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r >LKULZKH`6:30 pm. â&#x20AC;&#x153;State of the Art: Chile in D.C.â&#x20AC;? Opening of the art exhibit featuring paintings by Cristina Montero and Joan Belmar.

Unprecedented schedule of events for September:

Embassy kicks off Bicentennial Week Advance information on the Presidential visit

Place: Exhibit Room at the Embassy of Chile.

President SebastiĂĄn PiĂąera will be in the United States the third week of September. We review some of his scheduled activities. | page 4

r 4VUKH`7:00 pm. Film with the Founding Fathers First showing of the Chilean documentary series â&#x20AC;&#x153;Heroes.â&#x20AC;? Place: Exhibit Room at the Embassy of Chile.

r;\LZKH`7:00 pm.  An Evening with Classical Music Concert featuring Chilean soprano Elisa CĂłrdova, accompanied by pianist Melody Fader.

Chilean Investment in the United States

Place: Chilean Ambassadorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Residence.

r>LKULZKH`8:00 am10:30 am. Roundtable: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chilean Bicentennial: A Vision from Embassy Rowâ&#x20AC;? Panelists from the political, academic and economic fields discuss Chile at its Bicentennial. Place: Exhibit Room at the Embassy of Chile.

r;O\YZKH` 12:30 pm.  Official Bicentennial Reception Hosted by the Ambassador of Chile to the United States and Mrs. Arturo Fermandois. *By invitation only.

r-YPKH`7:30 pm. Dinner and Award Ceremony with the Chilean Community Dinner and dance with guest performers (organized with Corporacion Cultural Chile) Place: Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Crosswinds, 7400 Greenway Center Drive, Greenbelt, Maryland, 20770. *Tickets US $65.

r:H[\YKH`11:30 hrs. Bicentennial Te Deum Celebrated by Monsignor Francisco GonzĂĄlez, SF, Auxiliary Bishop of Washington D.C. Place: McCarrick Center, 12247 Georgia Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20902.

r:\UKH` 11:00 am. -18:00 pm. Bicentennial at the Park: Family Fair Family picnic for the local Chilean community: games, competitions, Chilean food, shows, etc. (organized with Corporacion Cultural Chile). Place: Takoma Park, 300 Van Buren St., NW, Washington, D.C., 20011. Limited availability for certain events. For more information please call (202) 785 1746.

A Chilean firm invests US$130 million in Minnesota. We report on the course of Chilean investments in this country. | page 2

The Chilean Bicentennial will be celebrated in Washington, D.C. over an eleven-day period. From art, music and academia to barbecues in the park, the Embassy is ready to celebrate 200 years of independence with all Chileans and the diplomatic community. It was the first suffocating days of the 2010 U.S. summer and a new government, headed by President SebastiĂĄn PiĂąera, had just assumed power in Chile. The date was fast approaching when Chile would celebrate the 200th anniversary of that patriotic September 18, 1810 when the First Government Junta was convened. How do we celebrate such a momentous occasion? It had been a difficult year, marked by a devastating earthquake that had caused immense suffering in Chile and tightened budgets. Yet, enthusiasm and creativity prevailed.

Chilean NGOs overseas Charitable organizations that have expanded their activities beyond Chilean borders into the United States. Learn more about them.. | page 3

Both the Chilean community and the diplomatic team at the embassy happily agreed to take on the additional work that this would imply and they began to organize Bicentennial Week in Washington, D.C. Chilean Consulates throughout the country jumped on board: Chicago, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia and others announced special activities. | continues on page 3

In a meeting with Ambassador Fermandois

Comments by the Minister Excerpts from speeches given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Alfredo Moreno. | page 4

NASA promises to help the miners in CopiapĂł with their survival NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, made a commitment to Chilean authorities that his space agency would assist in the struggle for survival by 33 miners trapped in the San Jose Mine, near CopiapĂł, Chile.

In a meeting held on August 27 with the Ambassador of Chile Arturo Fermandois at NASA offices in Washington, the former astronaut and crew member of four Space Shuttle missions confirmed his agencyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to providing technical cooperation to the Chilean Ministry of Health regarding this difficult task. | continues on page 4

Events being held by the Embassy of Chile to the United States A list of the most important events being held by the Embassy between June and August 2010. | page 3



Chile – United States: in pursuit of development


hile, bicentennial and future! This is the slogan we are using around the world to celebrate two centuries of independence. As we celebrate the 200 year anniversary of when the First Government Junta was convened this coming September 18, Chile’s challenge is no longer the emancipation of our land, nor the goals once pursued by the first Chilean diplomats in Washington. Rather, as we mark the bicentennial, our desire is for Chile to become a developed country before the year 2018. This is an ambitious goal, but attainable. And the bilateral relationship with the United States plays a role in this dream. What is the only way to bring prosperity to Chile? Start with political stability and economic growth and then add something monumental. We want to further the success of the Free Trade Agreement by adding an element that will transform the minds and will of the people: education. To do so, we want to take advantage of this moment in time, in which we are enjoying the “the best bilateral relationship in history,” as described by President Obama when he welcomed us to the White House. We want to invite the United States to strengthen our joint efforts in providing education in such areas as: teaching the English language, entrepreneurship, environmental protection, clean energy, social equality, science and technology and innovation. This will be the priority for the entire diplomatic staff at the Embassy, the 6 General Consulates and the 11 Honorary Consulates throughout the United States.

In order to build this future, together with the local Chilean community, we are taking a proud look at our history. Development is not achieved all of a sudden. Chile has come a long way during these two centuries --since the founding of the Republic, the institutional-building years of the 19th Century, foreign wars, civil war, brief periods of anarchy, democratic breakdown, reconciliation and transition to full democracy-- to arrive at the alternance in government and socioeconomic achievements of the past few decades. Carrera, O’Higgins, Portales, Bello, Montt, Prat, Balmaceda, Alessandri, Mistral, Neruda… these are just some of the names of our heroes, statesmen, jurists and literary greats. They created the basis of a stable and recognized nation, whose goal is to have all of its children realize their full potential. This is our task. This is our promise. Long Live Chile!


Chilean firm invests 130 million dollars in Minnesota Antofagasta Minerals has shown that investments between the United States and Chile move in both directions. It is now Minnesota’s turn to be on the receiving end of knowledge, investment and management from a leading Chilean company. Common belief states that the flow of investment between the United States and Chile always goes from the former to the latter. However, progress within the Free Trade Agreement proves that in the year 2010 investment flows can head in both directions. On August 4 of this year, a leading Chilean mining company arrived in Minnesota. Antofagasta Minerals acquired 40% of the Canadian mining company Duluth Metals, which owns a copper and nickel mine in that State. This transaction totaled $130 million in the first stage and resulted in the creation of a new company called Twin Metals Minnesota. Preliminary estimates show that this investment could surpass $2 billion once the exploitation stage begins.

This endeavor has offered a number of important lessons. First, Chile has capital, knowledge, management skills and firms with the ability to invest in the United States. Second, business in this country can be carried out in regions that up until now remained on the sidelines. And third, Chilean companies can, in fact, comply with the stringent regulatory norms required under U.S. legislation. Furthermore, we can conclude that deeper economic relations also strengthen political ties. In this specific case, the Chilean delegation, which included Ambassador Arturo Fermandois and Minister Counselor Roberto Matus, was warmly received by Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty. The Governor hosted a breakfast and a reception for the Chilean contingent, adding a State component to this activity.

Source: General Directorate for Intenational Economic Relations


4HE COURSE OF #HILEAN INVESTMENTS in the United States: A positive economic environment combined with the whole of the bilateral relationship, has encouraged Chilean firms to invest in the United States, making it the 5th largest destination for Chilean foreign direct investment and the 1st outside South America. Since 1990, Chilean investments in the United States have totaled more than 3.5 billion dollars. This represents approximately 7% of total investments. The majority of Chilean capital is concentrated in service industries (84.3%) such as airlines and construction. Other important industries (11.5%) are the sale of construction materials and chemical products and, more recently, mining (4.2%). These investments generate almost four thousand jobs in the United States, primarily in the service sector.

Bicentennial week in Washington, D.C. From page 1 | The events: Eight different activities have been planned for September 8th through the 19th. The week begins with the inauguration of an art exhibition showcasing the work of two distinguished Chilean artists living in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It ends with a Family Celebration in Takoma Park on September 19. A roundtable involving academics, historians, ambassadors and intellectuals will be held on September 15. The discussion will focus on 200 years of Chilean independence and the future of the country. This event has been organized in conjunction with the Heritage Foundation. There will also be first-rate classical music performed by Chilean musicians, an official diplomatic reception at the Ambassadorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residence and a documentary on our Founding Father, Bernardo Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Higgins.

"ICENTENNIAL (ONORS FOR DISTINGUISHED #HILEANS IN THE $# AREA The embassy has decided to honor eight Chileans living in the Washington, D.C. area as part of the Bicentennial celebration. These are people who have made a special contribution to Chile while in the United States. It is not about over-the-top personalities or coming in first place. The objective is much simpler: identify Chileans who have helped to portray a positive image of Chile. The selection process involved consultations with local Chilean organizations, who nominated candidates. The Chilean Mission made the final decisions and provided the solemn medals which read, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bicentennial Recognition by the Embassy of Chile to the United States.â&#x20AC;?

Globalizing solidarity

Chilean NGOs in the United States Chilean charity work has also become globalized, especially with respect to the United States. Below is a brief overview of Chilean non-governmental organizations that have moved beyond our borders and are now legally recognized in the United States. Driven by innovative volunteers, they have earned a place in the competitive world of U.S. philanthropy. More in-depth information will be provided on these admirable institutions in future editions. For now, however, it is worthwhile to provide a brief description of five of them.

!MÂŁRICA 3OLIDARIA This international NGO, founded in Chile in 2004, promotes cooperation among the countries of the hemisphere. Its activities focus on strengthening poverty alleviation programs throughout the continent. It is active in the following areas: education and childhood, health, housing, agriculture and environment, productive development, organizational strengthening and solidarity. It will soon begin proceedings to open an office in the United States.

(OGAR DE #RISTO Hogar de Cristo has been active in the United States since 2006 as a charitable institution dedicated to spreading the work of Saint Alberto Hurtado. Its principal mission is to raise funds for more than 700 projects in 128 communities throughout Chile.

&UNDACIÂ&#x2DC;N #HILENO !MERICANA This private foundation, established in 1990, is a not-for-profit, autonomous, non-religious and apolitical organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for the neediest children and youth in Chile by financing social intervention programs developed by small NGOs in high-risk and poor communities throughout the country.

5N 4ECHO PARA MI 0A¤S Un Techo para mi PaĂ­s was established in 1997. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for low- income families by building emergency housing. Its office in Miami allows those who do not see dramatic situations of need within their specific communities to contribute to the organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work throughout Latin America. #ORPORACIÂ&#x2DC;N DE !YUDA AL .IÂśO 1UEMADO The Corporation for the Aid of Burned Children has helped more than 90,000 low income families since 1979, providing them with free rehabilitation treatment, food, lodging and education. In addition, the FundaciĂłn del NiĂąo Quemado, created 12 years ago in the United States, has funded training for health care professionals in the areas of burn prevention and care.


From the Ambassadorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Calendar

A selection of events between June and August 2010

CONGRESSIONAL PRESENTATION ON FREE TRADE Ambassador Fermandois and trade attachĂŠ Alejandro Buvinic met with the Chairman and members of the Committee on Ways and Means of the United States Congress on July 20 to exchange ideas on the negotiating process of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade initiative.

ACCREDITATION TO THE WHITE HOUSE CHILE DAY 2010 This finance-business event, aimed at strengthening Chileâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s attractiveness as an investment destination for these types of endeavors, was held from July 14 to 16 in New York.

SPEECH TO THE COUNCIL OF THE AMERICAS Ambassador Fermandois was invited by Eric Farnsworth, Vice President of the Council of the Americas (Washington office) to speak to the organization on the topic â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chile under a New Government.â&#x20AC;? Close to 35 representatives of leading U.S. companies, with interests in Chile and Latin America, attended the presentation held on July 27.

ENGLISH EDUCATION Ambassador Fermandois and First Secretary Jaime MuĂąoz met with the Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Culture, Ann Stock, on August 19, to explore the possibility of reinforcing English language programs run by the State Department in Chile.

In a ceremony held on June 29, Arturo Fermandois presented letters of accreditation as the new Ambassador of Chile to the United States to President Barack Obama.

AMBASSADORâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ROUNDTABLE On July 8, Ambassador Fermandois participated in a discussion on the 200th anniversary of independence for Latin American countries as part of the Biennial of the Americas Denver (CO). In addition, he dedicated an original light sculpture evoking the earthquake that hit Chile on February 27 (see photo on the first page).

FUND-RAISING Ambassador Fermandois and Minister Counselor Roberto Matus attended a fund-raiser to benefit COANIQUEM International on July 10 at the Press Club. This Chilean organization is a model for charities throughout the hemisphere.



President Piñera revitalizes the Chile-California Plan The 2008 agreement, a pioneer in its field, will be reenergized by the Presidential visit to California on September 24. A Chile-California plan called, “Aid for Trade” was in existence during the 1960s. A new Chile-California plan –more modern, integral and ambitious—was signed in June 2008. Given that the new Chilean government has placed a priority on innovation, science, technology and the use of alternative energy – areas in which California has much to offer—this year President Piñera is providing his full support and highest level of energy to the initiative. In view of it, a meeting with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been planned for the President’s visit to Los Angeles on September 24. This meeting will serve to reconfirm the Chilean government’s commitment to the Chile-California plan and to identify areas of interest for partnership. The presidential delegation will participate in a number of events including a breakfast with entrepreneurs to address the issue of “ChileCalifornia: Opportunities for Trade and Innovation.” The purpose of this event is to promote trade relations and to identify the challenges and opportunities that exist in these areas. At this time, the President will announce the Ministry of Economy’s program Startup Chile, aimed at attracting entrepreneurs to our country. He will also comment on the Educational Cooperation program run by the Ministry of Education called, “Technicians for Chile.” One of the most important areas addressed by the Chile-California plan is the development of renewable energy. Therefore, the President will visit a geothermic (geysers) energy plant, where a Working Plan to develop this type of knowledge will be signed.

(+=(5*,05-694(;06565;/,79,:0+,5;0(3=0:0; The Presidential visit to the United States this month will include the cities of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. While in the Big Apple, in addition to his speech before the UN General Assembly, the President will hold meetings at the Council of the Americas, with the editorial board of the New York Times and at the Foreign Policy Association. On the west coast, together with the Chile- California plan (see main article), the Head of State will focus on investment and clean energy while visiting technology, business and academic centers in the San Francisco area.

According to the Chilean Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Fermandois, “this project reflects a modern vision of development based on a strategic association". Involved in this type of integration, he continued, “are

A glimpse at the Chilean Consulates

The Consulate in Philadelphia

Alcalde Michael Nutter, Gladys Zepeda-Gordon y Benjamin Leavenworth

The current Honorary Consul is Mr. Benjamin Leavenworth. Assisting him in his duties are the chief of staff, Mrs. Gladys Zepeda-Gordon and secretary, Ms. Clarissa Todd. This consular office has been providing services for over 22

years to Pennsylvania, Delaware and southern New Jersey. Its physical location, next to the building in which the United States Constitution was signed, reflects the close historical relationship between Chile and this region of the United States. Currently 10% of Chilean exports to the United States are sent to Philadelphia. The city is home to the prestigious ChileanAmerican Chamber of Commerce and boasts of an active Chilean community. The consulate recently organized a week of Chilean-themed activities, presented under the title of “Viva Chile,” comprised of seventeen events, including concerts, exhibitions and tastings. Numerous fund-raising activities were organized to help those affected by the earthquake in Chile.

From page 1 | The Ambassador confirmed that NASA will immediately send to Chile (August 30) a technical team of four qualified experts in nutrition and psychological care, among other areas. “NASA has done the research and possesses valuable knowledge on the effects situations similar to the one the miners are now facing have on human beings, and they will generously share it with Chile,” confirmed the Ambassador. As it has been reported, the experts believe the rescue of 32 trapped Chileans -plus one Bolivian citizen- could take up to four months from the time they were found alive on August 20. The Head of NASA informed the Ambassador that his experts will be very cautious with the advice they dispense to Chilean authorities. This is because even though the circumstances at the San Jose Mine are similar to what is experienced by humans in space, it is also a very different situation. “Once arrived, the team will make a complete analysis before suggesting any specific course of action,” stated Arturo Fermandois.


the people and the businesses that are the driving force behind innovation and knowledge and the governments, which facilitate the contacts needed to create such opportunities.” He concluded, “This visit re-

presents a new way of viewing relations with the United States, one in which efforts are decentralized and concrete actions are taken at the state level based on new topics on the bilateral agenda.”


The Minister said... Excerpts from speeches given by the Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs · On the United States: “We believe that areas such as energy, education, trade expansion and investment, regional security and joint cooperation programs targeting Latin America have enormous potential.” To the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. (Valparaíso, April 20, 2010) · On Asia-Pacific: “Chile is attempting to become what has been referred to metaphorically, and which our President has recently called, a type of bridge country, a platform country, that can serve to create a link in the areas of politics, economics and culture from Asian countries to Latin America and from Latin America to Asia.”Opening of the Round of Negotiations “The Main Countries and Economies of Asia Pacific in Chile” (Santiago, May 5, 2010) · On our neighbors: “…taking advantage of this important forum to restate the respect and admiration shown by the Chilean Government for the Government of President Evo Morales and the Bolivian people. This is why we will not cease to channel our efforts and engage in activities that improve the level of trust and understanding between our countries.” At the XL General Assembly of the OAS. (Lima, June 8, 2010) · On APEC: “It has been a key element in Chilean foreign policy for the past 15 years… It has allowed high-level Chilean authorities to meet with their counterparts in order to address issues that go beyond the forum’s agenda.” To the Chilean Pacific Foundation. (Santiago, June 22, 2010)

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