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KEY CLUB Minnesota - Dakotas District of Key Club International District Theme Contest "Surfin’ into Service!” Please compile all materials into a folder or small binder and bring to the convention desk upon registering. Entries will be judged on how effectively they use the district theme. Be sure to highlight how using the district theme improved the project or projects. This page should be the first page in the folder or binder. Key Club of: ____________________________ Part 1: Please attach an essay of 100 to 250 words describing how incorporating the district theme into a service project (or projects) improved its overall effectiveness. What did you do differently? How do you know that your project (or projects) was a success? Example: We used “Surfin’ into Service” to raise money for a really good cause by hosting a fundraiser in which students who donated money were allowed to “surf” down the Slip-n-Slide we set up in the school cafeteria. Using the theme really enhanced our project because students thought this was a lot more fun than our traditional “penny war” fundraiser. It even got the whole school involved and later students and faculty bonded over injuries sustained in the pursuit of a better world. Part 2: Please note how your club decided on the particular project (or projects), how the project was (or projects were) organized and publicized, the number of service hours involved, and other community organizations involved. Part 3: Briefly describe the long-term impact of your project (or projects). Part 4: Attach photo evidence documenting the set-up and completion of the project (or projects). Show how your club used the district theme. Signatures __________________________ Club President

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