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Hear us and obey!

We present civic issues through improv comedy to get people talking about BIG ideas.

Improvisational theater is a unique form that is highly adaptable and promotes creative thinking.

Using improv can actually expand your mental capacity by literally adjusting your brain.

When we’re young, our brains are soft. This allows us to soak up enormous amounts of information and pick up new skills and ideas at amazing rates.

As we grow older, our brains harden and learning new things and thinking differently becomes more difficult.

Improv Games We’re now going to take you through some different exercises that we use in improv. They’re designed to get you out of your comfort zone, build group cohesion and help you to think fast on your feet.

Yes And… Before we begin, one major rule in improv is called “Yes And”. When you’re communicating, it’s important to accept what someone says to you and give them something too.

Things go well with Yes And… A: There’s a fire and we need to put it out!  B: Wonderful! I just polished the truck  A: I pressed our uniforms. We’ll be the best dressed firemen on the scene.  B: I hope there’s a baby I can save!  A: Babies are old fashioned. I want to save a President. Let’s go! 

And they don’t when it stops… A: There’s a fire and we need to put it out!  B: There’s not a fire. I’m a ghost.  A: I can see you, grab some water.  B: In fact, I’m Abraham Lincoln’s ghost. Give me your pennies.  A: This fire killed me and I’m now a ghost too.  B: No you’re not. 

Zip Zap Zop

This is a warm up exercise to get you comfortable working in a group and also get you accustomed to relying on your instincts.

Zip Zap Zop Instructions 

Everyone stands in a circle. One person begins by pointing to someone in the circle saying “Zip”. That person points to a different person and says “Zap”. That person then points to someone else and says “Zop”. It then repeats again with Zip.

You may also substitute other words instead of Zip, Zap, or Zop. Examples: Apple, Orange, Banana or Maria, Conchita, Alonzo

Making Objects

This game will help pull you out of your comfort zone and get you to start thinking outside of the box.

Making Objects Instructions Split up into groups of four. The instructor will name an object and it’s the job each group to mimic that object using their bodies. If the object is blender, one person may be the base, another the blades, and the last two people make the glass container.

Share Story This activity will help get your thoughts in step with those around you to the point that you will begin finishing each others sentences.

Shared Story Instructions

Sitting in a circle, we will tell a story together. One at a time, each person adds a word to a sentence that travels around the circle.

3 Things

This game will help you to start bridging connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and help you discover the different ways that concepts relate to each other.

3 Things Instructions Everyone stands in a circle. One person steps into the middle of the circle making saying “I am a (noun)”. Another person does the same. A third person steps and says “You are (connection of two ideas)”. They step out and the process repeats.  1: I am a dog house.  2: I am a real estate agent.  3: You are the depths of the housing crisis.

Yes and‌Interview This last activity will bring all of the previous elements together as you perform an improvisational scene with a partner.

Yes and…Interview Instructions One person is interviewing another for a job. The interviewer will ask the other questions about the job. The candidate will answer every question starting with, “Yes and…”.

Thanks! These exercises have hopefully helped you speak spontaneously and given you a greater understanding of successful strategies for communication. You can connect with us at:

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Hear us and obey! Hear us and obey! We present civic issues through We present civic issues through improv comedy to get people improv comed...

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