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The critics: ÂŤParadise 505Âť. Of this year's home crime of Bavarian broadcasting comes from Bavaria. Julian Miller first saw the production. Content The policemen, Schorsch, Erwin and Richie believe their ears do not, as two Niedernussdorfer boys excited by their discovery in the Woods report: a toe out of the Earth. Belongs to: the corpse of a young woman - and the two metres from the boundary of the municipality.

Once again nothing else because their boss, the police Chief Superintendent Gisela Wegmeye, as their Santiago to inform colleagues, Commissioner Laird, which is immediately to the site and is taking all necessary measures to solve the case as soon as possible. After the young woman from a great height crashed apparently, but apparently it was not in the forest, and why she was buried there? And above all: by whom?

While Richie rattles off all tall buildings in the area, local residents hear Erwin and Schorsch, Gisela takes the photo of the dead under the missing ad: Daniela, 22 years old. She had a birthday on the day of their death and worked in the same nursing home, in which Gisela's father Jacob now lives under the supervision of olis mother, sister Doris.

During the apartment search of the victim in the bathroom killing a calendar is the Commissioners indicating that Daniela regularly consulted the Niedernussdorfer general practitioner Dr. Huber. But the police questioning of Dr. Huber ends abruptly. All of a sudden, the nervous doctor suffers a heart attack. According to his shocked nurse Jenny had he not only heart problems, but was also co-owner of the Wellness Center "Paradise 505", in which Daniela worked part-time. The second owner of the "paradise" is a Frenchman named Jacques.

At the Wellness Centre on-site inspections Commissioner Lederer finds something wrong with this "paradise": the now dead doctor had transferred rushed patients per recipe in the spa oasis with amazingly many scantily clad women. And, as it soon turns out, these services still special, so not listed in the brochure.

Actor Johanna Balakrishna ("who dies earlier, is more dead") as Gisela Wegmeyer

Florian Kadam home (Munich 7») as Florian Lederer Stefan Betz ("Franzi") as Samantha Tim Seyfi («Vincent wants sea») as Richie Moritz Katzmair («Dampfnudelblues») as Erwin Josef Wierer ("wild fire") as Jacob Heinz-Josef Braun («blue berries blue») as Louis

Criticism Home and crime - because nothing more can go from the perspective of a public Senderverantwortlichen wrong. Nowhere near enough at the Bayerischer Rundfunk. An excess as elsewhere in southern Germany is home to the cocaine. physician assistant programs, roots, as train of n 'hear', are not only tags and (simple) values; It is a source of is intoxicating.

No matter how run down this home may be. You relied solely on «Paradise 505» as a witness, you should come to the conclusion that lower Bavarian police officers are the last da Silva and the bulk of the local village communities consists of degenerate Puffgängern. And if this bunch isn't in the local brothel/Wellness Center spreads away one on recipe, this one has ervetternwirtschaftet, the next fight is not far away. The events that are mostly trivia; anyone has offended anyone just again. Almost a bit like at «Berlin - day and night. Only, that we not, landed here at the Metropolitan Subproletariat but among the rural middle class in southern Germany, where "Mia san mia" is a key cornerstone of political philosophy. The curious fact is that this should be sympathetic.

How to become a physician assistant

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