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Nomination Packs are now available from the Parish Office Nominations Close 4th April Polling Day 5th May Do you have time to give and a passion to get involved in local decision making? How about standing for election to the Parish Council this year? For further details please contact The Clerk, Mrs Kyla Lamb Parish Office 4A Monkton Road, Minster CT12 4EA T: 821339 E: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk


Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday 19th April at 7 pm Library & Neighbourhood Centre 4a Monkton Road, Minster The Annual Parish Meeting is to allow members of the public to ask Councillors questions about any issues in the Village Tea and Coffee available E-mail : editorialteam@minstermatters.org.uk Skype us at: editor.minstermatters Electronic Copy, Podcast and Blog: http://www.minstermatters.org.uk Fax No: 07092 891864 Find and Read us on Facebook - search for : Minster Matters Published by: Minster Matters, c/o Library & Neighbourhood Centre, 4A Monkton Road, Minster-in-Thanet, Nr. Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4EA UK

Minster Matters


April 2011

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Minster Parish Council will be held on:

Tuesday 5th April in the Neighbourhood Centre Members of the public are welcome to attend and can arrange to speak to the Council through the Clerk or by requesting the Chairman before the start of the meeting. Copies of the Agenda are available from the Clerk and are posted in the Library. Clerk to the Council is Mrs Kyla Lamb and the Council Office is normally open from:9.30 am - 12 noon weekdays; tel: 821 339 fax: 825 269 Email: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk

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April 2011

Minster Matters


The ‘E’ Team

EDITORIAL Couldn’t make up my mind whether to use the ‘Poor Parking’ picture I took, or one of those I was sent of a 40ft refrigerated Artic blocking Tothill St (North), mine won out in the end just for the sake Ray of clarity at such a small size. Litter seems to have been a talking point of late both in the (Minster Window Company) village and this magazine. Personally I believe our present roadProperty Maintenance sweeper is doing an excellent job, (even if he doesn’t visit my street Building Work very often!) but I wish the Parish Council could see their way clear to Plastering * Rendering Amy purchasing him a long handled dustpan and brush to save his back. uPVC Windows & Doors We have printed a letter admonishing the Council and the Warden for not ensuring our village is kept litter free, but in their uPVC Fascia, Soffits & Guttering defence can I say neither of them work weekends, which makes Repairs to existing double glazing complaints re litter over a Saturday or Sunday rather unfair, although Misted up sealed units replaced Brenda I would agree 100% about the football teams being required to clear Garage Doors * Decking the rubbish they normally leave behind. That said, we also had a very short, 2 line, note from another resident stating what a great job the road-sweeper was doing, so we Call on do report both sides of the argument. Yet another gripe, this time about non paying advertisers. Eve We know only too well how the present economy is affecting us all, but if we have people who for one reason or other think we can allow them free advertising, then it wouldn’t be too long before the A.J.Cliffe & Sons magazine folded. (Butchers) Ltd Diane MM already runs on an extremely tight budget, so there is no way we can afford to have advertisers who continually ignore our HAPPY EASTER requests for payment. We have removed one or two this month who haven’t paid for 6 from months or more, and from next month we will be enforcing our US ALL @ CLIFFE’S ‘Notice’ as laid out on Page 2 of this and every other issue, by Nora removing adverts if they fall 3 months behind - you’ve been warned. Don’t forget to This may seem as though we’re cutting off our nose to spite our ORDER YOUR TURKEY face, but there are very few months we don’t actually have people & TURKEY BREASTS waiting for a space, so why should those who pay regularly support FOR EASTER those who don’t, whilst we lose revenue from prospective clients. Sue Canterbury House, Since I took over in 2006 only one of our previous advertisers, who was removed for non payment, has actually settled their account, everyone Monkton Road, Minster else, it seems, has just conveniently forgotten that they still owe us money, Tel: 01843 821288 something we have now written off as an assumed unrecoverable debt !! On a much happier note, we have just been awarded a £1,000 grant from Poor Parking !! Two for the KIACC at Manston towards the funding for a Braille Embosser, so nearly two years after starting out to raise the money, we now have enough in the kitty to price of place our order and hopefully we will be able to offer this service starting with our June issue, following setup and training and assuming that the KCC One this Libraries/Parish Council solicitors have signed off the contract to allow us use month !!! of the empty office to house it. (something else we asked for 2 years ago !!) We have been asked if we would consider including items to “Buy, Sell or Swap” at a suggested rate of £1 per item - we are keen to see what others think of this idea before we consider implementing it, so please give us your views either by email or by dropping us a note into the library. From rumours we’ve heard on the village grapevine, it would appear there will be a number of vacant seats on the Parish Council, come the elections in May. So please, if you have any interest in what goes on and would like to do your bit to help make a difference, then pop in and see the Parish Clerk for a Nomination www.minstersalon.com Pack. They really do need people to step forward to fill these 61, High St vacancies, it’s not an onerous task, and having been a Parish off your first Minster Councillor, albeit 20 plus years ago, I can recommend it for some good debate and the feeling that you are doing your best to help the visit to The Salon Tel: community, in which you live and/or work. Well, space has beaten me yet again, so until next month, I’ll 824000 with this voucher just ask you all the usual question - Where’s Zac ?



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Minster Matters

April 2011

ROGER GALE MP Roger holds regular advice surgeries. For appointments and advice on urgent problems:

Ring: 01843 848 588 (a.m. from l0.00) Fax: 01843 844 856 (24-hour) Page: 07623 978 479 (24-hour) Web: www.rogergale.co.uk Email: galerj@parliament.uk Write: HOUSE OF COMMONS, London, SW1A 0AA

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PATIENT LIAISON GROUP (MINSTER) Surgery Closure Dates Please note that the Surgery will be closed on the following dates : 1. Tuesday 19th April. For Staff Training. Closed from Midday onwards 2. Good Friday 22nd April and Easter Monday 25th April. Easter Bank Holidays 3. Friday 29th April. Bank Holiday to celebrate "The Royal Wedding" Should you need to see a Doctor during any of these times please call "Doctors on Call" via the normal surgery number - 821333 Thank you. Appointments Unfortunately, our most common cause for complaint, is difficulty in making appointments. But do you realise, that on average, EVERY MONTH OVER 70 PATIENTS FAIL TO ATTEND THEIR APPOINTMENT! THAT"S MORE THAN THREE PATIENTS EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK ! THAT'S MORE THAN THREE PATIENTS EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK WHO COULD GET THE APPOINTMENT THEY NEED! SO PLEASE : DON'T INCONVENIENCE OTHER MORE NEEDY PATIENTS DON'T WASTE THE VALUABLE TIME OF OUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. DO CANCEL APPOINTMENTS YOU NO LONGER NEED! Thank You. Grand Spring Fayre We are very pleased to report that all Stalls/Tables have been sold out for this event and therefore look forward to a very successful occasion. We will be drawing the raffle at this event for the "MEAL FOR TWO AT MORTON'S FORK" AND MANY OTHER PRIZES, and will publish the names of the lucky winners in the surgery and in our Newsletter. HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKETS YET! Spirometer Micro Lab You can follow the progress of this fund raising venture at the surgery where we will be displaying a regularly updated wall chart, showing funds raised to date. Patient Group Meeting If anyone requires further information on any of the above or has issues they would like to raise, please contact one of the following : Ken Self on 821200 or Jean taylor on 845072



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Minster Matters

April 2011 Ward Room for Ex-Servicemen On Sunday 6th March Minster Royal British Legion held a grand opening of a ‘Ward Room’ that is dedicated to the ex-service men, pictured below. They are ex Marines and Soldiers who regularly frequent the RBL club in Minster. Their Regimental plaques have been mounted above the bar in the Red Room which has now been nicknamed the ‘WARD ROOM’ in honour of these brave veterans. There were celebrations afterwards with patriotic decorations and food laid on by the club. The men were impressed by the work that Steve Philpott and Gary Hake had put in to arrange this, and they thanked them by presenting them with beautiful glass tankards, plus a bouquet of flowers to Julie Beaney, who organized the food. Pictured are :- Ron Baker, Peter Smith, Russell Wood,, Chris Cesana, Don Feather, Terry Fawcett, Mick Hayward, Charles Giles and Derek West.

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Mini Masterchef amongst us! Minster Primary School children were given the opportunity to enter into the Broadstairs Food Festival Competition, backed by Thanet Earth and Tesco, where they had to submit a recipe which was easily prepared within 30 minutes. Shortlisted entrees were invited to Thanet College on Monday 14th March to a Masterchef style “cook-off” and we are delighted to announce that Niamh O'Shea (pictured left) from Yr3 won 1st Prize in the Junior KS2 competition with the winning recipe: Beef tomato, stuffed with meatballs and chilli mint yoghurt dressing. Congratulations Niamh! Editor’s note: For those who may not know Niamh, her Mum and Dad, Keith and Kim, run the Saddler PH



Minster Primary School children were able to experience a ‘taste’ of Chinese New Year, thanks to our local Chinese Restaurant, The Dragon Inn, Minster. Children from Reception Classes tasted food, learnt about traditions and left delighted (not to mention loaded with goodies!) from their visit, which was all provided courtesy of the owners, Mr and Mrs Yau. Staff, parent helpers and most of all the children, would like to thank them very much for their kind and generous hospitality and wish them a very “Kung Hey Fat Choy” (Happy New Year).


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Minster Matters


Fun informal dance class for beginners

Classes re-start Thursday January 13th 7pm til 8pm, only £4.00 Call Vanessa on 07976154116 for more info

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Teresa & Bonnie welcome you! Fresh coffee Speciality teas Delicious cakes Sandwiches Light lunches Bacon rolls ...and all the gossip! Opening Hours Mon-Sat: 9.00am - 2.30pm Sunday: 9.30am - 1.30pm

Minster WI were lucky enough to have Pru Anderton as the speaker this month. Pru spoke of her Pilgramage to Ariana, which was a fascinating insight into her family history and their treks across Europe to Italy. It’s all systems go for the Wine and Wisdom on Saturday 19th March, so a ‘Thank you’ to all who are going to attend and have booked tickets. There is much to look forward to in the coming months such as trips to Folkstone Races Ladies' Day, Flights over Thanet from Manston , a trip to the Olympic Stadium as well as coffee and chat (21st April, Minster Village Hall). If you would like to become involved with the Minster in Thanet WI we would be thrilled to see you. Next meeting Tuesday 12th April. Speaker Kieran Reniham on ‘All things Chocolate’. Members to bring a small item of chocolate please!

SALVATION ARMY NEWS When we hear about so many failed relationships it is good to see Audrey and Fred Hards are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They are going to renew their wedding vows and as we wish to support them as a fellowship, after the two difficult years they have had, this will take place during our morning worship at 11.00am on Sunday 3rd April, Mothering Sunday. I hear we shall be partying afterwards! On the following Sunday, 10th April, there will be no evening worship at the Salvation Army but we shall join with 'Christians Together in Minster' in St. Mary's Church at 6.00pm for the final joint gathering of the Lent series of meetings. Major Richard Hope, Salvation Army

Who’s this??? We’ve been asked to see if we can find out the young girl’s name seen here with Honk the Donkey at the Abbey fete in 1974. Do you recognise her? (She must be in her 40’s now!!) If so please contact MM and let us know.

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April 2011 Let Down by Littering I am replying to the letter in the March issue of “Minster Matters” concerning the cave man attitude of just throwing one’s rubbish/litter wantonly away. Whilst the drinks can saga does not come as a surprise to me, the writer of the letter should take a walk around the village early in the morning. Take Saturday 19th February for example, when I took my dog for his morning walk. We were first greeted by a discarded alcho pop bottle at the junction of Prospect and Monkton Road, cross over and on the approach to the bumpy track one was greeted by a broken glass tumbler, on arrival at the recreation ground and one was greeted by the usual discarded sweet wrappers, fast food remains and a couple of beer cans, not to mention some dogs mess that the owners of the dogs did not or could not be bothered to clear up, (how many dog mess bins are in the rec?) Let’s continue along the footpath (Kings Steps) towards the High Street, not much, apart from a bit more litter and dog mess, but on walking up to the shops I noticed a couple of alcohol cans and bottles dumped in the entrance of one of the driveways near Mr. Cole’s business. On arrival at the Pizza Restaurant there was a discarded take-away container from the Kebab Shop complete with salad and chips plus sauce and the remains of a kebab on and around the footpath seating area by the bus stop. On the car park wall by the New Inn a couple of beer glasses, one with beer remains and a couple more alcho pop bottles. All in all not a very picturesque village, but that’s not all, I have noticed on more than one occasion, discarded energy drink bottles and litter, just left discarded around the perimeter of the football pitch after the weekend matches. So what can be done about these problems. May I suggest that in respect of the general rubbish on our footpaths/driveways perhaps the Community Warden should patrol the village during the daytime and late evening to approach the litter bugs, as for the discarded take-away rubbish perhaps a fine should be levied against the appropriate fast foods/public house businesses for clearing up the mess that they have produced. As for the mess left by the football supporters/players perhaps the teams should pay a £50 deposit refundable only if they clear up after themselves, after all once they have consumed the energy drinks they should have enough energy to clear their mess up, why should the groundsman have to clear the rubbish up? Perhaps under the “Big Society” scheme we could have some volunteers to go around clearing up after AMBER’S ADVICE these thoughtless There is only one success uncaring persons. (name and to be able to spend your life address supplied). in your own way. (Christopher Morley)

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Minster Matters


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Minster Matters

April 2011 Your Letters ......

Councillor Mike Roberts

Mindless Act in Minster


Conservative Councillor for the Thanet Villages Ward

Tel: 01843 851726 e-mail: marlec@onetel.com

Durlock Lodge

I would just like to bring it to your attention that, today we had our cast iron bird bath ornament stolen from our front garden. This has sentimental value to us and although we do not hold out much hope of getting it back, we thought you should know that there is a thief/thieves operating here in Minster. We have only lived here for a year and from day one it had pride of place in the centre of our front lawn. I have put notices up asking for the return of the bird bath of which many people have read. If nothing else, they know that there are thieves in operation and so hopefully making them aware of their own property/items on display. (Name & Address supplied)

Talk Time

Durlock, Minster, Thanet, Kent CT12 4HD Phone 01843 821 219

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Our Public Library has begun a Talk Time interest group on a Thursday morning from 10.30am for an hour. I have attended three weeks now and although there are only a few of us at the moment, hopefully this will increase as it gets more known. We discuss a variety of topics, hobbies and life in general. This is for all ages from 16 to 100 - if you know what I mean. The library has given me the honour of allowing my little books to be on the shelves, for those interested to take out, in the same way as the other books. Just one there at the moment, my new little work titled “My Historic Journey”, I will be taking others up as soon as I have reprinted them. The other titles are:The Robin ; Minster (Mynstre) ; Minster Rambles ; Who needs the Continent (pts 1 and 2) ; Yvonne’s Personal Thoughts ; Words from the Heart ; Comparisons and finally, Aotaeroa (New Zealand, The land of the Long White Cloud) Yvonne Chapman

In Need of a New Home Sky is a 9 month old spayed female Staffy. She is very friendly and gets on well with other dogs. She is also very good with older children, aged 7 years +. As with all young dogs she needs a lot of exercise, really 2 walks a day one a.m. and one p.m. She is very strong so would need someone able to love her but also be firm with her. If you can give her a good home please contact Julie at TAG Pet Rescue on 01843 822931. To see some more of the various animals that need rescuing please visit: www.tagpetrescue.co.uk

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Minster Matters

April 2011 Thank you’s and messages....

The White Stag

Thank you to all involved….. On the Wednesday 9th March I was walking my dog Suki through the village. Suki is a very nervous dog and has ongoing training in place and is under a dog psychologist. On this morning she was spooked by something and slipped her collar half way down Tothill Street. Suki panicked and ran around in the road for about 10 minutes. I would like to thank, with all my heart, all the patient drivers and pedestrians who waited while I persevered with Suki to keep her calm and get her to sit so that I could re-attach her collar. Thank you Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Yours, Amanda & Suki

A big ‘Thank You’ to our local Roadsweeper…. What a grand job he is doing keeping the village free of litter (not an easy task in this day and age!!) If you agree with me, do as I have done - call out and tell him. From an appreciative Resident. Psychic Fayre ‘Thanks’ to…. everyone who participated in some way in our recent event Without you accepting our advertising and coming along to the Hall we would not be able to get such good results for our Animal Sanctuaries. We were able to send lots of money to lots of different animal sanctuaries who were in need of funds to be able to carry on. Once more, thank you very much, and look forward to seeing you all at the next one in July. Kay Austin.

The PFA at Minster Primary School would like say a big ‘Thank You’ to…. everyone who attended our Quiz night. It was a great success and we raised £339.53 for the school. Our next event will be the Summer Fayre on the 25th June at which we will have an Ice Rink. This will be bookable in advance. (For more details please see article on pg 10)

Jam Jars to Attwells We have been asked to say….. Please no more Jam Jars until June thank you all so very much.

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April 2011 MINSTER SHOW Minster Show Launch Day is Saturday 7th May outside the Gossip Shop. See you there to collect your FREE "Grow for the Show" plant for children; buy your Schedule; have a chat! Talking about children we've increased their prize money. Children's first prize is £1.50, second prize £1 and third prize is 75p. So your child gets Free entry to the Show for having a ‘Grow for the Show’ entry in the Marquee and can win money towards an ice-cream! The same monetry prizes are available for children's races. Remember there are Mile races for adults - so get your training in, especially the Ladies as entries have been very low over the last 2 - 3 years. The photography section this year has: "Scene from a Wedding"; "You've been Framed" and "A Landscape" so even if you are not out running, you can get out with your camera and get some entries into the Marquee! Next Committee Meeting : Friday 15th April, 7.30pm The Bell

MINSTER CEP SCHOOL PFA SUMMER FAYRE, 25th June This year’s Summer Fayre will be a little different from previous years. We are holding it a little later, on the 25th June, in the hope that we get better weather. It is also hoped we will have some different events running as well as the usual stalls. We will have an ice rink which can be booked and paid for in advance so you and your children can have an allocated ½ hour time slot without having to wait. We will also be having a “Pet-less Pet Show”, further details on the Fayre to follow. To be able to run this and future events successfully we will need lots of volunteers and helpers. If you are interested in joining our friendly team please pop along to our next meeting on 7th April at the Holiday Inn, 7.30pm in the Main Area. Look forward to seeing you there, Stevie Morgan, Chairperson TIGER’S TIP

Cheese Taste: Strengthen the taste of grated Cheddar cheese by beating in a little mustard.

LOOKING FOR AN EXTRA INCOME? Lifestyle changing opportunity for self-motivated individuals/couples Part time/full time no investment required. To find out more about this opportunity please contact Lynn Matthews 01843 823 413 / 07762 419 144 Independent Distributor Of Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Health & Skincare Products FLP, Longbridge Manor, Warwick CV34 6RB

April 2011 Minster Playhouse 18th - 21st May Minster Village Hall £5.00 Wed / Thurs £7.00 Fri / Sat

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11 INDEPENDENT LOGGERS (A Family Business) All types of seasoned logs 4 sale Specific species of tree available upon request NO FRILLS KINDLING - £2.00 per bag SEASONED LOGS - £3.00 per sack 1 Ton of Logs P.O.A.

Box Office 01843 220 208 Please support your local Playhouse

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MARK on 822 623 or 07544 365 444

KDA Adjudication Saturday 21st May Minster Playhouse has always produced quality productions for the people of Minster and this play is no exception. Produced and Directed by old stalwart Scott Steele, and ably assisted by Laura Portanier for the first time in this role. Lynn Downes-Powell and Peter Pamphillion are also new to the role of stage managers. David Tristram has become one of Britain's most popular comedy playwrights. Every year there are around one thousand performances of his comedies in amateur and professional theatres all over the world, and his plays have been translated into many languages. In 1986 he founded the Flying Ducks Theatre Company, which "flight-test" all of his comedies under his own direction in small, local theatres near his home town of Bridgnorth, before they are published and distributed by London Agents Samuel French. “Searching for Doctor Branovic”, written in 2010 is a look at how mix ups and human error can cause all sorts of mayhem. The comedy is fast and the professionalism of Minster Playhouse will ensure you have a fun night out. "One of David Tristram's funniest and most inventive scripts to date - a sure-fire hit with all those who love his witty, madcap comedies."

For more info visit www.minsterplayhouse.co.uk

Computer Installation & Repair Web Design & Hosting Tuition available on most popular packages 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE

07739 486 707 www.minster.net Banking Through the Post Office Bring your bank closer to home. Get cash out, pay money in too. For more details please ask at the counter.

821291 821291

At your Post Office we also offer the following services Fishing Licences; Mobile Top-ups; Travel Services; Motor vehicle tax; Free Cash Withdrawals; Home, Car and Business Insurances; Money Grams; International Phone Cards; Commission Free Buying and Selling of Travel Money

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Susan Osborne Personal Travel Counsellor Tel: 01843 834481 Mobile: 07940 714683 Email: susan.osborne@travelcounsellors.com Web site: www.travelcounsellors.com/susan.osborne Travel Counsellors Trust Guarantees Financial Protection on Every Booking

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Friends of Margate Caves UPDATE Dear Friends, Well doesn't time fly? It is now over a month since the Friends Of Margate Caves were formed and our website went live. And what a great deal we have achieved in such a short time! We would like to thank you all for your support and also provide you with an update on what is happening with the Margate Caves. The Friends of Margate Caves campaign group was created at the end of January. Its aim is to see the caves re-opened as a tourist attraction and to prevent development on the site that would prevent such use. The first objective of the Group was to ask for the Planning application on the site to be withdrawn. If you have not already done so, could you please visit the ukplanning website (www.ukplanning.com The application number is F/TH/10/0546), and submit an objection, which will further strengthen our case. Media Since our group was created, we have had a phenomenal amount of press coverage for our campaign, with interviews on BBC TV & Radio and also on Meridian local news, as well as many articles in the local press. You can find links to some of these articles at http://www.margatecaves.co.uk under the news section. English Heritage Following the recent listing application submitted, English Heritage have been in contact to say that they 'are now assessing the building'. An initial report will be produced and an update will be posted on the website at that time. Thanks to everyone so far who have contacted English Heritage in support of the application. Planning Application and our Concept Plan Thanet District Council requested a meeting with the Friends Group and this took place last week. We have been informed that the planning application is currently under abeyance but we have no information on when it could be re-activated and go to the Council's Planning Committee. We have requested that the council withdraw the planning application, and were told that they would not consider doing so until we supplied more detailed proposals for the

April 2011 site. The Friends of Margate Caves produced a concept plan for the future of the caves. Starting with a vision of : “Margate Caves, equipped with a Visitor and Interpretive Centre, will become a 21st-century visitor experience, which will play a key role in Margate’s tourism offer. It will explore the Caves’ cultural heritage as well as the area’s rich geological assets and unique coastline, giving visitors an insight into the natural world around us. It will be a source of education, fascination and fun.” The plan details how the future of the caves could be shaped, the challenges involved and the importance of retaining the caves as a tourist attraction. The Concept Plan can be viewed in full on our website. The Concept Plan was not considered detailed enough by the Council to withdraw the planning application. We fully intend to produce something compelling and professional and we have talented and generous professionals who are willing to help us. However, it will be difficult to produce these documents at no cost at all. Donations We are raising funds to support the campaign to save the caves and to support our vision for the future of the caves. If you can, please visit our website to donate to our fund. You can donate securely on our website using Paypal. We wish to thank Councillor John Watkins who has already made a £100 donation through the TDC Members Community Project Fund. Cost for making the Caves safe There has been a lot of misinformation about the Caves generated by TDC over the years, but we hope that now we have uncovered the council's own 2005 estimate for repair, we can all move forward and work with the facts, rather than rumour and exaggeration. Since January, the Council, and its Councillors, has stated various figures ranging between £100,000 and £250,000 for the costs of the works required to be able to open the caves again.. The Friends of Margate Caves used the Freedom Of Information Act to request from the Council how they arrived at these figures. We have had a response and they have confirmed that they "do not have a detailed cost estimate for the works required to comply with the recommendations of the Atkins report that described the required improvement works to the caves", however they "have been able to trace a report from the Councils chief engineer in 2005 that indicated that the works would cost in the region of £55,000, with a contingency of £5,000 for works to comply with the HSE prohibition notice". Obviously a long way short of the figures the Council have repeatedly been quoting to the press. This is a very exciting time for the Margate Caves. We are receiving a huge amount of support from the local community and beyond and our campaign is gaining a high profile. We need to maintain this profile to prevent us losing the Margate Caves for future generations. If you know of others who you think would like to support our campaign, please do refer them to the website to sign up for regular updates. In between newsletters you can keep up to date with our progress by visiting http://www.margatecaves.co.uk Once again, thank you very much for your support. Until the next newsletter... Kind regards, Peter Davis, Liaison Officer, Friends of Margate Caves, c/o The Shell Grotto, Grotto Hill, Margate KENT CT9 2BU (01843)220008 e.mail: info@margatecaves.co.uk

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April 2011


Nik Mitchell – RTW Trip The Final Part Next stop was the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, we found it, big, noisy, smelly and full of traffic but it was still good fun exploring the religious site of the Grand Palace, the markets and riding in the Tuk Tuks. The people of Thailand are very interesting and spiritual they have great faith in Buddha, burning joss sticks and leaving offerings at their shrines. We headed to Kanchanaburi to visit a tiger sanctuary where we fed, played, washed and walked tigers and their cubs. To be allowed to get up so close with tigers was very special, this would never happen in the UK because of all the Health and Safety rules. All too soon 7 months had passed and time had come to fly home, leaving temperatures of 30 degrees plus behind us, to be greeted at Heathrow by minus 8 degrees and snow so harsh, an hour later Heathrow had closed, we had Christmas to look forward to and lots of amazing memories. In our experience the World is a beautiful, strange and special place, we were lucky to explore as much of it as we did. New Zealand was our favourite country due to its beautiful landscapes and quite laid back ways. It’s nice to be back in Minster again we really are lucky to have what we do here. Of course I am back as the Electrician (Mitchells Electrical) again, working with some safer electrics than the crazy stuff I’ve seen on my travels.

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April 2011

FUNDRAISING Bath to Minster - Cycle ride in Aid of Brain Tumour Research I have just completed a mentally and physically challenging 200 mile solo cycle ride, with just my wife Alli as my support driver, from Bath to Minster, which I undertook between 11th and13th March in support of Brain Tumour Research. Six months ago my best friend from childhood, Rick Barson died of a brain tumour after only 9 weeks of being diagnosed….very aggressive, very sad….he was only 46. We were originally Canterbury boys but his business took him to Bath, with shops there, plus one in Chilham Square and up until recently one in Canterbury - so I had the idea to do a “Bath to Minster from Rick’s house to my house - via Rick’s shops” …by bike…!! I have lived in Monkton Road for four years now. I finished my ride with a well earned pint at The Saddler and a much needed and well deserved curry from Minster Tandoori followed by a “well good” sleep. I have raised £3,000 thus far, with money going direct to the charity. I have set up a webpage at: www.justgiving.com/JOHN-RICHARDS5 - in memory of Richard Barson. It’s still not too late to help swell the funds!! Pic’s: Top Left clockwise At the start outside Rick’s house, at Bath shop Thank you for reading John Richards with Rick’s boys, back Home in Minster

2011 London Marathon in Aid of Cancer Research I am very excited to have the opportunity to run the 2011 London Marathon on Sunday 17th April in aid of World Cancer Research Fund. This will be my 3rd consecutive London Marathon (and may be my last - although I did say that last year) where I am determined to enjoy the thrilling experience again and also to hopefully achieve my best time and more importantly hope to beat Gordon Ramsay over the finish line. Obviously there is a more serious side to this achievement - and this is to raise money and awareness to progress cancer research. I lost my Mum to cancer 6 years ago and still miss her terribly. The funds that I raise by running 26.2 miles in London will go towards important scientific and educational cancer prevention programmes and this is my way of trying to prevent other people suffering this terrible disease that took my Mum away from our family. I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor me for this important cause. It seems so much easier to keep pounding the streets knowing that I have the support of my friends and family. It’s easy to donate online with a credit or debit card - Please visit my online sponsorship page: www.wcrf-uk.org/fundraising/events/registration/participant.php?ID=593 Alternatively - please feel to contact me by phone 07798 635 055 Many, many thanks in anticipation. Helen Spain

Local London Marathon runner set to raise funds for the MS Society. Local man Robert Milnes (age 30) from Minster, is to run the London Marathon to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. He will be taking part in the 26-mile run on Sunday 17th April for the first time and has a fundraising target of £2,000. Robert chose to run for the MS Society as he wanted to help people like his father who has MS. MS is a disabling neurological disorder affecting around 100,000 people in the UK. MS is the result of damage to myelin - the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres of the central nervous system. Robert said “I am pleased to be taking part in the marathon to help raise awareness of MS and to help people like my dad who has MS. I’m most looking forward to the whole atmosphere of the event, and being able to give something back to a charity that has a special place in my heart”. Robert works as a mechanical engineer for a local company and is married with two sons. Every penny raised from the event will go directly to the MS Society and will be spent on MS research. To sponsor Robert, visit his fundraising web page at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RobMilnes

MM’s Mouthwatering Moments (That’s to be the Catchy Title) Ever looking to raise money to keep this magazine afloat, we are working on developing our own ‘Cook Book’ with the help of our wonderful readers, whom we hope will contribute to its success, by both supplying us with their super simple recipes and then availing themselves of copies, by purchasing same for both friends and family, to help swell our coffers. What we’re looking for are those recipes, that are perhaps lurking in the back of a kitchen drawer, possibly in an old domestic science or home economics book, from some long gone school days, or maybe they are stored in your head, or perhaps have been passed down through the family from mums, grans and elderly aunts, on odd scraps of paper, be they puddings, pies, cakes, biscuits, preserves, wines, sweets, or just about anything and everything in between, we’d love to give you the chance to have your recipe accredited to you ‘in print’. Next step? Please email them to us or drop them into the library marked for our attention, don’t be shy you may have the winning recipe that earns you that bit extra !! Ah we didn’t mention an extra did we? Maybe we’ll tell you more about that next month!!

Birchington Plastering Ltd Tel: 01843 845 450 Mob: 07501 052 399 FREE ESTIMATES !

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April 2011

To that end they are now actively looking for any interested schools to contact them with a view to taking part in creating a “Scarecrow” garden, each one in an individual raised bed. It is intended that these gardens will initially be on show at the County Showground on 5th May for the Living Land Show which will involve around 2,500 children from across Kent. KCS have asked VegucateKent to organise a new competition, “Grown in Kent”, this being it’s pilot year, with an aim to grow as much produce as possible across the County. The prize for the winning school class will be Family Tickets for every member of the class to the County Show, so well worth getting your child’s school to take part. Cath also told us she has recently been involved at Garlinge Community allotments with a “Grow your own Story” project that involved teenagers working with and alongside the over 50’s. They produced some wonderful results including Willow Art, Tree Planting and building a Clay Oven which will be used on the allotment site for baking potatoes and pizzas. To contact VegucateKent:Cath Jones 07930 140 001 Paul Muddle 07758 031 725 (Muddle - What a great name for a teacher !) email: vegucatekent@hotmail.com web: www.vegucatekent.co.uk

Kent School and Community Growing Projects I came across this enterprise whilst reading about a Seed Swop in Garlinge. Having emailed them I got to meet Cath, a really nice lady, who is one of the organisers, and she enlightened me as to what VegucateKent does. They are actually 2 teachers, Cath and Paul, who have given up their normal teaching careers to get involved full time in teaching kids all about growing vegetables, a project which they started in 2008. They achieve this via referrals to schools and through allotment societies and they do an awful lot with special needs children, as these pupils can obtain great benefits and a real sense of achievement from what they learn via this method. Cath is also involved in another love of hers which is Seed Swapping and we will be advertising future seed swaps in the Thanet area that she is organising, so watch this space. A forthcoming event that readers may well be interested in is that VegucateKent have been invited, for the 2nd year, to have a garden within the eco village at the Kent County Show (KCS) in July, which will be created by pupils from across the County. nt hu gg e r ft s s te c ra Ea & ts Ar


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Looking for endless fun activities

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DOMESTIC HELP/CLEANER Do you require help with your general domestic duties, or simply would like someone else to do it for you??? Housework

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Occasional and Spring Cleaning catered for. Friendly local Minster lady, honest and reliable. £10.00 per hour. Please call Marie on 07518 493 739 or 01843 825 308 References Available

April 2011

ALAN JOHNSON Carpenter Joiner Specialising in purpose made Staircases and all aspects of Carpentry and Joinery

01843 821 096 07716 999 337 Flowers by Vanessa Bouquets, Baskets, Table decorations Weddings or Funerals Created with the “Personal Touch” For designs with a difference

Vanessa Fairbrass (C&G qualified florist) Rose Cottage Manor Road St. Nicholas at Wade CT7 0NY

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April 2011

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A 1970's style semi-detached chalet house offering: 3 bedrooms, bathroom plus separate wet room, open plan living/dining/kitchen, gardens front and rear with off street parking, open views to the rear across farmland

A well presented semi-detached cottage situated in the village. Entrance lobby with storage cupboard, sitting room, contemporary fitted kitchen/diner with oven and hob, 2 bedrooms, family bathroom, off street parking, long mature rear garden, gas central heating.

A well presented extended detached bungalow offering: 3 bedrooms, bathroom, open plan living room/kitchen area, lovely long rear garden, off street parking for 2-3 cars

A well presented and extended semidetached house next to the church comprising: Lounge/diner, kitchen conservatory, utility room, downstairs cloakroom, 4 bedrooms plus family bathroom, walled private rear garden, off street parking for 2-3 cars at front

A most unusual period property in the heart of the village and offering 3 bedroom accommodation with 2 reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom, pretty rear garden, plus garage and additional off street parking. Requires some general modernisation

A double fronted farmhouse syle property in the heart of the village. 4 double bedrooms, bathroom, 4 reception rooms plus kitchen/breakfast room, country style gardens, garage and additional off street parking

Minster Office 71 High St, Minster t: 01843 823200

e: C2minster@colebrooksturrock.co.uk


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April 2011

Extract from March Parish Council Minutes CENSUS 2011 David Jones of the National Census Office addressed Members on the forthcoming Census and indicated that he was prepared to address groups within the Village on the importance of completing the census returns. It was suggested that he approach the Salvation Army with a view to holding a public meeting on those premises. Mr Jones also said he would consider whether it would be worthwhile to visit the local school to stress to the students the rationale and importance of the national census. Mr. Jones in response to a question raised by the Chairman said that if a return was not submitted from a property they had appointed officers who would canvas such properties with a view to obtaining the information required. There was also a legal obligation to return the form and

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action could be taken if necessary. CLLR GROVE REPORTED UPON (A) Dorman’s Yard The planning application for the change of use of this site to a garden centre had been approved by TDC and TDC staff were on site supervising the cleaning and clearance of the site. (B) Ebbsfleet Farm – use as a solar park (TH/11/0029) Cllr Grove had met the owner of the site and received reassurances that chemicals would not be used to control weeds; the grass would be cut twice a year along the Minster stream and the remainder of the site would be grazed by sheep. The solar panels would be affixed to poles driven into the ground and non reflective panels would be used to ensure that aircraft were not affected by glare. (C) Naming of New Road at Cliffsend TDC had consulted on the naming and were to use the name Jute’s Lane; the Clerk advised Members that the Parish Council had not been given sufficient time to submit suggestions for the naming. (D) Residential Development at Manston TDC had confirmed that the proposed link road would be constructed before the further development of Manston would be allowed to proceed. (E) Planning matters (i) McDonalds TH/10/1091) – The officers of TDC would be recommending that this application be refused. (ii) The Kebab Shop Tothill Street (TH/10/0968) the issues of the extraction of fumes was still being investigated and TDC had engaged specialist consultants to advise on this matter. THE ROYAL WEDDING Council considered at the request of Councillor Grove possible measures to

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celebrate the Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011. It was generally thought that there was not sufficient time to organise an appropriate event but the discussions should be held with the Primary School to seek their views on how to mark the event. RESOLVED: That the Council allocate £500 towards the Royal Wedding celebrations and that the Clerk discuss with Wendy Stone, the head teacher, the most appropriate way of commemorating the event by for example the purchasing a tree, hedging or equipment that may be need by the School. H2B SITE The Clerk reported that details of the shared ownership aspect of the H2B site development was now being offered to residents and that details of the scheme had been advertised and notices displayed. Information was still being sought on when the land transfer would be effected. In respect of landscaping the Clerk was in discussions with Glen Holliday (KCC) and would report further in due course. The Clerk had also had discussions with Persimmons over the landscaping proposals for the ingress and egress from the site but the company had said that they had no liability to do those works. Members noted the notes of the meeting held on 24 February 2011 with Ms. Kelly Garrett (KCC Highways) when issues relating the expenditure of the Section 106 moneys were discussed together with other highway improvement matters. Finally Members reiterated their concerns at the safety issues in respect of the unfenced pond and instructed the Clerk to refer the matter to the Health and Safety Executive for investigation.

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Stunning Ceramics revamped Exquisite new displays reveal chequered history of Quex. The fascinating collection of European and Oriental pottery and porcelain at the Powell-Cotton Museum and throughout Quex House has been reorganised in time for the Spring re-opening on Friday 1st April. Archivist Hazel Basford, part of the tem behind the revamp, says “The new displays will not only tell people about items in the collections, but also about ceramic production and how the pieces were brought together at Quex. We’re also using the displays to explain more about the fascinating story of Quex and the Powell-Cotton family”. Museum origins Young Percy Powell-Cotton’s quest to meet diverse cultures began during his ‘Round the World Trip’ in 1889. This helped to develop his passion for the arts alongside his lifelong commitment to anthropology and natural history. All of this resulted in many changes to Quex House as a family home, but especially as a fitting place for his unique Museum. Opening times: April - October Museum and gardens: Tues - Sun 11am - 5pm. House:Tues - Sun 2pm - 5pm Adults £7 Concessions £4 Family £20 (2 adults+3 children) Enquiries: Tel 01843 8421 E.mail: enquiries@quexmuseum.org

MINSTER FOOTBALL CLUB It has been a mixed month for Minster FC with crucial matches deciding Minster's league title fate. Minster may have to settle a runners position with just one league fixture remaining. An up to date league table is available on our website Minster FC's results for Febuary and March Feb 26th Canterbury and District Premier Division Minster 2 Bettshanger 3 March 5th Canterbury and District Premier Division Chilham 2 Minster 5 March 12th Challenge Cup Minster 3 Europeans 1 March 19th Canterbury and District Premier Division Minster 4 Chilham 0


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April 2011

Person Centred Therapy and Self Development Based on Carl Rogers' 'Person Centred Approach' Now available in Minster For many of us there can be times when life is particularly challenging and it seems hard to find a balance between competing priorities such as work, relationships or our own need to find meaning or spiritual growth. From a Person Centred perspective, whenever there is resistance or 'stuckness', there is also potential, new awareness to be explored and integrated and the opportunity for personal development, healing and growth.

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MINSTER PARISH COUNCIL Have a vacancy for the following position:-


• CLEANER/OPENER and CLOSER (early morning and sunset) for the village public conveniences. Approximately 1 hour per day 7 days per week. All Enquiries to:- Kyla Lamb - maat Parish Office, Minster Library & Neighbourhood Centre, 4a Monkton Road, Minster, Ramsgate, Kent. CT12 4EA. Telephone: Thanet (01843) 821339 Fax: (01843) 825869 E-mail: minsterpc@ukonline.co.uk

The Saddler 7 Monkton Road, Minster

01843 821 331

Where a warm and friendly welcome awaits you from

Kim & Keith Food Served THAI FUSION MENU Monday to Saturday 12pm - 2:30pm & 6pm - 10pm QUIZ NIGHT Tuesday 19th April @ 8pm LIVE MUSIC Friday 9th April @ 9pm - Revolution X Saturday 23rd - St Georges Day @ 9pm Blow Saturday 30th April @ 9pm - Cliff Castle as “Elvis”

Minster Matters

April 2011

Church News and Service Times St. Mary’s the Virgin, Minster Rev. Bob Coles, 821250 Sunday Services In

APRIL 2011 3rd April 9am: no service this month 10am: Mothering Sunday Service 10th April 9am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10am: Family Communion 17th April 9am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10am: Morning Worship 24th April - Easter Day 9am: no service 10am: Family Communion

Mid week services at St Mary’s Wednesdays 10.30am

St Mary Magdalene, Monkton Sunday Services In APRIL 2011 3rd April 10.15am: Mothering Sunday Service 10th April 10.15am: Holy Communion (BCP)

Ss. Ethelbert & Gertrude Catholic Parish Ramsgate and Minster Rev Marcus Holden 592071 ramsgateandminster@gmail.com www.rc.net/southwark/ramsgate --------Parish Office: Ss Ethelbert & Gertrude Church 72 Hereson Road, Ramsgate, CT11 7DS ----------------Catholic Mass each Wednesday and Holyday of Obligation at 12.00noon in the Church of St Mary the Virgin and each Sunday at 10.00am in Minster Abbey For other services in Minster please see Minster Abbey entry below

Minster Abbey www.minsterabbeynuns.org The Abbey Chapel is open for prayer throughout the day Lauds: 8.30am Mass 9.00am, Sunday 10.00am Mid day prayer 12.10pm Vespers 6.00pm Compline 7.50pm (followed by Silent Prayer) All our visitors, not only Christians but people of all faiths and spiritual tradition, all who ‘truly seek God’ (rule of St. Benedict) are warmly welcomed to join us in prayer, in our beautiful monastic chapel.

17th April 10.15am: Holy Communion at the Methodists

Services during Holy Week

24th April - Easter Day 10.15am: Holy Communion (CW)

Maundy Thursday 21st April:

Weddings at Minster Parish Church:

10.30am: Holy Communion (BCP) at Minster 7.30pm: Holy Communion at Minster

26th February: Gillian Southby and Christopher Parfitt

Good Friday 22nd April

Funerals: 10th March: Barry Watson (59) at Minster Church and Thanet Crematorium (Roman Catholic Service) 11th March: Norman Martins (88) at Thanet Crematorium

9.45am: “Walk of Witness” starting at the Abbey Gates 12.00noon: “Good Friday Devotion” at St Nicholas-at-Wade 2.00pm: “The Passion at the Cross” at Minster


The Salvation Army 11 Tothill Street, Minster Mjrs Richard and Val Hope

823830 (currently in charge until new officers appointed, possibly end of July)

Weekly Programme Sunday Jigsaw (Sunday School) 11.00am – 12.00pm Morning Family Service, 11am – 12pm Evening Service, 6pm – 7pm Monday Baby Group (Parents & Babies up to 12 months), 9.30am to 12.30pm Friendship Club (Over 50’s), 2.15pm – 3.30pm Tuesday Parents and Tots, 9.30am - 11.30am 7 Up Club - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED Wednesday Keep Fit, 10.15am – 11.15am Home League, 2.00pm – 3.45pm Pilates, 6.30pm-7.30pm & 7.30pm - 8.30pm (for details ring Andy on 07505399512) Thursday Prayer Meeting and Quiet Time 9am - All are Welcome Please contact for details - not held at Hall Friday Due to circumstances, the Youth Club for 11-16 year olds is unable to commence at this time. Please look out for notification when this may happen. Saturday There are events happening on most Saturdays please see other pages of Minster Matters for details. Salvation Army telephone number for the new building is 01843 825178


Minster Matters

April 2011

Club Events

NEXT MEETING 13th April, 2.00pm St Mary’s Church SATURDAY MARKET 9th April, 10.00am - 12.00noon in The Old Schools All welcome.

MINSTER & MONKTON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON CLUB Royal British Legion Club Augustine Road Come and join us for a “Cuppa” and Chat, Bingo and Raffles EVERY WEDNESDAY 2.00pm - 4.00pm All Welcome Joan Cordwell - 823 782

Patient Liaison Group

GRAND SPRING CRAFT FAIR & BAZAAR Saturday 2nd April 9.00am – 1.00pm in the Old Schools

ed k oo B w no

£5 per Stall/Table Arts & Crafts, Bring & Buy, Bic a Brac, Local Antiques, Cakes & Cards, Face Painting, Tombola and Refreshments


l ta

To book/information contact ll S A Ken Self on Thanet 821 200

Proceeds to local fundraising projects SOUP ON WEDNESDAY 12noon to 1.00pm, in the Old Schools - All Welcome Minster & Monkton Royal British Legion Women’s Section NEXT MEETING

Monday 11th April, 7.30pm 3 Daffodils Grown by you Speaker or Quiz Raffle prizes needed for all meetings For further information Miriam Smith 822 589 CLIFTONVILLE FARMERS MKT Last Sunday of each Month Oval Lawns, Eastern Esplanade for further info contact June Chadband 226033 k.chadband@btinternet.com

SANDWICH FARMERS’ MKT Last Saturday of each Month Guildhall, Cattle Market

Further information from Melanie Clarkson 01304 617197 info@sandwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

MINSTER-IN-THANET WI NEXT MEETING 12th April, 7.30pm Village Hall Speaker: Keiran Reniham on “All things Chocolate” Members to bring small chocolate item Visitors and new members welcome COFFEE AND CHAT 21st April, 10.00am - 12.00noon Village Hall Committee Room All Welcome MINSTER & MONKTON HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY NEXT MEETING Wednesday 20th April Village Hall, 7.30pm Speaker: Jacqui Aviolet “I’m a tulip, what are you?” Points Competition “Three Tulips”

OPEN GARDENS 4th - 5th June at St. Nicholas-At-Wade Approx 12 Gardens open. Art & Flower Exhibitions in Church Ploughman’s Lunches & Cream Teas Further details in next issue OPEN GARDENS 18th - 19th June at Minster This year marks the 13th anniversary of Minster Open Gardens We already have many gardens but are always looking for more! If you are considering entering your garden then please contact Rev’d Bob Coles: Thanet 821 250 THE BIG LUNCH Sunday 5th June Residents of Watchester Lane, Pett’s Crescent, Glebe Court and Cornelis Drive are cordially invited to a huge street party Interested in coming?? Please contact Graham & Eleanor Miller on 822 550 for more details

MINSTER LIBRARY Rhymes & Stories Thursdays 9.30 am - 10.00am Our Weekly rhymes and stories sessions for babies and toddlers has moved to this time. Come and join the fun with your little one!

New members and guests welcome Visitors 50p COFFEE MORNING Saturday 30th April at the Old Schools 9.30am to 11.30am Plant sale and other sale tables WINE AND WISDOM Saturday 9th April at 7.00pm Village Hall £5 per person Bring Your Own Drink - Raffle To book a table ring Julie on 825 210 or Pauline on 592 401 Proceeds to Brownies and Guides

Talk Time group at Minster Library, Thursdays 10.30 - 11.30am Come and discuss the activities you would like at our new weekly sessions. A chance to make friends aged from 16 -100 For more details please contact us on 01843 821442

Minster Matters

April 2011




Short Mat Bowls Sessions for April Come along to one of our sessions on a Tuesday or Sunday evening. We are an extremely friendly group and will lend you bowls to get you started. It’s well worth trying !!



The Grass Master * Landscaping * Lawn Treatment Service * Turfing * * Driveways * Fencing * Patios * Decking *


6pm to 9pm


7pm to 10pm


6pm to 9pm 12th

No Bowls


6pm to 9pm 19th

7pm to 10pm

Turf Suppliers and Installers


6pm to 9pm 26th

7pm to 10pm

Call for a FREE QUOTE or visit

Sunday 10th Phoenix Cup 6pm start Pay as you play - no membership fees

* Artificial Grass * Grass Cutting *


01843 823 320 or 07973 817 540

The Friendly Bowls Club Contact: 821447

MINSTER A.W. SPORTS PITCH Now taking bookings - Office hrs 9am-12noon Mon-Fri Hire times and prices Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs (Off-Peak) 09:00hrs to 21:00hrs 15:00hrs to 21:00hrs Price Structure * Full Pitch : £31/hour Off-Peak Full Pitch : £20/hour Half Pitch : £20/hour (1 five a side pitch) * A 10% discount will be given to Minster clubs and residents booking the ‘Full Pitch’ option only. To book this facility please contact Kyla Lamb, at the Parish Office, 4A Monkton Rd, Minster CT12 4EA t: 821339 f: 825869 e: clerk@minsterparishcouncil.org.uk

(Est 1935)

MOT Preparation and Presentation Servicing all makes of vehicle Tyres, Batteries, Exhausts Air Con - servicing and repairs Free local delivery and collection

SIMON STAIT Complete Property Maintenance 01843 595 979

07727 687 538

From a leaky tap to a leaky roof - I’ve got it covered!! No job too big - no job too small For all your building or plumbing jobs, inside or out. Professional workmanship with quality materials and competitive prices. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laminate floors, Flatpacks assembled, Ceilings & Walls, Painting & Decorating, Custom radiator covers, Staircases, Doors, Roofs, Locks, Sheds erected, Decking, Outside taps, Fascias and Soffits, Guttering, Fencing, Windows, Washing machines installed & Pipes boxed in. Fully Insured, Reliable Craftsman. Free Estimates and Consultations


Minster Matters Councillor Bob Grove

MONTHLY SURGERIES Bob is now holding regular surgeries every 1st Wednesday of the month in the Neighbourhood Centre at 1.15pm All residents are welcome to attend

Come and be pampered in beautiful Minster country house surroundings at very competitive prices!!

April 2011

RC PESCUD Est 1976 Interior/Exterior Painting • Drive & Patio Cleaning Flat Pack Assembly • Loft Ladders Fitted Fencing/Gates • Lawns Cut Sheds & Greenhouse Erected or Repaired General Repairs & Maintenance

All Work Guaranteed - Fully Insured

01843 224 803 / 07980 439 558

Acrylic Nails Full Set £26 Infills £19 Nail Art/Gems from £3 Eyelash Tint £8 Brow tint £6 Luxury Facial £19 Aromatherapy Massage from £16 Indian Head Massage £17 Manicure/Pedicure from £16 Body Massage from £13 Full body massage £25 Waxing from £3


Property Maintenance Ltd

01843 822 082 07505 531 585/07505 532 726 72 MONKTON ROAD, MINSTER


VEG IN A BOX Fresh Organic Vegetables and Eggs delivered to your door

Minster & Monkton - Thursday Evenings 2 sizes available £7.00 & £8.50 Your box will contain a selection of seasonable vegetables all organically grown, the majority from our own Soil Association Certified Farm at Ash

Tel: 01227 722 252 *Free Advice Pack Available *Dedicated Letting Agent *Properties Needed in Your Area *Flexible Services Available *Strict Tenant Criteria *Est 1991

Please leave your name and number and we will ring you back

GARDEN SERVICES 4 YOU 1 Church Street, Minster, Ramsgate

Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Ÿ Gutter Cleaning and Repairing Ÿ Hedge Cutting and Trimming Ÿ Pruning • Grass Cutting • Weed Killing Ÿ Fencing • General DIY

Offices Located at: 73A High St, Minster CT12 4AB 26 The Square, Birchington, CT7 9AB

Call Andrei on 07725 819407 or 01843 825776

“Great website, local offices and friendly staff”



April 2011

Minster Matters


ESTABLISHED CALLING ALL PARENTS/CARERS LOOKING FOR CHILDCARE Warm and Friendly Environment Fully Qualified Staff Before and After School Care Quality Care and Safety Provided Breakfast, Lunch and Tea Provided

OFSTED Registered Open 8.00am - 6.00pm Ages 12 months - 11 years Age Appropriate Rooms

To Find Out More And Book Your Place

01843 821 482 Molineux Road, Minster, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4PS www.minsterdaynursery.co.uk enquiries@minsterdaynursery.co.uk

Over 30 years experience * New roofs * Roof Repairs * * Restoration Work * * Free Estimates* All work guaranteed *

Freephone: 0800 7 31 31 52 Mobile: 07957 42 42 47

Registered Charity 1110919

Thanet-Pets Local professional pet care • • • •

Daily Dog Walks Cat Feeding Visits Pet Sitting References & Insurance Call Willow

07806 377 926 01843 826 075

Est 1980


Free Quotations Tel 01843 821 147 including Answerphone

C H A U F FE U R T A X IS W e o ffe r a c o m p le te 2 4 h r S e r v ic e to

M IN S T E R & a ll s u r r o u n d i n g v il la g e s .

0 1 8 43 -

8 44 84 4

N.P. ELECTRICALS BS7671 QUALIFIED ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Part ‘P’ Registered Electrical installer All electrical work undertaken from a replacement socket to a full house rewire Inspection and testing service available. Free Quotations, Competitive Prices. Quality workmanship guaranteed Tel: Nic

Morling 01843 825 094

ENVY Unisex Hairdressers

Modern Salon * Friendly Welcome Affordable Prices Mon/Wed/Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm Tues 9.00am - 4.00pm Thurs/Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm

O r C a ll

T h a n e t ’s C a b C a l l C e n t r e

27 High Street, Minster

292929 o r 595959

01843 821 526


Minster Matters

April 2011

Editors this month are: Libby Hill-Taylor & Lia Bentley



Miss Catherine Wood Miss Wood is fabulous and she teaches Indigo y4 class. Last year she taught Copper y4 class and I was in that class and I enjoyed that year a lot, as she was my teacher. She is kind, helpful and fun. She has a little baby boy called Joe and he is lovely. When I was in y1 and was moving up to y2 I wanted her as my teacher but she had to go on maternity leave so I didn’t get her and I was upset. I was very happy when I got her in y4 (last year). SHE’S THE BEST!!!! By Mollie Mumby Sperm Whale The happening of the sperm whale near Pegwell Bay I think is quiet sad as, it could have hit a ship or something to have killed it which is very upsetting and to have been someone not to see it in that state I just couldn’t. By Libby Hill-Taylor

The Eco Warriors We would like all you Mums and Dads to stop using the cars and only use them if really necessary!!!!!! As we would like you to reduce your carbon foot print as it is On the Wednesday the 16th of March Year 5 went to London to polluting the air, wildlife and ice caps as well, so remember to always only use cars if extremely necessary !!!!!!!!!!! the British Museum. th

We had to be at St Mary’s Church by 7.45 to go on the coach. Before we went on the coach we were put into groups with adults that were helping on the trip. It took us about 2 hours to get to London, then when we got there we had to get into our groups ready to go into the Museum. Once we got into the Museum we went to a locker room to put all our bags and coats down so we weren’t carrying lots of things around with us. Then we went off into different sections of the Museum and we met up again at 11.30 to have lunch. Some of the sections we saw were the Egyptian, Indian, Roman and Greek. By Mollie Mumby

Nelson Park Riding Centre At Nelson Park Riding Centre you will have lots of fun. Throughout the year Nelson Park has fun trips, camps, parties and games!!! When you are not doing any of those things there are lots of riding lessons to take part in. At a price of £20.00 for an hours lesson it is all worth it and then at a whopping price of £15 for half a hour!

Frogs can jump very high, Down from a ledge or to the sky. They sit and watch or leap and play, And always appreciate a new sunny day. SPELLING BEE CHAMPION On the 17th of Febuary 2011 at Minster school Alfie Holden was By day they swim and dive, declared Spelling Bee Champion. “I didn’t think I would win, it By night they dance and jive, feels really strange that every time you get a word right your To the old green grasshopper’s music. class cheer you on” said Alfie. By Olivia With David Woodgate in 2nd from yr3, the year 6’s were pretty surprised! By Alfie Holden On Wednesday night, me and my friends Olivia and Bex went to the gym in Ramsgate. We went into the junior gym which is very fun as it has many machines but also an interactive wall in which you can play many fun games For We want a park and not McDonalds! free!!! I also did 100 sit-ups, which I was very proud of. Not When you eat McDonalds then you can get fat. But when you only that, but i did a lot of the muscle building machines play in the park then you can keep fit. What do you want to be? for 2 and a half hours and 5km on one of the bikes! Fat or fit? By Kathryn Goldfinch If you want to keep fit, then avoid eating food like this burger. But if you don’t want to keep fit then eat these kind of foods. I think that it would be better to keep fit and not get fat. We are not stopping you from getting fat. We are just trying to give you (This is a very weird) Minster Matters is the magazine that you might be reading advice on how to stay fit and healthy. We are just warning you of what can happen to you if you eat right now! It is jam packed full of info about Minster, and new McDonald’s non-stop, because once there was a man who ate happenings around the village! The page this piece of McDonald’s non-stop for a whole year. About 2 weeks after he writing is on is a page full of writing that children have written! stopped then he got so fat that he actually died of it. By Emily Spain

April 2011

Minster Matters


THE SPORTSMAN Sandwich Road, Cliffsend 01843 852547 where a warm welcome awaits you from

STEVE & NIKKI Quiz night last Monday of each Month

01304 626364

Richborough Hall , Ramsgate Rd., Sandwich CT13 9NW

Poker every Monday Around the World food theme nights every other Friday Sunday Roasts 1 course 6.95 2 course 7.95 : 3 course 9.95 SJS present monthly Jam sessions , second Friday of every month , next date 8th April brilliant live music , come and join us ! Large Garden overlooking Golf Course Children and dogs welcome Function Hall available * Resident DJ available All Food Catered for at Reasonable Prices **Live Football Shown** Beer Price Freeze after VAT increase !! Welcome to


• Daily Menu

y at St pla

• Unlimited Indoor & Outdoor Activities

• Qualified Staff

twise ree

• Breakfast Club Available

Be wise

• Ofsted Registered

• Caring & Dedicated • Safe & Structured Environment

• Summer Holiday Club Available

07950 448 595 - Anita Reliable qualified Electricians All aspects of wiring undertaken BURGLAR ALARMS TELEPHONE EXTENSIONS TV AERIAL’S-SKY SATELLITE *Reasonable rates* Free estimates* Discount for OAP’S* Julie Beaney, Minster 01843 823 466 Gary Hake, Canterbury 01227 472 612

Our ‘Out of School Club’ setting supports EYFS themes and commitments and compliments your child’s learning and development whilst still offering a fantastic play environment with team building and risky play challenges to encourage social skills and confidence. We are an off site setting with an outdoor area and indoor spacing for all ages offering a very wide range of activities daily providing a great club atmosphere. We look forward to caring for your children. Spaces available from September 2011

Free vehicle collection and delivery from your home or work anywhere in Thanet ACCIDENT REPAIR CENTRE Ÿ Insurance work Ÿ Resprays and all vehicle finishing Ÿ Low bake oven and Jig Ÿ Courtesy cars Ÿ Valeting Ÿ Paintless dent removal Free estimates

MECHANICAL WORKSHOP Ÿ Servicing and Ÿ maintenance Ÿ MOT repairs Ÿ Exhausts Ÿ Brakes Ÿ Free collection and delivery

TYRE CENTRE Ÿ Branded tyres Ÿ Budget tyres Ÿ Punctures Ÿ Balancing Ÿ Fitting Ÿ 4 wheel alignment Ranging from £18 inc VAT, fitting & balancing Example 155/70 x 13

52 2002 Rover 75 Connoisseur, 1.8;Man; e/w and mirrors; a/c; pas; multi-stack CD; cream leather int; 44k mls outstanding cond; .. £2,995 03 2003 Toyota Corolla TSport WTLi 1.8 petrol, 6spd man, a/c, pas, met silver, r/c/l, 5dr hatch, cd player, service history ....... £3,995 04 2004 Peugeot 307cc, 2.0ltr petrol, 2dr Coupe, Hardtop Conv, met silver, a/c, pas, r/c/l, CD, e/windows and roof, air bags £6,295 53 2003 MITSUBISHI Colt Mirage, Met Silv, 3 dr hatch, petrol, man, r/c/l, pas, a/c, f/s/h 32k mls, (Was £4,495.... Now £3,995)

All cars come with Warranty, Full Service, Full MOT, HPI Check and Valet


1 Carlton Avenue, Broadstairs Call Martin or Paul Lamb on: 01843 869 600 ** Most credit/debit cards accepted ** Printed by: Sarum Graphics, Unit 4 Portway Business Centre, Castle Gate Business Park, Old Sarum, Salisbury SP4 6QX Tel: 01722 324733 Registered Office: 35 Chequers Court · Brown Street · Salisbury SP1 2AS Company Reg No. 4059304 Website: www.sarumgraphics.co.uk Email: info@sarumgraphics.co.uk

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Minster Matters Issue 124  

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