c, pas, r/c/l, CD, e/windows and roof, air bags £6,295

SO 51 2002 Hyundai SE Coupe Auto 2ltr, petrol, e/w, sunroof & mirrors; a/c; CD player; rcl; leather interior; 44K mls & service hist ....... £2,995

ll on a t un isco o ut d 5% rk carriedtion c wo rodu ert !! p n v o is ad of th

TYRE CENTRE Ÿ Branded tyres Ÿ Budget tyres Ÿ Punctures Ÿ Balancing Ÿ Fitting Ÿ 4 wheel alignment Ranging from £18 inc VAT, fitting & balancing Example 155/70 x 13

03 2003 Toyota Corolla Tsport WTLi 1.8 petrol, 6spd man, a/c, pas, met silver, r/c/l, 5dr hatch, cd player, service history ....... £3,995


07 2007 Peugeot 207S, 1.4 1 owner, petrol, a/c, pas, met red, r/c/l, 3dr hatch, CD, s/h, e/mirrors and windows, 20,000 mls £5,995

53 2003 MITSUBISHI Colt Mirage, Met Silv, 3 dr hatch, petrol, man, r/c/l, pas, a/c, 32k mls, f/s/h (Was £4,495............. Now £3,995)

All cars come with Warranty, Full Service, Full MOT, HPI Check and Valet


1 Carlton Avenue,Broadstairs Call Martin or Paul Lamb on: 01843 869 600 ** Most credit/debit cards accepted **

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Minster Matters Issue 122  

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