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Team Representative

Branksome Hall Asia

Minjeong Byeon

234, Global edu-ro,

Minha Kim

Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 63644


Prepared for:

F1 in Schools Sponsorship proposal

Proposal Issued: 16.04.2018

Statement of Confidentiality This proposal and supporting materials contain confidential information of K127. These materials may be printed or photocopied for use in evaluating the proposed project, but are not to be shared with other parties. | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

About F1 in Schools F1 in schools is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge targeting students aged 9 to 19 across the Globe. The competition is run by Formula One that incorporates a world-class STEM education.

F1 in schools is the only global multi-disciplinary

The competition covers all different skills and knowledge

challenge targeting students aged 9 to 19 across the

such as physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture,

Globe. The competition is run by Formula One that

branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing,

incorporates a world-class STEM education.

leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and application of them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting ways.

The procedure of the competition follows the real Formula One procedures. Student teams are to deploy CAD/CAM software and 3D printers to collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and race miniature F1 cars. They are required to develop their own marketing strategies to raise sponsorship and partnerships which allows them to manage budgets to fund research, travel, and accommodation.



K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

F1 in Schools - World Finals The World Finals of F1 in schools are held at a different location each year, a week before the actual F1 Grand Prix. All the national champions would gather to compete on a globally recognised platform. F1 in Schools is not just any other students’ minor game.

This global event is celebrating its 20th world finals event,

Covered by Sky Sports, F1 in Schools World Finals are aired

first established in the UK in 1999. Involving

live on YouTube. International and local businesses’ logos

representatives from 40 different countries, the

and names get constant exposure through decals on cars,

competition aims to give opportunities for future

uniforms and on pit displays and social media.

engineers/managers to apply their knowledge in real life.

The 2018 F1 in Schools World Finals will be hosted in

Additional information and necessary documents

Singapore in September 2018. The competition will give

regarding f1 in schools can be accessed at:

teams educational opportunities to connect with the F1 industry and other National representatives from around

the World.

Who we are K127 is a F1 in Schools team which will compete in the F1 in Schools World Finals 2018 in September, 2018. We are a South Korean school team from Branksome Hall Asia, the one and only girls international school in South Korea. We will design, engineer, and manufacture our final model of miniature F1 racing cars. At the same time, we will have to raise sponsorship and establish intimate and strong business partnerships. Our team is comprised of highly capable members, each with expertise in their own fields - business skills, design skills, and engineering skills. Even though it is our first time to participate in F1 in Schools competition, we are confident that the utility of this quality expertise will most certainly orient us towards success in the F1 in Schools World Finals - in addition to our wonderful teamwork. Whether we face any obstacles during the process, all our members will keep our roles moving forward to achieve our individual and team aims to our full ability. Our extensive knowledge and responsibilities will lead us to the continuous effort and we will be managing to complete the tasks to perform a high result, above the level and ability of senior students.

K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

Our Team Minjeong Byeon

Position: Project manager & Resource Coordinator

Minha Kim

Position: Public Relationship Manager

Nayoung Choi

Position: Engineering Coordinator

Our Mission

Minseong Kim

Yunseo Lee

Position: Manufacturing Engineer

Position: Visual Identity Director

Our Vision

Each day, we challenge ourselves by applying our

To be empowered women full of interests and

knowledge in business management, design, and

talents who shapes the world as an equal society.

engineering to produce a design model of F1 racing car and perform achievement in the international competition F1 in Schools in Singapore.

Our Key Values » Produce the best outcome of racing car to compete fairly » Empower women’s presence and potential, both nationally and internationally, in the male dominated industry – engineering and car. » Continuously Investigate the technologies and concepts of F1 competition » Communicate our abilities through achievements in finals F1 competition

K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

Our Offers Whether you need to create a brand or website from scratch, or you are looking for a design refresh, we are confident you will be pleased with the results. The services we offer are: Platinum Package

KRW 8,000,000 ~

Diamond Package

KRW 5,000,000 ~

Gold Package

KRW 2,500,000 ~

Silver Package

KRW 1,000,000 ~ KRW 500,000 ~

Bronze Package



K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

Our Offer - Specifics Bronze





Logo on the uniform

Logo on the cap

Logo on the website (sponsor page)

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)

Pit display

Logo on banners

Section created about the business on the portfolio

Logo on display car

Logo on replica car

Logo on first page of website

Advert on school magazine

Team name with reference to the corporate’s name (Ex. K127 powered by ###)

Verbal recognition at the event

Advert via school flyers, school assemblies

K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

Incentives to Sponsorship By sponsoring us, K127, you will get the benefit of…

Positive Brand Image Promotion

⇒ Without your support, we will not be able to gain any success or even get to participate at the final stage. Therefore, by sponsoring us, our dream and goals can be achieved. This will bring the positiveness towards your brand image as the business that gives hope and dream to the blossoming students. :)

Logo of your corporate on every goods

⇒ Nationally We are the only Korean team that participates in the F1 in schools. Therefore, as we represent the entire Korean Teenagers and students, the impact of representation of logos on every good would be huge as it would be exposed to both local and national Korean media.

⇒ Internationally As F1 in Schools is an international competition that 40 countries participate, the impact of the representation of logos on goods would also work internationally. Therefore, it would be a good chance to promote the business from just in Korea to the world.

K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

Project Budget Breakdown



1-1. Flight (Jeju to Seoul) 5 students + 2 teachers

Quantity 7

1-2. Flight (Seoul to Singapore)

5 students + 2 teachers


2. Accommodation

Triple Occupancy

1 room 9 days

- Twin

2 rooms 9 days

Unit Cost 86000

Price (KRW) 602,000


7th Sept (Fri) 19:30 Departure (Incheon) 8th Sept (Sat) 1:30 Arrival (Singapore) // 17th Sept (Mon) 2:40 Departure (Singapore) 17th Sept (Mon) 10:15 Arrival (Incheon)



SGD $465



SGD $370

Flights & Accommodation



12,514,800 1. participation fee

3 meals during competition + travel expenses



5,100,000 GBP 550

2. After competition





Food Emergency fund

7 5

30,000 200,000

3,150,000 1,000,000

3. F1 Singapore Grand Prix





1. Team uniform

Team uniform, caps, etc



14,150,000 750,000

2. Presents to other teams

Souvenirs (Cultural exchange)




3. Pit display

- Booth(3*1*2 m) - Shipping charge

1 1

3,000,000 500,000

3,000,000 500,000 Width*Depth*Height

- Team Portfolio Book, business cards





4. Printed matter Total

300,000 7,550,000



K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools | Facebook: @K127.F1inSchools | Instagram @k127__f1inschools

K127 | Proposal for F1 in Schools

www.######| Facebook: | Instagram:

F1 in schools sponsorship proposal english  

We are the official Korean team 'K127' participating F1 in Schools competition 2018. This is our sponsorship proposal form ver.English.

F1 in schools sponsorship proposal english  

We are the official Korean team 'K127' participating F1 in Schools competition 2018. This is our sponsorship proposal form ver.English.