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K E Y C L U B ~ JULY  Woodbury, MN  ~ Natalya Thakur (LTG for Division 6) ~  Cell: (512) 293­4411 ~ headers the Century Gothic font and the copy 9.5pt Goudy Oldstyle with 13pt leading (space between each line). Feel free to make some Official Newsletter for Key Clubs of Division 6 headers and highlights in your choice of a funky font!

Summer, Summer, Summer

Volume 1   Issue 2   

Delete this box after you have read this and …………HAVEFUN!

Dearest Key Clubbers, Reminders I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!! I’ve been keeping myself busy with volunteer work, my actual job, and the visits :) Hopefully most of you have had the opportunity to do something cool this summer, whether it’s a mission trip, or traveling abroad. So over the past month our district board committees have been working on getting ready for the year. We have started putting together decorations for the conventions, designing tshirts, and organizing contest information. Ofcourse there is alot more going on with the behind the scenes type stuff. Going back to my last newsletter hopefully all clubs have sent me their new board information for this year, if you have not please e-mail it to me soon! The next thing to be aware of is the President’s Council meeting. Details for this event is in the next few pages. Also,

information about officer training is provided. So get reading :) Our theme for this year is officially.... Surfin Into Service!

In this SUMMER  issue! Dearest Key Clubbers...1 Service Projects............2 Getting Organized.........3 Club Bites.....................4

Your Typical Cheesy  Joke... Q: Why did Tigger look into  the toilet? A: He was looking for Pooh!

UPCOMING EVENTS!    President’s Council Meeting/SKYPE!/August 16th @ 8p.m. Minn­Dak Kiwanis Convention/Fargo, North Dakota/August 12th­15th                                                                         




GOVERNOR’ S PROJECT Our District Governor, Christina

         leadership International has provided more than 12 million hours of service to homes, schools and communities each year.

Nystrom, is pursuing a project

From building bridges, to collecting

called Kids Against Hunger. Kids

over six tons of food, thousands of

Against Hunger is an organization

dollars raised for cancer research,

that has been feeding families

helping eliminate iodine deficiency

around the world since 1999. With disorder, Key Club International plays a


caring     character


the help of volunteers, bags of rice, vital role in serving the children of the soy, seasoning, and vegetables are put together, and sent to families across the world. You have opportunities to package food in the Minneapolis area, at Fall Rally, and

world. Every Key Club has the authority to select its own service projects because there usually are many more service needs in a community than there are service clubs and agencies to meet them. However, all Key Clubs are

at Spring Convention this year. Our asked to participate in the Major goal this year is to pack 500,000 Emphasis Program (MEP): “Children: meals! If you are interested in

Their Future, Our Focus.” Our three

putting together a club event to help programs that we work with are out, please let me know. Also, your Children’s Miracle Network, March club can help raise money for the

of Dimes, and Unicef. Our service

event if you are unable to actually

initiative for the year of 2008-2010

go and package the meals.

was live to learn.

What Is MEP? MEP stands for Major Emphasis Programs. Since 1925, Key Club

OR PUT YOUR OWN PHOTOS                                                                                                                                                              2  HERE!

Getting Organized President’s Council Meeting As Lieutenant Governor one of my duties is to hold regular President Council’s Meetings. These are very important. The fact is, we all live quite a ways from eachother, and to ensure that things are being discussed I must meet with all the president’s of each club. These meetings should last only about a half hour and won’t be very long. It is a time for the presidents to ask questions about events, organization, and district events. It is also a time for me to make sure all the clubs are running smoothly. If for some reason the club is facing some sort of issue, I can be of assistance in helping solve the problem. At the first meeting we will be talking about what your plans are for the first school year meeting and the major service projects for the year. The meeting will be held August 16th at 8 p.m. on Skype. If the club president cannot make it, have your vice president attend the meeting instead. My Skype user name is natalya.thakur477 or search me by Natalya Thakur. If you do not have a skype account, it is reallllllly easy to make one. Also, we will not be using webcams, just the chat, so do not worry about purchasing one. If you have any questions please let me know in advance.

board members. Unfortunately we will not be hosting a district officer training, but I encourage you to host your own within clubs. For example you might meet at one persons house, and have everyone bring something to eat and share with the rest of the board. Then from there you could start with games, and planning the year (while at the same time establishing what each person should do). Presidents should be in charge of this overall. If you look at the Club Bites page of this newsletter there is a link with all the board position requirements. As a board you should review them and establish your own rules and regulations.

SERVIC E LEADERSHIP Pleasetry to have this organized for the month of August!

Officer Training!!! Officer training is basically getting to know your school

K E Y    C L U B        3 

Club Bites 1) Make sure to get the following school starts so everyone can get dates down. Start thinking about onto the same page. sending representatives to these 4) Look up Contest events. - President’s Council Meeting Information for Fall Rally!! I will be sending out a demo of a August 16th @ 8p.m. pamphlet in the next couple On Skype months. - Fall Rally th th November 5 -7 , 2010 I hope this month’s newsletter Fergus Falls, MN helped out! If you have any - Spring Convention questions or concerns, please feel March 31st- April 3rd free to contact me! 2011 - Natalya Thakur 2) The following is a link to a LTG, Division 6 website that explains each club board position/duties in detail: eadership/co/cod.aspx DISTRICT BOARD: 

3) Advice: Put together a summer board meeting before

Governor: Christina Nystrom Secretary: Nikki Sondergaard

Dues, Dues, and more 


Liaison 1:Ciara Garrick-kittleson Liaison 2: Kyra Schwalbe LTG 3: Caitlin Stroup

This year I want to stress the importance of getting in club dues! This is a annual fee that each club member usually pays. It is important to understand that if your club did not pay dues last year, you must pay this year’s and last year’s dues by this winter’s deadline. The deadline for dues is December 1st 2010. I know this is a very early notice, but trust me, it usually takes a while to collect everyone’s dues and register them as a member. Currently, dues are set at $11.50per member. If there is any change in this price I will send it out in future newsletters.


Web Master: Nate Borth

LTG 4: Mary-Lu Kavanagh- Beltman LTG 5: Adam Yousef LTG 6: Natalya Thakur Liaison 7: Tim Goh Liaison 8: Monika Anderson LTG 9: Kelly Adler Liasion10: Jennifer Koester


July newsletter (Natalya Thakur)  

UPCOMING EVENTS! President’s Council Meeting/SKYPE!/August 16 th @ 8p.m. information about officer training is provided. So get reading :) O...

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