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Samsung EX1-Compact Digital Camera

dluks wrote very interesting review about Samsung EX1. Samsung proudly introduces new 10 Megapixel EX1 digital camera. EX1 is a compact digital specially developed the more demanding leisure photographer. Samsung chose a more rustic expression their new EX1, With black brushed steel, sharp lines and a grip rubber works this camera quite as fragile as other compact digital cameras. Samsung EX1 10 mega pixel camera contains numerous advanced functions including one ultra fast image sensor and one the most impressive lens ever found in an compact digital camera. The lens is a 24mm Schneider, F/1.8 offering one ultra long calorific gauge and 3x optically zoom. Due lens wide screen, you capable catching one larger part image which suited when eg must photographing landscapes. F/1.8 lens offers several dazzle steps and one superficial “depth-at Field� function allowing blurring background at pictures while preserving focus one destined object or person. Due lens high photosensitive CCD sensor Are enabled take better pictures in weakly light (max ISO 3200/fuld reconstitution). Samsung Dual image-Stabilization technology corrects any tremors why pictures stands sharper.

Samsung EX1 equipped with one 3 inches pivoted AMOLED screen making it conveniently browse his imaging library on camera. Addition screen movable at 2 axes so practicable taking pictures from whatever position and still follow screen.


Manufacturer: Samsung

Model Name: EX1

Sensor: high sensitive CCD

Dissolution: 10 Megapixel

Formats: RAW and JPEG

Video: 640 × 480 / 30fps / H.264

Lense: 24mm f/1.8 Schneider Kreuznach

Zoom: Yes 3x Optically

Drogue: Yes

Monitor: 3.0 “AMOLED swivel screen

Smart Auto 2.0 (photo & video)

Dimensions: 114 x 63.2 x 29 mm

Samsung EX1-Compact Digital Camera