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A glimpse around the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and its wide-reaching network

➜ Rimon Named one of “Top 50 Most Innovative Jewish Nonprofits” Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council, a Federation initiative, has been named one of North America’s 50 most innovative Jewish nonprofits for the second year in a row by Slingshot, a resource guide for Jewish innovation. Rimon was selected from hundreds of nominees based on its strength in four areas: innovation, impact, leadership, and organizational efficiency. “It is a deep honor for Rimon to be recognized by Slingshot two years in a row,” says David Harris, Executive Director of Rimon. “Rimon’s unique contribution has been to welcome artists as key players in building an outstanding quality of life for all Jews in Minnesota.” Rimon’s signature Artist Salon Series continues this winter featuring prominent Jewish artists. Check out page 17 for a listing of events.

➜ Day School Gets Students in Spirit of the Election On October 29, in front of an audience of friends and family, eighth graders at Amos & Celia Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School (HMJDS) participated in a mock presidential debate. Students played the roles of President Obama, Governor Romney, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, speech writers, PR, moderators, secret service officers and fact checkers. The questions were just as hard-hitting as those in the actual debates and covered all the bases, including bailouts, universal healthcare, drilling for oil, conflict in Syria, Israel and abortion. The rules were as well-defined as those in the actual debates – and as widely ignored, drawing laughs from the crowd. Ultimately, Angelica Sirotin, who took the position of Romney, won the debate. Angelica, happy and proud of her team’s victory, recognizes that the learning is an opportunity she might not have had without HMJDS. For Eli Sirotin, Angelica’s dad, this project was the perfect example of how HMJDS is the right environment for his daughter. “She was able to learn about our democratic process, politics and current events in a way that was both fun and meaningful,” Eli says. “My wife and I are glad our daughter is making so many friends, connecting to Jewish values and able to learn in a way that nurtures her talents and strengths.” The Minneapolis Jewish Federation is proud to partner with HMJDS to deliver a quality Jewish education to children in our community.

➜ Camp Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted "Camp helped me feel like a part of the Jewish community. Learning and singing Jewish songs, celebrating Shabbat together. It was really fun. I made some great friends and always looked forward to my summers.” – Ellie, camper We believe that every child deserves the chance to have a Jewish summer camp experience like Ellie. Through the Federation’s Camp Scholarship Fund, we are helping to make that happen. Over the past four years, Federation has awarded over 600 scholarships so more kids can experience the singing, celebration, friendships and magic of Jewish summer camp. Applications for 2013 summer camp scholarships are available online at (under Resources) or by contacting Wendy Clyman at, 952.417.2354. Application deadline is March 29, 2013.

➜ Women & Children in Crisis Fund Last year, roughly $100,000 was distributed to help 110 struggling single women and single mothers through Federation’s Women and Children in Crisis Fund. With unemployment soaring near record highs and cold winter weather looming, the demand for emergency assistance continues to persist. In the past couple of weeks alone, Federation has helped five women pay for emergency needs, including rent, groceries, child care & water bills. For one struggling single mother, Federation’s emergency grant saved her and her child from hunger and homelessness. “I will be able to sleep tonight knowing that I still have a home at the end of the month,” she told the Federation. If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance with rent, groceries, utilities or other necessities, please email or call 952.417.2354 for an application.

➜ Federation Supports Victims of Hurricane Sandy Behind the closed doors of a New York City housing complex, up 22 flights of stairs, sat elderly Jews waiting desperately for food, warmth and a friendly smile. Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, they still shivered in their apartments without electricity or running water. Shani Lachmish, a volunteer for the UJA-Federation of New York, went door to door with warm meals, water, flashlights and cans of food. After her provisions ran out, she continued to knock on doors, even when all she had to offer was a hand and a hug. “More than anything else, I felt that they needed somebody who wanted to hear them, who knew they were there, who would give them a warm hug,” said Lachmish. “They showered blessings on us, and they cried. Here, the Jews have come – our brothers and sisters – all the way to the 22nd story of this building to help us!” Several weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Eastern seaboard, many in the path of the storm continue to suffer its destructive effects, even as they focus on recovering, rebuilding and trying to re-establish life that has been forever changed. The Minneapolis Jewish Federation joined Jewish Federations across the continent in raising nearly $5 million to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy. The funds have already gone towards basic amenities like food, clothing and housing, and will continue to be allocated for medium- and long-term needs. NECHAMA, a local disaster relief organization and Federation partner, has had volunteers on the ground in the northeast working to repair and restore Jewish institutions.

Stay connected to your global Jewish community on our Global Jewish Newsline Blog:



Hanukkah gift guide 2013

 Adam Sandler gift pack Create an Adam Sandler themed gift pack. Delight your loved ones with the cassette singles of all three Hanukkah songs, and send them over the edge with one of the greatest Jewish films of all time: Eight Crazy Nights.

 HANUKKAH Gelt Remember: It’s all about the chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. Nobody wants real money anymore!


HANUKKAH COOKIE CUTTERS Who doesn’t love eating sticks of butter and blue sugar baked into the shape of dreidels, menorahs, and stars of David?

 enough oil to   

burn for 8 nights   

Readily available containers of olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, and palm oil are sure to make any home chef or oil enthusiast’s Hanukkah!


Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

 Hanukkah aisle Raid the Hanukkah aisle at your nearest big box store: These big box stores spend a lot of marketing money to determine what their customers want, therefore, you want socks with dreidels, plates with dreidels, and a dog toy holding a squeaky dreidel.

      A gift

 hanukkah socks   

Since Hanukkah is Hebrew for dedication, why not dedicate something special to a loved one? For instance, you could dedicate your new Hanukkah socks to your significant other.

 potatoes = latkes   

An eight pound bag of potatoes. If they love you, they will turn it into latkes.

to Federation

As Jews, we believe that all joyous occasions are an excellent opportunity for tzedakah. Why not make it a happy Hanukkah for Jews in Minneapolis, Israel, and 70 countries across the globe? To give, visit

In the Spotlight 

Andrew Zimmern's Killer Potato Latkes Ingredient List 1 pound Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch chunks Sea salt 2 pounds baking potatoes 1 large onion, finely diced 2 large eggs, lightly beaten 1 cup matzo meal 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground white pepper Vegetable oil, for frying Applesauce, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, salmon roe and dill sprigs, for serving Photo by Stephanie Meyer

Instructions Total Time: 1 hr Servings: Makes 20 latkes

In a medium saucepan, cover the Yukon Gold potatoes with cool water, season generously with salt and bring to a boil. Cook the potatoes until tender, about 15 minutes. Drain well and immediately pass the potatoes through a ricer into a large bowl. Working quickly, peel and grate the baking potatoes on the large holes of a box grater into a medium bowl. Press with a clean kitchen towel to remove excess moisture. Add half of the grated potatoes to the riced potatoes. Transfer the remaining grated potatoes to the bowl of a food processor. Add the onion and pulse until the potatoes and onions are very finely chopped. Transfer to a fine-mesh sieve and press with the back of a spoon to extract as much liquid as possible. Add the potato-onion mixture to the large bowl. Stir in the eggs, matzo meal, white pepper and 2 teaspoons of salt. In a large, heavy skillet, heat 1/4 inch of oil until shimmering. Working in 3 batches, spoon 1/4 cup of the potato mixture into the oil for each latke; press slightly to flatten. Fry over moderate heat, turning once, until the latkes are golden and crisp on both sides, about 7 minutes. Drain the latkes on a paper towel-lined baking sheet and sprinkle lightly with salt. Serve with applesauce, crème fraîche, smoked salmon and dill. Read about Andrew Zimmern’s hilarious culinary experiences in his new book, Andrew Zimmern's Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods: An Intrepid Eater's Digest. Available on ➜

Blue Hanukkah 2 oz Stoli blueberry 1/4 oz lime juice 2 oz white cranberry juice 1/4 oz blue curacao garnish with a blueberry A toast to our vibrant jewish community. Wishing you a meaningful and tasty Hanukkah. L'Chaim!

Add some spirit to your festival of lights with our Hanukkah cocktail, created exclusively for Federation by Wesley Gagnelius, Young Leadership committee member and mixologist/bar manager at Parma 8200 in Bloomington. Wesley created the bar menu at Parma and is always working on new and inventive cocktails like the Blue Hanukkah. Make it yourself or order it at Parma! 5600 W. 83rd Street, Suite 100 Bloomington, MN 5543

COMMUNITY CONCIERGE Want to know about the best Hanukkah events, where to find Hanukkah candles, or any other info about Jewish life in the Twin Cities? Our community concierge has all the answers! jewishmpls



Face to face with a modern day hero Last month Mark Glotter dusted off his faded copy of Time, the magazine still in its sleeve. After thirty-four years, the hero of the Soviet Jewry movement would sign the article that inspired Mark to continue his fight.

In the summer of 1978, Mark Glotter bought a copy of Time magazine for a dollar, read the cover story about Natan Sharanksy, and put the magazine in a protective sleeve where it stayed for the next thirty-four years. By that summer, Mark had been involved in the human rights campaign to free Soviet Jewry for nearly a decade. He started in the early days of the movement as a Minneapolis high school student, helping his mother, who was in charge of giving donated clothes to recent immigrants. It was a project that led to Freedom Seders at the University of Minnesota and guerilla theater performances outside of the Guthrie. Mark participated in rallies to free Soviet Jewry and wore a twinning Prisoner of Conscience bracelet to show his support. Eventually, Mark’s passion for Soviet Jewry led him to the former Soviet Union – twice. On his second visit, he was detained by the KGB. Thus, when Time magazine featured detained Soviet dissident and rising star Natan Sharansky on its cover, Mark bought a copy. “I kept this on purpose,” he says, “Hoping that someday I would get to meet him and have him sign it.” Detente Mark’s detainment was short compared to Natan Sharansky’s nine-year Siberian Gulag sentence. Mark was in the Soviet Union visiting dissidents; people who had lost their jobs for their religious convictions. “We brought them jeans,” he remembers. “They could sell them on the black market and get a month's salary, just for a pair of jeans.” 06

Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

Near the end of his trip, Mark fell ill and, despite his protests, was brought to the hospital. But what should have been a routine visit ended with Mark on Soviet television, apologizing to the Soviet people for interfering in their internal affairs. “The hospital staff found the materials I was bringing to dissidents. The KGB interrogated me for eight hours straight and forced me to write a nine-page confession.” Mark doesn’t remember what the confession said. “They basically wrote it for me, and if I agreed or disagreed, it didn’t matter. And then when I confessed on television, they just recorded it over and over until I said what they wanted me to say. I had nothing to hide.” The KGB held Mark until the last possible moment. “My Visa expired 24 hours after I was let go, so I was put on the last flight out at midnight, which happened to be to East Berlin.” At the Kiev airport, Mark caught the eye of a young man who was leaving the country with his wife and two small children. “We couldn’t speak to each other, but we knew. We knew we were both Jewish, and I knew that they were leaving.” The moment filled Mark with emotion. “It was an amazing accomplishment to see people leaving. Incredible.” Meeting His Hero Last month Mark dusted off his faded copy of Time, the magazine still in its sleeve. After thirty-four years, the hero of the Soviet Jewry movement would finally sign the article that inspired Mark to continue his fight. On October 15, Natan Sharansky, now the Executive Chair of the Jewish Agency for Israel, visited the

Minneapolis students wearing twinning bracelets

Minneapolis Jewish community to speak at two major Federation events. Meeting Natan Sharansky this fall at the King David Society and Major Gifts reception fulfilled a longtime dream of Mark’s; to discuss the Soviet Jewry movement with one of the people who truly understands its magnitude. But it also served as a reminder of why giving to Federation is so important to him. “Federation basically funded Soviet Jewry,” Mark says, no doubt remembering the local Soviet Jewry movement. Federation believes that all Jews should be able to live – anywhere in the world – without fear of persecution. Working with its network of local and global partners, Federation continues to ensure freedom, support and the promise of brighter future for Jews living around the world. “Outside of the founding of the state of Israel, the Soviet Jewry campaign was world Jewry’s greatest accomplishment. Being able to rescue and resettle so many Jews… it was unprecedented.” Mark pauses. “Seeing Sharansky justified everything I went through.”


Photos courtesy of The Jewish Agency for Israel

Borya’s First Shabbat

Federation-supported Jewish Agency Summer Camps in the FSU create a vibrant sense of community for youth who have fragile ties to their Jewish cultural and religious heritage. ella leans down to hear Borya as he speaks softly in her ear. “My grandmother said I’m Jewish,” he whispers, “But she never told me about this nice holiday.”

The goal of the summer camps is to ignite and sustain excitement about their Jewish heritage, history and help them as they find their place in the global Jewish family.

It’s Shabbat at The Jewish Agency for Israel-sponsored summer camp where Bella is a counselor. Borya, a nine-year-old camper, traveled far from his home in Odessa, in the former Soviet Union (FSU), to participate in the week long experience where he learned about his Jewish heritage, tradition, culture, and history.

Saturday afternoon, just before the camp closes Shabbat with a Havdallah celebration, two young girls run up to Bella. “How much time until Shabbat ends?”

“I want to celebrate at home every week,” continues Borya, “Can you help me persuade my parents?” Bella’s heart swells at the question; inspired that this bright and friendly Shabbat celebration is resonating with her young campers. Bella and her fellow counselors explain that celebrating Shabbat connects Jews around the world. “When you light the Shabbat candles on Friday night,” Bella encourages, “think of the Jews thousands of miles away saying the same prayer and experiencing the same lovely Shabbat moment.“

Bella checks her watch. “Half an hour.” The girls are disappointed. “Just half an hour?” they plead. “Yes, half an hour and one minute.” The girls are pleased with the clarification. “One minute is very important,” one of the girls admonishes, “especially when we are speaking about Shabbat.” They run away to enjoy their last thirty-one minutes of a new favorite holiday, leaving Bella smiling. “I never thought about how important each minute is,” says Bella.

“We have a lot to learn from young children who don’t remember Soviet times and are proud to be Jewish,” says Bella. The children’s enthusiasm is encouraging; a reminder that Soviet Jews robbed of their culture under communism can once again become a thriving Jewish community.

Bella believes her campers exemplify a promising Jewish future in the former Soviet Union. “They just lack some knowledge in Jewish tradition, culture, and history,” she says. “They have the rest – the confidence, the curiosity, and the passion.”

Each summer, The Jewish Agency brings together young Jews from across the FSU for a week that provides Jewish identitybuilding workshops and social activities in a relaxed camping setting. Jewish Agency Summer Camps in the FSU create a vibrant sense of community for youth who have fragile ties to their Jewish cultural and religious heritage.

Working with our global partners, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation helped over 21,000 campers attend over 130 camps in 20 countries last year. These experiences are helping to reignite Jewish life for children and adults across Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union after generations of religious oppression.



In Times of Crisis, Federation Responds. As soon as the violence in Israel began to escalate this November, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, together with Federation communities across North America, launched an immediate emergency response. Working with our global partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Federation quickly addressed the humanitarian needs in Israel’s most vulnerable zones and activated a communications campaign to promote solidarity with Israel.

November 14:

November 15:

▪ In response to incessant rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the IDF launches Operation Pillar of Defense, targeting Hamas

▪ The Jewish Agency prepares psychological relief for youth in southern Israel, gives $1000 grants to families whose homes were damaged by rockets

▪ JFNA opens communication with partners in Israel to prepare for potential urgent needs ▪ Minneapolis Jewish Federation begins updating Global Jewish Newsline blog with critical information about the situation & how our community can help

▪ JFNA holds teleconference with IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Avital Leibovitch to assess situation ▪ JFNA opens the Israel Terror Relief Fund and commits up to $5 million for the immediate needs of Israelis ▪ 250 rockets hit Southern Israel; rockets launched into Tel Aviv area for the first time since the 1991 Gulf War


Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

November 16: ▪ JDC begins delivering food to the elderly and runs activities for children in shelters ▪ Air raid sirens sound in Jerusalem November 16-21: ▪ JDC and The Jewish Agency continue to mobilize volunteers and deliver immediate services, including trauma counseling, financial assistance, emergency kits, and portable bomb shelters to Israelis under fire November 17: ▪ Delegation of senior Federation lay & professional leaders, including Minneapolis CEO Steve Silberfarb, depart for Israel on a solidarity mission


▪ The Jewish Agenc local authorities to of children and tee trips out of harms

▪ JDC sets up socia response on their Is page to provide urg accessible informa public

▪ JDC begins prepa children’s post trau to be immediately o once schools are re


Fifteen seconds to safety. Fifteen seconds. That is how long Israelis have to take cover in a bomb shelter from the moment they hear the alarm sound until the moment the rocket hits the ground. Whether you are a small child, a mother, or a ninety year-old Holocaust survivor, you have the same fifteen seconds to stop everything you are doing and take cover. A couple of weeks ago, I found out what fifteen seconds really feels like. When the Hamas rocket attacks on Southern Israel escalated in mid-November, I immediately joined several Federation leaders from across North America on an Israel Solidarity Mission. We traveled to cities in Southern Israel where alarms were sounding 7-8 times per day. Schools and senior centers were closed, parents could hardly work, and kids had nowhere to play. They couldn’t be outside because that wasn’t safe. And, they had to be within fifteen seconds of a shelter. We were visiting a secure indoor playground – an enormous structure that is equipped with ample bomb shelter space for children and parents – when the alarm went off. All of the kids instantly stopped playing and calmly vacated the playground to take cover. No one screamed and no one panicked. It was like a routine to them. What I couldn’t get over was the look on the mothers’ faces as they filed

ber 18:

their children toward safer ground. It wasn’t the look of fear; it was the look of determination. If there had been a brick wall standing in the way of these mothers bringing their children to safety, these mothers would have plowed right through that wall. No question. As a parent, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to worry about getting my daughters out of imminent harm’s way in just fifteen seconds, 7-8 times in a single day, for weeks, months, years on end. The trauma that ensues for these kids who are living under the constant threat of attack is unthinkable. The very fact that this secure indoor playground was staffed with trauma counselors instead of teen counselors is difficult to grasp. During our mission, there were four different occasions when we had to take shelter. One time we were driving and had to pull over the van and take cover on the ground. Still, I didn’t question my travels for one second. I wanted the people of Israel to know that they

are not alone; that Jewish communities around the globe are standing with them in solidarity. I was proud to be representing the Minneapolis Jewish community, amongst my colleagues and amongst the people of Israel. I saw firsthand the critical humanitarian support that is made possible only through the generosity of our community. Our partners, the Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, were on the ground from day one of the crisis responding to the immediate needs of vulnerable children, seniors and families. And, in the wake of the crisis they continue to address the medium and long-term needs of the victims of terror. In times of crisis, we are reminded of the importance of a strong and networked Jewish community. We are that community.

Steve Silberfarb CEO of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation

November 18-20:

November 21:

cy arranges with take thousands enagers on field way

▪ Participants in JFNA’s solidarity mission deliver emergency kits, help with respite activities for children, and visit families of victims of terror

al online crisis sraeli Facebook gent, quickly ation to the Israeli

November 20:

▪ At The Jewish Agency’s instruction, MASA students in Israel create a Media War Room to combat online attacks from Hamas, debunking myths and lies and spreading facts

aring network of uma programs operational eopened

▪ The Minneapolis Jewish Federation begins collecting additional donations for the Israel Terror Relief Fund

▪ JFNA holds teleconference with Dr. Michael Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the United States, to discuss developments on the diplomatic front

November 21-present: ▪ Federation continues to work with its global partners to provide relief to the thousands of Israelis continuing to cope, whether rebuilding communities or facing the effects of post-traumatic stress.

Thank you for joining us in standing with Israel

▪ Cease-fire agreement reached ▪ Minneapolis Jewish Federation issues public statement declaring community’s sense of relief while reinforcing support of Israel’s right to defend itself



I am proud to be able to give at this level, and hopefully inspire other women to become a Lion and bring awareness to the needs of our shared community.” – Helain Pesis

Roaring for Federation

The roar of a Lion makes a powerful impact. The roar of 1700 Lions at the International Lion of Judah Conference multiplies that impact and raises more than $27 million to change and save lives around the world. Becoming a Lion “Forty years ago when two women started the Lion of Judah, it was decided that the amount would be a $5,000 minimum gift to the Federation because that is what it took to bring a family of four from the former Soviet Union (FSU) to make aliyah to Israel,” says Gail Machov, a Minneapolis Lion. Gail watched her parents support Federation throughout her childhood in Nebraska, so when she felt she was ready to become a Lion, she didn’t hesitate. “The only difference between me and that family of four escaping the FSU is that my grandfather escaped Russia just after the turn of the century, and their grandfathers did not. I’ve been very fortunate in my life, and it is my responsibility and privilege to give back what I can to make a difference.” Gail became involved in Women’s Philanthropy like so many others do: at the suggestion of a friend. “In the early 1980s, my friend Marcia Cohodes asked me to become a volunteer in what was then the Business and Professional Women’s division,” she says. Judy Harris, Minneapolis Lion and recipient of this year’s Kipniss Wilson Award recognizing women who have set a high standard for philanthropy and volunteerism, also began her lifelong commitment to Federation through a friend. “Someone asked me if I would stuff envelopes for a young women’s event,” says Judy. “Then I went to the event, and then I was put on a committee, and then I was asked to be chair. Someone reached out to me and said this is important to me, 10

Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

and I knew Federation was a place where I wanted to give my time. ” It is the camaraderie and lifelong friends that make Women’s Philanthropy so special. 2013 Community Campaign Chair Lori Fritz agrees. Having been a Lion for over twenty-five years, Lori has met powerful, amazing women from all over the world. “I believe I’m part of a sisterhood of caring women, and that’s so important to me,” she says. 1700 Women Committed to Tikkun Olam This year’s International Lion of Judah Conference was held in New York City, and Lions from across the United States and Canada – including 18 from Minneapolis – celebrated their commitment to philanthropy. “It’s amazing being with so many Jewish women philanthropists committed to Tikkun Olam,” says Gail. “It’s a great way to recharge your Jewish philanthropy ‘batteries’.” Helain Pesis, another Minneapolis Lion who attended the conference, also appreciated the recharge. “It’s wonderful to take time out of our busy lives and focus on philanthropy. You gain a broader perspective, learn and get inspiration from the speakers and other Lions. You connect with incredible women from your community and from across the country.” Lions with all interests and backgrounds shared a common bond this fall in New York, leaving with a powerful reminder of why Federation is such an important organization. From singing and chanting with new and old friends, to the small group discussions on topics such as engaging young adults and the cur-

rent situation in Iran, each woman had a favorite moment from the conference. For Judy Harris, the highlight was receiving the Kipniss Wilson Award. “To receive an honor from the community I’ve loved and been involved with for almost forty years – that meant a lot. Sharing the evening with my daughters and my husband made it even more special,” says Judy fondly. Judy thinks highly of her fellow Lions who accompanied her at the conference. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet people I never would have otherwise met,” she says, “And I’ve been exposed to wonderful role models – women who stand out as caring, capable women who we should all aspire to be like.”

Check out the Lions who roared their way to New York this fall for the International Lion of Judah Conference:

Amy Baratz, Marcia Cohodes, Lori Fritz, Cynthia Goldfine, Melanie Greenstein, Judy Harris, Jeanne Kagin, Linda Ketover, Jane Ketroser, Beth Leonard, Gail Machov, Helain Pesis, Cheryl Ravich, Nancy Schachtman, Cindy Shapiro, Rhonda Stein, Fremajane Wolfson

In the Spotlight 






Campaign Kickoff: 1) (L-R) Major Gifts Chair Beth Kieffer Leonard interviews Natan Sharansky at the 2013 Community Campaign Kickoff Lion of Judah Luncheon: 2) (L-R) Rhonda Stein and Lisa Ratner, Women’s Philanthropy Campaign Chair, 3) (L-R) Judy Schumeister and Cindy Shapiro, Women’s Philanthropy President, 4) (L-R) Kathy Zack, Joanne Silverman, and Cindy Goldfine, Chairs of the Lion of Judah Luncheon Twin Cities Cardozo Society Annual Dinner: 5) (L-R) Dean Philips and Robert Goldaris, winner of the Arthur T. Pfefer Memorial Award at the Cardozo Society Dinner, 6) (L-R) Robert Barrows, Ron Zamansky, Chief Judge Michael Davis and Philip Garon 7) (L-R) Cardozo Dinner Chairs Marty Chester and Susan Minsberg, Keynote Speaker Ambassador Dennis Ross, and Sidney Barrows Lifetime Commitment Award winners Philip Garon and Steve Brand












Shalomcoming: 8) (L-R) Marc Gensler, Hanna Gensler, Jason Bass, Robyn Bass, Dan Rodich, Shane Boroditsky, Beth Rodich, 9) (L-R) Brian Schway, Royee Vlodaver, Barb Adelman, Zlata Vlodaver, 10) (L-R) Howie Hoffman, Carly Hoffman, Dave Jurisz, Max Orenstein, Michael Stern 11) (L-R) Dana Shapiro, Shana Cohen, Amy Shapiro, Missy Epstein, Meredith Cuda Super Sunday: 12) (L-R) Super Sunday Co-Chair Dr. Eric Bressler, Campaign Co-Chairs Brad and Lori Fritz, Etta Barry, and Federation President Michael Barry at Super Sunday, 13) Volunteer Nick Styles making calls, 14) (L-R) Josh Miller and his mom, Ann Miller, 15) Dr. Eric & Sally Bressler, Super Sunday co-chairs



Every moment of every day, the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and our broad network of partners Now, we want to show you in real-time the power of a networked global community. Explore our interac Minneapolis to Japan, Ethiopia to Argentina, Israel and beyond – zoom in, clic


Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012



s are working together to change, improve, and save lives‌ and make the world a better place. ctive map to see live feeds of what’s happening because of people like you, our generous donors. From ck around, and discover how together, we are making a world of difference.



Ethiopian-Israeli lays roots in Minneapolis Ashager’s life was shaped by Federation. Now, she’s shaping lives. ity, but many never abandoned their Jewish faith. In the 1980s, Ethiopia forbade the practice of Judaism and the teaching of Hebrew. For this reason, and the terrible living conditions of Ethiopia, thousands of Beta Israel dreamed of making aliyah but couldn’t do so without help. Although she was just a baby during the mass aliyah, Ashager has memorized details of her family’s arrival. “Once my grandmother landed in Israel, the first thing she did was kiss the earth. It was the Holy Land,” she smiles.

Adapting to Life in Israel

Ashager was touched by Federation-supported programs throughout her life. Like all families that make aliyah, Ashager and her family went through absorption centers such as Operation Atzmaut, a program designed to reduce the dependence on welfare and increase selfsufficiency for Ethiopian-Israelis. Through these absorption centers, new immigrants acquire the skills necessary to integrate into Israeli society, including job training, family management, and educational enrichment.

The pictures are heartbreaking yet happy. Hundreds of malnourished Ethiopians are waiting to board an El Al jumbo jet, the seats removed to pack in as many refugees as possible. Beyond the view of the camera lens, one-year-old Ashager Araro, bundled in her grandmother’s arms, has no concept of the life-changing journey on which they are embarking. She doesn’t know that her grandfather was killed while leading the harrowing trek from their village to the plane. Operation Solomon

It was May 1991, and with the help of partners like the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) was executing Operation Solomon, a covert rescue mission in Ethiopia. In the next 36 hours, 14,325 Beta Israel – the Jews of Ethiopia - would be rescued from a warzone as Eritrean and Tigrean rebels brutally attacked their home. Their final destination: a new home, and a new life, in Israel. The rebel attack was the last straw in an enduring battle for the Beta Israel. Their 17th century ancestors were forcibly converted to Christian-


Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

Other young immigrants continue to benefit from life-changing programs supported by the Federation, including the Ben Yakir Youth Village and Parents and Children Together (PACT), both located in or near Hadera, Israel. The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Ben Yakir Youth Village uses a boarding school framework to offer 135 students, ages 12-18, formal education, Jewish heritage immersion, therapeutic activities, and life skills training. For more than a decade, JDC’s Parents and Children Together (PACT) program has been helping thousands of preschool children and their parents bridge the academic and social gaps that exist between them and their Israeli peers. Because of PACT, today Ethiopian-Israeli children are beginning first grade with the literacy skill level expected for their age; teenagers are thriving socially and academically; and mothers, who once lacked the skills and confidence to work outside the home, are finding jobs. Today, there are countless success stories that remind the global Jewish community of the lasting impact of Operation Solomon –and the thousands of Beta Israel that continue to make aliyah. While the stories are uplifting, the distant, foreign names and faces of smiling strangers can’t begin to replace the experience of actually meeting a recipient of our community’s tzedakah.

Finding Family in Minneapolis

When Ashager Araro came to Minneapolis, she wasn’t visiting as an Operation Solomon success story. She was visiting as an accomplished twenty-year-old Officer in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). As a member of one of the IDF’s most elite paratrooper units. As a representative of the Israeli military, Israeli values, and the Israeli people. Ashager is the ultimate success story. Her outgoing personality, refreshing sense of humor, and professionalism that extends far beyond her years breathed life into the results of our community’s generous support of Ethiopian-Israeli immigration and absorption.

Each year, IDF soldiers from the elite Paratroopers Reconnaissance Brigade spend two weeks in Minneapolis through a unique partnership between the Federation’s Israel Center and the Israeli organization, Parallel Lives. They stay with host families, learn about our community and share their inspirational stories as soldiers. Proud to be an Israeli, a soldier, and a thriving Ethiopian-Israeli woman, Ashager joined the delegation to strengthen the connection between Israeli and Diaspora Jews and share her story. Ashager’s down-to-earth and humble personality resonated with the community members she met, and by the time she left Minneapolis, many in the community considered her like family. She felt the same and yearned to build more connections. That’s what moved her to return to the Midwest one year later (following the completion of her term in the IDF) to be an Israeli counselor at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI) summer camp in Wisconsin. “They (the campers) have great opinions talking about Jewish life,” she remembers, her admiration clear. “It’s very different from Israel. The average 15 year old in Israel doesn’t see his Judaism as being such a big part of his life. But at OSRUI when you ask the campers how they define themselves, one of the top three things they say is that they’re Jewish. It was very exciting for me to see that.” The effort American Jews must put into their Judaism also impressed Ashager. “I don’t know how I could make it here,” she admits,

Born without a right to her Jewish identity, Ashager was once destined to never embrace her Jewish heritage. Thanks to the support, generosity and determination of the global Jewish community to change lives, Ashager was rescued from that fate.

“It’s easier to be Jewish in Israel. Here, you have to drive to synagogue. And how can you keep Kosher when you might have to drive 45 minutes for food?” Born without a right to her Jewish identity, Ashager was once destined to never embrace her Jewish heritage. Thanks to the support, generosity and determination of the global Jewish community to change lives, Ashager was rescued from that fate. Her journey from oppression to perseverance, from the absorption centers to being an active leader in Israeli education in the United States, reminds us of the importance of a strong, networked Jewish community. The lives we are changing today could be lives of the people who are shaping tomorrow. Ashager’s story represents an important piece of our history and a critical piece of our future.

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Happy Hanukkah from the Federation family to yours!

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We are helping to ensure that all families in the Minneapolis Jewish community have a happy Hanukkah this year. Hag Sameach, a program of our partner, Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Minneapolis, provides gifts and holiday ritual items for all Jewish holidays to families who are isolated or in need. This month, families will receive Hanukkah gifts ranging from books and theatre tickets to candles and dreidels and other holiday essentials. Your support makes this program possible, helping to create a vibrant, inclusive and supportive Jewish community. Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

Calendar of Events December Light It Up: Hanukkah Party With a Cause Saturday, December 15 ▪ 8 p.m. Hell’s Kitchen | 80 S. 9th St., Minneapolis Featuring live music from 80s/90s cover band Stereo Kitchen Contact Debbie Stillman at TZEDAKAH BOWL XV Tuesday, December 25 ▪ 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mall of America Field | 900 S. 5th St., Minneapolis Featuring a football tourney, yoga, face painting, henna, obstacle course, food vendors, PJ Library, crafts, DJ & dancing Contact Shana Cohen at



MISSION TO CUBA January 24 – 27 Mission will include a tour of Havana’s old Jewish quarter, visits to local synagogues & Jewish centers, authentic Cuban Shabbat, and chance to learn about the JDC Cuban Jewish Relief Project. Contact Alyssa Huck at DESIGNER GENES - Presented by Women’s Philanthropy Thursday, January 24 ▪ 6:30 p.m. Sabes Jewish Community Center - 4330 S. Cedar Lake Rd., St. Louis Park Featuring genetic expert Dr. Jodi Hoffman, Director of the Victor Outreach and Screening Program for Jewish Genetic Diseases at Tufts Medical Center Contact Temma Shankman at

February HEART TO HEART MISSION TO ISRAEL: A WOMAN'S JOURNEY TO ISRAEL February 2-8, 2013 Hear from important women, explore the land of Israel, absorb Israel's unique culture, fashion and food Registration closes January 16 Contact Temma Shankman at

Cirque du Purim II Saturday, February 23 ▪ 8:30 pm Intermedia Arts 2822 Lyndale Ave. S. A circus-themed night for young adults in their 20s & 30s featuring a DJ, dancing and improv Contact Shana Cohen at scohen@



March Not My Kids Conference Sunday, March 3 ▪ 12:30 – 5 p.m. Temple Israel | 2324 Emerson Ave. S., Minneapolis A JFCS community event in partnership with the Maimonides Society, featuring psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons. Contact Temma Shankman at Culture Blvd II: IsraelI Author Series Thursday, March 7 ▪ 7 p.m. Sabes Jewish Community Center 4330 S. Cedar Lake Rd., St. Louis Park Featuring acclaimed author Sayed Kashua. Cosponsored by the Sabes JCC. Contact Eilat Harel at A Night at the Monte Carlo featuring DJ Strange Love Saturday, March 30 ▪ 8 p.m. FIVE Event Center | 2917 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis Featuring casino games, prizes and a silent auction Contact Shana Cohen at

For more information on upcoming events in the Twin Cities Jewish community, visit

Rimon Artist Salon Series 2013 A View Down the Road: Four Decades of Feminist Art Featuring Joyce Lyon, Rachel Breen, Jane Bassuk & Moderator Riv-Ellen Prell Robbin Gallery 4915 42nd Avenue North, Robbinsdale Sunday, February 10, 2 p.m. Co-sponsored by the Katherine E. Nash Gallery at the U of M & WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) Alma Vida Corazon: Sephardic Music Takes the Stage Featuring the ensemble Me La Amargates Tu and moderator Ezra Glinter The Baroque Room, 275 East 4th Street, St. Paul Sunday, April 7, 1 p.m. Co-sponsored by the St. Paul JCC

Depth of Field: A Filmmaker Looks at Diaspora Featuring filmmaker Norah Shapiro Trylon Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis Thursday, May 2, 7 p.m. Each event costs $10 ($5/students)

The Rimon Artist Salon series is funded in part by the Tychman Shapiro Gallery of the Sabes JCC, the Women’s Endowment Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, and is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


The MN Jewish Arts Council

Nourishing Jewish life through the arts

Rimon is an initiative of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.



Timeless Inspirations

In 5773, the Federation community has mourned the loss and celebrated the lives of two members of the Federation family who worked tirelessly to build our vibrant Jewish community and set an example for future generations. Marvin Borman and Theresa Berman will be remembered for their selfless, lifelong dedication to the Jewish and greater Minneapolis communities.

Theresa Berman: A Philanthropist’s Legacy heresa Berman’s life was vast in both length and depth. She had a great passion for Jewish learning, and lived a life rich with culture, family, and purpose. It is no wonder she was honored for her unwavering commitment to our community with the Woman of Valor Award. Known for her humanitarian spirit, she was steadfast in her generosity, and was devoted to preserving the history of our community while at the same time planning for its future. Theresa served as president of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)’s Minneapolis Chapter and as a member of their national board before becoming the first female President of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Grateful for the leadership skills she acquired through NCJW, Theresa established the Theresa Berman Leadership Development Fund to make that training available to others.

the Berman Chair in Jewish Learning, an endowment to support a Director of Jewish Learning. At the University of Minnesota Center for Jewish Studies, the couple initiated the Theresa and Nathan Berman Graduate Fellowship in Jewish Studies.

Theresa also believed that the next generation of community leaders could not lead effectively without an understanding of the history of the enduring community that had been passed on to them. In 1966, Theresa’s vision became a reality when she helped create the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest (JHSUM). In 2002, the Bermans created an endowment for the collections at the Elmer L. Anderson Library at the University of Minnesota.

Determined to secure the future of our Jewish community, Theresa established a Lion of Judah Endowment through the Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation, setting an example for her fellow Lions (female philanthropists who contribute $5,000 or more annually). Theresa’s endowment guarantees that an annual gift to the Community Campaign will be made on her behalf in perpetuity, ensuring Theresa’s legacy of giving continue for generations to come.

The Berman family’s passion for Jewish education is palpable. They have sponsored an annual scholar-in-residence program at their synagogue, Adath Jeshurun Congregation and established

After a lifetime of giving back to the Minneapolis community, Theresa passed away last month at the age of 100. Her legacy will live on for generations.

Marvin Borman: A Leader and Guiding Spirit inneapolis law firm Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand prides itself on its commitment to community service, a commitment no doubt inspired by founding partner Marvin Borman. Together with his partners, Borman worked his entire career to ensure Maslon remained devoted to integrity and excellence, both in law and serving the community. Even as a child, Marvin understood the importance of service and leadership, becoming an Eagle Scout at age 13. His giving spirit and dedication to causes he believed in accompanied him throughout his formative years. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, having recently graduated from the University of Michigan and married, Marvin enlisted in the Marine Corps without hesitation. When Marvin returned from his service, he attended law school at Harvard and chose to begin his law career in Minneapolis, joining the practice of Samuel H. Maslon. Less than ten years later, he helped create the practice of Maslon Kaplan Edelman Joseph & Borman. While maintaining a busy a legal career, Marvin honored the Jewish tradition of tzedakah and broke barriers in the Minneapolis community. In 1981, Marvin became the first Jewish president of the Minneapolis Club, an organization that had only begun welcoming Jews in the 1970s. 18

Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012

Marvin was active with the Mount Sinai Hospital, serving as president and chairman, and he served as President of Temple Israel and the general campaign chair for Federation’s Community Campaign. In the greater Minneapolis community, Marvin was a member of the United Way board for much of his life, and served as president and chairman of the board. For his service, Marvin has been awarded many prestigious awards, including Federation’s Amos S. Deinard Award for his significant contributions to the Minneapolis Jewish and secular communities, as well as the inaugural Twin Cities Cardozo Society Sidney Barrows Lifetime Commitment Award. Borman’s service to our country and our community is an inspiration to all of those who knew him: to his family and the attorneys who looked up to him at Maslon, and to all of us in the Minneapolis community.

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Family of Evelyn Morgan • In Memory of Evelyn Morgan Bob & Estelle Stillman • In Memory of Steven Stillman Moscoe Group Team Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Goldstein • In Memory of Ascher Goldstein Ricky Rosoff Memorial Fund (JFCS) Tom & Marlene Moscoe Steve & Sheri Abrams • In Memory of Bill Shy Gary L. Tankenoff Youth Against prejudice Endowment Fund of the JCRC of Minnesota & Dakotas Bobby & Elliot Cohen Sarah Janice Hope Phyllis Mandel Nancy & Herman Markowitz Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Norman & Sally winer Emergency Aid to the Elderly Fund (JFCS) Norman & Sally Winer Irving Cell • In Honor of Birthday Marc Harris • In Memory of Arlene Harris Bob & Estelle Stillman • In Memory of Steven Stillman

UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Dotan Aviv Appelbaum Genesis Mitzvah Fund Joe & Helen Abrahamson Carolyn Abramson Lori Appelbaum Phyllis Appelbaum Sally Appelbaum Andrew & Cheryle Atkin Jonathan Blue Gregory & Jodie Boderman Esther Burke Mel & Ronni Burstein David & Shelley Burton Stewart & Sheila Derechin Bill & Bev Fishman Joshua & Shelley Fogelson Jake Hurwitz & Doreen Frankel Bob Kaufman & Debra Glassman Bernie & Leslie Goldblatt Bruce & Laurie Goldfarb Dannie & Kay Gustafson Seth & Christine Hausman Matt & Zehorit Heilicher Ron Feldman & Julie Hirsch Bruce, Anne & Ruth Hope Joni Hymanson Carol, Shelley & Randi Johnson Hart & Raleigh Johnson Avi & Brenda Katz Tikva Kelner Ed & Stephanie Lefkow Ronald & Elyse Less Joel & Tzivia Leviton Joel & Peggy Mandel Seth & Michele Meisler Sydney Mirviss Judi & Aaron Nathenson Sheila McGann & Patrick O’Reilly Craig & Catherine Oskow Joel & Julie Politi Jeffrey Prohofsky Jan Raskin Lynn Lederman & Ken Raskin Jerry & Louise Ribnick

Mindy & Dan Ribnick & Family Barry & Francie Ross Randi Roth Adeel & Jeri Saad Eric Siedband & Carol Sarnat Renee Segal Lawrence & Nancy Shapiro Jim & Estie Sherman Tanmay & Shweta Singhal Noah Smith David & Sharon Stillman Tom & Liba Stillman Shirley Trauben Jonathan Shaver & Iris Tzafrir Steve & Sheryl Sue Warren Rachel Zilberman Steven & Deborah Zuckerman Dotan Appelbaum • In Honor of Bar Mitzvah Esther Burke Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum • In Memory of Ito Cohen Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum & Mark Appelbaum • In Honor of Anniversary Charles & Melanie Barry Family philanthropic Fund Chuck & Melanie Barry Neil Feinberg Diana Idelkope Fred Rose • In Honor of Birthday Lloyd & Barbara Siegel • In Honor of Anniversary Sandra Wallack • In Memory Helen Swerling Eileen & Harold Scherling Chuck & Melanie Berry • In Appreciation Barbara & David Eiger philanthropic Fund Barbara Eiger Partners at Lurie Besikof Lapidus • In Appreciation Harvey & Evelyn Flom Family philanthropic Fund Harvey & Evelyn Flom Beryle Berke • In Memory of Mother Family of Rori Eisenberg • In Memory of Rori Eisenberg Haskel Fishman • In Memory of Gerda Fishman Ronald Handler • In Memory of Donald Handler Dolores Schlaifer • Speedy Recovery Joyce Shapiro Nancy Stone • In Honor of Birthday Kay Spector • In Memory of Mitchell Spector Mike & Paula Flom Bob & Estelle Stillman • In Memory of Steven Stillman General Endowment Fund Anonymous Jan Apple Beth Kreitzman • In Memory of Clara Kaner Kathie Reeslund • In Memory of Charlotte Johnson Sabina Zimering • In Memory of Ruben Zimering Cathryn Balek Daniel Durant Lois Ferry Craig & Louise Halverson 21 03

Katherine Vessells & John Hughes Bradley & Barbara Subak Mary & Jan Tanghe Sabina Zimering • In Memory of Ruben Zimering Billy & Peggy Cohn Sharon Waller • In Honor of Birthday Claire & David Ellman Beth Ann Segal • In Memory of Saul Segal Mike, Becca, Livia & Alex Epstein Andy & Lisa Furman • In Memory of Sharon Pollack Sally Forbes Friedman Eric Bressler • In Honor of Carolyn F. & Stephen K. Lieberman Campaigner of the Year Award Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum • In Memory of Ito Cohen Mari Forbush • In Honor of Leon & Sylvia Sorkin Jewish Communal Professional Achievement Award Shirlee Friedman • In Honor of Birth of Great-Grandson Judy & Jon Harris • In Honor of Birth of Grandson Lisa Heilicher • In Honor of Amos S. Deinard Award for Distinguished Leadership Harvey & Sue Kaplan Judy Mares-Lazar Jill Orbuch • In Memory of Father Kris MacDonald • Thinking of You Jacki Paster • In Memory of Edward Paster Jerry & Louise Ribnick • In Honor of Joel & Tamar’s Wedding Stan Schweitzer • In Honor of Granddaughter’s Marriage Noah Smith • In Honor of Bar Mitzvah Allan & Loni Stillerman • In Honor of Birth of Grandson Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Fremajane Wolfson • In Memory of Mother Bruce & Ilene Zwick • In Honor of Daughter’s Marriage Sally Forbes Friedman & Family Lisa Furman & Family • In Memory of Sharon Pollack Doug Kanter • Speedy Recovery Judy Graceman Elaine Burton • In Memory of Ron Burton Gerry & Esther Neuwirth Bonnie Heller • In Memory of Ann Victor Marlene Garvis Allen Stillerman • In Honor of Birthday Keith Melby & Darla Odonnell • In Memory of Dr. Stacy Roback Jimmy & Helain Pesis Harvey Berman & Family • In Memory of Joyce Berman Family of Harold Cottle • In Memory of Harold Cottle Jay Dorfman & Family • In Memory of Bernice Dorfman Family of Gerta Fishman • In Memory of Gerta Fishman Family of Robert Goldberger • In Memory of Robert Goldberger Family of Arlene Harris • In Memory of Arlene Harris Orrin Kessel & Family • In Memory of Bernard Kessel

Family of Martin Kvasnick • In Memory of Martin Kvasnik Family of Evelyn Morgan • In Memory of Evelyn Morgan Steven Prauer • In Memory of Pearl Prauer Sandy Wallack & Family • In Memory of Helen Swirling Jerry & Louise Ribnick Howard & Wendy Bach • In Honor of Birth of First Grandchild Stuart Borken • In Memory of Idelle Borken Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum • In Memory of Ito Cohen Haskel Fishman • In Memory of Gerda Fishman Bonnie Heller • In Memory of Ann Victor Anita Konikoff • In Memory of Mother Rabbi Avi Olitzky Rabbi Kerry Olitzky • In Memory of Frances Olitzky Nancy & Steve Schachtman • In Honor of Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah Jerry Ribnick Larry Yogel & Robin Engelson • In Honor of Wedding Jerry Frick • In Memory of Claire Andy & Lisa Furman • In Memory of Sharon Pollack Mark Lerner • In Memory of Ethel Lerner Scott Shragg • In Memory of Jody Shragg Bob & Estelle Stillman • In Memory of Steven Stillman George & Anita Robinson Family of Anita Gamson Milton Gordon • In Memory of Anita Gamson Barry & Francie Ross Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum • In Memory of Ito Cohen Amy Sadoff • Speedy Recovery Dana, Tyson, Eli & Zachary Sales Larry Yogel & Robin Engelson • In Honor of Marriage Merle Shapiro Eisenberg Family • In Memory of Rori Eisenberg Lloyd & Barbara Sigel Harvey Berman • In Memory of Joyce Berman Robert White Alan & Judy Elias • In Honor of Birth of Granddaughter Sanford & Marlene Goldberg Family philanthropic Fund Sandy & Marlene Goldberg Stuart Borken • In Memory of Idelle Borken Harvey & Sue Kaplan • In Memory of Father Susan Kaufman • In Memory of Clayton Kaufman Marshall & Marlene Miller Bill & Susan Goldenberg • In Honor of Anniversary Ruth Kayla Hope Genesis Mitzvah Fund Bruce & Laurie Goldfarb Stacy, Gary, Raleigh & Gracie Kibort Gary & Dori Weinstein Ruth Hope • In Honor of Bat Mitzvah

2204 Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Winter 2012 Minneapolis Jewish Federation | Summer 2012

Sharon & william Hope Family philanthropic Fund Sharon & William Hope Sylvia Field • In Memory of Arlene Harris Babette Stall • In Memory of Seymour Stall Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Yoni Israelson Genesis Mitzvah Fund Howard & Betsy Israelson Stewart & Joan Fishman • In Memory of Gerda Fishman Tom Silver • In Memory of Melvin Silver Howard, Betsy, Yoni & Raya Israelson Mitch & Jane Burke Rob & Becky Portnoe Rapoport Family • In Appreciation Paulette Donath & Family • In Memory of Frieda Holcer Joe & Jane Goldberger & Family • In Memory of Robert Goldberger Howie, Betsy, Yoni, Raya & Chip Israelson Krebs Family • In Appreciation Ben & Libby Koval Family philanthropic Fund Jeffrey & Devie Koval Don & Cindy Brown • In Honor of Birth of Granddaughter Judith & Raymond Lazar philanthropic Fund Judy & Ray Lazar David & Renee Segal • In Memory of Saul Segal Kaye Spector • In Memory of Mickey Spector Elyse Lederer Genesis Mitzvah Fund Gary Berman Bruce & Anne Hope Joseph & Tammy Kaplan Joel & Peggy Mandel Steve & Patricia Mintz Elyse Lederer • In Honor of Bat Mitzvah Project Sheldon & Delores Levin philanthropic Fund Corky & Delores Levin Elaine Burton • In Memory of Ron Burton Jane Effress • In Honor of Birthday Michael & Marilyn Greengard • In Memory of Jane Greengard Erwin & Miriam Kelen Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Kaye Spector • In Memory of Mickey Spector Emet Elazar Lieberman Genesis Mitzvah Fund Dan, Nora & Jacob Sussman Emet Lieberman • In Honor of Bar Mitzvah

Renee & Arnold Lifson Family philanthropic Fund Don & Cindy Brown Scott Puchtel & Beth Stiegler Puchtel Jim & Susie Simon Scott Lifson • In Honor of Birthday Markowitz Family philanthropic Fund Peter & Betty Jonas Nancy & Herman Markowitz • In Honor of Rachel’s College Graduation Nancy & Herman Markowitz Elaine Burton • In Memory of Ron Burton Peter & Betty Jonas • In Memory of Brother Nathan Shaffer & Laurie Markowitz • In Honor of Anniversary Jessica Noaman Genesis Mitzvah Fund Edwin & Marjorie Agranoff Richard & Charlotte Berman Barry & Hallie Bershow Chris Bez Harlan & Raleigh Brand Robert & Joyce Brelje Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Brodsky Arvin & Paula Cohen Murray J. & Betty Cooper Peter & Gloria Cooper Charles & Sheila Davis Jay & Gabriela Eisenberg Gene & Carole Epstein Sheldon & Lois Epstein Ron & Gigi Fingerhut Mark & Lucy Rose Fischer Jack & Amy Fiterman Rommie Flammer Martin Flasher Perry & Jill Flasher Deborah Kendall & Robert Flasher Charles Frisch Jim & Renee Gainsley Dennis & Marcia Gelpe Margie Wasserman & Neal Gendler Peter & Harriet Glick Bernie & Leslie Goldblatt Rose Goldsteen Jeff & Joyce Greene Ida Greenfield Eliana Grossman Larry & Elaine Hallfin Seth & Christine Hausman Dorothy Herman Constance Iacono Joann Jacobs Tom & Susan Kafka Marcie Kelner Eric & Roxie King-Smith Cynthia Reich & Harold Kravitz Lorene Lampert Joel & Morissa Lavintman Reva Lear John & Rachel Levitt Stan & Gerri Maisel Paul Modell Harold Engler & Ella Mogilevsky Becky Siebenthaler & Reed Myles Irv & Charlotte Nudell Allen & Marcia Oleisky Joe & Nancy Peilte Jeffrey Raison & Marilyn Reiter Jim & Sherry Rudin Jim & Estie Sherman Jean & Art Sidner Gerald & Eileen Siegel Arthur & Benita Sirkin

Noah Smith David & Sharon Stillman Peter & Joni Sussman Budd & Judi Tennebaum Doris Weisman Bob & Debbie Wolk Dora Zaidenweber Sharon Zweigbaum Jessica Noaman • In Honor of Bat Mitzvah Miriam & David Sanders Family philanthropic Fund Joan Feinberg David Sanders • Thinking of You Lorraine & Stanley Schweitzer philanthropic Fund Stan Schweitzer Jevne Baskin • Speedy Recovery Jane Effress Stanley Goldberg Robert Warshawsky • In Honor of Birthday Jeffrey Eisenberg • In Memory of Rori Eisenberg Bill & Susan Goldenberg Marshall & Marlene Miller Michael & Joanne Silverman Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Richard Green • In Memory of Ralph Green Myra Krank • Thinking of You David Levi • Congratulations Mickey Orren • In Memory of Carol Orren Sandy Wallack • In Memory of Helen Swerling Fremajane Wolfson • In Memory of Erma Lipschultz william & Ruth Seltz philanthropic Fund Ruth Seltz Marsha & Gary Tankenoff • In Honor of Anniversary Shaw Family philanthropic Fund Jeff & Cari Shaw Family of Gerda Fishman • In Memory of Gerda Fishman wendy & Colin Smith Family philanthropic Fund Sally Forbes Friedman Colin Smith & Wendy Lovell-Smith • In Honor of Noah’s Bar Mitzvah Richard G. & Judith Spiegel philanthropic Fund Richard & Judith Spiegel Ivan & Karen Brodsky • In Memory of Father Kenneth Stesin Genesis Mitzvah Fund Mark & Heather Stesin Howard & Wendy Bach • In Honor of Birth of Granddaughter Family of Dr. Sandler Latts • In Memory of Dr. Sander Latts

Marlee Stesin Genesis Mitzvah Fund Mark & Heather Stesin Karen Brodsky • In Memory of Father Tom & Liba Stillman • In Honor of Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah Robert & Marcy Strauss Family philanthropic Fund Marcy Strauss Bob Aronson • In Honor of Recognition by University of Indiana Law School Pattye Bomash • Speedy Recovery Earl & Phyllis Cohen • In Honor of Grandparenthood Lisa Cohen • In Honor of Engagement Nona Holmes & Family • In Memory of Husband, Father, Grandfather & Great-Grandfather weinblatt/Bass Family philanthropic Fund Steve Baumwald Mike & Sheryl Cooper Kara & Jeremy Frank Daniel Goldman Heidi Pendergast Dan & Beth Rodich Erika Rosenhagen Heather Schaefer Pennie Shapiro Tonya Swanson John Zeches Jason Bass • In Honor of Birthday Beth & Jay Weinblatt Daniel & Gloria Goldenberg • In Memory of Anne Goldberg Mick & Julie Weiss • In Memory of Alex Weiss Ilana weinstein Genesis Mitzvah Fund Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum & Mark Appelbaum Chad & Jodi Asarch Jack & Mary Baumgarten Gary Berman Jonathan & Debra Bundt Ira Casel Jill Chessen Jonathan & Cynthia Cohen Alma Eckert Lawrence & Laurie Fensterstock Amy Fink Jack & Amy Fiterman Neal & Sarah Foman Mari Forbush Barbara Friedman Lee & Amy Friedman Todd & Amy Geller Seymour & Gail Glatzer Glen & Davida Goldman Donald & Mary Lee Goldsmith Morton Goldstein Michael & Teri Greenstein Max Grossman Jon Halper Seth & Christine Hausman Stephen & Renee Hodin Bruce & Anne Hope Kristen Jaeger Danny & Lauren Kaplan Ross & Laura Kaplan Joseph & Kimberly Kivens Fred & Roberta Kravitz Craig & Riva Kupritz

Jerry & Ruth Levine Michael & Rachel Levine Joel & Peggy Mandel Martin & Susan Margolin Mark Medvin Seth & Michele Meisler Edward & Trudy Milikow Yael Levy & Joshua Needleman Neil & Sara Newman Amy Ollendorf Jeffrey Prohofsky Jerry & Louise Ribnick Stacy & Donna Roback Mark & Amy Robbins Mark & Amy Rotenberg Jeremy & Gerri Rothfleisch Matthew & Allison Rothfleisch Rita Rothfleisch Julie Walpert & Charles Savenor Jim & Estie Sherman Bard Borkon & Julie Silverman John & Lisa Simon David & Lisa Skolnick Amy Sneider Marty Stillman & Amy Susman-Stillman Adrienne Goldfeder & Michael Turok Michelle Vilotti Athena Voorhees Steve & Sheryl Sue Warren Arnold & Eda Weinstein Elizabeth Langer & Neil Weinstein Sheldon & Joan Weinstein Dan & Amy Weiss Scott & Sheri Yarosh Illana Weinstein • In Honor of Bat Mitzvah Sandy & Marlene Goldberg Gary & Dori Weinstein • In Honor of Ilana’s Bat Mitzvah

wOMEN AND CHILDREN’S FUNDS Cathy & Richard Broms Camp Scholarship Designated Fund Cathy & Richard Broms Josh & Jan Arnold • In Memory of Walter Lubov Ira Isbin & Amie Noun • In Memory of Katherine Isbin Jim & Donna Pohlad • In Memory of June Barron Blair & Fremajane Wolfson • In Memory of Erma Lipschultz Rob & Rhoda Zakheim • In Memory of Stanley Zakheim Malk Family Jordan/Jaffee Family • In Memory of Father & Grandfather Joan Miriam Feinberg Tribute to Children & women’s Health & welfare Fund of the wEF Joan Feinberg Fran Barnett • In Memory of Jack Fogelman Jay Dorfman • In Memory of Bernice Dorfman Steve Fredkove Sheila Lieberman • Speedy Recovery Chelle Gittleman • In Honor of Grandson’s Graduation Sherry & Mimi Gleekel • In Honor of Granddaughters’ B’nai Mitzvot

Shelley Segal • In Memory of Clayton Kaufman Irene Heller women’s Endowment Tribute Fund Bobby & Elliot Cohen Blair & Fremajane Wolfson • In Memory of Erma Lipschultz Andrew Frankel Hurwitz Fund to Support programming for Children with Special Needs Designated Fund Ann Dickson Betty Frankel Harriett Bernstein • In Honor of Birthday Larry & Sherri Feuer Doreen Frankel, Jake Hurwitz & Margo Hurwitz • Yahrzeit of Andrew Hurwitz Minnie C. Keller Memorial Fund of the wEF Michael, Ellyn, Josh & Noah Marell Phyllis Mark • Happy Mother’s Day Northside Friendship women’s Endowment Tribute Fund Bobby & Elliot Cohen Bobbie Beck & Family • In Memory of Richard Bellman Charles & Susie Desnick • In Honor of Anniversary Harriet Gold Arnie & Annalee Odessky Barbara Raport Edward & Sandra Sher Family of Richard Bellman • In Memory of Richard Bellman Barbara Raport Bobby & Elliot Cohen Steve & Bobbie Goldfarb Arnie & Annalee Odessky Ed & Sandy Sher • In Appreciation Eunice Burk Bobbie Fischbein • In Honor of Birthday Beverly Edelstein • Speedy Recovery Nancy Schachtman women & Children’s Fund Nancy & Steve Schachtman Sheri Adams • In Honor of Birthday Family of Arlene Harris • In Memory of Arlene Harris women’s Endowment Fund Alan & Annalee Covin Bobbie Beck • In Memory of Dick Beck David & Mimi Sanders Peter & Lois Marcus • In Memory of Maxine Wittgraf Ed & Marilyn Sherman Family of Gerda Fishman • In Memory of Gerda Fishman Michael, Ellyn, Noah, Josh Marell & Phillip Waissen Ruth Marell Goldberg Janice Waller • Happy Mother’s Day 23 05

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Permit No. 3474 Twin Cities, MN

13100 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 200 Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305

A HANUKKAH PARTY WITH WITH A A CAUSE CAUSE Saturday, December 15 @ 8 p.m. Hell’s Kitchen 80 S 9th Street, Downtown Minneapolis


Join us for a night of live music, fun and games all benefiting the Mount Sinai Community Foundation's efforts to improve health, well-being and medical care in the Jewish and general community. $25 in advance ✦ $36 at the door ✦ appetizers & one drink ticket included ✦ cash bar available


BENEFITING: The Mount Sinai Community Foundation Giving Circle is a member organization focused on collective

grant making and donor education whose mission supports initiatives to improve health and well-being and/or provide medical care in the Jewish and larger community. The MSCF Giving Circle is an effort to honor the history and legacy of Minneapolis’ Mount Sinai Hospital and is a designated fund of the Federation’s Jewish Community Foundation.

Mitch Chargo, Bret Erickson, Andy Platt, Joe Parker, Rick Blomquist, With Special Guest Jeff Victor

THANK YOU TO OUR LIGHT IT UP AND NO GUILT GELT SPONSORS Continental Diamond • Yum! • Yogaaah! • Minnesota Jewish Theater Company Joe's Garage • Sabes JCC • MGM Liquor • Big Top Liquor • Creative Resources • Minnesota Gastroenterology • Steve Hunegs & Family • Sa Bel Salon • Minnesota Sword Club • Martha's Gardens • Goldfine Family • Parma 8200


Stephanie + David Bank • Michelle + Aaron Goldstein • Jane + David Kirshbaum • Amy + David Mastbaum • Jenifer Robins + Steve Hunegs • Sue + Geoff Roether • Caren Schweitzer + Steve Baumwald • Michele + Spenser Segal • Vicki + Rich Shapiro • Judy + Michael Skadron • Jaye Snyder + Kenneth Brimmer • Missy + Bobby Swiller


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