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Official Newsletter of Division 7. Minn­Dak District

Majestic Mermaids (or Mermen) Monthly Newsletter

Greetings! Hello! My name is Tim Goh and I will be serving as your Liaison Lieutenant Governor this year. I am very excited to serve as a Liaison to your division! A little bit about me; I will be a senior at Chanhassen High School this year and I am very involved in a variety of activities. I am a varsity lacrosseplayer, I was the president of my Key Club this past year, I am involved in CAP(Chemical Awarenessand Prevention), I play classical piano, and I play bassguitar/keyboard for the band Falls Curve. I enjoy helping others, and I aspire to be a medical doctor in the future. I joined Key Club, becauseI have always volunteered, but I have never been in an organization in which volunteering was the sole purpose. I joined and ran for president and won. Being involved in Key Club and being able to hold a leadership position has been one of my greatest high school experiences. I very much look forward to working with all of you this next year. .

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Volume 1 Issue 1

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Contact Information: Address: 521 Shadowmere Dr Chanhassen, MN, 55317 Email: Facebook: Tim Goh Phone: 612-701-4846

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Meet Your District Board:

Have you ever been confronted by a non Key Clubber wondering if you made Keys in your club meetings? I know I sure have. The mystery as to why our club is named “Key” Club was unveiled to me at district board training. Key Club was founded in 1925 at Sacramento High School, California. It was named “Key Club” becauseof a group of boys at that high school. Theseboys were known as the “go to” boys. They were the “key” students at that school. Since they were so reliable, a club was made in their honor, and was named Key Club. Since then, Key Club has established itself as the world’s oldest and largest service organization.

District Governor Christina Nystrom District Bulletin Editor Nate Borth



District Secretary Nikki Sondergaard


LTGDivision 1 Ciara Garrick


LTGDivision 2 Kyra Schwalbe LTGDivision 3 Caitlin Stroup LTGDivision 4 Mary-Lu Kavanagh-Beltman LTGDivision 5 Adam Yousef LTGDivision 6 Natalya Thakur LTGDivision 7 Tim Goh LTGDivision 8 Monika Anderson LTGDivision 9 Kelly Adler LTGDivision 10 Jennifer Koester

2010-2011 District Board


KEY CLUB Division 7 Newsletter 

Governor’s Project  Kids Against Hunger

SERVIC E Kids Against Hunger is a worldwide organization whose goal is to stop hunger worldwide. This organization distributes vitamin fortified soy rice packets to hungry people in the United States and throughout the world. In 2009 alone, volunteers across the United States packaged over 48 million meals. This year we are focusing on this project to help end hunger in the world. Our goal is to have every club pitch in $200 to this common goal


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521 Shadowmere Dr Chanhassen MN 55317 * 612­701­4846 *



Tim Goh KC newsletter June 1  

Volume 1 Issue 1 Official Newsletter of Division 7. Minn­Dak District 521 Shadowmere Dr. Chanhassen, MN. 55317. Email:

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