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Ministry of Maåt, Inc.

Winter Solstice Newsletter January 2010 News, writings, poetry, photography, art and wisdom from the women of the Ministry.

Dear Women:

I have been deeply inspired by our community this season. Green Dragon and Memory, Secrets and Immortality workshops in Park Slope have been very special gatherings for spiritual and creative support. Our Woman of the Duat Retreat at Lifebridge was a potent preparation for Winter Solstice this year as 15 women communed deeply with each other with our dreams, our voices, our child selves, our ancestors and with the stars. We made beautiful and quirky Spirit Dolls with Jacqueline and absorbed the essence of Sadee’s paintings (Cosmic Daughters) as we moved through the rooms and hallways of Lifebridge Sanctuary. On December 21st, 10 women connected via tele-conference call at the moment of Solstice with sounding and prayers and a message from my guide, Imhotep. We look forward to our Mystery /Dream workshop: Dreams of Light in Paris January 16 & 17 at Erika’s house, Dream TV show on January 31st, and Woman of Flame-honoring the principle of Udjit at Per Ankh in Kingston February 20, 21. Upcoming: stay tuned for more Ministry of Maåt Virtual University goodies with Rev.Lisa Barnard Kelley, our faithful Scribe, with Revs Andrea Goodman, Rachel Koenig and Julia White. And of course there will be more European fun to be had! The Light is Returning! Hotep! IONE

Lifebridge Window Photo by Ione

Ione at Olso Opera House Photo by Pauline Oliveros

The Ministry encourages the study of ancient systems of belief, particularly those related to Egyptian Cosmology and principles of other early cultures. Congregational members of the Ministry seek to live in Maåt, for Maåt and by Maåt. In ancient Egytian cosmology, Maåt is the principle of harmony and balance in the universe. The Ministry of Maåt, Inc. is an international spiritual and educational organization nurturing the ideal of a harmonious and balanced world community through the support of women’s holistic well-being. The Ministry is a 501C 3 Not- for Profit Organization Incorporated in New York State.

The Ministry of Maåt SANCTUARY FOR SPIRITUAL AND CREATIVE RESEARCH (SSCR) The Sanctuary for Spiritual and Creative Research consists of a building or complex of buildings in a temperate bucolic location suitable for study, meditation and individual or group self-restoration. Intended as a retreat center for ordained Ministers of Maåt, their colleagues and students, the Sanctuary can accommodate up to 25 residents and is open periodically to the public for teachings, exhibits, performances and concerts. SSCR Featuring: *Creating ongoing educational programs and trainings in the intuitive and healing arts * Supporting mental and physical well-being of women and men * Teaching tolerance and compassion experientially through community building workshops and retreats * Honoring ancestral roots as a source of individual strength. * Conducting ongoing research in healing processes for women and men, including meditation processes and oracular forms. * Providing Teachings and Programs in Women’s History, Women’s Spirituality & Women’s Wellness * Supporting Creative Processes in all the arts as a means of enhancing spiritual well-being * Developing International Exchange Programs with women artists, scholars and mothers throughout the world. We thank you for your generous attention to the Ministry. YOU CAN HELP BRING THE VISION FORWARD: A generous anonymous donor has offered us $10,000 if we can match that amount by May 1, 2010

Solstice Arriving Photo by Ione

To join our email group, email Ministers may be reached through contacting: Ministry of Maåt, Inc., Per Ankh, 156 Hunter St, Kingston NY, 12401

Journal entry, Andrea Gale Goodman December 17, 2009 Twilight already. Soon I’ll need lamplight to see. These darkest days are sacred, whatever they contain. I do feel at the edge of the world here—a hermit, especially now that I am past mothering and fully Crone, holding a lamp for any who come this far, a guide for some. But I do feel baffled and sad to find For Ruby Throated Spirit myself so alone here. Why am I here?

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Dear One, you are not here or there. You simply are, wherever you happen to perceive yourself to be. You can make up stories about the reason you are sitting alone (with a feline companion) in one of the most beautiful places anyone could wish to live on Earth. You have desired this experience and it has desired you. You are to drink it in deeply, allow the vibrations to work through you, allow yourself to be moved and altered and realigned by them. When you are sad, it’s because you are disappointed by what is—you expected some other experience and are rejecting this one. You long for another soul beside you who fits you perfectly and who could fill all the empty places. It is time to set aside the stress and torture of that longing. It has ruled you and driven you to diminish yourself, to make yourself fit an image, to adjust in order to create a story of relationship. This has been a karmic pattern. You can release it now. The view is gone from the window and another long cold night begins. What can you sense in the dark? What do the stars tell you? All the years of reading the sky are within you. All your midnight walks in every season of starlight and moonlight are within you. You have come to a still point where the turn is made—three more days and then the light begins its ascent. Empty yourself once more, more completely this year in solitude. Cherish the gift of quiet, dark, alone, still.

New Year’s Eve Photo by Lisa Kelley

Feel my presence here in your room, wrapped around your house to protect you as the wind howls, feeding you soup and bread like a mother, illuminating your sacred spaces as candle, wood fire, and electricity. I am always here with you, always speaking, always singing, always loving. You are. I am. It is the same. We are not alone in this. And yet we are only one. It is not a riddle. It is as clear as a winter night. We bring the stars, impossibly distant, very close to you. That is why you are here.

As the light of the seasons ebb and flow I am filled with gratitude for the changes. They are reminders that the Duat is never-ending. There will be dark. But there are many dawns. And when we cycle through we spiral deeper. I give thanks for the Ministry...a beacon in the dark, a guide into the deep. Thank you for “be-ing” an inspiring circle of women, who give continuous support. My dream of Cosmic Daughters would not have come to fruition if not for your individual sparks of divinity. Many blessings, Sadee

The day after the Lifebridge retreat, I dreamt that I went to my door and the water from the ocean was washing right up to it! Oh my! I felt a surge of excitement, “What is happening?” I thought (weatherwise). “What should I do?” I thought (to take care of the house or possessions). While pondering what should happen next, I looked out beyond the water at my feet and saw all kinds of children playing. “Oooo! I want to play!” I thought/felt irresistibly. Without a second thought, I went out. I stepped into the water, and watched it wash over me. It made me happy. I waded to the higher ground.. I felt giddy, free, ready to play. I danced around, acted funny, laughed, met some of the kids. I am having so much fun. I am so happy. …in a certain moment I think, “I’m getting too silly.” But no one else seems to think so I realize. AND I realize, “I’m having fun, isn’t this fun?” and I look back to the house, and somehow I know that this is what I should do, play in this body, have fun, be happy. “My last dream word-nugget of the retreat was ‘responsibility.’ I am enormously curious how I will marry these two concepts in this time ahead.” -Jane Solorzano

Images are from the Nanas Speak By Shirley Parker-Benjamin left: Nana’s Hands right: Nana Hard as Nails opposite page: Nana Hard as Nails

GROUND GIVES WAY for Rose, August 24, 2009 by Andrea Goodman I’m looking out my window— mass of yellow flowers, late summer blooms that carry into autumn: school-starting time for all my childhood and all yours. This year, you’re leaving— leaving childhood leaving this house leaving me. Perhaps I’ve been clumsy but it was my best I gave you and somehow good enough that you are ready to go, ready to begin your life without me, our house, the rock of Maine under you. If the house, even after 200-odd years, were to fall down and blow away, the rock that supports it would still be rock. If we were to abandon this solid, cozy house, sell it, move away, it would still be a house though not quite the same without your artwork or my piano, curtains I sewed for the kitchen twenty years ago, or the sounds of our feet and voices. It would miss us, yet still be a house, happy to shelter another family. What am I when you lift off? I don’t sense the gravity to hold my form steady. Without the daily bearing of you I can’t say I am here. You have no idea how I treasure your rare smiles, the honey color of your hair, the luminosity of your skin. The mother-heart bursts impossibly for a gesture, a word!

A Green Fairy visits with Ione and Andrea at Woman of the Duat

Photo by Michele Lunt

And maybe it’s best you don’t know Or how could you move freely?

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RULES OF THE GAME by Gilah aka Trudy Morse The All is Mind The Universe is mental Nothing rests Everything moves Everything vibrates Everything is dual Everything has poles Everything has its pairs of opposites Identical in nature But different in degree Everything flows, out and in Everything has its tides All things rise and fall The measure of the swing to the right Is the measure of the swing to the left Every cause has its effect Every effect has its cause Everything happens according to law Change is a name for cause not recognized There are many planes of causation But nothing escapes the Law Gender is in everything Everything has its Masculine and feminine principles Gender manifests on all planes

Image by Pilar

Mind may be transmuted From state to state Degree to degree Condition to condition Pole to pole Vibration to vibrations Transmutation Is a real mental art

From: HE PLUS SHE An Algorith for Peak Experience Hermes Press Copyright 1991 Trudy Morse All Rights Reserved

Lifebridge Farewell: Andrea, Lisa & Michele Photo by Ione

Contined from pg 4...

Ah, that’s why you hide— always out or behind a door— you do know and can’t move, knowing I am feeling every nuance and ripple from my place under your footsteps. Just consider that when we began, I carried you inside me, and then always in my arms close to my heart, and then in my lap if I sat down! I learned to be available whenever possible. Yes, it was long ago, but then remember when Daddy moved out leaving just me here with you, I used all my forces and many beyond me to give you solid ground and space to grow, and how to balance solid with spacious? Groping blindly, listening hard, as you pushed to separate.

Knower by Sadee Brathwaite Oil, Galkyd on Canvas 48 x 34 in.

cold morning poem brisk walk down to duck shed. i unlatch duck shed door, and fasten to remain open. muscovy ducks waddle out, turn… greet me with quivering beaksfeed me. jacqueline vogel 11-24-08

Dream Joke Knock knock! who’s there? You You who? yes love, anne hemenway

I don’t expect you to imagine your mother. Or to think of me at a time like this. Who thinks of what the Earth feels as we walk and travel, meet and part? Do we ever imagine how much She is loving each creature drawing sustenance from her breast? Perhaps our rare gratitude is to her as for me your smile. I bless your going, Precious Daughter, and trust you know I will always eternally be here.

Amy Myers Upcoming Exhibitions - Byron Cohen Gallery, Kansas city MO - March Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill NY Feb- July Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art, GA - June- August

Upcoming Winter/Spring 2010 Events For more information: Dreams of Light Workshop with Ione Paris France January 16 & 17 Woman of Flame Retreat Udjit/Auset Teachings Per Ankh, Kingston NY February 20-21 Women of the Stars Healing Circle Sesheta/Satet Teachings Ruby Throated Spirit, Maine April 30-May 3 Green Dragon Circle with Ione Aurora Healing Arts, Park Slope NY January 12 February 16 Memory, Secrets & Immortality Support, Inspiration & Discussion Enjoying all forms of the creative- existing projects and new work Aurora Healing Arts, Park Slope NY January 26 February 23 Dream TV with Ione January 31 at 3pm EST February 28 at 3 pm EST Intuitive Crystal Gazing with Lisa Barnard Kelley Aurora Healing Arts, Park Slope NY March 2 Other Events February 13 Ione Reading with Memoir Quartet at Woodstock Writers’ Festival Woodstock NY April 8 Women and Identity Festival Launches with Memory, Secrets & Immortality Reading Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC May 14 Ione Reading with Memoir Quartet Stone Ridge Center, Stone Ridge NY

MINISTER PRIESTESSES OF MAĂ…T The Reverends: IONE, DMS, RH Andrea Goodman, MMS Anne Bourne Toni Thomas KaSha Unger, PhD Shirley Parker-Benjamin Laura Biagi, PhD Rachel Koenig, L.Ac, CH Judy Robilotti Julia White Lisa Barnard Kelley Jacqueline Vogel Sadee Brathwaite Jane Solorzano Honorary Minister Priests/Priestesses Dr. Pauline Oliveros Dr. Amy Mindell Dr. Arnold Mindell Rev. Mary Thunder Dominique Lambilliotte

Activities of the Ministry include marriage ceremonies, new born welcoming ceremonies, croning and menarch ceremony and end of life ceremonies. In addition, we conduct cutting cord ceremonies for marking new life levels and are available to devise special rituals and ceremonies as needed. Ministers, depending upon their individual specialities, may offer ongoing Pastoral Counseling and the opportunity to embark upon apprenticeships and Ministerial Studies.

Winter Solstice newsletter  

News, writings, poetry, photography, art and wisdom from the women of the Ministry of Maat

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