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International Convention Recap Welcome to the Key Club International Convention 2010 synopsis—hope you don’t get lost on the way! For all those not in the know, Key Club has levels above our district. The International Convention (ICON) serves as a meeting place for holistic issues concerning Key Club. This was my second ICON, and it always serves as a highlight to the summer. Now, here’s what happened.

the roller coasters. The next day, we arrived in Memphis, the site of ICON 2010. Before heading to the convention center we got to visit Graceland. Graceland was just as you would expect it, everything Elvis. I’m no Elvis fan, nor do I pretend to be, but I appreciated the quirky interior décor of the manor. The tour certainly paid homage to his prolific career. From here I’ll quickly skip to the convention. The first night they had a Reliant K concert and a meet and greet. The next morning was the start of the convention.

During the day, many workshops were offered. Most were about service projects and other ways to make our service count. I personally went to a forum on Think Kindness. It is a group that runs a 15 day program for We were graciously picked up by the high schools to really make a difference in rest of our district at Century High School. the world. We got in touch with the represenFrom there we had about a seven hour bus tative that was at ICON and hope to have trip to St. Louis. On the way many members our own 15 day program during our school made tie blankets and goody bags for kids year. The second forum I went to that day at the Shriners’ hospital. Other members was about the tried to sleep in seats, aisles, luggage com- crisis in Africa. partments . . . not luggage compartments . Whether it is . . Sleep was scarce, but it felt wonderful to the lack of stretch in the aisles. Once in St. Louis, we water or the stopped at the Shriners’ Hospital to deliver haphazard all the children’s items. Then it was off to environment our first exciting stop. There is no better way for children, to overcome sleep deprivation than riding we can do a ripping, roaring, corkscrewing roller coastlot to help. ers at Six Flags. We spent most of the day at The area Six Flags. I personally rode every roller around Sudan coaster, most of them twice. Even our 70 is in turmoil year old chaperone, Crazy Mary, rode all due to con-

stant war and a ruthless outlaw devoted to changing the children of Africa into merciless killers. The forum provided advocacy and ways to help the children in this area.

brave group of souls who enter the House

One of the most important parts of the entire convention is caucusing and electing a new international board. This is an opportunity for all members to ask all the candidates questions or enthusiastically participate in a candidate’s speech. Our International Trustee XinLei ‘Tony’ Wang ran for the position of International President and he succeeded! The candidates for all positions are finally determined by the

to create your own memories. We got to explore the city of Memphis, drown ourselves in BBQ sauce, jump from ledges, regret spontaneity (but accept eventually), and try every kind of drank under the Memphis sun. We had choc drank, strawberry drank, and I was extremely tempted to buy peach drank. There were some other great people down in the city of Memphis.

of Delegates. In the final and farewell session these newly elected board members take their place as the old board memEach night a different general session bers pass off is held. The first night is a welcoming session, the position. with a speaker, an insight to all the great Tears are things Key Clubbers have been doing, and shed, an introduction to the activities over the memories rest of the convention. The next night is an are shared, awards session. Different awards varying and the from posters to single service projects are conventiongiven out. Throughout the entire session, a goers leave talent show is in full swing with piano play- the conferers, dancers, and songwriters. Our club ence with reignited passion to make Key plans to personally make a dent in the Club successful, or at least that’s the idea. awards category next year. Watch out! In between all these events is time

I learned a lot from this trip, and I would recommend it to any other Key Clubber. It is one of those trips that will live in high school memories forever and perhaps inspire some good service back home. It can lead to bonding as a club, or just bonding as a group of friends.


Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service. Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools and communities and to make Key Club a household name. Do your part to make sure Key Club Week—November 1st– 5th—starts Kiwanis Family Month with a bang. Some ideas to promote Key Club week would be to have a social event all about Key Club and invite anyone who wants to come from your school to come an d learn about Key Club. Also wear Key Club gear, put up posters around your school, and send an article to a local newspaper for the community to learn about what Key Club is. Another way to promote Key Club and also increase membership would be to participate in the “Bring a Friend to Key Club

Day”. Maybe even come up with a service project that would involve the whole K-Family. Seeing that it is Kiwanis Family Month as well this would help to not only celebrate Key Club, but to also create better relations with the rest of the K-Family. With these great ideas, your club can grow and flourish within your home, school, and community.

Major Emphasis Project

Spotlight The current service initiative for the 2008-10 year, Live 2 Learn, focuses on the personal development and social interaction of children. Live 2 Learn is the hands on service element to the MEP. Live 2 Learn focuses on helping children, ages 5-9, overcome learning obstacles so they can be successful and give back to their home, school and community. Key Club members can help young children learn through mentoring, making friends and working together. Key Club members can serve in three areas; improving grades, giving back, and growing together. Key Clubbers are encouraged to mentor, tutor and help reading skills to help improve grades. To give back, members are

working with primary schools to coordinate service projects that young students can participate in to teach youth how they can be lifelong servant leaders. By stimulating imagination and learning through their experiences members are sparking growth in children so that they may grow together.


Presenting your 2010−2011 District Board Hello, I am Christina Nystrom and I am the 2010-2011 Minnesota Dakotas District Governor. I am very excited for this upcoming year of service! I am a senior at Fargo North High School in North Dakota. I am involved in Spanish Club, History Club, Band (I play the Alto Saxophone), DECA, and Key Club! I am looking forward to serving the district this year and I am hoping that everyone will get involved in the Governor's Project: Kids Against Hunger. I am very passionate about this project and I am hoping that it will be a huge success. Let's make this year a great year of service!

Nikki Sondergaard District Secretary

Ciara Carrick− Carrick− Kittleson Division 1 Caitlin Stroup Division 3

Adam Yousef Division 5

Nate Borth District Bulletin Editor/Webmaster

Kyra Schwalbe Division 2

Mary Lu Kavanagh− Kavanagh− Beltman Division 4

Natalya Thakur Division 6

Tim Goh Division 7

Kelly Adler Division 9

Monika Anderson Division 8

Jennifer Koester Division 10

Mary Beth Townsend District Administrator




Surfin’ Into Service

Come join us in Fergus Falls, MN For the 2010 MinnDak Fall Rally Ask your advisor or club president for more information!

2010−2011 District Governors Project (

Kids against Hunger)

.This year the governor’s

families but they also help

project is kids against hunger.

them grow. The meals have a

Kids against hunger is a food humanitarian program that bags food and sends it to children in

blend of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins to feed kids bodies and minds. Each meal includes white rice, soy, a vegetable blend, and a chicken protein powder. Recently kids against hunger has sent food to Haiti to help

need. The goal of

earthquake victims.

Kids against hunger is to

The District Goal is to package

reduce the number of hungry

half a million meals.

kids in the United States as

Each meal is only $0.23. At

well as feed children all over

that price if $10 were raised

the world. Kids against hunger

per Key Club member the goal

consist of a headquarters in

could be accomplished.

New Hope, MN and many

Some ideas to raise money

satellites across the country.

could be to host a bike-a-thon,

Kids against hunger was

do a car smash, or everyone

started in 1999 and is a nonprofit

could just donate money.

organization. Kids

You can look forward to seeing

against hunger meals not only

this project at fall rally.

feed children and their


Service Hours: Dos and donts Do•

Help out with a car wash Go play games with

senior citizens •

Clean up a park

Start a fundraiser Help with your

sponsoring Kiwanis club Don’t• •

Bring in items

Just come to meetings for service hours

There are a lot more do’s than dont’s so get out there and get your service hours!! Definition of a Service Hour A service-hour constitutes any hour of service performed by an individual Key Club member with the approval of his/her club’s Board of Directors. The time expended in planning a project will not be counted as a reported service hour.

When are dues...Due? Dues are due on November 30th and the early bird deadline is October1st. Get it in by the early bird deadline and your club will receive a patch to put on your club’s banner! Membership cards, pins, handbooks and certificates will be provided only for NEW Key Club members only. These will be mailed to the club address upon receipt of membership fees and member names. Another thing to think about with dues is to increase membership. For the bigger clubs, it is harder to get those extra members, but the more the merrier. Some suggestions for smaller clubs to get new members is to do a membership drive. Do things such as talk to teachers and ask them to hand out brochures about Key Club or your club could hold an ice cream social or pizza party to introduce kids about Key Club and get them excited. Need more info on dues? Check out


District Theme: Surfin’ Into Service

Upcoming Events

1.Wacky Wild Waves

Dues are due: November

2.Terrific Tiki Torches 3.Sassy Surfers

Key Club Week: November 1 1--5th

4.Bouncing Beach Balls 5.Beach Party Crashing Pirates

MinnDak Fall Rally: November 5 5--6th

6.Splendid Serving Sharks 7.Majestic Mermaids 8.Super Sand dollars 9.Silly Seashells 10.Loveable Lifeguards

Minnesota Dakotas Key Club a Kiwanis-family member

District Convention: April 1st 1st--3rd

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