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Attemp to CUT definitons progress

Input: Arbitrary Points Output: Extrusion Assosiation: Image Sampler

Input: Curve intersections Output: Shading Association: Maths functions

Commen: Quiet interesting 3d model outcome.I think the output of Extrusion and Assosiation of Image Sampler comebined together creates more possible outcomes. The data from the image can be used to determine the length of a vector point upwards (z axis). This vector can then be used as an extrusion for a grid of curves.

Common: Not much changable for this combination outcome. Only can change the color of the small circles from white to light bule. However this set CUT may help to define and create the color of the patterns.

Input: Boolean Patterning Output: Rotation Association: Curve Attrator Common: Very interesting outcome again. Association of Curve Attrator can be used to adjust the radius of the curve, which allows more potential outcomes.

wk 4 journal  

journal, experience CUT definitions

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