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Paparazzi The name paparazzi, in singular paparazzo, came the last name of a charavter in an Italian film called “La Dolce Vita�, this character was based on a photographer Tazio Secchiaroli, resembled a noisy insect, attacking and biting, and this came know the people who made this work. Later was created the female of paparazzi, paparazza. The job of a paparazzi is taking pictures of famous people in everyday scenes and even embarrassing scenes to sell them to a newspaper or magazine, the price of a photo is negotiated in view of five factors: who is the celebrity, what she is doing, what is the picture quality, which is the availability of similar photos of other paparazzi and if the photo is real. However, this work is not easy. The paparazzi have to be very discrete, persistent and many times courageous, are at risk of being assaulted by security celebrity and even of losing your photos. There paparazzo with more money than they have agents who are buyers, have private lawyers, drivers and even photographers assistants, all for the best pictures and be able to sell them for a good price

Their relationships with the celebrities are usually nasty, famous people do not like being caught in your routine, especially when they have a boyfriend or in a place embarrassing. Most actresses walk with securities that can be violent. But not always is the case, some celebrities are really friendly with the paparazzi, let them take pictures and even make poses for them

Paparazzi in Brasil

How it comes to Brasil? The paparazzi industry has only five years in Brasil. The pioneer of this was Carlos Sadicoff, the most oldest paparazzi in here. He started his career being celebrity photographer in the 1980’s. Earlier, the paparazzi were scaled to care for celebrity sightings. At the moment, this is considered difficult because is very hard to catch a celebrity in an unexpected moment.

Say that the paparazzi industry is "modest." In Mexico, there are 25 programs dedicated to famous life. But there are programs that are used to observe the lives of artists, as Big Brother Brasil. Big Brother is a reality show involving famous people or invited people, staying in a house, being guarded by 24 hours. The paparazzi bring to us the celebrity news and gossip, but say that the paparazzi industry can be end by Instagram. The Instagram is social network consisting of posting photos. However, it is still a

very recent social network, but many famous already use. Here in Brazil, almost all famous has, with the exception of some that celebrities are discrete.

Paparazzi industry has grown a lot lately. Is possible to identify by the sites and social networks, like facebook and twitter. There, you can find news from the world famous.

The Willy Wonka disappeared

Jerome Silberman, better known by his artistic name Gene Wilder was born on June 11, 1933, was a famous comedy actor,


well known for his role as Willy Wonka in Willy

Wonka &

the Chocolate Factory in 1971 and then was Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein Started in comedy when he was only 8

in 1975. years old,

after his mother discovered a heart disease and



mother ...







you might kill her. Try to make her laugh." and worked for.


Quit acting after the death of his second wife, has since written books of memories and fiction novels. She currently lives with his fourth wife, Karen Webb. His last publication was in 2007, a collection


short stories.

He has fame, but… DOESN’T LIKE IT!! Yes! John Christopher Depp II, or just

Johnny Depp (50 years old), really doesn’t the fame! He is one of the most famous actors the world who starred such movies as “Edward Scissorhands”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Sweeney Todd” and others.

want in

Depp is a simple person who doesn’t like to be troubled, principally because he has two children: Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John Christopher Depp III and always tried to preserve their identity. He is a father so protective that threatened some paparazzi who wanted to take shots of his children, in your own home!

He doesn’t care if the

paparazzi take photos of him and your wife, Vanessa, but Depp always hated when paparazzi tried to take pictures of their kids. For him, the paparazzi have always been a problem, since his children were born.

Taylor Swift is a famous singer because she’s friendly with her fans. She has always liked to sing. When she was 10 years, she was influenced by her idols: Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill and her grandmother, who sang in operas. Taylor started performing at karaoke and fairs in city where she lived. In this time, she suffered bullying because she wanted become a professional singer and she liked country music. Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her father, Scott Kingsley Swift, is a financial adviser.Her mother, Andrea Swift, is a homemaker. She has a younger brother, Austin. She spent the early years of her life on Christmas tree farm. At 10 years she won a national competition of poetry, with the poem ‘Monster in my closet’. At age 11 she traveled with her parents to Nashville, the capital of the music country, delivering her CD containing some of his demo songs in the several records, and received no responses.

At age 16, at a Nashville's Bluebird Café, the attention of Scott Borchetta was caught by her. Scott Borchetta was to form his independent record label, Big Machine Records. She became one of the label's first signings. That same year she began recording her first compositions which formed her first album

'Taylor Swift' was released in the summer of 2006 with single, ‘Tim McGraw’. In this time she become famous 2008 – her second album ‘Fearless’, debuted at number one on the charts 2009 – she had her the first official role in cinema, starring in the movie ‘Valentines’s Day’, and that same year, she had a brief appearence in the ‘Hannah Montana, o filme’. 2010 – her third album ‘Speak now” was released selling over a million copies in the first week. 2011 –her first fragrance called ‘Wonderstruck’ was released, it was a success. 2012 –She was writing two musics to movie soundtrack ‘The Hunger Games’, "Safe & Sound" and “Eyes Open". So many conquests brought much success to Taylor, consequently a lot of money. Swift's main

residence is a duplex in Midtown Nashville, Tennessee.

Now you can feel like a perfect star.



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