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Minrva Group Inc. works with Canadians to develop the most appropriate, customized plan to meet your individual needs. We will help you review your mortgage insurance options to ensure you are getting the best solution for you and your family. About Minrva Group Inc Insuring your mortgage How does mortgage insurance compare? Our process

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Insuring your mortgage is our specialty: we will share with you your mortgage insurance options, and guide you in designing a plan to ensure you have the best solution to meet your needs. Minrva Group Inc. also offers financial services in the following areas: retirement planning, tax planning, education planning, estate planning, risk management, and investment planning. We strive to provide the best financial strategies, products, and services to meet each client’s individual needs. As a brokerage firm, we have access to products from many of the top financial institutions, including Canada Life, Sun Life, BMO, Desjardins, RBC, Transamerica, Equitable Life, Industrial Alliance Pacific, Empire Life, etc.

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Insuring your mortgage If you are purchasing a home or simply refinancing, a key component of prudent life planning is to ensure your new liability is properly protected in the event of premature death, disability, or illness. Whether you are single or have a family with

You should also consider the more likely occurrence

dependents, an in-depth analysis of your current

of an event impacting your ability to work and earn

coverage is a wise financial planning decision.

income. Having a disability and/or critical illness

We advise homeowners to consider their overall

policy (or a top-up for those with group coverage)

insurance need when considering both what type

may enable you to remain in your home while you

and how much insurance to put in force.

focus on getting better. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your options.

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How does mortgage insurance compare? A Minrva Group consultant can work with you to develop a strategy that works best for you and your loved ones. We would be happy to show you your options and how personal insurance provided by a major carrier compares with mortgage insurance.

Your questions

With mortgage insurance ...

With personal insurance ...

I pay a level premium so is the benefit level?

• No, your benefit declines as

• Yes, you have a level benefit.

Can I choose the beneficiary?

• No, the bank is the beneficiary.

• Yes, you choose the beneficiary.

Can my beneficiary use the benefit for something other than the mortgage?

• No, the benefit directly pays

• Yes, your beneficiary may use

your mortgage declines.

off the remaining balance of

the benefit in anyway they see fit

the mortgage loan.

(pay bills, invest, make mortgage payments, living expenses, etc).

Is my coverage guaranteed?

• Maybe, full underwriting is

• Yes, underwriting is done at time

done at time of claim where

of application. The insurance

undisclosed issues may mean

company will explore your

a decline in coverage’

medical history and assess their risk. Once in place, the insurance is guaranteed.

I think I need more/less insurance coverage than just my mortgage. Can I get more/less insurance?

• No, you can only insure the

• Yes, you can get insurance in an

amount of the mortgage.

amount more or less than your mortgage.

Toll free: 1–855–687–7561 Office: 403–910–0717 | twitter @MinrvaGroup | |

Our process We work with clients in two ways. Clients who know

Discussing the solution

what they want; we work with them to determine

• Depending on our discussion this may take place

the amount of need and then apply. Clients who are

as a second appointment taking between 30 min.

interested in exploring their options; we take a more in-depth look at their situation and customize the best solution.

to 1 hour. • Review our recommendations and submit an application: Upon approval1 we will meet again and review your customized plan.

Know what you want? Expect: • First appointment is takes between 30 minutes. to 1 hour.

• Discuss next steps Whether you know what you want or you want to explore your options this process is about presenting

• About Minrva Group

you with your options and guiding you along the way.

• Information gathering • Discussing the right solution

“Minrva Group came highly recommended to me

• Applying

from a friend and they more than lived up to their

If you are approved and there are no surprises with

reputation. Not only were they knowledgeable;

your health we mail you the policy .

they were personally and professionally committed


to working with me to design an insurance package

Want to explore your options? Expect:

that would meet my specific needs and budget.”

• This first appointment takes between 1 to 1.5

Gail Corbett, Calgary, Alberta

hours. • About Minrva Group • Information gathering: Looking at your short and long term goals and discussing possible options. This information helps us find the best carrier for you.

1. Pre-underwriting: Whichever route you choose pre-underwriting

may be necessary if you have health concerns or extenuating

circumstances. Examples: You had cancer seven years ago, life style

choices, and the occasional use of marijuana. This information helps

us find a carrier that fits for you.

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Minrva (Minerva, Menrfa, or Menrva): The name "Minerva" comes from a goddess in Etruscans mythology. Minrva is the goddess of wisdom, war, art, education, and commerce. As the patron goddess of wisdom we use Minrva to represent our ongoing quest in pursuit of wisdom.

Toll free: 1–855–687–7561 Office: 403–910–0717 | twitter @MinrvaGroup | |

Minrva Group Inc. - Mortgage Insurance  

Minrva Group Inc. works with clients to develop the most appropriate, personalized strategy to meet your individual finanacial needs. We wil...

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