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Mirrored Coffee Table-Mirrored side table ______________________________________________ By Victor Trevor - A mirrored coffee table can add a touch of flair to your home without being too ostentatious. Stand back and consider your living room for a moment, could it use just a little something to make it pop? Have you been living with no coffee tables or the oddball menagerie that seems to grace everyone's home at least once in their lifetime? On the other hand, perhaps it is just time to freshen the room a bit; new coffee tables could be just the thing to make it a room you enjoy again. If You Want To Learn More About Mirrored side table Designs You may think that the type of furniture in your living area simply would not work well with a glass and steel type coffee table. Have no fear there are many designs to fit into almost any dĂŠcor. From delicate mirror and nickel combinations to hardy heavy wood designs in cherry or walnut. For every taste on the planet, there is likely a mirror coffee table for you.

1. Delicate- Do your tastes run to the delicate and posh. Look at the beautiful Lucite and mirror coffee tables created by Craig Van Den Brulle. These tables are fabulous and look like they belong in a princess castle! Truly breath taking, now when is the last time you could say that about a coffee table?

2. Masculine- Have a man in your life who cannot see a prim and proper coffee table in the living room, or any other part of the house for that matter? Try a more masculine type made of solid wood pedestal base, black with gold trim on the base with a bean shaped top split with a black and gold strip in the middle and mirrors on each side. No one would mistake this coffee table set as feminine!

3. Just a little Different- Maybe your taste runs to the other end of the spectrum, you are just a little different and your décor shows it! Try an amazing driftwood coffee table with a mirror top. Each piece of driftwood is wildly unique just like you! These are just a few of the many styles you can choose from. There are wood and glass options, wrought iron, nickel and many more, not to mention choices in stains or paint the choices are practically endless. Add a set of mirror coffee tables to your home today and add some style!

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