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Glváč Decorated EUFOR ALTHEA Troops (December 3) Defense Minister Martin Glváč and the Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek decorated soldiers returning from the sixmonth rotation in the EUFOR ALTHEA operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina with commemorative medals. Thirteen soldiers received the medals, among them two female officers. Glváč saluted the Slovak soldiers for the job well done, and stressed that doing so they had also contributed to the goodwill of Slovakia as a nation. EUFOR ALTHEA began in December 2004 as a EU mission. Its main task is to prevent new outbreaks of hostilities on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By this day 567 Slovak soldiers have rotated in the EUFOR ALTHEA mission.

We Shall Learn From Croats (December 4) Slovakia could u lize the Croa an experience in introducing ac ve reserves and the voluntary military service system, said Defense Minister Mar n Glváč following the mee ng with the Croaan Defense Minister Ante Kotromanović at the MoD. “Early next year Croats will introduce the voluntary military service, and I am looking forward to it, since we already have a working group in place dealing with this issue. We will surely consult certain aspects and share their experience in introducing such service and the poten al replenishment of ac ve military reserves,” said Glváč. As the Croa an Defense Minister explained, their ac ve reserves should encompass 2.000 individuals deployable in cases of natural disasters or forest fires. They would only be paid during deployment. Doctors would also be on register, and the Health Ministry would dispatch them in mes of need on request made by the MoD. Defense ministers also addressed the possibili es for future coopera on in the areas of military sports support and Mi-17 pilot training. Defense Minister Kotromanović expressed his gra tude for Slovakia's support in the Croa an EU accession efforts: “The Slovak Parliament was the first to express support to our EU accession and I am truly thankful for the vote of confidence.”

● Defense Minister Glváč invited Jana Purdjaková and Igor Kočiš, multiple World Bodybuilding Champions from VŠC Dukla Banská Bystrica to the MoD and presented them with financial reward as a token of gratitude for the excellent representation of the Slovak military sport. This year in Białystok, Poland, Jana Purdjaková won her 9th World Champion title in the 55 kg category; while Igor Kočiš brought home his 6th World Champion title in the 70 kg category in November from Guayaquile, Ecuador. ● The MoD will reward the successful Olympians from the Military Sports Centre Dukla Banská Bystrica for their excellent representation of Slovakia at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The highest reward of 5.000 euro will go to Michal Martikán, the bronze medalist in the C1 water slalom category. ● The Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek traveled to Poland to meet with the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Mieczysław Cieniucha. Main topics of the discussion included participation in the international crisis management operations, cooperation in the area of sharing and pooling capabilities, and regional cooperation within the V4 group. Next on the agenda of Lt. Gen. Vojtek's visit was the NATO Joint Force Training Center in Bydgoszcz. ● New trends and tasks of NCOs in the NATO environment were the topics of a seminar held at the NCO club of the Martin Training Battalion. The seminar, led by the Chief Slovak Armed Forces NCO Vladimír Beluš, was enlivened by the presentation made by Staff Master Sergeant Richard Fabricius, who shared his experience from the NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany.

● The Trenčín Immobile Communication and Information Systems Base (ZaSKIS) picked its best NCO and best private for the 2012 training year. Sergeant First Class Richard Dobiáš was named the Best NCO; while the Best Private title went to Private First Class Jaroslav Miklánek, who alone met the base criteria in 2012. The ZaSKIS Commander Col. Ľubomír Gacko presented the best NCO and the best private with a written commendation and a commemorative letter.

● Eighteen soldiers representing officers and NCOs from all Armed Forces units gathered for the ceremony, in which the Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek presented material gifts as a reward for the excellent performance of duties in 2012. ● On Dec. 5 the U.S. Military Attaché Lt. Col. Larry D. Harrison visited the Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade in Nitra. Col. Vladimír Kováč, the Brigade Commander, introduced the history of the unit, its role and tasks.

(December 5) Military surgeons and orthopedics rose to the challenge of helping the University Hospital in Žilina in a cri cal situa on. The MoD has assigned the necessary number of doctors to provide the medical services in the hospital on workdays from 3.30 p.m. to 7 a.m. and 24/7 on weekends and holidays. Under the agreement reached between the Health Ministry and the hospital management, military doctors will be available un l the end of the calendar year. Top army doctors will be brought online – specialists in traumatology, orthopedics and surgery detached from the Office of the Surgeon General of the Armed Forces in Ružomberok. Approximately 30 military doctors stepped up to provide medical services in Slovak hospitals in December last year during the strike of civilian doctors.

(December 3) The MoD's State Secretary Miloš Koterec traveled to Warsaw to meet the Polish Defense Ministry Undersecretary Robert Kupiecky. Both officials have underscored the need to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the areas of defense planning, training and education. They have also agreed on reciprocal participation of troops in exercises conducted on the territory of the other country. In the end of the meeting State Secretary Koterec was awarded the Gold Medal of the Polish Army, the highest Polish decoration awarded to foreign officials.

● The Commander of the Hungarian Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Safár visited the Slovak Air Force Command in Zvolen to discuss the joint training of helicopter pilots and key personnel destined for the UNFICYP operation with Col. Miroslav Korba, the Commander of the Slovak Air Force.

● The UNFICYP Command in Nicosia, Cyprus, organized the annual Military Skills contest, which attracted the participation of Sector 4 troops. Nine teams representing various nationalities competed in 8 events. Sector 4A team led by Lt. Laura Gločeková formed by representatives of Slovak and Serbian contingents fought well and finished fourth.

Enter Army M.D.

Gold Medal for Koterec in Poland

Legend of WWII Remembered Each year troops from the Sliač Mixed Wing remember the anniversary of the tragic death of Maj. Gen. Otto Smik, DFC – a legend of the Slovak Military Aviation. Three years ago a sculpture was ceremonially revealed outside the main building. Smik's family members and distinguished guests met here to pay homage to the WWII hero, among them Martin Kay, the representative of the UK Ambassador to the Slovak Republic; Brig. Gen. Albert Safár, the Commander of the Hungarian Air Force; Col. Miroslav Korba, the Commander of the Slovak Air Force, and Col. Vladimír Lisý, the Commander of the Sliač Mixed Wing, which proudly bears the name of Otto Smik.

We See NORDEFCO As An Inspiration For V4 Cooperation (December 5) The MoD's State Secretary Miloš Koterec met the Swedish Ambassador to the Slovak Republic H.E. Nils Daag, to discuss the current state of cooperation between the two countries especially in light of the expected execution of the Memorandum of Understanding. Koterec confirmed Slovakia's interest in the exchange of experience from regional defense and security cooperation and emphasized that in regional cooperation Slovakia plans to focus mainly on defense planning, common procurement and sharing of capabili-


ties, which are too costly for Slovakia alone. In this regard Koterec mentioned the potential of the broadened scope of V4 cooperation, which includes Norway. This Nordic country has been invited to join the next round of V4 defense ministers talks early next year. Defense cooperation with Sweden has concentrated lately on using the information system and regular trainings for Slovak specialists provided by the Swedish Explosive Ordnance Disposal Center. One of the areas, in which we see the immediate potential for with Sweden is education and strengthening bilateral cooperation training.

December 3 - 9, 2012

eBulletin 50/2012 - en  

eBulletin 50/2012 - en

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