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SOLAR ENERGY IS AFFORDABLE ENERGY Without a doubt, embracing sun-fueled energy through Solar Optimum is the single greatest action your business can take to ensure an immediate and positive impact on the Earth’s environment. It’s also the most prudent decision you can make to reduce your company’s overhead costs. With electricity utility rates increasing annually, we can help you lock in lower rates for the life of your solar energy system. Suffice it to say, your business investment in solar will become even more valuable as utility rates rise. Solar Optimum works with your business to evaluate and identify all estimated savings and benefits up front as well as proactively apply for rebates for maximizing savings.

DID YOU KNOW? Solar Optimum is a “Premium EPC company,” which means we excel in Engineering, Procurement and Construction benefiting customers like you. Other Solar Providers are often considered either one or the other; but not all three.

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LOCAL EXPERTS. REAL RELATIONSHIPS. HONEST TALK. For nearly a decade, Solar Optimum has proudly become one of the most dedicated and proven teams in the solar industry, with each of our team members bringing expertise and tireless commitment to the continual pursuit of excellence. Our experience in business and the value we place on each customer puts us one step ahead of our competition in the solar industry. We never take the satisfaction of our customers for granted. Our Local Experts are dedicated to an unwavering philosophy that’s built around Real Relationships and Honest Talk. From the moment you contact us with your solar needs for your business, we consider you a top priority and a potential lifelong customer. As innovators in the technological advancement of solar energy, we also cherish the customer-service tenets of the past, including the standpoint that the customer is not only “always right” but is the most important aspect of our success. Our team is made up of professionals who are passionate about protecting the environment with the latest technologies as well as offering what we’ve coined “energy peace of mind” to our customer partners. • Thousands of Satisfied Solar Customers Since 2008 • Serving Every County in Southern California • More Than 280 Years of Combined Construction- and Engineering-Management Experience • Solar Optimum Energy Systems Yield 103% Productivity — That’s 3% More Than Promised

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COMMERCIAL & Industrial

WHAT COLOR EXEMPLIFIES YOUR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY? As a savvy businessperson, you understand that green is the color in which any successful enterprise must aspire. Not only is green the color of financial success — it signifies that a commercial property is environmentally responsible! With the average utility costs in California increasing by nearly 7% annually, Solar Optimum can put you on the road to energy independence while eliminating up to 75% of your building’s total utility costs. Making renewable projects work in the commercial sector can be complicated. Solar Optimum offers expertise in addressing the financial needs of our commercial clients with products specifically designed to bridge the gap between the tenant’s desire for energy cost savings and sustainability — and the owner’s desire for revenue and increased property valuation.

Quality, Care and Operational Efficiency The actual decision to install solar power on your building takes time and diligence to make sure the requisite financial and operational components fit within your business model. More than anything, it represents a commitment to quality, care and operational efficiency. These are critical factors that will separate you from your competition on any building project — leading to a leg up in acquiring and retaining tenants while demonstrating a corporate commitment to quality and the environment.

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ENERGY Storage

THINKING ABOUT ENERGY INDEPENDENCE? SO L A R + STO R AGE = En ergy Peace of Mind Technological advancements in battery energy storage have resulted in a paradigm shift within the solar industry, and Solar Optimum is leading the way. Solar Optimum customers enjoy energy peace of mind, where the benefits of the new, state-of-the-art generation of solar batteries are less expensive and more efficient. Businesses are turning to solar battery storage as a solution to reduce their operating costs and break free from traditional utility companies that have overcharged them for years — even decades. Battery storage for solar also provides protected power for critical loads to keep your business operating during utility outages. If you’re considering going solar and are looking for demand-side cost savings and energy security for your business, talk to one of our Local Experts.

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BEST-IN-CLASS-INSTALLATIONS We have countless numbers of satisfied clients throughout California. Here are a few of our most recent projects.

Mega Shopping Mall Northridge, CA 1.9 MW

Mega Outdoor Mall Chula Vista, CA 750 KW

Industrial Warehouse Chatsworth, CA 750 KW

Commercial Building Montebello, CA 850 KW

Mega Shopping Mall Bakersfield, CA 491 KW

Rooftop Carport Los Angeles, CA 300 KW

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Solar Optimum Commercial Brochure 2016