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Low Cost/No Cost Maps, Data, and Other Stuff Nahila Ahsan November 16, 2013 Minnesota Rising UnConference

A little about me… Research Associate at Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research (HACER) in Minnesota California native Twitter handle: @nahsan209/Email:

Maps tell/show us…  Where things are: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION  Quantities: Number of things in a specific area  Densities: Distribution  Change/Behavior: how and when things move allows us to see patterns

Assumptions & Goals  Desire to learn about new tools and data sources  You will have some new tools/data sources to add to your belt (I hope!)  Desire to incorporate maps/spatial analysis in your work  Depending on context, you will learn how mapping can be used in different ways/make connections to ideas in a different way

Google: My Places

Social Explorer


New York Times: Mapping the US Census

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps: Interactive Maps and Data (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

National Geographic Education: MapMaker Interactive mapping/interactive-map/?ar_a=1

CDC: Diabetes Interactive Atlases data/atlas.html

Many Eyes

Wrap Up/Concluding Thoughts… • Other ideas Open source software like QGIS can make complex multilayered maps. Free to use and many, many tutorials/videos online. Establish partnerships with other researchers and/or universities with GIS resources, tools, and skills.

• Resources from Audience Share any cool mapping/data sites you know about 