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Why dream vision x ?

Beauty (B to B)

▫ Cosmetic sales : Whenever, wherever → easy contact with customers → sales promotion ▫ Skin care salon Easy to show the skin change result of before and after treatment ▫ Hair & scalp care salon Analysis service to the all customers


▫ Comparison of before and after cleansing → collecting appropriate cleansing products and method ▫ Comparison of before and after basic cosmetic appliance ▫ Comparison of before and after make up cosmetics

(B to C)



▫ Inspection electronics, metal surface cutting & plating, fabrics, documents, jewelry and gem, welding ▫ Assemble : accurate joint, electronics, construction

Excellent portability

Whenever Experiment

▫ School, field observation ▫ LAB


Anytime use

Any body use WORLD’S 1ST Android Smartphone, tablet

Size Compact size


3 types Online Education Skin, scalp, hair, cosmetology


Professional analysis â–Ť Analysis tools Touch and get the exact information

angle distance circle ruler

Distance measurement touch the target distance 2 times Angle measurement touch the target angle 3 times Circle measurement touch the target circle 2 times Ruler touch the ruler menu and use color palette

Use this powerful tools â–Ť Automatic skin & scalp analysis program

as a professional skin & scalp consultant For your customers

Automatic skin & scalp analysis Skin type dry skin, normal skin, oily skin Skin age 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

New sales tool (microscope with application) → scientific approach to the customers ▫ Make long term relationship with your customers - Regular skin analysis and skin treatment advice - Checking before and after cosmetic use ▫ Cosmetic company & sales people Promote your cosmetic sales ▫ Skin care, hair & scalp care salon Promote your treatment service sales

Business success with dream vision X

Why Dream Vision-X ?  
Why Dream Vision-X ? - Android Mobile MicroScope