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Official Newsletter of Division 9 Volume 1   Issue 2   

Hanging Ten

In this issue!

Surfing Into Service:  LTG Update I have been working very hard to stya on track this month and get contact with all my clubs. I have been on vacation in California for 2 weeks so it has been hard. My vacation tied very well into the service theme with Surfin’ Into Service. Even though I did not get to surf! This month I am hoping to continue to get all the contact information and keep everyone up to date with upcoming projects, rallies and get-togethers. Another one of my goals for the month is to make sure that all the Division 9 clubs are prepared for the school year and have stayed busy during the summer months. I hope to see you all soon at my officer training which is to be explained later in the newsletter.

LTG Update..................1 Upcoming Events..........2 Year at a Glance...........3 PCM dates....................3 Friendly Reminders.......4 Dues.............................4 Fun Page…..5

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Kelly Adler LTGDivision 9

UPCOMING EVENTS! Officer Training              August 4th              6278 13th Avenue NW Rochester, MN 55901 Welcome to ALL Key Clubbers

Upcoming Events                               

Officer Training

         leadership Project

Officer training is being I have planned a held in Rochester for Divisions 8 Divisional Service Project for and 9 on August 4th . It will be Division 8 and 9 to participate held at the location of 6278 13th in. This years governor’s project Avenue NW Rochester, MN as you all should know is Kids 55901. We will meet at 1 p.m. It Against Hunger. Within Division is open and welcome to all 8, in Mankato, there is a Kids members of Key Club and Against Hunger location that we Kiwanis Club to attend. We will can go to to package food. I be doing forums for the have set up the date of October president, vice president, 23rd to go over there and secretary, treasurer, publicist, package food. We ask that general member, and advisors. everyone try to raise 20 dollars So pleasemake sure to invite minimum that we are required your Kiwanis club members and to give to the packaging place. regular Key Club members as We haven’t quite set up a time well. Also for any member to go over, but we are thinking interested in fulfilling a certain around late morning so we can position next year or just package food for about 2 hours learning more about Key Club, and then have a picnic feel free to come and join in the afterwards and hang out. I have learning. This will help to train also planned a President’s the current board for the Council Meeting to be at the upcoming year and also to give picnic afterwards. Make sure to other members an idea of what save this date so that you don’t the board actually does. We will miss out on all the fun. have snacks and refreshments as well as other activities to an ever-popular high school organization participate in that will allow for teenagers seeking to cultivate everyone to get to know each other. I hope everyone can make it.


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Divisional Service


KEY CLUB Division 9 newsletter 

This Year at a Glance November 1st: Early Bird Award dues date November 6th-7th: Fall Rally in Fergus Falls, MN

of the President’s Council Meetings (PCM) for this year. They are pretty easy to remember.

SERVIC E LEADERSHIP November 1st-6th : Key Club Week

• •

November: Kiwanis Family Month November 30th: Dues are due

• • • •

December 31st: UNICEF donations due for recognition th


February 4 -6 : KFamily Retreat/ Divisional Rally February: Club officer elections April 2nd: Kiwanis One Day April 1st-3rd: Spring Convention

August 4th @Officer Training October 23rd @Kids Against Hunger November 13th (2nd Saturday) January 11th (2nd Saturday) February 5th @Divisional Rally March 12th (2nd Saturday)

They should be pretty easy to remember becausethey are either the second Saturday of the month or at a rally/service project. The meetings that are not at a rally/service project will be held at the same location that Officer Training will be and will be held at 1 p.m. as well. The last meeting in March will be held at a different location to be determined. I will also remind all the presidents at each PCMof the date of the next PCM. I am giving these to you in advance so that you all can work it into your schedule so that I have everyone at the meetings. Pleasewrite these down somewhere and remember them.

Articles: Please send me article for this newsletter because I need articles for my club spotlight section. Also I can send these articles in to the District Newsletter and your club can receive points on the monthly point forms and on your annual achievement form filled out at the end of the year. Thank you very much.

Attention Presidents: I have set up all the dates

K E Y    C L U B 3

Friendly Reminders Secretaries:



Be sure that during the summer months, all your Pleasefill out the monthly report Make sure to be keeping your club on service projects are being publicized with posters forms located on the district page track and to be holding regular meetings during the summer. It is or sending articles to the local newspapers, radio under the monthly forms tab. These forms advised to have at least 3 meetings and TV stations. Also make sure that ALL the Key need to be filled out by the 10th of during the summer period, meaningClub members are aware of service projects. each month. They help me to track one per month. This helps to keep Keep good communication within the club to how each club is doing and it also everyone focused on Key Club and itensure good turn out at club functions. will help make transitioning into the helps to keep your own club on school year that much easier. Also track. Theseare part of each secretaries job list and are not an please feel free to invite me and other surrounding clubs to your meetings option. Theseneed to be completed. If you do happen to endto make it a better experience. up doing it late, still do it. They are MinnDak District Board essential to me! Thank you. Christina Nystrom Governor Nikki Sondergaard Secretary

Nate Borth

Bulletin Editor Webmaster


Ciara Carrick­Kittleson LTG Division 1


Kyra Schwalbe

Liaison Division 2


Caitlin Stroup LTG Division 3

Mary Lu Kavanagh­Beltman LTG Division 4

Adam Yousef

LTG Divisioin 5

I know it may seem a little early to be thinking about dues, but once school starts it will come on fast. Starting thinking about them now so that your club will be prepared when the time comes. Duesare due on November 30th and the early bird deadline is November 1st. Get it in by the early bird deadline and your club will receive a patch to put on your club’s banner!

Natalya Thakur LTG Division 6

Tim Goh LTG Division 7

Monika Anderson

Another thing to think about with dues is to increase membership. For the bigger clubs, it is harder to get those extra members, but the more the merrier. Some suggestions for smaller clubs to get new members is to do a membership drive. Do things such as talk to teachers and ask them to hand out brochures about Key Club or your club could hold an ice cream social or pizza party to introduce kids about Key Club and get them excited.

Liaison Division 8

Kelly Adler LTG Division 9

Jennifer Koester Liaison Division 10

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Fun Page

Summer is coming to an end! Summer may be coming to an end but there is still service to be done before school starts. Make sure that your clubs are still holding meetings during the summer and keeping in contact. Also be doing service projects during the summer. It is one of the biggest times that help is needed. Summer can get really busy but with good management of the time, you can squeeze everything in. It is essential that your club continues to do service during the summer days. Have a successful summer!

Advice to the clubs: • Make sure that your club has at least 2 members attending Fall Rally and Spring Convention with dates listed previously. • Have a summer board meeting before school starts so everyone can be on the same page and also to set goals for the year. • Start thinking of fundraising ideas now instead of later. • Your club doesn’t always have to do the same service projects year after year. Switch it up a bit. • Make it a fun and interesting year!


Rebus Riddles A rebus is a picture representation of a name, word, or phrase. For example, the answer to this rebus riddle—DAYDAYOUT—is “day in, day out.” The rebus puzzles on this page are expressions you may hear your parents say to you sometime this school year. Can you guess what they are? 1. 2. blame 3. blame

a chance n

10 2 10


10 DAY

called called chosen called called chosen called

DAY e p a h s

KNEE ship


Division 9 Official Newsletter


Official Newsletter of Division 9 32056 HWY 60 MILLVILLE, MN 55957 507­273­7112 ☼ ☼ Officer Training August 4th 6...

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