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ONG MIN JUNN +60125592505


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architecture

Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus // Kuala Lumpur 2015-2017


Dean’s List Recipient

September 2015 - August 2017

TULC High Achiever’s Scholarship

March 2015 - December 2017


Arkitek Tong-KC // Internship Staff

February 2017 - April 2017

CKHO Architects // Internship Staff

March 2018 onwards

SKILLS AutoCAD 2017 Rhinoceros 3.0 Sketchup Pro 3DS Max

Vray for 3DS, Sketchup Microsoft Office Physical Model Making Hand Sketching

/Personal Design Statement/ I once look in to this world, pondering at times on the existence of myself and the people around. Thoughts filled my head whether am I the only person with a soul while every other person is part of a system. A system that exists only for me. The days passed mundanely, looking for the next day to arrive, staring upon the blank canvas that lies ahead. But things changed when I started sharing my thoughts and views with other people. I realised some shared my views but there were many that had different thoughts about the world we live in. A place of opportunities but also a place of uncertainties. It all boils down to how we see the world. People that had the right mind believed that the world we live in is a world of possibilities. These people were the ones that managed to capture every source of light despite living among darkness. From admiring the daily norm of life to seeking out every good there is in life. With the right perception of life, they paved the path they fixed on. A path for a better life. It came to me that I had to change, to look at things differently, with the right mindset. But I did not want to stop there. I wanted to be like those that managed to tune my image of the world, from a monotonous

still image to a vivid motion picture. Stepping into architecture, I started to meddle with the artistic part of each person’s soul. I realised that it was not just about the spatial quality that an architect can design, it was about the views. Be it from the exterior, interior or just even views within spaces, the perspective from each point of view is the game changer to creating a great piece of architecture. A space fails to create emotions when it lacks visual quality. Just like how a soul of a person can be dull when its eyes are not fixed upon the wonders in life. To influence others, I decided to start off by the way they perceive their surroundings by focusing on the importance of visual framing. To capture the amusing perception and to create an interesting experience. The world can be fascinating yet dull concurrently but I aspire to captivate the vision of many upon the intriguing parts of life. Look through my eyes, the possibility that knows no ends.


Food Hub


Tuanku Abdul Rahman Library


Re-Tree House




Breakout Space

/Food & Hangout Center/ /Community Library/ /Retreat House/

/Visitor Interpretive Center/ /Student Pocket Spaces/

Food Hub Hangout Center /A prestigious gateway to the Lake/ Jalan Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur December 2017

A monumental gateway to the hidden jewel of Kuala Lumpur, the Food Hub serves as a new image of the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens. It is a food and hangout center that functions mainly to elevate the senses of experiencing food in various ways. Our country has so much diversity in culture and it resulted to an endless joy of different kinds of food.

/Site Response/

Elevated plane due to different height of site boundary

Tall mass to maintain view of the lake

Splitting mass to reduce directly exposed surface

Massing realigned to wind direction

Openings address adjacent opening

Lowered plane for services and carparks

Double vehicular circulation due to limited traffic access

Reduced mass to create views towards surrounding

Titiwangsa Lake Pusat Kokurikulum

Institut Aminuddin Baki

SK Jalan Kuantan I Istana Budaya

/Titiwangsa Lake Gardens/ The Titiwangsa Lake Gardens feature as a getaway from the urban setting, a park tucked away in the middle of a bustling city. Every thing surrounds it, grew and modernised, flowing on and making a better place for the city of Kuala Lumpur. The lake features multiple activities that flow harmoniously and sprouts around the lake and it represents a great landmark within the heart of Kuala Lumpur that sustains humanity.

/Prestigious Dualism/

Separation of mass as a form of different bodies

Masses joins each other for circulation purpose

Connection of spaces but separation of form

Forms are realigned to capture views

Reduced mass to create better sculptural form

Extravagant forms to suit surrounding buildings

/Design Development/

/Section A-A’/

Fine Dining Restaurant

Cooking Library

Culinary Studio


Retail Lots


Rentable Kitchens



Pop-up Food Arena

TAR Community Library /A library that merges communities/ Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur June 2017

This community library serves to divert away from the stereotypical aspect of a palace of books only for the joy of enlightening one’s self. Instead, it encourages people to enter a library and exit even without touching a book. A community area that is filled with experiences from activities, events or even a place for discussion. The library forms a bridge between communities, bringing people together. It serves as place of enjoyment, knowledge and most importantly: communion.

/Site Issues/ Macro

Different community setting

Shophouses form an edge between communities

Penetration of edges at intersections

Minimal travel between districts

One-way traffic with no parking

Neglected back alleys, designated for car parks

Presence of courtyard but absence of activites


/Catalyst/ The design of the building acts as a catalyst to the surrounding site and especially the back street which is inactive. Having the building permeable through the row of shophouses increases the chance of a person visiting the back alley and slowly create human activities.

/Building for the Community/

Connection through the edge to link communities

Clear access at ground level at all times

Attracting communities via ground level to enter

As a result, an idea of creating a rotated facade to break off the wall of facades that forms a visual interest for the community to pass through a fully accessible ground level to create interest of entering the library.

/Design Development/

breaking boundaries

connection of two entities via central bridge

alignment of view framing of the context

concave core to attract high rise view

lower form is depressed to form a welcoming ground level

view framing towards exterior and interior

contextual atrium creates larger space

close visual proximity for familyfriendly areas

spaces levels according to noise intensity

/Spatial Flow/ As a community building, the ground level allows people to move through it freely while maintaining the security of the library to promote pedestrian flow between streets. Presence of people draw people into the building, leading them to the first flow that welcomes with a large atrium that overlooks the roof of the adjacent shophouse.

/Section A-A’/

Re-Tree House /A retreat house for an extrovert hiker/ Cape Rachado, Port Dickson December 2015

Situated on a cliff that overlooks the Straits of Malacca, a dense forests exists where hikers occasionally trail through it. Along the trail sits a retreat house for an extrovert hiker which allows the hiker to be relate his mind with his atmosphere. Built with trunks going through the house, the hiker is able to stay in the forest with the comfort of a home.

/Interdependance With Nature/ The site for the retreat house is situated at Cape Rachado, heavily vegetated by trees. With its location capturing the different winds and views, it was designed to be in respect with nature. The house is integrated with nature and heavily depends on nature in various aspects of the house.

/User Experience/

obstructed sight along the trail

divergent routes to reach destination

close with nature at all times

natural canopy with wildlife experience

converging roof slopes for rainwater collection

orientated to wind flow

aerodynamic to minimise structural stress

/Passive Design/

orientated to minimise heating

/Design Development/

articulation of form to frame views

repetition of vertical element to match nature

natural barrier for privacy

section A-A’

/Spatial Flow/ Upon entering the retreat house, the hiker is greeted by a dense curtain of tree trunks that act as a natural barrier between the public and private spaces. The public space, branches off to the left where the living and dining area sits adjacently to each other, having a large framed view at the end of the corridor. Going pass the barrier of trunks, the hiker ascends to his bedroom that captures the view of the sea while the bath area suspends in the middle of the lush greenery

/Section A-A’/

Teardrop VIC /A visitor interpretive centre to commemorate the deceased/ Bukit Cina, Melaka June 2016

During the visit of Princess of Hang Li Poh to Melaka for diplomatic ties, she brought along 500 followers that resided once and passed on in Bukit Cina. The historical site which now sits as a burial ground to the many Chinese officials becomes a place of remembrance for the first settlement of Chinese in Melaka. To honour their death, this visitor interpretive centre allows visitors to walk through a series of experience that emulates the melancholic genius loci of the place. A memorial for the first few Chinese in our country.

/Historical Site/

A tomb is a solemn place for the bodies of the dead but for the Chinese, Qing Ming is a cultural event that unites the family upon visiting their ancestor’s tombs.

Typically located above a hill, the Chinese graveyard of Bukit Cina overlooks the old town of Melaka, like as though the ancestors are guarding the precious town.

Apart from the Chinese, Melaka still has many other influences from different cultures. Shophouses that adopted European styles while having a mix of Chinese influence. The surrounding area is dense with historical influence dating back to more than 500 years. Thus, this visitor interpretive center sits beside town, forming a peaceful center that focuses on the historical appreciation of the town and hill.

/Feng Shui based Design/

facing an unhindered view for a bright journey ahead, facade

balance in design, symmetrical structures

protruding like a strong fire, strong form of structure

stability in life when its well grounded to the earth, submerged

continuous flow of qi, liquid movement pattern

balanced elements with proper layouts, spatial arrangement

/Floor Plans/

/Circulation and Zoning/

/Section A-A’/

Breakout Space /Funky & Energetic Pocket Spaces for the University Students/ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang March 2017

A project by students, for the students, it is a refurbishment project of a total of 6 pocket spaces with a theme of being funky and energetic. These pocket spaces were originally dull and only had basic chairs and tables for students or lecturers alike to have discussions or even to have a chatter. With the new refurbishment project, it aims to allow students to study or hangout with their friends in a brighter setting and with extra commodities.

/Project Management/ Heading the teams of each space, the design of the pocket spaces varied among the 6 teams and we had to fit within a budget of less than RM 6,000 for each space. Juggling between demands of the client, which is the management of Taylor’s University, and the period of 6 months, the project was finalised. I was involved throughout the process of design to construction of this smale scale project and even participated in the painting works.

/Design to Reality/

This book contains my notable past works in the world of architecture and I hope to continue adding on as time permits. Thank you for taking some time to look through this portfolio. May God bless you.

Architecture Portfolio - MJ  

An architecture portfolio of selected works during my university days

Architecture Portfolio - MJ  

An architecture portfolio of selected works during my university days